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One of your restaurant's in Oak Grove store # 13221 phone number (270)439-1744 has VERY POOR SERVICE.. When saying this I truly am not satisfied and will NEVER order anything from there again. My husband, our friend and my self had ordered 3 subs, and when we ordered the girl that was taking our order was VERY RUDE, and was complaining. We had to repeat our order 3 times. I literally was on the phone with her for 12-15 minutes. I gave her our credit card number and she began to complain to another co-worker about me giving a credit card number. I also made sure to make sure my order was correct. She told me that it would be delivered within 10 minutes. It took her 30-about 45 minutes to bring our food... The same girl that I talked to on the phone had delivered our food. We paid and gave her a really good tip hoping it would brighten up her day. My husband looked in the bag and realized there was no sauce/gravy the goes with the pepper steak sub. So my husband ran downstairs to catch her. He asked her if she had it in the car and she says said "Oh I forgot my bad" laughed and got into her car and drove off. My husband called the store and asked to speak to a manager so he had explained what happen and he said " Oh I don't own the store I'm just a manager but I'll let him know" my husband had said so there isn't anything else you can say? he replied "No" and hung up. My husband and I were so hungry we decided to eat and all of our subs were cold. The chicken sub my friend had bought was cold, the chicken was ice cold and the bread wasn't toasted, both my husband and mine was soggy and cold and our bread wasn't toasted either. With this being said I will never order anything there until they seek good employees and have a better understanding about what their job is. That also have a good attitude when it comes to serving customers. It's very aggravating to me to spend $20.00 on 2 subs and 2 drinks and nothing was good except the drinks we got. I am not happy at all and hope that something is done... Thank you for your time Nicole & Jesse Weeks n.weeks9808@yahoo.com

I work at the only quiznos in muscatine iowa I started 8 days ago I have had severall things that I wanted to bring to attention as an employee our boss is extremely rude to us the employees as well at the customers and most sadly her husband in front of the fellow employees and customers she has yelled at me because she called me today to see if I could come in in 10 minutes because she lost her 4th employee since I've started 8 days ago and I said my wifes car is in the shop till Noon and I'm at the ymca having my 2 yr old sons swimming lessons. So she started yelling at me on the phone saying I'm unreliable when I come in to work EVERYDAY 15 minutes earlie. I was on the phone Tuesday for 3 hrs to see if I could get someone to help us with this hostile working enviroment and got no where I had to go to the doctor to get put on stress medication because of this PLEASE HELP US I NEED MY JOB BUT NOT THE HOSTILE WORKING ENVIROMENT. . . Please contact me at slipknot_boz@ymail.com for ur helpfull thoughts

Just went to Quiznos for the first time in a few months and found out that they changed my favorite sandwich. They took away the french onion sauce in the steakhouse dip and replaced it with the standard, nasty, brown peppercorn sauce!!! Now who's "brilliant" idea was this?? The sauce is what made the sandwich you morons!!!! Stop trying to save a corporate buck and keep your customers happy instead!!!

Store 9016 changed hands here in florida and quality went out with the old owners. Since all Quizno stores are franchise businesses and individually owned, I know Quiznos corporate will neither read this nor care. As long as the paperwork is filled out and the bills are paid, corporate could care less about an individual restaurant or customer.

I have been spending much time flying back and forth from NY to West Palm Beach to take care of my mother. I must say that I ordered an Italian Sandwich and it was one the best sandwiches I have ever eaten when compared to Subway or any other fast food sandwich store. I wish Jet Blue could sell them on their flights. Thanks again for the good food. Sincerely, Howard 203 885 8950

I'm an employee at Quiznos in Redmond or store #8927 I'm very frusterated and on the verge of contacting the better business bureau! If somebody who cares about Quiznos could please contact me I would greatly appreciate. The respect I deserve as I have been an employee for 3 years! My number is 541-279-1046 Thank you

I purchased a groupon for Quiznos - buy one sandwich - get 1 free. The manager and/or owner of the DesPeres, Missouri Quiznos was furious when I went in to use the coupon. He actually yelled at me and said he hated people that used coupons. So, needless to say; I will never purchase another coupon for Quiznos, nor will I ever eat at another quiznos.

I went to Quiznos in Cumming, Ga off 141 and got salmenila food poisoning. This happened on Saturday, August 27, 2011 around 2:30pm. When I went in the place was hot like the ac wasn't working and they had a stand up fan on the dining room floor. I didn't think anything about it at first, other than I would rather take and eat in the car because it was cooler. When we got our food the lady making it didn't even wear gloves and just placed my food on the counter without anything under it. We got our food and went across the street and parked to eat. The sami's we got tasted a little different but I got oreagano on mine for the first time and just thought that was why. I got my nails done right after I finished and sitting there I started feeling nauseus. As soon as I got out of the nail shop I started throwing up my food. I threw up more when I got home and felt so weak I couldn't go to work and was threatened to be suspended for a week. It is now Monday and I still feel weak and nauseus and still can't work. I went to the doctor and he said I got selmenila poisoning which caused a stomach infection from the food I ate at Quiznos. I am going to call corporate and if they don't reinburse me for my doctor bill and the money I missed out on at work then I will take legal action. Be aware, Don't eat at Quiznos in Cumming, Ga.

