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No refund

I booked a room for October 2014 and had to cancel because of business travel. When I received my credit card statement I saw that I was charged the full price $494.96. Sent an email and was told that even though I canceled two prior to my stay that I was charged the entire amount. The calm was that I received a discount. I reviewed the original booking and did not see this tremendous discount that I received. Additional when you cancel there is no warning that this would happen. I would have keep the room and sent one of my children. I was glad for the dear John letter that am posting on my face book account so that all of my friends will stay clear of this deceptive corporation.

These brochures were handed out at my daughters orientation at College of Charleston. We made reservations for this past weekend while she was moving into her dorm. This rate advertised for C of C was not honored. The reservation clerk first said there was no such rate then said there was but it wasn't the dates we needed. We asked her for the dates it could be used but she refused to give them to us. She did state that she could give us a 'government' discount. Well with that discount our nightly rate was $172.00!! What a shame holiday inn does not stand behind it's advertising!! The hotel was great, clean with a helpful and friendly staff. However you will never get another visit from this family. I hated to make this public but after several calls to the general manager that were never returned I felt I had no other option. Maybe this will help another C of C family.

Omg what a disaster

What a disaster of a place. The room we obtained was a smoke free room and the room reeked of smoke,why? Because the smoke detectors had towels on them even after the cleaning people supposedly cleaned. The next room they offered us was just as dirty with the trash can overflowing. Dirty, dirty, dirty, in much need of an upgrade. I have pics that are going to be available on the web. Will not ever go to a Holliday inn again.

screwed by holiday inn

I belonged to the footprints programat ron jons resort.Holiday inn bought it out.and it's been a nightmare trying to book my remaining week.Im entitled to a 2 bedroom suite and there offering me a studio hotel room after hours of trying to get someone onthe phone.The agent suggests he can give me a 2bedroom suite in orlando at Orange Lake resorts.He had something available starting july 27th.I thought that was great.I already had plansand reservations at a local hotel in cocoa beach for that week.so I cancel ed my reSmyreservations.See

Holiday Inn Express: Charges to Bank Statement

If you want your bank statement charged twice, your deposit not returned and no cooperation from the Hotel management stay at this location. Holiday Inn Express 25500 Northwestern Southfield MI. Even letters to the Hotel manager wont help. ANY other location but this one for me.


My wife and I recently reserved a room in Vail, Co. As it turned out the conference was cancelled and so we tried to cancel our reservation and was told that the room we reserved was a no refund room. I never of such a thing. I have traveled all over for business and have had to cancel rooms on shortfor various reasons at times with no problems. For this particular reservation I called 4 days before our stay to cancel but was told that I still had to pay for room full price. How do you expect to keep customers.


After to being fraudulently charged from the same Hotel in West Monroe for the past four months. I contacted the hotel directly and they said they would fix it but didn't. I called corporate they said they would fix it and didn't. I called corporate again today and got hung up on. I was left with no other solution than to cancel my credit card.


We recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Bowling Green Kentucky for a week. It was by far the best hotel/motel experience we have experienced. The staff were ALL so friendly and helpful. I felt like we spent the week with family. The rooms, pool and common spaces were always clean. The breakfast area was always well stocked with a variety of good food. From there we stayed at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and although it was beautiful we wished we were back at the Holiday Inn Express. We have had very poor experiences in other hotel/motels in all price ranges and know how it can ruin a vacation. This stay has restored my faith!!

No Refund/No Room??

Well this all began with a reservation I made in May of this year. In short my plans changed and I had to cancel the reservation. I did expect a small fee for cancelling even though I cancelled 9 days prior to my stay. But what I was charged was the total amount of the reservation, $183.00 this is unacceptable! I got no Room, and I still got Charged!

Dissatisfied Customer

I would like to be contacted received our receipt for our stay and on the bank statement we were charge $10.00 more then what our final receipt states. Stealing is unethical!

Stick it to the Customer

I was amazed to hear that certain Holiday Inn properties (Canadian in my case) will charge and extra person charge if more than one person occupies the reserved room. It seems hotels are adopting the Airline logic of "stick it to the customer" whenever you can

For My Birthday weekend, I got a room at the holiday inn in Lake City, FL, The beds were full size, not queen size, the Jacuzzi jets did not work and the sauna was under construction. $105 was not worth it. The receptionist at the front desk was nice. I'm not usually the one to complain but I am very disappointed!

twice the mess

The Holiday Inn in Edison 610 route 1 North dirty the rooms are out dated. The Housekeeping is sorry when I got a new room it was the same problem. How do I get a refund for the 2 days.


Never have I had so much trouble trying to cancel a reservation than at the HI in Panama City due to unforeseen medical reasons. Manager was extremely rude. Cancellation at Daytona HI was a breeze in comparison. Still not resolved.

Moab Hotel had no way to fix TV when staying also had great view of carport top ...no view ..front desk was no help and the "help" call ...was zero help ...and now i am sitting on phone - just got hung up on Looking to stay somewhere else in future


Don't bother leaving a review or a voicemail. Headquarters will NEVER reply or return your call. AWESOME, customer service. NOT. I work for a school district and we have teachers traveling alone and with students ALL year long. Will never recommend these hotels to anyone.

Bed Bugs

Stayed at the holiday inn on parvin road in kcmo. Daughter got bit by bed bugs and it wasn't addressed. They had us switch rooms. The cooler sounded like a car.

Bensalem, PA

Extremely Poor Customer Service Front Desk clerk Indian girl rude nasty should be fired!

i am not impressed the bed that i stayed in was full of stains. it is almost like they didn't care anymore. i'm very displeased with the service that i recieved from this hotel, i probably wont go back to one. if the hotel doesn't monitor their linen, i'm sure that they will have more complaints like this.


I called to make reservations and asked about disable veteran discount and was told that Holiday Inn did not give any type of discount for a disable veteran. But if I was active duty or a federal or state agent that I could get a discount. I'm glad Holiday Inn can have all their hotels all over the United States and make all thst money. If it wasn't for veterans fighting for this country and keeping our freedom what it is holiday inn would be open. Thanks

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