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i visited a quiznos at 5385 prospect rd san jose ca 95129, last saturday 7/17/10 around 1pm with some friends. i had a coupon you mailed me the deal was buy chips and a drink and received either a sub, salad or something else i can't remember. i wanted a salad. the lady that helped me call the owner and the owner came and told me she cannot honor the coupon because she would not make any money, after a few minutes of a disscusion that this came from corporate, with her address and she should honor it. i lost i had to buy my salad. after myself there was another person in line, i heared her telling this customer the same thing. i do not think this is right. if you mail me a coupon the different owners should honor it, or am i wrong in thinking that way? can each individual store make their own rules and decide which coupon they will accept. if so please do not mail coupons from corporate anymore. thank you i hope to hear from you. aidamaria@sbcglobal.net thank you

My wife and I went to your Quiznos in Northridge CA. At the Costco shopping center on June 4TH 2010. We both order the Steakhouse prime rib Dip it cost $14. something and No they did not give. me a receipt!!! I had nothing else to eat that day. and my wife had only some apple slices in the morning. Your Steakhouse prime rib dip wasn't worth the $6 plus. What a consumer ripoff. I do not remember if the server was waring gloves while making the sandwiches. but we both got diarrhea from your eating sandwiches. From one really pissed offed consumer. By the way,I e-mailed your corporate office the next day I never heard back from anyone. Mr.Daniel Schultz methaiger@sbcglobal.net

I am a very unhappy customer that just had bad service off 95 south in pa. I ordered my food got 10 miles down the higway and realized I was given all the wrong food. All of my food had no meat in it. Someone needs to do something or I am going to file a formal complaint. I couldn't turn around because it is a toll road and doesn't have another exit for miles. I called corporate and they were closed for the holiday due to it being july 5th. Please contact me asap. I want my freaking money back and a free meal! My email is tiffanydh24@aim.com

I go to Quiznos on Ogden Av. in Lisle. The help is unfriendly and food inconsistant in quality. I like the beef sandwich wiht juice on the side. The juice that came with the sanwich looked like used motor oil. The quality control at this Quiznos, and the staff need a whole lot of help. I recommend going to the downtown Naperville location which has friendly service with good food.

I went into a Guiznos at 2281 Bel Pre Road, Silver Spring, MD, on Tuesday afternoon to pick up a Turkey sub to take home for lunch. I ask for a regular turkey sub and paid $6 and change and took it home. Once at home I open the sub to add more tomatoes and then I discovered that there was only one slice of turkey roll on the whole sub. Truley disappointed and pissed off. I paid $6 for one slice of turkey. At least Sub Way gives you 5 slices of turkey roll. Was this a joke by the staff working there, was this what the staff was told to put on carry out orders, I hope not. I will now advise friends and family to avoid buying anything from Quiznos in the furture and as for me, I will never go to Quiznos again.

I just visited the store located at Cochran and Wilshire blvd.Los Angeles Ca. I went there for lunch and was treated very very poorly. First of all I stood there for approximately 3min before anyone acknowledged me,after which the store manager turned and said I will be right with you, but never helped. Finally a worker came out of the back and asked if he could help me. I then informed him of what I wanted not one time did he ask what I wanted on my sandwhich I guess he assumed that I wanted everything(not true) If that wasn't enough when I got ready to pay he acted like he could not touch my hand to take my money. Next I asked for some napkins and again he did the same thing. Never once did he say thank or would you like anything else. I feel discriminated against. The people in this store is RUDE!!! and not friendly at all. I am appauled at the way I was treated there and feel as though these people don't want to really work but trust me there are plenty of people who would want to work. There customer service needs lots of help. I will not be returning to this store EVER. I have never had such bad customer service before EVER. I hope that someone will look into this matter. I see its not only this store from some of the other reviews this seem to be an ongoing problem.

I recently visited quiznos in Key West, FL located at 722 Duval St. The man making the sandwiches was rude and not not friendly. I believe he didn't understand or speak English well. Whatever the case, that is not my problem. I don't expect anyone to kiss my feet but do expect courtesy when I'm spending my money in an establishment. With the job market today, there are plenty of people out there that would do a great job and be courteous to the patrons spending money. I will not be returning to quiznos on my next visit to Key West. By the way, there was a manager nearby and couldn't even say hi to us.

I am sending this on behave of my 16 year daughter who is a employee at the store located on 17th & South in Denver, Co.. My daughter has been employed at this store for about a month now. The Store manager my name of Walter has been VERY.... rude to her he talks to her like she is beneath him. Today was the last draw he was verbally absive to her and when she stood up for herself he told her if you don't like it you can leave. There has been other problems that she has told me about. She is getting to the point where she wants to quit but that is not how I raised her. She should be treated like a human. She goes to work on time and is there everyday. One little mistake that she makes he has something smart to say like is profect and has never made a mistake. Trying to let her handle it but now I don't how much longer I can set back and let this continue to go on before I step in as a mother.

