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Don't deal with priceline

Never deal with Priceline ! When they sell you say a hotel room, they are done with you.They will never give you any quarantees or refunds for any reason ! A word to the wise.

Americas Best Value Inn

This was the crappiest hotel I ever stayed in. This the list of amenities op Amenities Free high speed internet connection Pets allowed Restaurant Non-smoking rooms (generic) Free parking Cable television Hairdryer the hairdryer was nonexistent. The room had not been cleaned properly. The room reeked of cat urine. The curtains were dirty There were cob webs in every corner. I i complained to the desk clerk no effort was mitigate the circumstances. The pictures show a beautifully decorated room instead I got 21st century flop house


Priceline allowed me to book a hotel that is CLOSED (Sandpiper Inn) and gave me the ring around for over an hour that they can't give me a refund because of the cancellation policy. A cancellation policy that is in force if hotel is AVAILABLE. You scammed me, shame on you. I will not stop to bring this fraudulent activity to the public. Do not book thru Priceline! They are a big fat giant corporate scam. Owners should be in jail.

False Advertising

Booked an express deal to save 20% plus an additional 5% over the lowest published price. Went to the hotel site that I "won". Difference in price was $186 priceline vs $191.20 hotel site. You do the math... Less than 3%. I called and gave "Customer Service" the chance to correct their blatant error and they did absolutely nothing. See you in court!

Price line taken off the web

Having had the same problems with price line. I believe Price line is committing Fraud!! I believe the answer to Price lines actions and unwillingness to fix them is to have them taken off the web!! Together as consumers we can do this!!!

No customer consideration

After 3 failed attempts to reserve a room, my husband succeeded the reservation on the 4th try - however, somehow it was reserved the day after we needed it. Absolutely NO forgiveness - our loss. What a crumby business that we will never, EVER do business with again.

Mis leading/ horrible customer service

I just read several negative reviews on price line and agree with all of them. When you call customer service it is a joke, they can barely speak English, reading from a script, have no clue what you are talking about. All they say is I am sorry.. I have used price line before and went to book a room. did my homework and what hotels were in the different rating areas. When I booked the room it was not on the list, no where close. Called customer service to help and they refused to do anything. Actually it was a waste of my time and breath. This will catch up to price line because the consumer will only take so much till the go elsewhere.

If a Negative Rating were Possible, that would maybe work

After booking with priceline.com I tried calling the hotel directly to request 2 double beds and other amenities. Hotel could not find me. They asked me to get the hotel reservation number cause they could not use the priceline reservation number. Tried calling priceline. Got transferred multiple times. They could not resolve my issue and would not refund my money. I will never use priceline again and I will never recommend it to anyone.

Contact Info for Priceline Corporate Office

As we have all found out, Priceline is not much on Customer Service! But here is a link where you can find all the names, numbers and email addresses of the corporate heads at Priceline who have found a way to hide behind the poor customer service reps who barely speak English. http://www.consumersrevenge.com/complaints/priceline.htm

Read Reviews

Does anyone at Corporate read these reviews or just laugh all the way to the bank??? How very, very sad.

Ripped off

Booked a hotel for $48. For 2 rooms also $21. Something for service fees and taxes. Totaling $117.76. After confirming the deal, it then read $181. Something. Called priceline right then. They said they could not help us and wouldn't refund the $ either. We will never use them again and hope no one else does either.

False Advertising

The prices, freebies, and offerings are not what you get after you submit payment. We called priceline for a resolution, but they were unwilling to refund my money nor were they willing to give me what is offered as a freebie in the advertisement.

