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No more Translucent powder base

Very upset you are not making this shade any more, I have been useing it since I was 16. I am now 68. Very upset. This is a 5 star product!

After 30 years its discontinued

I have used remarkable finish oil control powdered makeup for over 30 years and when i went to buy more i learned it was discontinued. i have never had pimples and it was the best tinted powder on the market. I have called mary at merle norman three times and no one will call me back. My face has not changed and I want my loose powder back. I have tried remarkable finish and sheer finish only to find they are not like the oil control translucent or medium loose face powder. After being such a loyal customer all my life you would think they would take my request seriously.

Merle Norman Total Finish

I have used Merle Norman for 32 years and I did call corporate, the makeup is not made with the same beeswax and this was the far best make up and now whatever they are making it with is drying out my skin and breaking out, plus the make up is greasier and takes more of it and looks greasy on my face.I would pay more if they would bring the original back! I finally ran out of the white compact and now the blue will have to go back! I hate the idea of finding another make up.

Protein Cream

I used Merle Norman Cosmetics until they discontinued the Protein Cream that I used for years, I did not find another one like this one all the other I try are not the same and a waste of my money. I have a combination skin face, almost normal and this was perfect until they decided to discontinued. Terrible mistake there is a lot of people that used it and that walk out because of that and other things.

Total finish

I also used the total finish and when went there to buy another one the compact case was smaller and it did not look the same so I decided not to buy anymore, what is going on with M N

Calling In

Want to talk to a person, but phone system just gives a busy signal once you figure out how to even go to the operator, not happy about this.

Lipstick odor and Mascara drying

After 38 years of wearing Merle Norman, I am about ready to leave the product. The lipstick has a foul odor and after returning 3 for replacements, the new tubes smell bad also. The mascara barely last 2 months before drying out. Seems the quality has gone down.

Why Did You Change?

I honestly HATE the new compact for Ultra Powder Foundation!!! It's so small (might be good for carrying in my purse but NOT for everyday use. There are too many competitors out there for Merle Norman to make bad decisions like this one.

Good Product, Cheap Cases

I have used Merle Norman products for 50 years. I am still happy with the product, but what I am NOT happy with are the cheap cases for the Luxiva Lasting Eyecolor, my cover-up, and my Luxiva Lasting Cheekcolor. The plastic cases ALWAYS break at the hinges and that usually happens within the first year of daily use. I have been meaning to write this letter for at least 5 years. Marilyn Upchurch, Las Vegas, NV

North Carolina

I have been using MN for 30 years and love the product but HATE the new packaging! I have the powder and blush in the black cases and the hinges break in my hand from just opening them! The first time it happened I just wrapped them with rubberbands being that the closet MN is 45 minutes away. I just recently bought new ones of each and within 3 weeks they have broken again, I am on the hunt for new cosemetics now, think I will check out Mary Kay since I have someone in our town that sells. I am so sad that MN didn't do their research better on the durability of these cases before they changed over to them......Very disapointing!!!


So dissatisfied with the service, one of the employers lied to me about a product, I realized she was wrong after the purchase, exchanged the item and found the item I wanted, I am waiting to see if infer my refund from what the store owed me, the two employers working didn't have a clue what they were doing , I will never again in my life shop at the store at Northgate Mall in Durham NC, this experience was extremely dissatisfying and the employers attitudes and behavior was non sense

Compact & Blush Cases

I have been a customer for over 35 years! I was so disappoited with the new cases but I was so PLEASED with the customer service I got at my local store in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. I had my cased replaced, no charge multiple times until the new cases arrived. I admit it was a pain going back and forth to the store because I live 22 miles away. However, I love the helpfulness and friendliness of the store. I am a loyal customer and always will be! Thanks for rectifying the problem!

new total finish compact is awful !!!

I'm a faithful user of the Total Finish foundation but I am very unhappy with new case. It's bulky and it breaks. The hinge broke and is a pain in the *** !!! I want the thin flat white box back. I need more and I'm not buying it if this new case is still being used.

Nail Technician

I recently went in for a manicure and pedicure. During this time, the technician was very friendly, doing a great job with the leg massaging and later the hands and arms, even though the cuticle left some to be desired. Well, that same evening, all the polish on my fingernails peeled off, just like that. I called them to inform them of this event, and they said to come back the next day for a touch up. Well, was I in for a surprise: the nice nail technician of the day before, turned into something else completely, not friendly at all, and somewhat disgruntled she had to do my manicure again, and showed me she was not pleased , with her mannerism and silence, as opposed to the chattiness of the day before, when I left a 20+ % tip, as I thought she was a nice young lady. I will not go back to that store again.


I hated the new compacts! I have used MN total finish and foundation for about 30 years. I hated the new compacts. Looked around trying to find another product that would be similiar to the MN product that I am used to using. Was not successful in my search. Went and purchased a total compact finish and Luxiva foundation on Friday. Was so PLEASED to see you have switched back to the old compact cases!

Im done!!! With Merle Norman

I have been with you for over 30 yrs My daughter , my mother , and friends I bought for !!! The whole experience is gone! I use to feel special using your product now I feel like I bought it at the drugstore! The one thing I could count on making me feel good and happy is not there anymore!! It looks cheap it feels cheap and there's less of it! I have waited a year to see if you made better choices but I think it's time for me to find something that makes me feel better about myself when I get ready for the day!!

poorest customer service

I was at the Americus, Ga. store today. There was one very inexperienced employee working by herself and she was ATTEMPTING to match two ladies with the correct color of foundation. I entered the store and was in there for at least 10 minutes and she never greeted me. I had in my hands the items I wanted to purchase but was unsuccessful. I will never go back to a Merle Norman store again and from now on Sephora will get all of my business. Terrible store, poorly run and very poor customer service!

Problems with Compacts!

I know I am now not the only person having problems with the compacts for blush and cover up but it is very costly to continue to buy a replacement each time the hinges break. The store will not replace the products. Is Merle Norman not going to respond to these issues. I have used your products for over 35 years and will be looking for another line of cosmetics if this problem is not solved!

Overpriced with new packaging

Love the product. I've used it for over 30 years but have to find something else since you changed the package size to 1/2 the product for the same price. Weren't you making enough profit on the regular size?

Total Finish

Whoever is in charge of packaging should be FIRED. What is going on...I am not the first to complain...is someone listening. I have traveled with your "total finish" holding it together with a rubber band. Come on you can do better - just go back to your original product.

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