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countertop installation

Poor workmanship, terrible lack of information,assistance and customer service from the store, the company they contracted and lowes customer care department. Customer care department was argumentative and unresponsive unless hounded to make them call back

careless inconsiderate jerks!

I use to love Lowe's but after today I'm done with them. I will drive the extra 30mins to Home Depot! My home in Pensacola flooded from a nature disaster. I had used Lowe's to give me an estimate on flooring. After getting the estimate I went and took out a loan to pay for it. When I went to pay Lowes the price increased by over $3000! They admitted it was their mistake and refused to give me original quote price.

Henderson, Las Vegas

The customer service and mangers lack real manners, can these people give anything at all that is remotely close to customer relations. The management are all missing teeth, smoke too much, treat customers like inferiors....the morons in Las Vegas Henderson area, make the bosses at least look the part. Pray for the people here, the lost desert sheep. The locals never knewthere issuch a better places to live, outside of the state. Paradise is on the way. LustVegas is for fools who love it here!!!!!

Stores never have the simples things

Lowes never has the things I need. Like paint, screws, lights switch,lawn products,etc. The store I am talking about is Rt 70 in Manchester,NJ. I don't even go there any more.

Hard to believe stay in business

Competitive pricing but if you purchase Lowes extended warranty you just wasted your money. They contract it out and are not responsible or responsive. Worst service ever!

Lowes has the worst customer service on the planet -

Lowes Is The Worst

Worst customer service on the planet

Lowe's sucks!! Go to Home Depot for the love of God!

unfair discount policies

Three locations, four MAJOR purchases. First location asked of I was military and gave me a discount. Second did it but I had to ask. No problems. Third location in prince george, va 1st purchase refused outright, second purchase they refused in a rude way and gave it anyways. I'm a 15 year Army vet and a cop. They have NO law enforcement Discount at all. If you have a discount how about applying it to all first responders?!?

Too sad!!!

I' m in Toronto, Canada and it is so sad the Lowes' costumer service change from good when you are buying to really, really bad when you are trying to solve a problem about a product bought to them.

Check the reviews first!!

Never again!! After one month after purchase of Pella sliding door Lowes still can't finish installing it . So disappointed in their treatment of their customers.They got their money ...........


0420 very nasty attitude the girl manager, where did you get her from. People that deserve her job and you have that kind of attitude on front end this is like my third time coming there and it's always her and another girl at customer service with very nasty attitude, it's something with a S. Very smart mouth.

The worst customer service

I signed up a vinyl siding Job with Loews for 7900, 3 days before the job was suppose to be installed , i was told that the salesman was new and the job will cost 5000 dollars more , then after waiting 2 months with daily excuses they finally showed up with parts of the job and the installers had no idea what goes where , after opening a dispute on a job that was not even started , now it is just sitting with allot of garbage and the old siding off ,and no one to give me an answer Be careful stay away from LOWES

bad service

I tried to get a quote on kitchen counter tops, I had the measurement"s , but know one in the store could give me a price!!! I had the money and time to buy them. I spoke to a Manager and he acted like I was a bother, this was at 4: 00 on a Saturday afternoon!!! Oh well went down the street and spoke to a real nice lady at Home Depot she told be what I needed the price and they will be out Monday to double check the measurements. So nice people at Home Depot will get my 10,000 .


I used to love Lowes but these days I am sad and disappointed with the quality of service AFTER I paid to have wood floors installed in my home. I've made several phone calls and only one person called me back to say "call me tomorrow and remind me"?? This is the worst. Three months after the install my floors shifted and nobody seems to give a hoot. Thumbs down; stick to DIY, or Home Depot.

Iris Security system Sucks

My Iris security system has not worked in 2 weeks and tech support has no clue or idea as to why. they think it is a server problem. you are not allowed to speak to a manager. and all they keep saying is they are working on it. Worst system ever. It was obviously rolled out before it was tested.

Aggressive Behaviour

As an employee I have witnessed aggressive behaviour in an ASM who consumes several Energy Drinks and highly caffeinated cold coffees during their shift. This ASM will have extremely high energy bursts and then will crash and become aggressive with subordinates. This ASM openly boasts about not having time for children because it interferes with climbing the Corporate Ladder. Subordinates cannot ever function to the satisfactory of this ASM and it is made very apparent to all but this ASM's equals and those in authority over them. Lowes Corporate needs to be made aware of the unhealthy habits of all they employee.....especially habits that cause aggressive behaviour and violent actions........so sad.

My check is good!

Today I went to Lowes to get a space heater for my mother. I found one for $200 plus tax. I wanted to write a check for it rather than use a credit card. Their computer would not accept my check! THe sales gal said they had a third party called Certegy Check Services. I ended up driving to my bank, getting cash from the ATM and buying the heater plus $100 worth of paint. When I got home I called the 800 number for Certegy. I got a foreign man that was hard to understand. Long story short he could not tell me why my check was rejected. Very, very disappointed in Lowes. I think I'll head to Home Depot from now on. This is not a rating for the corporate office but for Lowes in general. I used to love Lowes.


There is no way you can give them a bad rap. They are always offering to replace. Never had a problem when warranty was purchased. Will take items back without reciept, Home Depot wont!! Always offered super low prices for overstocked and returned items. Bought a $2700 fridge for $700. Home Depot would never, ever, do THAT!!!!!!!!

I bought a water heater from the Lows in Lawrenceburg, IndianaAnd paided to have it put in it lasted 2 weeks , now they do not want to make it good They will not even answer there phone. When i do get hold of someone they say the will call back. All they do is lie to me . Iam 75 yrs old and just had heart surgery and do not feel like getting treated like that.

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