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Went to the store on store on south Broadway to have radiator replaced, and within a year it went bad and had to go to another company to have it replaced. I had the year warranty and they fail to make it right. The managers seem incompetent and corporate office is a joke. They suck!


My Girlfriend went to the store 749 in Jacksonville for a oil change and $156.00 .later . They stated that the a/c was not at factory specs and don't remember how much Freon they put in. They stated that they needed to flush the system and recharge it R E A L L Y in 20 minutes.They also stated that they did not steer her to have the service done , but that is exactly what has happened.

Bait and switch tactics at there worst

Scare tactics where used in an attempt to sell me services and products I did not order. When insulted by the check in person I was then harassed by the management after asking him to remove my car from the bay and let me go.

Jiffy Lube did the right thing

I just wrote a scathing review for the Matlock St. Jiffy Lube in Arlington, Tx. I retract that review as I just have gotten a call from the manager. He is refunding all my money and he also, is willing to do a vacuum and let me install a different ELC cat-1 rated coolant in. He was very nice and accommodating. He did the right thing and I am willing to remain a customer and to continue giving him my business.

Getting a lawyer for suing this people , worst business ever , damaged my oil pan plug thread and they do not want to take any reponsability they personal sucks , Naples Florida in Golden Gate Parkway avoid this people.

This company is the worst company ever!!! They put the wrong size oil filter on my car and it fell off and blew my engine. and no one will pick up the phone to help me. I'm getting so irritated. someone is going to court!!!

Great service

Today 2.21.14 I got my first oil change at Jiffy Lube #3438 in Nashua, N.H. Your store manager (Jeff) impressed me with his friendly greeting, knowledge of my vehicle, and service provided. I will return in the future for my vehicle needs. Thank you.

BAD Oil Change

I am in the process of suing Jiffy Lupe #3412. I had to replace my whole oil pan because of what they did. Now they refuse to accept legal service. I have the State of Automotive Repair coming out to investigate. They should have just reimbursed me and called it a day. I will go an picket their business so other people don't get ripped off!!!

They stole my oil dip stick

They simply suck. The stole my oil dip stick to my Acura MDX! What....they can't afford one! Now I'm stuck with the cost of buying a new one and that's not fair. I use to take my three cars there but NEVER again. You You can suck it jiffy lube.

Oil Change

Jiffy Lube on 10345 S. kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL gave excellent service. Osh the service attendant was very helpful. Everyone I came across at this location had the best customer service skills that I have encounter in a long time. Great Job! Thanks again!

so u work on car before authorize

So I came in to jiffy lube to get a oil change and be 4 I can find out how much the price was going to be the works all ready drain my oil. Than thay say to is going to be 75.00 dollars for the work. What the hell so I can't leave with my car with out work being done on it. Even though I did not authorize Them to drain my oil.Ever coming be and ever recommending Jiffy lube. In Bakersfield ca. Off of California ave.


Wow must be common to leave the oil filter gasket off, glad they have final checks as I drove away and oil leaking all over. In the past they have charged me for a air filter one time and never changed another time they charged me for one and pulled the old one out but did not replace, another time they did not button down the air filter container under hood. Last straw was the oil leaking out on my car. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR to Jiffy Lube go to a reputible shop or DO IT YOURSELF and safe money and a new engine.

Best Service in 30 years

I stopped by in Jiffy Lube on the corner of Northgate & San Juan in Sacramento, Ca. and was blown away. I have not seen service like that in 30 years from the greeting in the parking lot by Nnamdi, the Manager Mr. Grover helping all the excellent attendants. etc. They change my oil, rotated my tires, topped off all my fluids, cleaned the windows and vacummed the floor in 20 minutes. Excellent, Excellent service. I will spread the word.

must be a joke

Had oil changed at Salem nh location 22 days later light came on saying no oil / I check oil and there is zero oil I went back to same location they assured me no leaks nothing wrong but still put 2 gt oil in next day I look under car and there is a puddle of oil long story short I went to mechanic he found no o ring gasket on filter ! Go figure they said no problem when I went back the first time . This place is a massive dishonest bunc of back yard idiots ! In trained anduunaware of any car and what it needs I will be contacting the BBB today to file a complaint then contact my attorney along with AG


Went to 31st location in chicago . Had my car work on by a new guy that wasn't being watched n when asked for help by coworker was ignored. Specifically asked to fill tires said they did only to leave n see that my tire pressure was the same on all four tires.Completely disgusted that was my first tine there n worst expeience

wrong oil

they say this is the oil for your car and when you pull out the oil lite comes on they say well thats the oil you asked for and the oil lite should come on when at an idel

The Worse Place EVER!!!

What's a girl gotta do to get reimbursed?? On November 11th I got an oil change, and they employee failed to insure my hood was closed. Shortly after leaving my hood flew up putting my and my daughters life in danger. Now a month later I'm still waiting for Jiffy Lube to reimburse me the money I paid out of my own pocket to get my vehicle fixed. I received no appology - no refund... I'm out over $700. This is awful!!! I've contacted the Better Business Bureau and still nothing! What's it gonna take?


Aside from the fact my oil change was $108 I have a receipt showing my windows were cleaned and floor vacuumed. Nether of which was done. Understandably it is going to be more expansive with a larger vehicle but I have never paid more than $65 for an oil change on this vehicle. That would have been nice to know before they completed the job. I would have went elsewhere.

Former Customer

PLEASE go anywhere else because JL will ruin your car

Transmission oil change result in broken transmission!

I went in to get a transmission oil change in Augusts 31 2013 in kennewick wa store # 2896 I come to find out yesterday my transmission went out due to not putting in the special oil my car needs and the manager there refused to fix my car she then told me it's not her fault the oil they used didn't meet my car standards! Really is that all your going to say after I payed almost 170.00 for a trani oil change!!

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