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charged twice

I made a reservation for springfield mo on december for 106. we stayed there on december 20 and they processed my credit card for 106. I called and said I was charged twice and they basicallly said tough. online reservations are nonrefundable. I will pay it but I will never stay there again...ever....

douple pay on my account

I always stayed at the holiday inn I used to loved this hotel I hate this hotel I stayed in Bylelville ark. they charged me twice for a room I don't have the money for people to take my money like that I have 4 grandbabies I have to feed and take care And they wont give me back my money shame on you for that

Great Stay

Found a wonderful Holiday Inn Express in Hereford, TX. We'd been in a blizzard coming out of Amarillo and couldn't believe our luck at finding this jewel! Great, clean rooms, wonderful staff, great breakfast buffet in morning. If you're in the area, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Holiday Inn Express - Forest Park, St. Louis

Stayed at Forest Park, St. Louis MO Holiday Inn; very disappointed with a dirty room. Old used bar of soap in the shower, pubic hair in tub and around toilet, dirty cups on counter. No response from customer relations after submitting complaint form. Will never stay at an IHG property again.

The death site : holidsy inn: Dead Sea : Jordan

I just want to let everyone know that a mother and her 3 year old son died last month from food poisoning! The father and the 8 month baby were in critical condition! The hotel don't have a doctor that might to take care of them ' be AwRe of Holidy inn

Recently stayed at a property in a Smyrna Tn the staff was great , however someone should tell them to fix the ceiling tiles out in the main lobby near dinning area, very unprofessional! Girl at the desk said they had another Major Water Leak about a month ago! Our room stunk made us wonder about mold issues. Noticed large sink hole forming outback where we parked. Me and my wife both noticed some weird growth on the men's and women's bathroom on the main floor. When asked for manager was told they didn't have one and haven't had for months! What in the world is going on with this place, really appears to be neglected. What a shame don't think we will recommend this location anytime soon!

Piss poor help and Piss Poor Customer Relations

2 wks ago my wife had the pleasure of staying at the Holiday Inn Baltimore on Lombard st. She was suppose to only stay a couples of days but she had to stay a week as I was in the Hospital having open heart surgery. the first charge was going to be 347.95 but after staying the week she ended up paying 689.00. That charge went thru no problems but the 347.95 charge which should of been set aside for 2 wks now keeps trying to go through. This has cause so much problems as I can not go get life saving medicines I need or do anything because you company will not fix the problem. My bwife has talked to everyone she can to take care of this situation and all I received is lip service I am going to call my Lawyer and seeif I can bring some kind of legal action


so, I decided to give my Son and his girlfriend a present by giving them a one night stay in Whistler and authorized the front desk to use my credit card. This was confirmed by their front desk. The night prior, they call me to tell me that the credit card has to be present at check in time - I said they would not have my credit card. I was informed that if they did not show up - that a charge would be applied against my credit card. Unbelieveable

We unfortunately stayed at the Holiday Inn South Pittsburgh the night of September 13, 2014. When we checked in we were asked to fill out a card with our car description and license for their records and we paid the $14 per day fee. We were never given or told there was a placard that we were to display on our car. So the next morning our car was gone! The police towed it because there was no placard displayed. It cost us $185 to get our car back and the Holiday Inn never reimbursed us!

I work for Montana Department of Transportation. I send alot of people up to the Kalispell Holiday Inn Express. But will never send another person. They misrepresented the state rate and said thats what they would charge us however it was not really the state rate it was theres. you may have saved a little but you have lost thousands.

Mandatory policy on cancellations

This has nothing to do about the hotel, but rather the policies dictated by Corporate Headquarters. I had made an on-line reservation at your Holiday Inn Express Hotel in the vicinity of the Reagan Presidential Library. I was to be an attendee at the 2014 National Defense Forum. At the time of making the reservation, I learned that the entire amount of the booking was processed by your facility. Last weekend I was hit by a drunken driver and as such, I am to undergo three surgeries from October through the middle of 2015. When I called the hotel, I was told that Corporate Policy requires that I forfeit the entire cost of the booking since I booked by reservation on line and it was a special discounted price. I see no such information on my confirmation. This is outrageous and I strongly review this insane provision. A response is expected.


