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I had a reservation in Socorro New Mexico for Christmas eve. I was told there was no room for me even though my credit card had been charged a month in advance. I did get put in a room that was leaking so bad it should have not been rented. When I got in bed, One of the springs punctured me and It drew blood. We were moved 3 times that night. I got a voucher for a free room and tried to use it today at the motel 6 in Evans Colorado. I booked the room last week for my father who had to drive 12 hours to get there. When he arrived today they didn't have the room I rented. Sonia, the general manager took my reservation and charged my credit card. When I told them I would like a refund to find another hotel, The clerk said "good luck finding another room. We are always the last to fill up and we are full" How many times do you have to try to get the room you paid for? I am 2 for 2 with Motel 6 and still no room.

I made reservations at your motel in Chattanooga, TN and arrived on 4/14/12 after driving nine hours from Florida to Ohio. Checked in, room in poor condition, very old, AC very dirty and the mattress was lumpy and awful. When I lifted the bedspread the bottom of the mattress was filthy. I was extremely tired after the drive. As I was falling asleep, a very large black bug crawled on me and I could not stay there. I called the front desk and informed them, went to the front desk, asked they book me in another motel due to the circumstances. The night clerk informed me there was a tournament in town and no other rooms were available. He offered another room upstairs, but why would I take that room when bugs were obviously part of this establishment. I asked for a refund of my room, they refused and would only partially credit the room because I had "used" it. I called Red Roof and made a reservation and had to drive another 1.45 minutes to a motel in Knoxville,TN and arrived there in the early AM on 4/15/12. The partial room credit has yet to appear on my credit card and the entire amount has been placed in dispute on my card. They did, however, put the charge through for the other half of the room. I had to move after over nine hours of driving and this was extremely inconvenient trying to find a decent motel at that time of night, not to mention driving another almost two hours. Your chain of motels used to be nice; however, I will never stay in one again. You are allowing people to manage and own establishments under your name that have no clue what it means to be clean and comfortable. Unfortunately, this chain has become a flop house. Also, your chain of Motels will not be recommended in my business ventures anymore. When people travel and drive long hours, it is not too much to ask that a room be clean and comfortable.

Beds are stained, rooms smell, linens on beds are foul and the pillows smell-The stink in some of the rooms are infectious, drawers are small and what you would put in a child<s room, rack for clothes inadequate,cleaning is terrible odor is worst after they leave-tubs are chipped and with dark edges on them,no lu covers in the bathrooms,trash all over in open nasty foul containers, sidewalks never swept or cleaned,laundry room dirty,smell is dangerous in there at times, people throw, their smokes over the railings, hang their clothes on the railings, water tanks in bathroom locked up when you flush the lu,small cramp and very inadequate for anyone to stay an length of time...You have to pay for internet when every other place you do not- when asked about this excuse is we are corporate-best excuse when asked about the ordor is we have to wash the linen first before we put it on the bed- we have no extra linen- blankets on beds stiff material that you use to cover furniture when you move...

My Brother was in a motorcycle Accident in Baton Rouge LA.on 4-20-2012. I live in Chicago IL.Myself,My Wife and My Brothers best Friend Drove 15 1/2 Hours to be with him when he Passed Away.We arrived in Baton Rouge about 1:00am and checked into the Motel 6 and rented 2 Rooms.When we got to the Room and steped inside we were shocked. There were used Towels on the Floor and used Soap in the Shower!!! I went next Door to my Brothers Friends Room to see how his Room was.There was use Face Towels,The Trash cans were full and had used Condoms in them.Needless to say I was PISSED. I went to the Office to get our Money back and go to a different hotel and they Refused to return it.I paid with Cash so I couldnt stop payment on my Credit Card which was my Mistake for paying with Cash.We were Forced to stay in this ShitHole for Two Days.They said they would clean the room. So I put a Penny in the shower and other things around the Room to see if they Cleaned it. When we returned the towels and used Soap were gone but the Penny and other planted items were still where I had put them. When I told the Manager about the used Soap in the Shower she asked me if the shower was Clean,I laughed and said if there is used Soap in the Shower its Clear the Shower is not Clean.Are you Kidding me Lady. There was people doing Drug Deals all Night long outside our Rooms.Needless to say I WILL NEVER STAY IN A MOTEL 6 EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

"Long-standing values?" Yeah right! Worst customer service ever!

