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A woman was behind the counter her name is sarah helping me with making a payment and she was apparently new cause she ask the manager for help and he said out loud "are you retarded" and then he mumbled something I just could not believe what I had just heard ,she was so upset and went the bathroom and i stood their waiting..The manager did nothing but sat in the office.Nobody and no employee should be treated like that.,eaton,ohio

I will never rent from Rent a Center. I walked in to the store on Wednesday January 29th around 1 pm and walked around the store for over 20 min and NO ONE CAME TO HELP I could have taken anything and walked out and no one would have known. This is so unprofessional. I would rather go somewhere where they at least have someone on the floor to help. Had to rate but I would rate it as a negative number.

Less than one star

I wish I had read the reviews before contacting Canoga Park office in CA. I knew I would spending $1800.00 total contract price from RAC for a new pc. What did I get ? a 7 month old DESKTOP pc that needed 200 updates, a new keyboard and mouse and it was given to me with a power supply for a laptop. The manager hasn't done anything and I will never go back !.

Someone mentioned ALABAMA AVE!!! THAT'S WHERE I WENT TOO. Girl name Ilyia or something like that. I am going to cancel my account tomorrow!!! Thanks.

so sad

Ive been reading the reviews kind of holding out hope that it was just thr Rent A Center I deal w/that seems to have incompetant employees but it seems to me it doesnt matter where in the country you are they are stupid rude nasty liars. Con artists all of them! Its so sad!

Does corp even read these.

All you customers talking about rent a center being terrible. I understand your anger and.frustration. I felt the same working for them. I was a 2 time top gun winner who was very good at what he did. Here i am thinking employers should lead apon example. That's all a lie. I was mis treated harassed and constantly put down. Good thing i could turn to my DM. Not! All and all it lead to me and half the staff walking out. Wish i knew what large competitions actually care about.

Not pleased at all

The store in plymouth Indiana! Is the worst store ever... Lady named janel should get fired ASAP!!! I've been renting from there over the years. Paid off lots of things. I took out some bunk beds n cuz I was late on paying she called my cell over 10 times in 1 day!!! I made my payment n had them come pick up the beds! I will no longer go to that store again!!! Janel is the cause of this rent a center just lost a lot of money with me!!!

Disrespectful liers

punting ting one star because there's nothing lower than that. Alls I can say is do ever trust rent a center. It's just one lie after another and now I'm getting threatened with having charges pressed against. Me for some one else's account. Never trust them and if you have an account with them make sure you get a receipt for every transaction and make sure you get you change back some store like to still your change if your not paying attention. It's bad when former employees say they would never work there again and or quit because the way they treat the customers.


Rent a center is honestly the worst place I've ever rented from. Worst customer service I've ever had. Highest prices I've ever seen absolutely pathetic! Will never recommend any rent a center to anyone! The sales manager even said himself that he no longer tries to save customers anymore because the store manager promises and never delivers! He even told me where to get a great rug at a cheaper price! Thanks for the tip but you suck for your dedication to the company! Wish I didn't even have to rate them with 1 star!

I was rencently robbed when i went to rent a center to go purchase a TV, my husband accidently left my wallet with all my cash in it, the clerk called me 45 mins later telling me i let it, when i returned all my damn money was gone and they all acted stupid saying they never seen anything, when i knew it was a damn lie then, they say they dont have camers so they cant check it out if anyone have a number i can call please let me know because this dosent make any damn since.

If Rent-A-Center was the only store in the world that offered furniture I would not rent or buy a piece of furniture from them. Their organization is unprofessional, rude and absolutely unethical in their dealing with paying customers. Never ever again. To rent furniture was a very bad decision. Never ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the worst type of business organization that I have ever done business with. I will never rent another piece of furniture from r-a-c and if I hear anyone mention the thought of renting from r-a-c I will be on a mission to strongly advise against doing so. If I could hold a rally not to do business with r-a-c I would.

Rude employees

Do not rent from from rent a center, especially on Alabama Ave. in Washington DC, to many harassment calls, and bad customer service.

Never Again

This is one of the worst sistuations that I could have put myself in. I will never again rent another item from any rental store ever again after paying off my rental agreement. Waterbury, CT

Do Not Rent Furniture

Doing business with Rent-A-Center is not worth the aggravation and has the most, absolute rudest, customer service that I have ever encountered. Unfortunately, I did choose to do business with them, however, I will never again consider, at all, to do business with Rent-A-Center. Sincerely, Waterbury, CT


I called with a complaint advising that the local rent a center was harassing me calling me 6 times a day for a payment that is not yet due on my account and advising they were going to come take our merchandise if it was not paid by today. I got the run around, could not speak with a manager and was given the name of a district manager that was supposed to call me that has not called as of yet. I am paying about 4 x what the merchandise is worth according to the review I have done of the piece online and have been late only one time on payments. I am being harassed considering a criminal harassment complaint because my issues are not being addressed.

not accountable

The glass top on the washer we are renting shattered(not due to anything we did) we called to have them repair it on a Monday. The manager said they would pick it up on Friday. Friday afternoon after waiting all day I finally called them being told that we were not on their schedule and they would try to fit us in the next day!? What? Do not tell someone you are going to do something then not do it. I do not do business with liars.

I was in the office looking for a new refrigerator saw one that would suffice for a time started the paperwork and then was told that they no longer offer new machines that everything is used. I do not like paying over 1,000 dollars for someone else 2nd hand junk. Not to mention that when the fridge was delivered I had to help get it in the house and then I noticed that there was water all over the inside of the fridge from where they hosed it out instead of wiping it out they sent it still dripping water from the not very thorough cleaning that left roach dropping in the seems and then they have the gull to be offended after 3 days it still has not cooled down waist-ed 50 dollars and food and was told to bad. My advice go somewhere else for a good appliance.

this is serious!!

This is silly... after being a customer with you for almost 6 years You change a policy blocking my acct. From payment for being a little late when all we owe is 128.00 on 1 item. In this next coming week im paying off the residual amount.. not only are you messing up mine and my wife credit sending it to collections. But also not getting any more buisness from us....today is the first time ive ever heard of this policy... let alone if there was an issuewe should of been notified 2 months ago... not herrassed daily and nothing said about it... good luck... i will go take my buisness some where else!

Look for Bugs!

My Fiance and I have rented a washer and dryer set, supposedly "new" (should be especially for $2,000) and the first day the dryer was here it had COCKROACHES crawling out of it!! Now, onto the second dryer, thinking everything was taken care of, pull out the lint vent before I use this never been used before dryer and there are COCKROACHES crawling out of it also!! I am 8 months pregnant and FUMING. We BETTER get our money back. Disgusting. (Washington, Indiana)

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