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Dirty store

The ft Lupton co store is the dirtiest store I have ever seen. I have pics but don't know how to post them on this site.

today was to 2 dogs in the store one is caring the dog in touch the fruit is so gross going to the store hairs going in to the food for heath risk no dogs should be aloud


Safeway is a great company for the full time employed person. I rate them an 8 out of 10. This is all based on my 28 years of employment with the company. For those who work for them, document everything. For those who wish to work for them, work hard, and take lead positions to become full time employees. To the part timers, best wishes.

getting bad

Last week it was bad moldy produce, that they didn't want to replace. don't they say they will replace it? Today it was locked bathrooms. you know have to chase down management to get into the bathroom. The girl that was sent to open it, was not happy at all about it. I have medical issues, and needed it fast.

My local Safeway

I live and try to shop locally but with my Safeway that is becoming impossible. I live in King City and I asked the Manager if they were going to order more Breakfast Strudel. He said, "Go back and check shelves to see if they have a label for the Strudel." I was shocked at the rudeness and the tone of voice. The Store is dirty and unkept. I cannot find many things I would chose to buy. We live in a diverse society so you try to have for all persons . I live in KIng City, CA

Filthy carts

Every time I go into Safeway on Marlow Rd in Santa Rosa, I notice the filthy carts. I complained today and was told that SOME service cleans them every month or so and that is why they have hand wipes. The carts are disgusting, not only the child seat area when women usually put their purses and where most people put their own required bags, but also the entire basket in and out. Makes one wonder if the health department ever come in.

spokane northpoint disappointment

It took me six days, five phone calls and four store visits to acquire the pork rib loin advertised in the weekly newspaper flier. Topping off this odyssey was a manager who made me wait 25 minutes in a checkout stand while figuring her paper work. I left the store feeling bad about myself, made to feel as if somehow their incompetense was my fault. A letter to CEO Edwards went unanswered. Goodluck with Safeway Albertsons, you'll never see me in there again.

Bad service

I come into this Safeway every other week.Not thrilled! The Safeway on Nuttley st. In Fairfax virginia I came in to shop at 11am this morning and I had waited at the seafood counter for 20 minutes! And a meat employee looked as if she was in her mid 40s she was 8 feet away from me and was on a Bluetooth! the whole time I was waiting! And she was then walking past me as I was standing there and I had asked if I could get some help and she ignores me and continued to walked through a door to the back of the store ! Never ever going back to this Safeway if that lady is working! Not friendly at all!

stolen money

I'm disabled & shop thru delivery. Com at happy valley Safeway phx Az. Yesterday they charged my credit card instead of Ebt card by mistake then charged my Ebt card also & tell me it's going to take 7-10days to refund my bank!!! This is unexceptable!!!! I don't have extra money in my account to wait for their costly mistake- are they going to pay for insufficient fees on bounced checks? Ive been fighting with them for 2days & I'm terminally Ill!!! This is so wrong & must be illegal. They need to help me right now they've made my health worsen...

Just 4 U

Just 4 U was pretty good last summer and fall. Now it sucks!!! I spend hours on computer trying to secure every discount I can from Just 4 U. But then when I check out I saved literally pennies. So I do not know what to do about this. I say, just shop at another store brand, Safe really does not care.


On Friday 07/11/14 I went with my family to shop for groceries the same way we being doing for the past 5 years, we stand on line to pay and look like one of the products ( ham ) was mislabeled . $3.99/pound and the second assistant manager by the name Jorge Gonzales was the cashier and no only sent another employee to get the product, ALSO said he was not an atm to give $100 back on $20 bills. the employee came back almost 15 minutes later and this assistant manager try to charge me without even apologize $6.99 per pond then. when I told him I didn't want it become rude and upset. i question how can I continues spending $200 /week in this place when an assistant manager provided such a bad customer service. going forward I will not recommend visit this location. 4411 n 83rd ave phoenix az.

Excellent employees

Please accept my appreciation for your excellent and professional employee, Candyce. Candyce is the perfect ambassador for your company as she consistently demonstrates care, concern, and efficiency in her commitment to her customers. She has helped me often with a friendly smile, and authentic concern for my needs. She is the finest. May I add, all of the Walnut Creek store staff are excellent, customer focused employees. I shop at the Broadway, Walnut Creek Safeway! Thank you for providing such professional people in that store. I have great regard for Candyce and her exceptional effort to meet customer needs.

Always out of products

First of all, every time I buy any product I like.. next time it's discontinued. Lately, both the safe way gas station and the grocery store have mysteriously been out of soda fountain Coke for the past month!!!! How does the biggest grocery chain run out of the world's biggest soda for a MONTH?????

bonnie spiker

My store is Gross, I am constantly having to return rotten produce! I will never shop there again, I am done!

JUST 4 u

I have not had a good experience with JUST 4 u. I spend time each week updating my list and when I go shopping , I do not get the Just 4 u prices. Has anyone got any suggestions????

no answer at Seaside, CA store

I have been calling the Safeway store is Seaside to see jf someone turned in my mothers cane she left in a basket and no one answers. I tried the main # that is also the # for customer service many times and no one answered. I called Pharmacy and they said a they could do was transfer me to customer service and no one answered. We will have to drive down to the store which is not great.

is it true.

is it true that safeway is being sold and how will it afect our club prices when we shop will we still be able to use our, membership club cards like we always have or will they stop using them or what will happen.


First you sell Canada Safeway and now the American stores are being sold 25255858

quality of food in Cle Elum

The quality of the food sent to the Cle Elum store is so bad they are now sell rancid meat. The manager says the store sells the same produce as in Seattle but the "selection" is smaller because the store is smaller. I have seen lots ofsmall stores that have tons of quality items. Not Cle Elum Safeway. Everybody in the community knows it too. They send to old stale poor quality stuff that the other stores discard and send them to Cle Elum because there is not competition

Just a thought

I have an idea Safeway, if you walk in a Food Lion there is a machine you put your card or phone# in and it gives you some ideas of things you buy that are on sale. What if you had one that was linked to your Just for you page that would print out a list of things we save that we want to buy? Just an idea for the people without a printer.

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