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I use Chase BillPay to pay all of my bills. Recently, I had a bad overdraft in my checking account, because the Chase online, BillPay software said, "Available Funds", when the funds weren't available!? Chase needs to cahnge that in your online BillPay software. For example, when I deposit a check, the Chase online BillPay software indicates the new deposit, but says that it's not available for me yet. Then later, that deposit amount will move to the "Available..." column, pursuant the Chase online BillPay program. However, that money is not available as stated by the Chase BillPay software. Recommendation: 1. Remove the word available from your online BillPay software. Don't say that the funds are available until they are actually funded and available. 2. It's my position that Chase's online BillPay has caused me pain and suffering and freudulantly said my money was available when it in fact was not. I'm requesting that Chase immediately reinstate the original amount of $1200.00 that was said to have been "available" for me to use on my Chase BillPay services account. You can contact me at 972-262-0243. Thank You!

You want to hear the ultimate in stupidity??????? A mans home burned down over two years ago and he, even though he cannot live on his property, has made his payments in a timely manner and has never been late. All Chase has to do as they have already been paid off by the insurance company is send them the titles for the home so it can be demolished and their new home put in.......You would think this would be an easy task,,but no, all we get is the runaround that "corporate" has to review this and this has been going on forever,,,,,,,The bigger the company the more stupidy prevails,,,,,,YOU JUST CANT FIX STUPID and this poor couple with their children are still homeless and still paying on the loan,,,,,,,,,go figure

Way back in January of 2006, my lovely daughter & 2 of her drug addict friends stole checks from my other daughters house.My name was also on this account. We were told by Chase bank officials that an Affidavit of Forgery & a Police report would be needed so that we were not liable for the stolen forged checks. I recently opened a checking account at Chase, went in to a local branch to check my balance & see if some payments were made from this account only to find I was $155 in the hole, including fees & Chase took out $385 from my account to pay for this old account from back in 2006. It has been 6 yrs., I have heard NOTHING from Chase. Here is the big one: Chase told me a Fraud Claim was supposed to have been filed in 2006 also, so they will not give me my $385 back & say I owe over $1400 for this account from 2006. I was told that I had all the necessary paperwork & it was all taken care of back in 2006. How was I supposed to have known that a Fraud Claim was to be filed if a Chase employee (who did not do thier job correctly) did not tell me. It was the banks error, not mine. I am still not letting this go & am doing research as to who I can talk to higher up at Chase. Chase Bank is a rip-off. My bills did not get paid because of this. My phone, and electric will be shut off & my auto insurance will be cancelled!!! I am so upset!!

I am just a little guy, but one of your customers. Today, I learned that JPMorgan Chase Bank's "customer service" function is a convoluted, bureaucratic mess, that offered this customer no help, after five hours on the phone spread over two days, over a less than $350.00 issue. The big corporations love to point their fingers at government as incompetent but I have never dealt with any government office as incompetent or inept JPMorgan Chase's “customer service” staff. I offer you the following recommendations for your consideration: 1- Bring your “customer service” function back to the United States of America, where you can hire staff who speak English as their primary language and further, can contact other portions of your gigantic far flung corporation to assist a customer needing help. 2- You develop a manual that you require all you "customer service" staff to follow so that a customer speaking to different members of the customer service staff receive at least similar answers to the same question. 3- Empower your "customer service” supervisors to do the things necessary to assist customers since your working level staff can do nothing. 4- Instruct all your staff to make promises only if they intend to keep them. I am of the opinion that making a promise to a customer as a means to terminate a call is a bad business practice. Wishing you all the best.

You people are ignorant fools that don't have a clue about how Chase operates. I was going to write here to explain what the bank really does to try to help people but I realize that I will be wasting my time because you do not want to hear the truth. You alone are the one responsible for screwing up your life, not a bank. Grow up and quit whining.

Yesterday, May 15, 2012 I wrote in this room how I had to pay interest which I did not owe to get my Title and Registration for my car. After clicking to submit what I wrote I it read that it needed to be reviewed first. This morning I come into this room and see I was not allowed space so you all could have read what I wrote. Yep, the guilty will omit when they are the wrong ones.