Watch what you book

I find this site misleading. I ordered a hotel room and was under the impression that it came with a pool. Additionally, the location was 30 miles away from where I needed to be. I immediatly tried to change it but after dealing with a very rude customer service, who are all over seas and will not negoitate even a different hotel I am not using priceline again. I thought I was saving money but got a whole lot of grief instead. Very sad.

priceline robs my money

I have been priceline customer for years. Recently they robbed my money by imposing a bid double price than my previous bid. They sent me an email about the bid confirmation. I instantly responded that I did not bid the trip, but they ignored my email and charged me. I asked them to refund my money. Several customers service, last name were indian names, showed a fake contract page, which I was never aware of it, with my initial name on it. I told them it was not my initial. But they did not refund my money. I will continue to ask for my refund until they pay me back. I am a retiree and their customer. Priceline is making dirty money for sure. I can show the proof at the court with the involvement of the IT expert.

worst business in the world

Priceline asked me to follow these steps to bid: 1. Name own price: I bidded my price 2. Enter passengers' name and credit cards 3. The bid price doubled the previous bid showed up. 4. Tried to correct the bid amount, but there was no way to correct. 5. I closed the page 6. Then I received a confirmation email about the bid 7. I instantly responded that I did not bid the trip 8. I ignored my email and charged me the expensive amount which I never agreed on. 9. I found out my credit card got charged, I called and showed them my emails, and asked for a refund, they ignored and did not refund. The email answerers was mostly indian IT. They robbed me. I will continue asking for my refund.

Do Not Ever Use!

The absolute worst Custer Service ever. I will never use them again and have had my account deactivated. Unwilling to help even a little. They just keep your money, no changes allowed. Also, you need to have people speak more clearly and with better English on your customer service lines.

If I could give a negative rating I would

After attempting to find resolve on a pressing issue with Priceline I found that the customer service agents are of no value to customers. I was told that the only way that i can contact someone of a management was to email the corporate office, which i did and received a generic email that was of no help and no value. The insurance policy is a direct scam and unless you live in a perfect world and expect to become gravely ill, with the ability to supply a doctors note in required time frame, or loose your job do not count on this company to help. As a military service member, my plan is not often the Navy's plan. But as long as I fly around the world or in country I would not count on the support of Priceline, that is for certain!

Will NEVER book with Priceline again !!!

I booked a trip through Priceline (online) from Spokane to Las Vegas (return) ... and entered my departure city (long hand-- not using a airport code) ... wanting to fly out of Spokane as I live in Cranbrook BC ... and didn't notice that Priceline ... due to the flight being full (as explained to us by one of their customer service reps -- Louis) transferred us to a flight out of Seattle-Tacoma (without our knowledge or consent). Upon reviewing my tickets today I noticed this change and called to inquire why our departure city was different than requested. We were then told by a supervisor (Billie) that there would be a $150 per person cancellation fee and that we could then rebook. Needless to say we're very perplexed that one representative admits that the error was on their part ... but the supervisor demands that we pay $300 due to "THEIR" mistake. It will cost only half that amount to drive the additional distance ... so we won't be cancelling our flight plans. But we will NEVER use or recommend this "SCAM BOOKING COMPANY" to any of our friends, family or social media acquaintances. The icing on the cake was that this supervisor (Billie 5260048) did not/ or would not provide us with the Corporate Headquarters phone number (which we found within 10 seconds by doing an online search) ... Why didn't she want to give us the number? ... was it because she knew she was in the wrong? ... or because she just wasn't trained well enough to know the number of the company that employs her.

Who to Complain To at Priceline

As a follow up to a review that I just posted ... and from reviewing the lack of accountability evident in the posts above, I would suggest that when people call the Priceline Corporate Offices that they leave a message on Peter J. Millones, Jr. -- Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary's voicemail. Perhaps if he is inundated with "less than happy customers" ... he'll help Priceline rethink their customer service policies and procedures.

Very poor customer service

When place reservations for airline tickets my 3 year old grand son hit a key on the keyboard and my order was processed. We entered the wrong departure date in error when this happened. We call the useless price line customer service. They were very rude would not help in getting the dates changed all they wanted to do was charge more for an error. Very useless company to deal with they treat you like a third class person. DO NOT use them

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