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Shadey installers

My first experience with Lowes...Installation crew arrived to install my new dishwasher They were not professional. Were rude and sarcastic. Came unprepared . Had me SIGN a customer survey that was BLANK. When I questioned it the installer said Don't worry I will fill it in for you.. I will never use LOWES again. I was actually uncomfortable in my own home. I called my brother to come over. I have had many things, rugs, flooring, doors installed by Home Depot and they have very professional installers. Bye Bye Lowes

Pro services(not)

Claremore,ok. We do everything at lowes, we used them when we built our house. And lots of other building. I believe to support locally. We are building a basic barn, went in to contractor pro services and gave them all the deminsions and the pro service guy says he can't do it. The manager says he can, so I left everything and it took 3 days, everyday getting a call saying he couldn't do this or that, 3 day he called again and couldn't even get a price on metal for 9 ft walls!? What kind of people are they employing!! In competent ! And lazy! So much for shopping locally!


The Lowes in Lancaster, OH lost my business today. I could not take advantage of the 5% discount because they required TWO phone numbers. I was going to get the discount and then pay for my $400+ purchase immediately but still could not do that because of identity theft I would not give them my social security number. In this day and age of a weakening economy I would think that Lowes would not want to lose a customer who has spent literally thousands of dollars over the years at their store. I am so thankful Menards has a store here in Lancaster. This whole fiasco will balloon as I will be telling everyone I know to avoid Lowes at all costs and patronize Menards. I know you don't care but if Lowes can lose business, then I will be happy.

Retail Customer

The Lowes in Nitro Market Place West Virginia does not deserve to rated. The employee's are incompetent. I recently purchased a house just 5 miles from the store. I had to buy several thing to upgrade the house They promised to deliver the following Friday. I was paying a man to install the items we waited all day no delivery I called and they tried to say I was not scheduled until the following week. The fence I ordered was to be installed the following they called to tell me they would deliver it on Wednesday the week of installation because of my persistence they finally delivered it late Thursday evening. I did not receive a call from the contractor and he has not shown up to install the fence . They set the times and did not comply. Good-bye to Lowes I don't need the stress. I think a class action suite for their incompetence is needed I will file a complaint with consumer protection.


We purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine. When it was installed the two "young" men didn't hook it up correctly. The water lines were reversed!!! How do I know this, because several articles of clothing were ruined!!! I went to the store and told them I was getting a "HC" code coming up on the machine. They sent a man today who confirmed it wasn't installed correctly. I called Customer Service to file a complaint and was told, "we're very sorry this happened, but there's nothing we can do about the clothes that were ruined." Seeing as they couldn't care less, I have no choice, but to file a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau.

Certegy Check Services, Inc

The most embarrassing experience is to have your check publicly invalidated by the referenced check service. In all of my 87 years, I have NEVER had a check refused for any reason. The worst part of the humiliation is that the check service will not tell you what caused their software model to invalidate your check. It's like being accused of a white collar crime with no ability to have the charges clarified. My answer is to never purchase another product fro Lowe's and call my lawyer!

ripped off

Whatever you do, do not go through Lowe s to get your appliances repaired. They contract out their repairs and customer care (a joke) will not correct their repair contractors mistakes or hold them accountable. I will have to pay twice to get my washing machine repaired, which by the way is only 4 years old and is used by one person only. Beware. I have never been so ripped off in my 63 years and will never set foot in another Lowe s.

retail customer

I would have to agree with many of the other customers that say customer service has fallen dramatically. It took 4 attempts to deliver the right dishwasher to my rental property. I later realized I was also charged incorrectly. Unlike in the past, there is no way they will allow me to speak to the store manager. Keep it up Lowe's, but remember, you're not "Too big to fail."

upsetting costmer

I called corporate for help and they did not do a thing transferd me back to the same person that didnt help me befor taking my busniess somewhere else if i were you i would do the same.

Check Acceptance

Was in Santee, CA store today and purchased appliances for a home renovation for $3,800. I went to pay by check and they declined my check based on a check casing service they use, Certegy Check Services. Hey profiled me and my information to decline my check. You have lost a customer. Gong back to Home Depot, hey are rude but they accept my checks n good faith.


Lowes, I will be contacting the Attorney Generals office on Monday, August 4th, to file a complaint against a contract for service and maintenance on a washing machine that has been broken for about 6 weeks now. You can't get the parts, and no follow up on any actions. Your company is incompetent. I won't bother wasting my time with your bureaucracy, and layers of non-contact. I will rate this 5 to get it at the top of your list. Keep in mind it should be -5. By the way once that is done, I will probably file a suit for breach of contract. Maybe a class action should get some attention. You have my contact, although I would be surprised that anyone from Lowe's would be here reading this.

American Flag doormats

As a veteran of the U S Army I strongly oppose LOWE's selling doormats with the image of the American Flag. Thousands of men and women who fought to defend it, would never let the american flag touch the ground, much less use it as a doormat, to walk on or wipe your feet on it!

The best

I think I got all the reviews beat with the Lowes store in N. Smithfield, RI. I felt like I was being spoiled. It was just wonderful how the store employees are informative and are ready to answer your questions. Good ole fashion Great Customer Service.

owner of business

I'm a business owner in North Carolina and I want to tell Lowes Thank You for the Great Customer Service i get from Deb Ward in the the garden center at the Albemarle Road Store .She does a awsome job for me and my business . Thank You

Thanks to Shirley in Lawn & Garden

For several years we have been Gone to Brimfield/Kent Ohio Lowe's and Shirley has been kind enough to answer our many questions and help us select plants. She continues to this day to serve her custers well. Thanks Shirley and thank you Lowe's


I think they they need to be trained the employees/cashiers to ask the customers for reward cards. Several times I forgot I had the reward card but they never ask/remind me. Kroger's cashiers does a great job to ask customers for it. Kudos to Krogers!

I've written three e-mails on the customer service web-page at Lowes.com and haven't gotten any reply. It's very difficult to find any information about who to contact if you want to go beyond the regular customer service phone number and contact someone who is really in charge. From past messages, it seems this is routine. I've taken the Lowe's survey that is advertised on the sales slip. Noticed that all questions have to do how good the people working on the floor are. Nothing about the quality of merchandise, the selection of products offered, or how good Lowe's is at standing behind their claims for quality or service.


Last year I ordered 40 24-in x 24-in Brown River Rock Patio Stone from the Preston Hwy Store located in Louisville KY. When delivered I was shorted one block winter set in and I was forced to wait to spring to finish the job. April the 5th 2013 I went on line to order other one and according to your stock Frankfort KY had two and Shepherdsville KY had 9. I just got a call from the store after ordering and was told they had none and were discontinued and therefore it would have to come from the Bowling Green and I would have to pay shipping at a cost of $50.00 because of the weight. The block itself is less than $15.00.


choke up another one mountpocono looking for a front loader 398985 went in another direction not my way they say try again ha ha ha lol this makes 62 jobs turned down thankyou MR.. Cabinetman

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