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Worst customer service ever !

Everyone goes to lunch at same time No one Evers answer phone When in store the constant paging of a dept over and over again gives customers true headache. If no one can be reached in store, how the heck do we get them on phone when not in store ??

Poor Performance

I have been holding on the phone for over 15 minutes for the store in Grapevine Texas where I spend over $2000. for and LG washer and dryer, told they in, they cancel the delivery not in stock, unit came in damaged, I have a residence in Colleyville Texas and replacing my present washer and dryer, this is a nightmare poorest service ever

Customer Service

I find it odd, Lowe's has electrician's, plumbers, gardeners, but employees at the Yuba City Ca. store can't work the phones......I need wall to wall carpeting, closest Lowe's is 50 miles one way...or I would drop in. Just called the store, the phone rang 80, yes that is (eighty) times, finally someone answered...asked to be transferred to carpet, again the phone rang and rang...the guy that answered the phone, told me the 1 employee is helping someone else, give me your name and phone #, they will call you back...customer service is terrible, been through this with them before, why should I wait to spend MY money with them, not going to happen. I can imagine getting this poor of service BEFORE a purchase, can imagine how bad it will be AFTER a purchase...plenty of other places to buy wall to wall carpeting....keep up the good work Lowe's

Kids Workshop

Hello, my name is Monica and I am a troop leader for girl scouts. I have been trying to have an outing for my troop to your local store in Chicago, but everytimes I want to sign them up, the workshop has been filled. I wanted to know if there is anyway you can donate some supplies for my troop from one of the workshops you have for the children. This will help the troop on their skills of building items on their own. They will also receive patches as they do this project. It would be a great help for my girls. Thank you so muich..... Monica

Remodeling house

I would like to think Lowes home-improvement for all the materials that we needed to upgrade our home, you provide us with good service thanks to Jesse, I don't recall his last name he's located in the store in a Augusta Georgia , on peach Orchard Road, he also provided us with the thought of buying hurricane hangers for our house, We bought everything it took to build our home into a five bedroom home and added two more bath, thanks Lowes , we still have the kitchen to rebuild . And hopefully I'll pray will get around to it ,thanks for everything

Only one good employee

Out of all of the time I have went to the Lowes in Philadelphia there was only one time that I got the help I needed. I gentleman named "Naseem" each time before and after it seems like people have problems with helping make a sale. I thought that part would be easy but the employees walk around and when you try to ask for help it's like you the customer are bothering them. I can't stand poor customer service and this store ranks really hige on that scale. They need more people like Nasseem to keep the customers happy and people wanting to spend their money at Lowes.

Payroll fax number

It's pretty bad when you call the payroll department just to get a fax number or e-mail address and they want personal information just to give it to you. That is pretty outrageous that Lowe is so secret and won't provide it to you as a cusumer or an employee. What matter does it make if you are an employee or customer. But that is ok there is more ways to get you just Have to know how to go keep searching cause I got it.

Waiting and lies

Lowes in Lawton Okla. Wait 14 days to have black stove and fridge come in. Then told day before deliver date that neither came in. Them four or more calls to me and my husband were received with different stories about new delivery date and if they had come in and Basically lied to. Can now pick it up or wait til Tues. because it's in and they will not make a special trip must wait til Tues which is 6 additional days :(

I am still waiting

I ordered and PAID a shower door 2 months ago, it took 2 week for Lowes in Macedon NY to tell me that the glass I ordered was no longer available. 2 more weeks waiting for second selection to come in. Now waiting one week for installer to call....didn';t take you long to take my MONEY

I bought a troy built lawn mower earlier this year. I used it about 4 times and it broke down. Started smoking and oil came pouring out. I bought a warranty with it in May of 2014. It should have held up better than that. I had a previous mower I got from Sears, that lasted many years before it gave out. I am dissatisfied with my Lowe's purchase, and am requesting a refund.

At first everything seemed ok. I paid 25.00 for a stacking kit for a washer and dryer(1700.00). I wanted them to install it and everything so if anything went wrong it would not mess up my warranty. After 2 washing machines and clothes stuck in there a week the whirlpool man had to come and in less than 5 minutes he said the drain wasn't properly installed.I'm still waiting for them to come install the stacking kit. It's been 2 months, So no I am not happy with the service.Lowe's in Waynesboro VA.

Terrible Service!!!!

Ordered washing machine on July 16,2014. Told me it would arrive July 30. Doesn't come in till August 4 and is damaged. Tell me it will be August 18 before they can get another one, Unacceptable. Sonny and Titus the asst managers were no help what so ever store manager won't even answer his phone. Can't even give me refund on purchase till appliance mgr comes in this afternoon. Will never shop at Lowes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO Custometr Service

I drove three quarters of an hour to the nearest Lowe's to purchase an air conditioner, only to discover when I got home and opened the box that there was no hardware included. I phoned Lowe's, who said I needed to deal directly with the manufacturer, absolving themselves of any responsibility for the product or purchase. Guess who's never going to Lowe's again...

Horrible customer service

We bought a wager and dryer from lowes drive Clarksville tn store after giving them a extra day to deliver since they were so called busy they still couldn't make delivery time. When I contacted the store no one even manager could get ahold of them. Worse customer service experience I've dealt with

Very disorganized

I recently purchased a stove through Lowes and I couldn't believe that hoops I had to jump through to get it. I got a call saying that I would be receiving another phone call later that day to give me to set up delivery time. I had to wait by the phone for 4 hours and guess what no phone call. I called customer service and got some lame excuse why I didn't get the call. I was also told that if I wasn't available for the small window of time they were going to deliver it would be another 2 weeks before they got back to me. This is crazy I am suppose to wait around for days because they can't get it together. Come on Lowes, you do this everyday it can't be that hard.

Customer assistance

Lowe's employees who helped a Vietnam Vet fix his wheelchair after it broke in their store, show the kind of employees Lowe's hires and Lowe's should be proud of all their employees


I bought a new W/D from Lowe's in Greenwood Village, CO. They told me delivery would be on 11 July. The day before, they confirmed the W/D was on the truck for delivery and then called back and said it wasn't. they told me the power cord was on the truck. They said we will deliver on 14 July but at the worst 16 July. Today they called and said the W/D never shipped because the delivery truck wasn't leaving the warehouse FULL! So this means I may never see the W/D. What really makes me mad is the arrogant, flippant attitudes of the managers. Basically, they lied to us every step of the way and even as I type this, the store manager won't call me back.

The recent story about the Staten Island Lowe's employees who stayed late to fix a Veteran's wheel chair brought tears to my eyes.Thank you for honoring our veterans. The Vietnam veterans were treated disrespectfully when they returned home and you have no idea how much it means to them when they receive respect for their service. Thank you. Chris DiMaria and your team, I salute you as a wife of a combat Marine who served in Vietnam.

Really bad business

I ordered carpet to be installed in my condo. I was very clear in letting lowes know the license and insurance info had to be submitted to the condo at least 24 hours before the install. I told the salesman who sold me the carpet, the installation Co, the installation office at the store and two assistant managers. When the info did not arrive right away I was told I could come to the store and get it. I went 3 times and they still didn't have it. 3 days and a dozen calls and still no info from lowes. Install was supposed to start in 30 minutes. Condo assoc will not let them in without proof of lic. and ins. I took off from work to get this done. What a joke. You should be ashamed! 72 hour install guarantee, yeah right. You can't even get the paperwork done in 72 hours!!!!!

Unsatisfactory service

Lowe's personnel,including the duty manager today whose name is Todd,at least that's the name he gave me over the phone,are very inefficient and rude. I do not think this is the standard your store wants to be known for!

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