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Bad bad service

Popeyes at airline and grove st sucks when it comes to ordering food at 9 or later they start hoseing down the floor right by the food never want to cook anything but whatever they have is what you get this really makes me so mad so I'm going to stop going here because the money you spend and you don't even get the service you deserve period!!!!


If you plan on waiting 20 minutes on your food go to the pop eyes off 240 and sooner rd in okc, ok. Worst employees ever, no apology for the wait or anything. This is the slowest fast food place I have ever been to. Management needs to whip them into shape!!!! Only put 1 star because I couldn't submit it without it

I went to Popeyes on La 415 in Port Allen, La and asked for a large red beans and rice. I received about a 1/2 of red beans and rice together so once I stirred it together there was hardly any thing to eat. That Cost over $3 and if I wouldn't of bought a biscuit I was been hungry the rest of the nite. My husband was floored. As much as I love that dish I am going to hang it up and not buy it anymore.


I was served rotten chicken at the Friendswood, Texas location and the supervisor of the area covering League city to Friendswood and Georgia and other states became hostile and did not act professional to resolve issue. I will not ever go to another Popeye's as long as they have Headquarters management from Georgia that cannot act professionally.

Worsy Chicken Ever

Greasy, old smelly oil. You can smell it in the air and on the chicken. We will never go back to the Roanoke, VA location nor will any of our friends. Wake up guys!!!!! Do something.........You're over priced anyway. Very nasty, VERY.

Popeyes st martinville la

This store is the worst I have ever eaten in. They must never change there grease. I will never go back to Popeyes as this store has been terrible for the last three visits.

Shrimp PoBoy

I tried the past two weeks to order shrimp poboys at the Madison, MS store. They have been out of the bread to make them. That is totally unacceptable. Is this due to poor management?

Wish Erie pa had a Popeyes

I see your commercials on time Warner cable all of the time and I so wish you all could open at the least one of your restaurants here in Erie pa I love y'all food please I know and Am too sure that you succeed here

poor customer service

this is the worst popeyes i have been to. The drive thru was slow, the customer service was horrible they forgot my sauces for the surf and turf, and they forgot some of my chicken from one of my orders

3/26/2014 8Pc Special

Quality of the chicken was poor. The breast was the only piece that was what I expected from prior visits of eating at Popeye's. The thighs and wings seemed they came from Cornish Hens and the thighs bones were cut in half with the portion of meat reduced appropriately. Classic bait and switch. Old adage you get what you pay for.

coupon scan

the coupon reads buy any box& get 2 lg sides& 6 biscuits for 10.00. does that mean all for $10.00.willis will want to charge you $22.00.we will not eat there ever again.we went to wataburger instead.no hassle.

Honor your coupon surveys

I go to Popeye's all the time and really enjoy the food but if your company isn't giving a code as it states on the back of your receipts then you should not advertise that you do. I have done that survey at least 15 times in the last two months and it says you will receive a code when you finish,but it doesn't give you one.Did the phone survey and same thing happens,No CODE!!Please correct the problem.

serving amount

9 pieces for $9.99 was ok. We ordered large side order of mashed potatoes, coleslaw and 5 rolls (very hard) for $9.00 which was too expensive for the amount we got. (about a cup each) If Popeye's wants to succeed in Weslaco Tx, this needs to change.

they dont have mayo

I went to popeyes in Zarqa jordan and they dont have mayo anf they gorce to buy a garlic suace instead and the place is very filthy people dont smile and the temp of the chicken was extermily high

Poor Customer service

Pre paid for catered meal on Wednesday. Called on Thursday to confirm order pick up Friday at 11. Arrived at 10:45 , they had not started on the order at all. Walked out with my food at 11:27

Dessert recommendation

We would love to see a peach cobbler on the dessert menu.


We had lunch at the Paducah Kentucky Popeye's on January 20th, and I was very disappointed. The red beans and rice was mostly sauce and rice not much beans at all and not much of that. When I went back to the counter to ask for some beans and to fill the container all I received was more sauce. Thee was maybe 10 beans in the serving certainly more rice and not much of it either. This was a real disappointment to us since we always enjoy eating at Popeye's. The 3 chicken breasts were smaller than most other times we have lunched there. We both went away hungry. We purchased 3 breasts, 2 red beans and rice, 2 coleslaw, 2 bisc, and 1 drink. The total was $14.24 The store number is 9939, order# 02057, ref # 0033.

worst customer service

Just wanted to let you know .I will NEVER go to Popeye ever again. I went into the Moorpark store and order food and Maryann the manager forgot to make it. Then she spoke in spanish about me the whole time .Guess she though cause I was white I did not know spanish, She wasa about 17 and very rude. I left with no food and it took her 20 minutes to give me a refund. I called the owner Armando and he didn't care ..so I wont care to give my biz to someone else

horrible area supervisor

Popeyes has this new area supervisor. She is stealing from stores and treating her managers very rude and horribly. The only reason I have not quit is because I have a family to provide for and need my money. She threatens people and she has horrible people skills. I will not EVER recommend anyone work for popeyes under her supervision. She's unfair and rude.

bogus survey

did survey acouple times to get my two piece chicken never got a conformation number wasted my time and feel ripped off thanks for nothing

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