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Thank for keeping me rolling

i had a flat your guys always do a good jiob i really wanted to say thank you so much!

Winter tires

Waited hours to get my winter tires on . They finally came out and said they were charging me an additional 30.00 because they wern't les schawb tires. The just lost me as a customer for life!

bad service

I went to Les Schwab in Lacey Washington to get a tire fixed. The tire was not repairable so they gave me a quote. The next day we went in to get a new tire and they would not honor their quote from the previous day. I will never do business with this company again. They also gave my son some bogus infromation about repairs needed on his car. I took the car to a certified mechanic and was told the suggested repairs were not needed. I will not be going back.


My wife was stuck on I-84 with a broken belt on her front tire. The guys at the hood river Les Schwab went out of their way and stayed late to make sure that she got her tire replaced. Mounted and balanced a good used tire to make sure she got back on the road at no charge. Excellent customer service. You guys are the best. Wish there were more caring people like you in the world

life long customer no more

I'm 67 years old and have been a life long customer since my 20's. The service I received at your Rathdrum idaho store this morning was the last straw. I wouldn't spend another dime in any of your stores. Bye


What has happened to les swab can't even get a decent tire balance with out bringing it in three times in a row not just once but ever time for the last three sets of tires

Times have changed

Been a customer for over 20 years My last visit is just that $2.500 dollars latter. Got my truck home in the morning both new front tire flat and a defective strut. That was repaired the following week brake fluid leaking in the driveway .One month all the brakes were replaced. drove off no brakes at all never again.

Absolutely the best!

Was told by another place that I needed brakes and a battery. My local Les Schwab rotated my tires for free, said my battery tested good, and said my brakes were 40% up front and 100% in the rear, and that no paid service was needed. They said they'd be ready for me in 45 minutes but got me on the road in 25. This is the store on Greenburg Road near Washington Square in Portland. Just great!!!


First time at schwab was my last, especially after how poorly the store manager handled the problem, not honoring the promise made by the salesperson and assistant manager... in fact, I spoke with the asst mgr and within three hours drove there, he was gone for the day, and the manager was snide and decided not to honor the promised refund. Shame on them. I hope corporate does the right thing by paying me AND terminates the manager.

I have been going to les schwab for a long time Im from Lake tahoe .I use to prefere it but I have been getting slow leaks in alot of my tires there .after paying over 400.00 for the tires thats the last thing you want to happen..on a need to know why basics.. New tires shouldnt do that ..

Bad Business

13I purchased a set of winter tires (studded) for my car and was ok with the price, though come spring I paid $60 to have my regular tires put back on. The following Fall 2013 when I had my winter tires mounted they charged me $100 to my dismay I inquired as to why and they said well its your 18 inch rims I called Discount Tire around the corner and their charge for semi annual tire changes is $72 and if my tires are mounted on another set of rims there is no change. Shame on Les Schwab I am a senior and seems Money is more important to them than customers and they will get it any way they can

Need help in counter customer service

Just recently purchased tires & repairs at the Tigard ,Or store #213. The product offered & the price was very competitive. However, the general customer service was quite lacking & almost standoffish. Hey corporate execs at Les Schwab headquarters..maybe you should police your stores better & check on employee training. For some of us consumers, service IS as important as price..if you want me to be a repeat customer. Im just sayin...

Bad business

Wrote a letter of complaint to Les Schwab Corporate headquarters 3 months ago and wrote one to the business here. Never received a phone call or a reply. Guess they don't like anything negative and prefer to brush aside bad customer service. Nothing like having road hazard tire protection, but having their sales staff tell you that you need to purchase 4 new tires instead of fixing the one blown one. We had purchased 4 new tires 8 months prior and do very little driving, but they said they would buy those 3 back for $60 a piece. Seriously??? They cost over $800 new and had very little tread wear. The ones they wanted us to purchase? Over $900. Nice pocket change Les Schwab.. way to try and cheat your older customers out of more money!

You Guys Are Awesome!!

I have been going to Les Schwabs for about 20 years. I will never take any of my vehicles anywhere else. You guys always do a great job, and always make sure I'm happy when I leave. I Trust you guys with my vehicles. The Renton Washington Les Schwab's is the Best place I've been. My truck's brakes were squeaking and it was driving me crazy. They wouldn't squeak for some reason while I was there, but sure enough after I left they squeaked. The assist manager and manager got involved because they could see how crazy the issue was driving me. They fixed my truck and got me back on the road with a huge smile on my face. I can't Thank You enough Jeff!! Thanks again Les Schwab's for hiring the right guys that care, and go that extra mile for the customers.


I wrote a complaint four days ago. Your system said that it was received, yet I do not see it anywhere. I guess you did not like what I had to say!

bad service

I went to the les schwab in clarkston wa to get a flat on my truck and a flat on my trailer fixed. After waiting for almost an hour and watching people that came in after me get help I decided to go to the Lewiston Id store across the river, there I told them what happened and they said there would be no wait then made me sit there for another half hour while the manager Brandon played on his cell phone. The only regret I have is the thousands of dollors I have spent in the past. I will never return to any les schwab.

Poor customer service

Every time I go to any les schwab they dont run out to your car or truck any more and I have to wait forever while they mope around and drag there feet. They have lost my business!

Worst Tire Co

Unethical work ethics with extremely racial customer service. No wonder there are no contact email address.

2nd Opinion was a blessing

My son had his tires rotated at Les Schwab in Aberdeen WA. They told him all 4 struts needed replaced. He got a 2nd opinion at the dealership, and was told the front two were good, but the back two should be replaced, and that his tires were getting close to replacement levels... Why did Les Schwab say all 4 struts needed replaced, and didn't even mention the tires ?

Always fundraising

My sister in Burlington had brakes replaced at Midas, the next week had a flat tire repaired at Les Schwab, where they told her her brakes were really bad and needed to be replaced. She told them the brakes had less than 100 miles on them. They said whoever did it did a bad job. She said, please feel free to call Midas and tell them that ! Liars !

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