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Fabulous Tide Coldwater He

You must have a genie in your bottle of Tide Coldwater He detergent. My whites have never been whiter or softer since I discovered this detergent. We have softened water so I only need 2 Tablespoons of Tide liquid in my front loading washer. Thank you so much for filling my laundry basket with pride.


Love your new commercial!!! Woman using her tide scented scarf to provide her some "relief" from people sitting next to her on an airplane!!!!

Prilosec Commercial

Larry The Cable Guy is not funny, slovenly, and obnoxious. He does not appeal to the majority. I will go out of my way to buy heartburn medication other than your Prilosec just because of that obnoxious redneck representing your product.

Puffs Tissues

I can't ever remembering purchasing any other tissue than Puffs. A few years back, puffs had such nice art designed boxes. Today the art designed on the boxes are just awful. I hate them !!! please go back to the nice flowers designed etc.....

paper towels

Bounty paper towels are a household name. The product is great. I thought it would be a unique idea to produce bright colorful bounty paper towels that would add a beautiful accent to kitchens and other rooms when you just need to grab that convenient pretty towel. I think it would be a great sell. Just a suggestion.

Beware of Febreze Car

We have been using Febreze Car in both our vehicles and were pleased with the product until today. One of your Fabreze Car, THAI Dragon Fruit, started leaking and completely ruined part of my dashboard. Every where the liquid touched, it completely stripped off the paint, ALL the way down. I have no idea at this time what the cost will be to replace the ruined parts, but since there is no warning on the packaging, I wanted to share this info with others.


I have always used Gain but lately it does not do the same as it once did. My clothese seem dull and faded


I feel Duped!!! I purchased 2 Oral-B tooth brushes. The 1st was about 3 yrs. ago. the 2nd 18 Months, Customer service would't replace because I hadn't registered the 1st. offered $10. I unwittingly and angrily purchased the 2nd only to have it quit 18 months later. I called today and was offer the same $10. stating that the Product number was older than 2 years but the would send a lesser model. I need the receipt to replace, Who would've kept the receipt after registering? The registration is for promotions and not warranty. That's the worst policy ever. This was the resolution after 5 transferred calls and an hr on the phone. I think it's time to switch to SonicCare. P&G, if you want to retain a customer, train your staff to listen (I was cut off while speaking several times) and revise your warranty policy. What good will promotions do if there is no confidence it the products you sell, or your ability to service a product (which should last 3-5 yrs) that fails prematurely. Your tooth brushes are too expensive to have the failure rate I've experienced in such a short time. Customer service is horrible as well.


Dear Proctor and Gamble, I Love how Bounce sheets make my clothes smell. However new packaging would be great. Ever considered putting tear away strips on top of the boxes or resealable lids to hold the freshness in? Sort of like a baby wipe box, where we could just pull them out and they overlap like baby wipes. I think this would be great for marketing sales and be more appealing to the laundry room.

Febreeze ingredients

I was just informed that your product has the same chemical compounds are the same as agent Orange !!!!!!!!!!

Pro X facial Brush

I have had 2 of these brushes in 2 years. Both of them stop working at the 1 year mark. I think it is called planned obsolescence.At 30.00 per I am not longer buying this product.I want something that will last and not require a new one to be bought every year..

Too Expensive

I have used Tide from the beginning of time as my Mother has before me, but it has gotton so expensive with the volumn you produce, it should cost less than other brands. I coming from a background of 35 years in Manufacturing Procurement understand this. I am sorry to say I can no longer afford to purchase your produce that really doesnt cost that much to produce. So I along with others I'm sure will stop buying it because it is no longer affordable. LV, NV


The most HORRIBLE experience of my life!! I am 51 years old and I have been using this product for 40 years. Not sure if they had a disgruntled employee or what, but I opened my new box of tampons upon recieving them 3/6/2013, opened the individual wrapper to find what appeared to be a USED tampon in the applicator! I am HORRIFIED! Not sure how they are going to explain this to me, but NOT HAPPY! Now I am afraid to open any more of their product, which unfortuanately, I purchased 4 large boxes of 54 each.

store in Mississippi

Want none of your stores that carry P&G products accept your coupons then its a waste of time to even sit cut them out and can't used them. Dollar general, family dollar, Walmart, Winn Dixie. And others will NOT accept your coupons so why send them...

night creme

Why are all of your night cremes now scented? I cannot use them because of it. I've used your products for years (and years), and won't be able to anymore because I am alergic to scented products. I am very disappointed.

