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Always out of products

First of all, every time I buy any product I like.. next time it's discontinued. Lately, both the safe way gas station and the grocery store have mysteriously been out of soda fountain Coke for the past month!!!! How does the biggest grocery chain run out of the world's biggest soda for a MONTH?????

bonnie spiker

My store is Gross, I am constantly having to return rotten produce! I will never shop there again, I am done!

JUST 4 u

I have not had a good experience with JUST 4 u. I spend time each week updating my list and when I go shopping , I do not get the Just 4 u prices. Has anyone got any suggestions????

no answer at Seaside, CA store

I have been calling the Safeway store is Seaside to see jf someone turned in my mothers cane she left in a basket and no one answers. I tried the main # that is also the # for customer service many times and no one answered. I called Pharmacy and they said a they could do was transfer me to customer service and no one answered. We will have to drive down to the store which is not great.

is it true.

is it true that safeway is being sold and how will it afect our club prices when we shop will we still be able to use our, membership club cards like we always have or will they stop using them or what will happen.


First you sell Canada Safeway and now the American stores are being sold 25255858

quality of food in Cle Elum

The quality of the food sent to the Cle Elum store is so bad they are now sell rancid meat. The manager says the store sells the same produce as in Seattle but the "selection" is smaller because the store is smaller. I have seen lots ofsmall stores that have tons of quality items. Not Cle Elum Safeway. Everybody in the community knows it too. They send to old stale poor quality stuff that the other stores discard and send them to Cle Elum because there is not competition

Just a thought

I have an idea Safeway, if you walk in a Food Lion there is a machine you put your card or phone# in and it gives you some ideas of things you buy that are on sale. What if you had one that was linked to your Just for you page that would print out a list of things we save that we want to buy? Just an idea for the people without a printer.

where is our severence

So, no has told us when we will get our severence from the dominicks close down. No one at the dominicks hq will answer the phone and no one from our union seems to know. Aldo there is aldo a question of whethet we will get our vacation pay which was accumulated last year. how anout it Safeway, get the info out to the 5000 plus people you put out of work 12-28-13

hi safeway…..gotta tell you the summit washington safeway for delivery is not up to standard….my produce is old, my milk expires in 4 days,and always missing several items….not a good way to treat a disabled person who depends on this service….very disappointed

sort of negative

I like safeway. It is very convenient to my home, and I like the products. However, the Middletown MD store is constantly out of things I like. Store brand items! Because of convenience I still shop the Safeway, but usually come out very annoyed@

walnut creek store

This store is, not a good,one im all way's watched by store person's.Im a company owner,i cant under stand it.

How can it be.

I am writing to let you know that our Safeway store in Fort Bragg, Ca is not a fun place to shop. I have shopped i this store for almost 18 years- of course we have a limited area to shop from-There are very few checkers on Friday a very busy day. The hard part is today I found out another long time employee has been fired and now is moving away- the third person I know of in less than a year who lost there job. The manager are so nice when the big bosses come in but it is not so nice when they are gone. Hope this can be read by someone who might notice.

District Managers

Fire all of them you need a new crew cut there pay and put some help in your store,s

Closed for Christmas

Has Safeway gotten so greedy & so uncaring about your employees that you can't give them Christmas off to celebrate Christ's birthday with their families? I'm a retired Safeway employee & have been very loyal to the company that signed my pay check, but because you seem to think it is necessary to stay open for Christmas, I may not remain so loyal. Kroger has found it in their hearts to give their employees off. We used to have it off, & I find it hard to believe you do enough business to justify staying open.

Homophobia Incident

After recording evidence of two starbucks employees who work out of safeway treating me mean, laughing at me and making jokes in earshot, I was thrown out of the store for standing up for myself. Alamosa, Colorado! Was not belligerent but, you all sent three employees to intimidate me further. I am so close to suing!


The 2 hour turkey directions are totally wrong. We tried this and the whole kitchen and house filled up with smoke. The 475 degree temperature is almost 100 degrees above the smoke point for olive oil. We backed down to 375 and it resulted in a beautiful turkey. We used Butterball brand. Please correct your directions for a 2 hour turkey or it could result in a fire.

Found & Lost

After so many years of being able to feed the family quality products from Safeway in Lincolnwood Dominick's store, we will be lost without the Safeway brands . There must be a way to keep the Safeway products comming to our Lincolnwood store.....maybe a Safeway store in place of Dominicks could happen. Jewel is never gwtting any buisness from me or others whom have come to cherrish Safeway & products they bring to Lincolnwood's Dominicks store.

New Safeway Maui

Great location and parking is wonderful but the service is lacking, i can understand that it is a new store and you have many new employee's but customer service is not at the top of their list. If they don't know the answer, well it's up to the customer to find out. I called twice to ask for the Store Manager and never got a call back. Again, beautiful store and location but service is certainly lacking. I will contiue to patronize the Kihei Safeway on my way home from work, great crew and very helpful.

fuel promotion

Beware, to use your 10 cents or more savings on Safeway gas you must pay for your gas with a debit card or cash. Safeway is charging 10 cents a gallon if you pay with a credit card making the gas the full price.

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