I paid off my car in 1 year 8 months, on time, writing two checks one for car payment and the other for car principal. Never was I late. And the end of paid in full I received a a payment statement for 195.46 car payment. I called them and they acknowledge I paid off my loan. Then the battle began. The first caller I spoke to said I owed interest and when I questioned why since all my payment were always paid on time and never made a late payment. Then she said oh oh, someone posted my payment wrong and that I owed over three hundred dollars in interest and that they would knock off $100.00 and I pay the remaing $246.00. I did so I could get my title and registration. After receiving my title and registration I wrote four different letters and four different people had four different answers as to why I owed the interest. What CHASE did with the two checks I sent in everymonth, CHASE would post one check on one date and the other check on a later date making me look as if sent the check in late. My bank statements showed the dates it cleared with CHASE receiving my checks.

This is the worst bank i ever banked with i went to withdraw money off my debit and the bank took my card and shred it for no apparent reason. Why cant people go back to using paper check cause using plastic is the biggest scam in the world even in banking you get ripped off.we should be trusting bank.but the banks are the biggest scammers.

Hardship Letter Our hardship started with Yevgeniy losing his job in 2009. For a short while we did our best to pay our mortgage payment and even used up all our savings. Yevgeniy even applied for unemployment benefits but unfortunately he was declined. To pay our mortgage on time, we even exhausted a couple of our credit cards. After a few months, we found ourselves not able to pay for our home mortgage any longer. This never happened before, we had high 700+ credit score and always paid our bills on time. Yevgeniy was looking for work for some time, but due to limited English skills has no luck. After 6 months, Yevgeniy finally found a job, working as a semi-truck driver for FedEx. Unfortunately, it was a big pay cut from our last job, so we are slowly trying to get catch up but we’re unable to. After working for about a year and a half, we realize that we were still very behind on our bills and mainly mortgage, therefore, in April 2011, Yevgeniy opened his own trucking business. Please help us keep our home. We are asking for modification and to lower our payment with lower interest rate. This is our last hope not to lose our home and keep it for our family and child. Thank you in advance / Yevgeniy and Tatyana Durasenko If you are able to help us out please contact us at (503) 724-5838

Chase has got to do something about calling people right after they pay non authorized companies to withdraw large amount of money from my bank account!! They should call before they go ahead and hand over my money not after ..Then you have to wait a couple of days to put a claim ,meanwhile other bills come in and chase immediately starts charging the over draft fees ..I was a Washington Mutual bank customer and I was so happy with their service before Chase took over.. I will definitively close my account and my son's also.

The ecconomy in our country is in the towlet and Chase hires people in foreign countries instead of hiring people in the U.S. cheap labor I recieved a phone call from a woman that could hardy speek english and had such an accent I couldn't understand her. My husband and I have had our income reduced by 1500.00 a month so I have ask Chase to change my due date to after the 15th of the month because I have to use his check and mine to make the payment. I did not ask for anything free or to skip a payment. They refused they would rather we refinance and charge us thousands of dollars. I ask for the corp. offices phone # and was told by 5 different empoyees that Chase does not have a corp. office. To make a long story short they refuse to help you and they don't care. Then they wonder why there are so many people letting their houses go back. What I requested was not going to cost them a dime.

Face it people ! You have no say in what the banks do and how they treat you. The first question to answer on a bank employment application is , " Is the customer always right" ?. The accepted answer is "NO". That about sums it up.

Chase bank is a complete rip off. Please save yourself from the headache do not use Chase bank. Chase bank has terrible customer service not to mention their claims department. i have had several fraudulent charges posted to my account with additional fees (NSF), Joey an associate at the claims department for Chase actually called me a liar. Joey stated " Well let me see, um you have reported to many claims and it seems as though you are actually using the funds and then reporting fraudulent". let me tell you I have been through 4 debit cards due to chase bank allowing charges to process that I did not perform. I have a 300.00 daily limit for ATm transactions but for some strange reason Chase allows 500.00-700.00 to be processed against my account along with 18 34.00 NSF fee's. Oh and did I mention that I had a balance of 134.00 I used my debit card one time for a total amount 12.00, well guess what.....now chase bank shows my account negative with additional 34.00 charges posted to my account. Let's do the math? Duh. Chase bank never would admit their mistake but low and behold I was treated like dirt. I have yet to retrieve over 1000.00 NSF fee's charged to my account in one weeks time nor will anyone at Chase help me resolve the issue. DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY INTO ANY CHASE BANK!