I read som e of the comments its really bad not to have products no inventory or not ordering a truck for the store thats not good for the store, Quiznos company has opened up franchisee stores but closed their own becuase they figured out the way Quiznos is doing business, the business model isn't going to give any profits to franchisee owner.The reason Quiznos franchisee owner maynot put extra veggies,or extra sauce on the sandwich is because the food cost is based on the menu what comes on the sandwich now as a customer if you order Mes. Chicken and you want a extra sauce you shouldn't hesitate to pay.39 cents go to Mcdonald the size of dressing has been reduced from 3oz to 1 oz if u ask extra dressing they charge u .25$

At this store: 2490 SW 17th Ave. Miami, FL 33145. Store # 2568. on 8/9/11 b/w 5-530pm when i went to this quiznos with my friend and we were treated horribly. i already knew what i wanted so i went to the counter to order my sub while my friend was looking at the menu. i ordered the honey mustard chicken sub (my fav). this sub has bacon and i like bacon so i wanted the bacon in my sub. my friend does not eat pork at all. when she was ready to order she asked the employee, tony(overweight, not very tall, dark skinned, unclean looking guy with a mustach-looks of hispanic origin) is his name (at least thats what his coworker told us), if he could change his gloves. he was being hesitant about it. my friend ordered the same type of bread that i did and even before changing the gloves he ran his hands along the entire length of the bread so he was spreading the bacon residue on the bread. my friend brought it to his attention that he touched the bread. he was saying that he didnt but we both saw him do it. the employee was complaining that he cant "be cutting up bread like that," but he never cut anything up. my friend wanted a new bread and he rolled his eyes and started to give my friend an attitude. my friend told him that she didnt need the attitude. my friend is about 8 months pregnant and doesnt need the stress. she simply wanted the guy to change his gloves. why is that so hard to comply with. my friend decided she did not want to eat anything from there after how the employee was treating her. then the employee got mad and told my friend fine then, f**k this, this is b***s**t, you can get outta here. i told the employee "hey she doesnt need your attitude." the employee told me "f**k you, you can get outta here too." i responded by cursing back at the employee and telling my friend lets get outta here, we dont need this and i dont want to eat anything from that guy. when we started to walk away the employee disappeared like a coward in the back room. my friend and i have never been cursed at or treated so disrespectfully and disgusting. this employee obvious has anger issues with women. even his coworker only shook his head and seemed to find it somewhat funny. this tells me that the coworker has seen this before from his this guy. the employee didnt even care that were others in the restaurant or that there was another person in line behind us. i like quiznos but i will never step foot inside this particular store and i will be spreading the word about what happened that day also.

Regarding location: 2490 SW 17th Ave Miami, FL 33145. Store # 2568 Date of incident: 8/9/20011 Time: around 5:15 p.m so between 5-5:30 p.m THIS DOES NOT EVEN DESERVE A STAR! My friend and I went to this Quiznos. There were 2 employees on shift. One employee who I am complaining about is a young, overweight male, black short hair, tan skin looks to be of hispanic origin. He was handling the food, trays, going back and forth to the kitchen. My friend ordered a chicken sandwich with bacon from him and he made her sandwich (with the same gloves). After, he was done with her sandwich, I ordered a veggie sandwich. To my surprise this employee took out a bread and ran his gloves along the whole bread without changing his gloves as he got ready to cut it. I kindly asked him to please change his gloves and the bread because I do NOT eat bacon. He sighed shaking his head as he changed his gloves. Then he tried to give me the same bread that he was running his hands over after handling the bacon. I asked him to please change the bread. His response with attitude and rolling his eyes was " Listen, I can't go cutting up breads like that." He said it over again. I told him that he touched the bread, and we all saw him to please change it. He then became outraged and said "MAN F**** THIS!" I told him that I would not eat there, and to forget it and he then said "WELL YOU CAN JUST GET OUT THEN." "FU** THIS SH**!" My friend then interceded and told him all I asked for him to do was change the gloves and bread, he then told her a string of curse words and said she can get out too. She then told me that she is leaving her sandwich which already came out of the oven and she would not be spending her money there. His colleague (hispanic male with black hair and some facial hair) came over and was laughing. I told him that it was not funny, I explained to him what happened and he just shook his head no. I then asked him his verbally abusive colleagues name and he said hesitantly "Tony". I am not sure if that is his name or not. Bottom line is, I have NEVER experienced such disgusting, degrading, UNPROFESSIONAL, violent behavior of an employee ON SHIFT. I am almost 9 months pregnant and to see how violent and verbally abusive this employee was to me is just plain disturbing. He has no respect and I felt he was trying to degrade my friend and I as women. There was NO manager for us to complain to, it seems as if the employees were comfortable running the show. This behavior and work ethic that this employee has is just plain disgusting.. it must be the cause of cross contamination because he does not change his gloves, he has a nasty attitude which would make anyone uncomfortable eating food he prepared. If such filth can come out of his mouth in front of a line of customers, I can only imagine what else he is capable of! I wonder what is Quizno's policy on the employees hygiene and how they should handle food. This employee has embarrassed your company in front of my friend and I along with other customers who witnessed his primitive behavior. All it takes is for someone to go and blog about what they have witnessed and Quizno's will get bad publicity. I hope that something will be done about this hazard you have working and representing Quiznos. If someone catches him on one of his "worser" days, Quizno's will have a law suit on their hands! He is a ticking time bomb and it's just a matter of time..