we have stayed at the motel 6 in cross lanes west va. for over a year. we have compained about this unit on our last 3 trips to the unit. the rooms are very dirty and the last two stays there have been wholes in the sheets orthe cover blanket. the last room was no smoking and their was a used ashtry in the room with a plastic bag over the smoke detector. during the trip this last week we stayed at the comfort inn and the stay was great. the room was clean and the baskfast bar was great. you need to either clear up the unit or take your name off the unit because it surly does not live up to the stardards of motel 6.please take the time to check out this unit before you loose more costumers like ourselves. we would like to return to your motel but you had better open you eyes. good luuk in taking care of this major problem.jerry hunter 439 keesking ave salem va. 24143 phone 5403893716.faxjhunteraol@aol.com thanks for your time

I had reservations 10 days in advance for a smoking room. i went by there the day b4, to check on it, & willing to put down a deposit. was told to come the next day @ 3pm. When I got there, apparently I was the last of 11 reservations. I got my room, & the ac didnt work. was moved to a non-smoking room. 5 min later, I decided I would leave until monday when the ac was fixed. I was refunded my $ after a 1hr wait. When I called Monday, I was told that they no longer would rent to me. Supposedly, I came the day before & rented the same non-smoking room for someone else in my name. I tried for three days to speak with the mgr, unsuccessfully. went by there to give a letter to the mgr, that stated on there policies, that if ur reservation is not met, they would refund u 1 night. I waited over an hr & never got to c the mgr. the same person who lied, was the one on duty. studio 6 in Tucker, GA. I have contacted the police & my attorney

I currently stayed at motel 6 in college station tx! And it was the worst experince ever the main manager was a raxist agains hispanics and she was soooo rude to all to the guest and the housekepers.and i left a tip to the housekepers and i went back and the money was gone and ask the girl if she took the money and she.said no and she said she saw the the maneger walking away from that room so she is not only is ride and racist she steals momey from.the housekepers .she also yells at thek+m to hurry in the rooms she dosent care if therw clean or not .i will never stay at this place ever again its really bad!and also ther is a girl in the reception area and she is soo lazy and rude she dosent pay attention when the gist.comes in i dorent like the mangemnt there i call the headqurters and everything but what i have been told they havent done anything !

I had a bad experience At the Las Vegas Motel 6 on Tropicana I was devied an available room because someone with my same name supposedly used my driver license number and signed my name (jimmy Schneider) and caused what ever damage or maybe skipped out on an owed bill! I found out after calling the corporate office today that they realize that it wasn't me who they shouldn't rent a room to so they'll comp me a night in the future and I'll forgive the mistake. I just wish in the future mor research could be done and at least prove to me what the reason is! With no contact with the law, $1000 in my pocket, two credit cards, and I drive a BMW m Roadster, yet I was denied. I had to drive home or at least atempt to til I almost felll asleep at the wheel! All will be forgiven when I receive a certificate in the mail to comp me 1night on Motel 6. Thank you mam, I appreciate your concern. I will return, and I hope you keep the light on!

This place used to be great. They took a sudden turn for the worst. Now there is absolutely nothing they will offer for the money you pay. Seriously, you cannot get even an extra wash cloth if you were lucky enough to get one in the first place, the bed spreads are imbarrasing, I would burn them if they were in my own home. Staff has become very cold even when you have been a customer for a long time and that is even when they can keep the same staff. Yes and too bad I have submitted my poor dog to this place. When I ask for a room they say they will keep it but suddenly when you get there it is not available, maaaannnny times. You pay for internet which sometimes works and sometimes doesnt but you should not have to try and fix it you shouldn't even have to pay for it (cheap!!!). Too much having to almost beg for things that should be available to any paying customer. If I could say ZERO stars i would. Very dissapointing for a place I used to really like. Motel 6, get some personalitty, consistinsy, unclench those tight hands and give people something to want to come back for because i certainly don't think i will.

I stay at the one in charlote nc, Please dont waist your money. The worst customer service i,ve ever had. Employees at BK treat you better than this. The general manager was no help,the front desk employees are backstabbing each other and they have nasty disposition. Ive spent alot of money here, but they dont care. Customer service is what thrives a business, but if the company doesnt care, why bother. when visiting charlotte, dont stay at the motel 6 on clanton road, go across the street tto the super 8. From now on i will pay the extra 20 dollars for great customer service, cleaner, nicer room, and less drug dealers and prositutes hanging around. Motel 6 propably need to pay their employees better money maybe they wont be so nasty, and train them on how to deal with customers PROFESSIONALLY!!!! I felt like i was in the GHETTO. and SHANEYNE from martin was the front desk clerk. Who ever owns this motel should take a class on Business ethics and management, they probably should fire everyone and start fresh. YOUR MANAGERS AND FRONT DESK STAFF SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stayed at the motel 6 in Independence, no...got locked n the bathroom because the latch was stuck ...when my boyfriend went to get the front desk man, he wasn't there. So he sat there, waiting....finally after an hour of being stuck, the manager comes n to assist....my boyfriend ends up popping the handle and lock to get me out ...after which, we were offered 10bucks back! Ha! Not even half for the inconvenience of losing sleep when I just went to take a mid morning pee (excuse me) or fir being afraid that I'd be stuck til firefighters arrived. Or the fact that my boyfriend missed his class because of this...yeah we're pissed