I am writing to "tell" you about the poor quality of suitcase carts you have chosen. They have tires that need to be keep filled with air. On rugged areas they are hard to move with any significant weight in them. The older carts with solid tires are far superior. Your purchasing department should reconsider buying ones with solid tires. This removes the need to have your staff filling air. Your local staff has indicated that these air-tired carts are cheaper that the older solid rubber tires. Please reconsider and buy one that will not hurt this old man's back. Thank you.


Me and my wife booked a night stay and in the morning we went to pack are stuff up the door that was a closet when she opened it fell off and hit her in the head so I let them know at desk and was told I would get a $50.00 discount but still yet to see called and email the hotel get email back saying there fixing it and now 3 weeks still no refund why play games with people just be up front don't lie and as of now I will never us holiday Inn express darien lake ny again

No refund

I booked a room for October 2014 and had to cancel because of business travel. When I received my credit card statement I saw that I was charged the full price $494.96. Sent an email and was told that even though I canceled two prior to my stay that I was charged the entire amount. The calm was that I received a discount. I reviewed the original booking and did not see this tremendous discount that I received. Additional when you cancel there is no warning that this would happen. I would have keep the room and sent one of my children. I was glad for the dear John letter that am posting on my face book account so that all of my friends will stay clear of this deceptive corporation.

These brochures were handed out at my daughters orientation at College of Charleston. We made reservations for this past weekend while she was moving into her dorm. This rate advertised for C of C was not honored. The reservation clerk first said there was no such rate then said there was but it wasn't the dates we needed. We asked her for the dates it could be used but she refused to give them to us. She did state that she could give us a 'government' discount. Well with that discount our nightly rate was $172.00!! What a shame holiday inn does not stand behind it's advertising!! The hotel was great, clean with a helpful and friendly staff. However you will never get another visit from this family. I hated to make this public but after several calls to the general manager that were never returned I felt I had no other option. Maybe this will help another C of C family.

Omg what a disaster

What a disaster of a place. The room we obtained was a smoke free room and the room reeked of smoke,why? Because the smoke detectors had towels on them even after the cleaning people supposedly cleaned. The next room they offered us was just as dirty with the trash can overflowing. Dirty, dirty, dirty, in much need of an upgrade. I have pics that are going to be available on the web. Will not ever go to a Holliday inn again.

screwed by holiday inn

I belonged to the footprints programat ron jons resort.Holiday inn bought it out.and it's been a nightmare trying to book my remaining week.Im entitled to a 2 bedroom suite and there offering me a studio hotel room after hours of trying to get someone onthe phone.The agent suggests he can give me a 2bedroom suite in orlando at Orange Lake resorts.He had something available starting july 27th.I thought that was great.I already had plansand reservations at a local hotel in cocoa beach for that week.so I cancel ed my reSmyreservations.See

Holiday Inn Express: Charges to Bank Statement

If you want your bank statement charged twice, your deposit not returned and no cooperation from the Hotel management stay at this location. Holiday Inn Express 25500 Northwestern Southfield MI. Even letters to the Hotel manager wont help. ANY other location but this one for me.


My wife and I recently reserved a room in Vail, Co. As it turned out the conference was cancelled and so we tried to cancel our reservation and was told that the room we reserved was a no refund room. I never of such a thing. I have traveled all over for business and have had to cancel rooms on shortfor various reasons at times with no problems. For this particular reservation I called 4 days before our stay to cancel but was told that I still had to pay for room full price. How do you expect to keep customers.


After to being fraudulently charged from the same Hotel in West Monroe for the past four months. I contacted the hotel directly and they said they would fix it but didn't. I called corporate they said they would fix it and didn't. I called corporate again today and got hung up on. I was left with no other solution than to cancel my credit card.

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