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Disgusting and Incompetent Staff

The staff is not only incompetent, but completely rude! Even though the hotel messed up my reservation, put me in the wrong room (at the higher rate and wouldn't fix it), they even had someone else's name on my receipt! And, they wouldn't fix it!! The rooms are disgusting!! The carpet turned my feet BLACK from walking on them! A few of us were sick the day after and have to wonder if it was the room. Ramada Conference Center- Kearny Mesa, CA

Ramada inn airport west. I will never stay there again. Very dirty. The health department was notified. Sheets were dirty and mold and mildew in bathroom also the microwave hadn't been cleaned at all. Only one w ash cloth and the pillows were uncomfortable because they were so old. They were very lumpy. First room was assigned I opened the door and was so dirty. Second room assigned the air conditioner didn't work and the carpet had stains all over it. The third room was also bad. I did report these issues. I hate this motel didn't work out due to fact this was so close to where my destination was.But please don't stay here. Very dirty.


Tried to call "corporate" and number not in use!! MAJOR concern with Ramada in Denver Colorado, 2601 Zuni St. In disrepair, hole in bathroom floor where toilet was at one point, wall paper falling off walls, carpet peeling up from floor, door jam "fixed" but can still tell was kicked in, stains on carpet, furniture, walls etc. I WILL say the people who work here have been nice & helpful. Hope someone will step up/in and give them a place to be proud to work at and a place for people to give positive feedback!!!

Ramada in Medford, Or.

I'm trying to reach a corporate office and am having so much trouble hoping this will reach someone in charge. We spent June 10 at Ramada in Medford and it was the worst experience ever. Truckers having a tailgate party, refrigerator didn't work, WIFI worked part time, dog next door barked constantly and an old abandoned, unlicensed motor home in parking lot. $97 is not something seniors can just throw away and I am requesting a refund.

your web page has a discontinued phone number to contact franchise headquarters. maybe you are getting to many complaints. Needs fixing..

Rude and disrespectful full staff

Ramada Vallejo 1000 Admiral Callaghan Ln, Vallejo This hotel in a terrible place. People at front desk are rude and I am going to put on every social media I can find to let other people know what a bad experience I had at the establishment

Hotel stay PA, Tannersville

Worst experience ever disgusting room duty sheets no towels no housekeeping for the day l gone ? Maintenance guy came to drop me new sheets, didn't know what to do? No water, gross this owner of the hotel should be ashamed of himself charging do much for one one 150 to stay in such horrible conditions. I will never stay there again

The condition of the Ramada located S Lakeshore Dr in Chicago Illinois was horrendous. I was there for family reunion the dates of July 18-21, 2013. The air conditioner in the lobby did not work, and it was extremely hot and muggy. The carpet on the hallway to my room second floor had a terrible odor. The linen on one of the double beds was dingy and did not appear clean. The room did not have a refrigerator or microwave and the room rate was $129.00 nightly. The total cost for my three day stay was $450.48, which was costly for no room amenties. There was no outside view as the window to the room overlooked the top of the building, and the walls had paint peeling. This room was the worst hotel I have evere stayed.


Stayed at the Ramada Limited on Banff Trail in Calgary. Booked and paid for rooms through Priceline in June. Immediately upon arrival they asked for credit card to swipe for 100. dollars, We would be given this amount back the next morning, Why? Traveling with a handicap person, put on second floor, no elevators available. Rooms were not done being cleaned, no towels, toenails and fingernails on carpet floors, could not tell the last time the room had been vacumn. Rust stain in toilet, lock on door was attached to wall where sheet rock was loose from wall. Fire alarms were removed from rooms. Ramada you should be ashamed of yourselves. I have taken pictures of all of these if you care to see.

Worst Ever

I can't believe this Corporation still exist. From the top to the bottom this Hotel chain sucks. Ramada Hays Kansas..stay far far away. This place is riddled with insects and bugs of all sorts. The bar was the worst as I witnessed the bartender (Casie) pick bugs out of guest drinks and then serve them. I ordered food and after it took 25 minutes to come I advised the bartender that I was dissatisfied with the timeliness of services she proceeded to argue with me. I requested to speak with the manager who resolved my complaint. Unfortunately Casie was rude and unapologetic as ever. I will never ever ever go to (Stadium Club) @ Ramada Inn in Hays Kansas again. Unless you like dumps and rude bar staff I recommend you stay away as well.

Terrible experience

Stayed at Ramada Plaza Cal Expo in Sacramento Ca 95821 and was shocked at the condition of the hotel and the room. Clearly the corporate Office does not inspect this hotel and they should. The hotel room was not clean nor was the hotel. I never got maid service but I did get many excuses. You should be ashamed of having your name on this hotel. In this day and age no named branded hotel in such poor condition should be allowed to oppearte

What's going on in Florida ?