I will not give this place a star, I stayed at the Motel 6 in Charlotte, NC. The place was a pig sty and my room was smelly and so dirty you could see balls of dust around the edges of the walls. The top lock was broken the tv had lines going through while I tried to watch March madness. The sink had water running through. I am homeless and jobless, but a student and was going to stay until I could get a job an apartment. I asked for a clean room around 9pm. Monday night and saw other people being booked in all Tuesday around after returning and was told I had to wait another 1/2 hour. I asked what was the problem and the manager at first stated I don't know why they keep getting you a time frame when I again asked would I have to stay the night in the same room she gave me the room next door which was a lot cleaner except for the bath tub. after I moved all my things that included a desktop computer and large printer. I had to wait another half hour for the manager to put batteries in the remote only to find out that the tv did not work. I was told I had to move again I asked for any available room on the same hallway because I was exhausted having moved two times in twenty four hours and staying in different hotels through out the previous week(no problems) just no suite. The manager refused to accommodate my request and act as if the dirty room and the tv not working was my fault she then proceeded to have me checked out of the motel. I was in shock and called guest relations for help crying and in distress. to make a long story short she also call the police and guest relations was no help. I am 52 years old with documented disabilities, the police treated me as if I was a criminal and did not lift a finger as I was banned from the property and watched as I moved all of my things out, just so happened I had a rental car. My dog was also traumatized. I am still traumatized and upset over this treatment. They are still holding the fee for a week I paid up front. I am reporting this abuse and blatant discrimination to all of the civil and human right organization. I am also suing the manager for intentional infliction of emotional distress, refusal of service under Title VII and under the ADA. Anybody that has experienced this type of treatment should do the same thing. I have done SW and alternative dispute resolution and just because of my appearance, homelessness and economic status does not mean I am not a human being and I will hold Motel 6 accountable and I hope that anyone has experience this terrible, cruel treatment should do the same. This has to STOP!!!

i stay at motel 6 in san marcos an the boss there was telling a house keeper and i over heard the manager talking bad to a house keeper telling her to hurry up and get off clock and the house keeper told her she is doing the rooms like janit what the rooms clean and she said i dont care what she said you do them the way i tell you how to do them i sine the dam cheaks an dont worry bout her janit the house keeper told her the bath tub s have not ben clean she said i dont care just hurry up and get off my clock then the house keeper told her there was stains on the sheets and manager said put them by feet where they cant be seen the houes keeper told her we not to use stain sheet manager side i dont care what she said do it my way thats nasty if u ask me ant the head house keeper all she dose is walk around smoke cigarettes and manager and head house keeper sand in front of office smoking all day she dont do any thing but smoke when the house keepers r busting there buts an they do an alsome job but your managment is bad bad bad yall should send some one under cover to see how yalls motel is being run so yall can see for yall self and they dont where there blue shirt only when big bosses come down an thats when the managment try to do good but they are some of the worrse ive seen

A few nights ago, we were forced to move to a Motel 6 in Lancaster, Ca., as my mother had fallen and broke her neck! We had to travel three hours away from our home to be with her through her surgery. The last night of our 4 night stay we had to move to the motel 6 as the Hilton we were in was booked up. So, we took the motel 6 because we could be closer to the hospital. OMG!! What a HUGE mistake! That was the nastiest motel I have ever stayed in! The room smelled of urine, the carpet was nasty and the beds, were the worst bed I have ever slept in! I believe sleeping on an old sway back mule would have been better! I have stayed in motel 6's before and never, and I do mean never, been in this bad of shape! This place is in need of remodeling! If not...burn it down! Had we not been so bone tired, we would of tried to find a better place! Maybe even taken a chance and slept in the car!! Please, before you decide to rent a room from motel 6, check it out first! You will be glad you did!!!

Why is there a rating for a poor service???? I would like to have been forced to be given thz dump A shiny star:+(..however i am horrible saddened to learn that the reason for the disregard form human life from the private on Iranian ram shack of hotel.. In there country that is how they live funcky... .dirty......smelly...dog and tick infested motels... This explain why alll the motel 6' s are going to SHIT! Because they think they are at home........wake up motel 6 corporation .........we they peope are not digs And we appreciate when we lidge in your hotels we dont pick up ticks...fleas.....bedbugs oyr anything...u wouldn't sleep in...thz is not iran...dirty motel owners.......SHAME ON YOU! !!!!!!!