I had a tide pod packet break in my hand and now have what looks like chemical burns all over my hands. It has been this way for over two weeks, had to go to the doctor and be put on creams and steroids. Can barely function without the use of my fingertips since much of the skin has been burned off beware of this product!

I am writing because I started using Cascade complete our best cascade pac for the first time in my dishwasher and not half way through the first bag of packets my dishes are ruined. I used Cascade for years in my dishwasher and then I switched to the packets because I recieved a coupon to purchase the packets with and thought I would try them what a big mistake. I have a set of dishes that have a large apple in the center and a vine for the trim. My complete kitchen is done in an apple theme right down o my set of dishes. I used your Cascade Complete and it has striped all the color off my dishes and completely ruined my set of dishes. I have had my dishes for at least a year and have never had a problem with the color comming off until I useed Cascade Complete. My dishes are not fit to serve at the dinner table I am just sick. They have been striped of their entire design. I am very up set about it because my dishes are not replaceable. I no longer have a set of Apple dishes and it has ruined the theme of my kitchen. Iam very upset and want to know what you are going to do to correct this problem? Gale Nicodemus

I am a very loyal customer of yours I am really trying to find out what you did with an item that I amd a lot of other people have become very found of and am not able to buy it anymore. My children really liked to take it in there lumches. it is your pringles baked wheat stix withy honey butter flavor. what gives. they have tasted the other flavors and really like this the best as well as I do. please let me know what is going on.Thanking you in advance. Joyce Ann Maydak

There is a website which has allowed people to call me names like "ceritfied nutjob." On this site appeared an audio advertisement for Mr. Clean, which wikipedia says is owned by P&G. If that is the case, then P&G is sponsoring a website that allows hate speech, cyberbullying, and bigotry based on perception of mental disability. I tried calling your headquarters and was told no one could help me, after the first cdustomer-service representative hung up on me after I explained the situation. Obviously, I will never purchase another one of your products again, especially after making a courtesy call to your headquarters in an attempt to put you on notice of this conduct. I don't know if anyone else will care, but some people have committed SUICIDE over less abuse than this. I'm strong and don't get suicidal, but it is still painful to endure this abuse, especially when the site's sponsor (direct or indirect) is a "respectable" large corporation. I would only be a nutjob if I ever gave you a cent of my business again. Your company disgusts me. Ray Gordon SnodgrassPublish@aol.com

Hi I am from the Las Vegas area, and I LOVE COUPONS!!! I went shopping this weekend 8/26/12 to finish up with the kids and their school stuff. I saw this hott sale on Downey fabric softner /450 ml for 79 cents... cool huh. But let me tell you what the store manager told me. Dont forget I'm a Crazy Couponer right.. this is the store Manager " We can't accept these coupons, they aren't in our system and the onwer said not to". Wait a minute I'm sorry but this was unacceptable to me. So i asked why not, what up with this downey and why can't I use my 2.00 off any 2 or 75 cent off any one coupon. It's not a trail or travel size. (I beleive travel is 10oz and trail is in the plastic pouch) The store Manager says: The owner had these imported in from mexico and your coupon is an american coupon. The bar code won't accept the coupon. Huh... It's two things about this im not happy with. 1 - They are making a fabric softner in mexico and putting a Downey label on it. 2 - I couldn't get my 10 downey fabric softner for 97 cents. all this at Marketon both location's Tropicania/Eastern And DI/Sandhill. I went to Walmart they price adjusted the items and had no issues. so I got 12 of them for $1.03. Please ck this out if they are doing crazy business with my BFF Coupons Like P&G some one should stop them.....PLEASE Tamiko G. LasVegas NV

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