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Popeye's Chicken is good but ,the prices have gone out of control .No more chicken for me from there .instead of lowering prices and getting tons of people coming in they raise the price and make less anyways wtg .this is how to put yourself out of business


Stupid manager/Owner cant even keep wet naps in stock..3RD time no wet naps

I went to the cleveland ave columbus oh store # 4092, on sunday 11-2-14. The chicken was extra greasy and the bisquits were very hard, I have been to this resturaunt before and the food was not like this. I think the bisquits were warmed over in the microwave, and I dont know what to say about the chicken. Terrible Meal

We went to eat at your restaraunt in knoxville tn on Clinton hey.The service was bad and it took us 20 minutes to get our food.When we finally got our food the fish was hard as a brick and the mashed potatoes were cold.If this keeps up there will be a lot of people out if jobs.

Where is management

Popeyes Chicken in Merrillville Indiana route us 30h You walk in ready to eat chicken and the smell from the garbage can, tell you to turn around. I had to approach the the manager to tell her the trash was over flowing, and the smell was overcoming. And I walked out not once or twice but 3 times they need under cover boss there. To see how their restaurant is doing and to rate the store 0.

Bad service

You need to do something about your store in Donaldsonville, LA. They almost never have any cole slaw. Now they are starting to run out of red beans and rice. Most drive thru orders have to be brought out to our cars because it takes so long to fill orders. If something is not done soon you may lose business and there is no other chicken franchise in this town.

fresh chicken

Your chicken on i87 in ny really sucked at twelvethirty two weeks ago tasted old dried out ,i think it was left over from the previous day.


New haven kimberly ave please don t cook chicken with Seafood ,i love that chicken but im allergic to shellfish!

Red Beans and Rice

Gentleman, why don't you have the Red Beans and Rice any more? Every where we go to eat the Popeye Chicken you guys do not have the Red Beans and Rice any more, the way they serve it is really RED BEANS SOUP AND RICE there are no beans any more, why??? You also have pictures in the business with BEANS it the Red Beans and Rice, we want it with Beans not BEANS SPOUP!!! Also your biscuits are not cook good!!! They are very white like they are raw!!! They should be cooked a little bit longer and have them a little darker on top!!! When they are too white they are too dow and stick to your teeth, when they are dow it is bad for diabetics to much flour from the biscuits and also the Fried Chicken, what is wrong with your people and the Popeye Buisness??? Waiting for your prompt and courteous response... Thanks, Oswaldo Perez

Good service....but

The service is good but the store is HOT!!!...Store # 52 in Birmingham Al. Finely ave..need their air fixed ASAP it's already hot outside an hotter in there ...we(the customers) sweating while waiting on our order an the staff sweating worser than we are...you guys are in need of the maintenance man


I have a small complaint, i am from spokane washington,me and my friends absolutely love popeyes, but the nearest location is 200 miles away please please bring popeyes to the spokane couredalene area.

Pissed off!!!

DO NOT go to store #8981 on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, Florida!!! The service there is HORRIBLE!! They don't tell you when the credit card register is not working, they don't listen to your order, I sent my order back twice, and the place was filthy!!! The employees have no respect for you or themselves. I like popeye's, but I will not return to that store.

Don't like thighs

Went to the Texas location bought 12 pieces paid 27.00 ask please no thighs, open my box sitting with family at table 2 CHICKEN THIGHS. sorry customer service. I will not be giving them service.

Popeyes in Modesto, CA on Coffee Rd. Has the worst service ever! I love Popeyes but refuse to wait 15 min for chicken to be ready? Seriously, you didn't anticipate needing to make more chicken?? Plus the cars that are asked to pull to the side block you in. Not to mention the girls working their talk over you as you're trying to place your order-why the rush? You're just going to take my order and ask me to pull to the side for 15 min. Terrible how they ruin it

poor works

when to the drive up window for my order and was ask to pull up and went they came whjt my food they did not bring my coke they told me if I want coke I who have go get it I need a coke I told the guy I pay for it at drive tru he told me get out get it if I want it.

Rude, disrespectful, very bad customer services

Place an order at the drive through at the Popeyes in Madison, MS, store #72, 1061 Hwy 51 N and was completely rushed and talked over, then get to the window, both orders was wrong. On top on that had us pull up and still brought out the wrong order twice. The last time they didn't come back out. I had to go inside and they said they wasn't bringing it out because it wasn't paid for but they made us pull up with no order. They expected me to come in and pay for a order that they made us pulled up for in the drive through. The manager didn't show any concerned as well. No one apololgize nor tried to assist in any way to satisfy the customer. Poor leadership and customer service, especially when they are at fault. I would never stop at that restaurant again.

white's stay away

if you are white in sarasota fl at the store on 301, you will never get a napkin or a fork EVER!!!!!!! THEY WANT you to eat the mashed potatoes and gravy with your fingers and wipe the grease on your clothes. For 10 years I have complained to corp management about that store but they have done NOTHING about it, Also you will get raw food and the smallest pieces of chicken or fish they can find and forget the rolls. drop dead!!!

What Happened

If you went back to the way things used to be you would get a lot more good reviews . Your customer service needs a corporate cleaning and the food needs the old school make over. Just saying maybe an under cover Boss is episode is Due. Very disappointed in the quality and service


I had the 1/4lb shrimp. about 1/2 way through some of the breading came off and I saw that the shrimp was not deveined. That just was disgusting. I went to the counter and the help didn't even know what I meant. I had to explain that that is the intestine of the shrimp and that it should be cleaned before served. They said that it came shipped to them that way. Well, needless to say I will not be going back to Popeye's again.


I realize it is busy during the lunch rush but cooks should be reminded that catfish is more delicate than chicken or fries and needs to be taken out of the oil on time. Even 30 seconds too long and you end up with a rock-hard dish. I will continue to eat at Popeyes and don't have anything bad to say but Please watch the timer with regard to the catfish.

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