Recently stayed at a Motel 6 in Schiller Park, IL this past weekend and my experience there was just unsatisfactory. The lady that checked me in was unfriendly. She never greeted me or thanked me. The first room that I checked in had no heat (mind you, I had my young daughter with me) so they switched me to another room and ok, fine but the second room was as worst! I paid for a non-smoking room and it said non-smoking but when I got in my room, the room smelled like smoke and I am not a smoker. It just stinks. My clothes, my hair, everything smelled like smoked the following day. It was late. My daughter was tired, I was tired and really didn't want to switched rooms again so I stayed. I should of switched so this was very inconvenient. On top of that, I slipped on a patch of ice and fall on my right side. Three housekeepers witness me fall. How irresponsible of them not to noticed a large patch of ice on the pathway where people are going to walk on!!!! There were no salt, the ice was invisible for me to see. It could of been my daughter falling and busted her head!!!! It was very stupid of them to not noticed this. To make the story short, since it was on a weekend, their GM Brian Pekala was off and claims he is entitled to have a day off and WHO THE HELL was questioning his day off anyway!!! I didn't get to speak with him right away. The lady that helped me checked out was friendlier, I did get a refund for my one night stay. It really wasn't worth my time to even thought of staying at a Motel 6!!! Because right after that, the next day I did speak to the GM and I told him what happened and he was apologetic at first and sounded understanding. He said he would investigate the incident and that he would call me back by the end of the day. And he did but then his tone changed and was sort of rude. I told him instead of settling this legally, I want to settle this directly with them. I want them to pay my medical bills, I think that sounds fine, right? He said it would have to go to their Corporate Risk Management, that they would call me. Ok, fine. So their Risk Management called me and they investigated and they are now saying that they are denying my claim because they cannot control the ACT of GOD...??!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!??!!! Cheap stupid Hotel!!! Thats why you buy insurance when these types of accidents happens. Your MOTEL was irresponsible and you have the nerve to say this!!! BUllcrap!!!! The ice was on the pathway where people are walking on to go in and out of the building!! Like for real!!!?? I will NEVER STAY at a Motel 6 anymore!!!! Luckily the lady that checked me out was nice but that is just one person...It just show you what type of people you are dealing with!!! Their customer service sucks, no sympathy at all. They are so lucky that my daughter didn't fall and busted her head because I wouldn't be this patience!! They will definitely talk to my lawyer this time!!!! See you in COURT MOTEL 6!!!

We stayed at Motel 6 in Peoria, IL on 01/17/2012. Behind the nighstand there was hair, dirt, cigarettes and spiders. I did not report this because my son was still going to stay there for a couple more days and I did not want them to make it hard on him. The staff was nice to us while we were there. Just did not like the fact that the room is not cleaned the way it should be. I can say with no doubt in my mind that we will never stay in a Motel 6 again. At least my son is getting reimbursed through the Marine Corps for his stay there. Glad to know that they use plastic cups that are prepackaged in plastic wrapping.

stayed ar the mote 6 at richfield minnesota i payed for 1 week from wednesday to wednesday. but desided to saty little longer payed. foranouther night the mclerk said friday i check out. but they kicked me out on wednesday they stoll my money. i tryed to talk with the manager but he just gave

I stayed in Motel 6 in Piscataway, NJ on February 14, 2012. I would not even rate this motel with one star. Upon arrival, they treated me as though I was a burden for them and that my money was not worth a dime; ( I paid cash, btw). I wanted to stay for one week and they told me they would not give me any discount. Regardless of paying cash or up front, no AAA discount, no continental breakfast, no do not disturb signs. The room had a dark, damp feeling to it. Bare minimum clean, t.v was only 19" and 3 channels were all static. The day of check out (12 p.m) I called the front desk to request an additional 3 night stay and if I may run to the bank and come back to pay them. The front desk gave me a hard time that I had to run to the bank and that checkout was at noon. After a slight argument, I was told I may go to the bank and return to pay for the additional nights. Upon my return, the motel (GENERAL MANAGER) had called the local police to have me and my things removed from their property and would not discuss this matter any further. I had 10 minutes to remove 3 days worth of my belongings to be kicked to the curb without arranging any transportation for myself or my things. They do not have any concept of consumerism or respect their guests. I was a paying customer and they treated me poorly. Thank God I didn't have the time to book an additional 3 nights and regret staying there for the 3 days prior to my removal.

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