I am a manager in training at the Warsaw Indiana store #13722. Multiple employees have called the regional manager Kelly Hernandez about our owner Halbert Crocker. We have some major issues here! First off... Most of the weekend there is only one employee on the clock, that's just not safe! Our checks are bouncing when we cash them because our boss has poor money management skills, that's not how to run a good business! And lastly Halbert is seeing a female employee on a regular basis, and using store money to go out with her, that's fratinization, and any other restaurant chain would fire him for that! We are all fed up with him! What is there we can do?

I recently went to Quiznos for a friend. My experience was awful. I ordered her sandwich and the first person helping me put it through the toaster, then another person took over. He didnt ask me if I wanted lettuce, which I didnt, and then when I pointed it out he pointedly dragged over a garbage can with his glove still on, he didnt take off the glove and wash his hands and put on a new glove before handling my friends sandwich again. I pointed this out to the other guy and he told him to start over. He did start over, but he failed to ask me what I wanted on the sub. by this time I just wanted out of that horrible excuse for a restuarant. On top of it all the initial person who started helping me rang me up for my food, took my money and didnt give me change. I was so infuriated I just left.

I went to the Loma Linda Quizmos and found the most polite young man ever. His name is Youvee. I had asked if he would please no cut off the end of my sandwitch,and he said I can do that for you. At the store in Highland I was told they could not do that. I asked why,and was told I dont know that is just the way it is.

Yesterday my mother and I went to the Quiznos on Corprate Blvd.in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I started feeling sick last night but this morning I became violently ill. My stomach cramped and when i passed gas diareah came out on my sheets. I went to clean up and moving around made it worse. I cramped and had to sit on the toitet while vomiting in a towel and on the floor. I was sick like that until a hour ago. Now I am exhausted and afraid to eat or drink anything. I will never go to Quiznos again!!!

Well! Rochester Wa Quizno's on Hwy 99 joins the legions of poor customer service complaints tonight. Forget poor, how about the worst we have ever had! Moldy bread on our families' sandwiches, pull the bread, say they have had a problem with the bread, promised new sandwiches. Next day--reps say the customer is lying, it's a big scam, they have never had moldy bread and tells customer to get out of the store! Our last visit to a Quizno's. Bye bye Quizno's. Hope your stock soon reflects your true value.

I was sold two veggie subs to go at the Grand Mound, WA Quiznos and when I got home the bread was moldy. When I called to complain I was told that I could come in and get two free subs as replacements. Two days later I went in and was told by a very rude pair of women that called me a lier and that it was impossible that there was mold. They said that the girl that told me that was not a manager and that I just had to suck it up. I will never visit quiznos again and will spread the word of the poor service and quality.

I had a rude experience at the Quiznos in Breese, IL. The owner of the store thought that having a simple conversation with an employee as I was getting a refill was not to his liking. He yelled at his employee and told me not to come to his store to talk to his employees. I was a paying customer and didn't even finish eating. I felt that it was better if I got the rest of my food to-go and leave. I think it leaves a bad name for the Quiznos industry if the owners are very rude to their customers.

And to think I was considering purchasing a Quiznos Franchise. 3 pages of irrate customers and not 1 person saying anything worth while.

I was waiting for may dentist appointment with pain on my tooth and decide to go to Quiznos on 10201 hammocks blvd miami 33196. I had a soup and a sandwich I taste the soup and didnt like it I ask the manager Gladys to change it and she said no because I taste it, I said I taste it once and the bowl was full finally she agree to change it but told me she will give me a small bowl and I said why I bought a big one, after that she said ok but she really make me feel that she can do whatever she want even do the customer is not happy.This is very poor customer service it was my first time and I will never come back to your stores this is a very respecfull area were I am acostume to a very good customer service I am a manager too and I know better than that you loose one and you will loose a lot of customers. thanks for your time.

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