I just went to your Southington, Ct. store. When I arrived, there were 7-8 people in line and only one employee. After waiting, I ordered a California Sub on a small wheat. After ordering, the employee asked me what type of bread. I guess the term "wheat" had escaped him. Anyway, when I got home I found I had nothing like what I had ordered. I had a turkey sandwich with lettuce and a tomato. No avocado, no sauce. I tried eating it but ended up tossing it into the trash. When I tried to call Quiznos Customer Service, I got only a recording stating they were too busy to answer right now and that I should leave a message. When I tried calling the individual store, there was no answer.

I am 64 years old I just got out of a nursing home from having two broken legs and a broken arm my casts have been removed about a week ago. I still have a wrap on my left leg where the pins are at so I have just a little bit hard time standing. But I decided to go in with my daughter to get a sub. And I tried to talk to the boy that was there but he was a little strange(defenitiley not a people person). He ask me what I wanted on my sub and I told him.He put our sandwiches in the toaster. I went outside to the car because my ankle was hurting me while standing.My Daughter stayed there and our sandwiches came out of the toaster and she saw him reaching for the lettuce and she said "my mother doesn't like lettuce on her sub" and he said" I'm sorry that is how it comes" and he continued to put the lettuce on (more then usually on a sandwich). My daughter brought it out to me in the car and told me what he did. I looked at the sandwich to see if I could take the lettuce off and it was everywhere in the melt cheese just everywhere. I sent my daughter back to get the phone number and I through the DAMN sandwich on the ground.(it looked pretty good except for the lettuce)

I went to a Quiznos in Divernon, Illinois. I asked one of the workers, (he was making sandwiches) what was on the Cantina Chicken. HE responded, "I don't really know, but you can look at the menu and it should have the ingredients listed." Then, I tried to order a kids pizza for my daughter. I was told, "oh, we don't have pizzas now, because they didn't show us how to make them." The taste of the sandwiches were good, I just had to make sure I knew what went on them, so I could remind the workers how to make the sandwiches. Is this the typical knowledge base of your staff? Thank you, Ronda

Well i work at the quiznos in sanford nc store #10263 and i want to file a complaint. Tonight i was working with a customer and the signature menu board fell behind me, wasnt injured but a little upset with the situation. When i got off work i called my employers nefew and told him about it . Pretty much there coming tommorrow to stick it back up there with some tape which i think is just unprofessional. Also at this store we never have two things that match no inventory is taken at this location. What is being done is that we look to see what we are out of and create a shopping list , thats what i call it, and he brings the items from his other store, thats if he has it .My employers wander why we have no customers cause we have nothing to supply to them, they come in and know what they want and were out of it which really sucks and we were busy at one point and now we have no business. I have been at this location for 7 years and im cute upset with my employers i want something done with the situation . All the employees feel the same . I mean he doesnt even order a truck weekly. Our chip racks are real and i mean real empty which shows a bad impression. Our customers complain to us about the chips or even crack jokes which i really hate. At this point all employees are looking for a job. we all think hes disrespectful to us blames us for things that are out of our contorl and in his control. We are not the owners of this establishment and he is and were quite upset the whole situation .Thanks for your time. Eleni Karambilas email me with what u think about this situation at helbell1981@yahoo.com 04/30/10

I went to the snohomish Washington Quiznos. i have never had such bad customer service, and bad food. I believe her name was polly, and she was talking on the phone while taking my order, not only did she get my sandwich wrong it tasted gross. i asked for no mayo because im allergic and she put it on anyways and when i asked her for new bread she simply scraped the mayo off and kept on going with her business. the tomatoes were soggy and the onions were pink and slimy. my son ordered the misquite chicken sandwhich, and she put slim ranch on it and when he asked for a side of ranch she insisted on charging us .39 cents for it.i shouldn't have to pay extra for what already comes on the sandwhich. my husband bought the double cheesesteak sandwhich,with rosmary parmasan bread. she also said that would be a .39 cent extra charge. i have never been charged for bread or a side of sauce at any other quiznos. the meat my husband got wasnt 9.00 steak. it was roast beef. it had a green tinge to it and it was gross. i shouldnt have been charged 9.00 for a 5.00 meat.also, those "go green" sandwhich bags are terrible. getting a large sandwhich and not having it cut in half was a pain in the but. its pretty safe to say that i am never going to eat at another quiznos again, you have lost my service. i have put complaints in before hoping you guys would do something about it and you havent. so me and all my friends will take out business elsewhere.

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