Abebe, Girma Mengistu 6245 Renwick Dr. Apts #4805 Houston, Texas 77081 832-466-3145 abebe246@yahoo.com To CHASE BANK CORPORATE OFFICES AND OFFICIALS. Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Dear Valued and Admired Officials, I Girma, truly humbled myself before you, and I am not a criminal of fraud, but I am a victim of fraud. On Monday, March 12, 2012, for my future convenience and because my past not good experiences, after closed my current Banking Account with Chase Bank, I went to one of local Banks which is different from Chase to open a new account. After running my background check, the banker woman told that I was reported for fraud, then, “You cannot open account with us,'' she said. Immediately, I felt devastating because I believed the report was made by Chase Bank officials and extremely affected my life of background. Please I am proving my innocent to you and I am out of this fraud report. Based on my report of incident number of 101437009-P, 07/12/2009, I am a person who victimized of fraud. I believe that your office received my information and documentations I faxed to you. I lost my money expectantly. I called Houston Police Department of Division at 713-308-2500, for forgery case investigation. “We cannot do anything about,” responded official said. Dear officials, I am so escapism person. I never be the same again in such terrible situation. However, because of this report my credit history is damaged and literally I am being unsustainable from claiming my rights and deserving any opportunity. It was obvious that Chase Bank claimed some amount of money during the fraud incident, but the total amount of money paid off. I am fighting for my life because I believe someone put me in the wrong position that I am deserved. Please, I am proving my innocent to you euphemistically. Please help me, clear my bad credit report that I do not deserve it. I deeply thankful for your help, and may mighty God bless you!!! SINCERELY, Girma Abebe

When Chase took over Wamu I've been a customer even before wamu, i had same acct. # for all those years I was never charge fee for money order. What a heck?? why now you Chase bank have to charge. I was told that they sent notice to all customers that they must have a certain acct. to qualify for those free stuff. WHEN? WHEN DID YOU SENT THOSE NOTICE, YOU THINK I WILL GO TO YOUR BANK & ARGUE IF I RECIEVED THOSE NOTICE, I COULD HAVE GONE SOMEWHERE ELSE INSTEAD, YOU SUUUCKERS!!!...

I have a chase business account. Withdrawals were made against my account but the deposits were not. Now I have overdraft fees. I tried to contact the branch manager and no one can help me. The first chance I get I am going to go to TRUSTCO. They are a pleasure to work with. All the chase branches in my area are interested in stealing money with all these outrageous fees. DON'T USE CHASE. YOU'LL BE SO SORRY.

I wish I could be the voice of opposition to some of these more strident denouncements of Chase, however I must admit Chase is unquestionably the worst banking experience I have encountered. I am working with Chase to refinance using my VA Loan...if this doesn't work I'm going with USAA.

Chase Home Equity is the absolute worse division of Chase to work with. They don't work with you at all regardless of your desire to pay off your loan and make monthy payments. Although I have had loan mods with the mortage division and never had an issue again, the Home Equity division has very poor leadership and service. I cannot find anyone to provide simple support so I can get back on track with my loan. I am actually considering hiring an attorney to help me get support with this division. If at all possible do not get a second mortage with Chase.


Chase likes to send computer generated letters. They like to tell you to call a specific person, but when you call, that person never answers and never returns the call. Otherwise, just another way for Chase to avoid the issue. People wise up, Chase sucks. Get your money out of there. They are a bigger scam then that which our U.S. Government has turned out to be. If there was a run on Chase by people withdrawing their money or closing their accounts, then maybe this Jammie Dimon would finally get the message that he has a very poor operation going on inside the bank. Let do it, everyone start closing your accounts and cancelling your credit card with Chase and then lets see what they do.

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