Ramada Plaza Fort Lauderdale is killing the Ramada name. Are you reading the reviews ?? Ugh! The place they call GITMO is more inhabitable. Zero stars but by default you can get 1. Bed bugs, really? Next call, Board of Health.


I booked at Ramada limited in colorado springs. When I got there the water heater wasnt working and there were no towels in the room. Everyone was in the lobby complaining and they had told some that they would not refund their money. I told them my name and that I cancled before I even gave them my card or signed any papers, and they still charged me. Terrible. I called them back and left my name and number for the owner, 3 days ago, never heard back. Also emailed a complaint to ramada, still have not heard back. Terrible company.

My family stayed at the Ramada Inn in San Marcos, TX for one night and arrived about 8:00 PM with no reservation. That was a mistake. I checked into this hotel without checking the web prices and was charged $129.99 for what should have been an $89.99 or less room. The room sometimes goes for $69.99; and is over priced at that. Old, smelly, somewhat dirty, at the end of a dark hall with large items in the breeze way. The breakfast area was small and looked dirty. We ate elsewhere. I asked for a partial credit on the room upon check out. I was told I had paid the standard rate. Greatly over charged; terrible experience.


Staying at the Ramada Plaza at 5100 North State Rt. 7, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33319 had to be one of the worst experiences I've ever had. The place was disquesting and the Manager could care less. The room they first put us in, was dirty and smelled of insecticied. I asked them to move us since it was affecting my breathng. They put us in another room which was a little cleaner, but only had Two towel setup and there were three of us We asked for more pillows and an extra ice bucke and another towel set. Never got the towels and were told they had no more ice buckets or pillows. Everyone was complaining. The food was all that good and three cars in the parking lot got broken into during the night. The next morning my friend went down to bring back coffee, but was told it would cost $1.69 a cup to take to the room. The next night at 1am in the morning the toilet would not flush. Tried to call but no one answered. Went to the desk and they gave us keys to a different room and told us just to leave everything in the room until morning and get our luggage then. The room was pretty nice and it had extra pillows. Next morning we went back to the other room, and there was water out on the rug and bathroom had water all over. Also we did try and use the coffee in the room, but the outlet for the light and coffee pot didn't work. There was no refrig in the room, if we wanted one, it would have cost $10.00. Could not wait to leave this place. You should really inspect your hotel/motels and see for yourselves. I will never stay in a Ramada again. The manager was very rude and could care less about the guest. They nickel and dime you to death. I would not recommend this place to anyone. You should refund everyone's money that stayed there. This is no way to run a business and reading other reviews, I am not alone.

bait and switch

normally when a hotel advertises on a sign outside their building that they offer free breakfast, weekly rates, free internet, cable tv you would think that all apply...not for the Ramada in Wheat Ridge, CO. after you pay for a weekly rate they then tell you that you need to sign a sheet of paper acknowledging that you are not allowed to eat the breakfast unless you pay an additional $3 per person. This is called a bait and switch and it is illegal... they can be sued for fraud. still waiting to hear from corporate on this situation.

Ramada on Wilshire, Los Angeles

I stayed here for one night. The place was very, very run down. The room smelled moldy, there were water stains on the ceiling, the lights in the bathroom were bare bulbs (no cover), don't try sitting at the desk because the chair was just as tall as the desk (your legs wouldn't fit), a picture was falling out a a frame, the phone was from the Westin and filthy, the A/C unit knob was missing, not resturant, no bar, ify area to walk at night. Don't stay here ever.

I stayed the night at the Ramada in Elk Grove, Illinois and they doublr charged my account. I saw it the withdrawal in the account the next day. I called the Hotel Manager she told me to send her an e-mail of my statement showing the transactions. Which I did. she never returned or emailed me back to let me know she received my email or to give me an update of my reimbursment. I called the hotel several times and the staff kept telling me she was out of the office or in a meeting. I left messages nor did she return those. I finally got a hold of her and she was extremely rude and very unprofessional. They made a mistake by charging my room twice and have yet to reimburse my account. The hotel was ugly to begin with. So anyone in the O'Hare Airport area dont stay there. I recommedng The Four Points Hotel.

not what the internet shows

hello i stayed at the Ramada in Waukega Il. for my sons Graduation of the US navy and the room wasn't very clean and the restroom fixtures were falling off the wall and the room had an odor so we got air freshners for it and we also noticed that te rest of the hotel wasn't very clean as well.the gates we stayed wer 11/8/12 thru11/10/12 and we checked out early we would have gone to another hotel but they were all booked. )NOT HAPPY) and will not recommend...

Put some cash toward this beifent worst case scenario you will have a heck of a time. Best case scenario you'll have a heck of a time and funds will be put toward curing Taylor. Win/Win situation if I've ever heard of one.Worst case scenario you'll get trapped in an elevator with Terry Dullum. Sorry buddy.

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