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Riding Academy

Harley-Davidson is offering free Riding Academy training to all U.S. Military. Nice thought but not available within 50 miles of the largest Navy base, Norfolk, VA! Thanks from a veteran who would love to ride and own one of your trikes!

never buy again

spent 10 grand on a used motorcycle have it made the first payment brakes went out purchased 29 15 will go with Honda or Kawasaki next time

Henderson Harley Poor

They wrote a contract then 1/2 day later said they wouldn't honor it because the owner didn't like it. The old bait & switch trick. Now they wanted $25 more a month. Money hungry crooks I think.

Poor Work

Just spent 2100 bucks at andys harley grand forks nd getting 2 new tires , hydralic cam tensioners upgrade and couple other things picked up my bike and front brake dragging brought it back next day same thing told nothing can be done cant wait to go back there NOT

Big Barn Harley, Iowa

Save your $ and grief and stay away from Big Barn HD in Des Moines Iowa. I lost $6,000.00+ for 160 miles on a "new" HD. Will not stand by the product and offer a "Tail Light" guarantee. I could write a book on all the stuff that went on but the amount lost should give anyone a good idea of how bad it was for me to lose that much and get a decent and safe bike - Honda Shadow.


I am a new rider, and my husband and friends all have Harleys. I know there is a 883 super low, but have you ever thought about putting out a smaller bike, Like a 500 or 650?

Break in service fee.

Was happy til I went back for my 1000 mile check up and oil change. That's when I was charged $364 for this service! Why was this not free when I spent $17000 for bran new! Not happy about this!!! Total coustom iron 883/1200 S.E.kit with color upgrade and lowering kit. My first harley I got 3 FREE oil changes. (Thx Napoleon ohio HD) not happy with Tecumseh HD rite now.

Made in America

I have been riding Harley Davidsons for a lot of years from my 1977 FLH to my 1985 FXRS to my brand new 2014 Street Glide which I love but I was really dismayed when a good friend of mine who rides a 2012 Dyna Switch back had a flat tire and when he took the tire of the rim he discovered in large print on his wheel MADE IN CHINA I would have to think that an Iconic American company would do every thing in there power to not only support American companies but make sure the highest quality parts go into every Harley Davidson built.

I love Harley Davidson and im not writing to bad mouth you im just letting you know that im not happy with your prices i will never be able to afford one of your bike because i live on social security disability but when i go into one of your dealerships and cant even afford a hat or a tee shirt it hurts if they were more affordable more people would wear them putting your name out their that much more just something for you to think about Harley Davidson to me will always mean quality to me your friend Dean Brumble

high dollar/low quality

I bought a 2003 v rod less than a year ago from a dealership in NC. The first thing I noticed is that it started leaking oil after my first trip. I called the dealership and they told me "that's just the chain oiler". My bike is belt driven. That same trip I noticed my fuel gauge wasn't working correctly. I researched online to find that it was a common problem for v rods, from the first year all the way to the 2012s. Over 10 years of making a model and they couldn't fix this simple problem. lucky for me my bike also has a trip meter. I have screamin eagle pipes, my first cold weather ride and the crome comes off of the welds. I took this to C&A Harley in Plain City Ohio. they told me "we don't warranty our craftsmanship" a week later they wouldn't honor a warranty I had on my battery because the battery was a year old when I got it from the dealership. this was my first Harley and will also be my last.

Triple S Harley Morgantown WV

Sunday the 4th which was last Sunday I rode my Road King to Triple S Harley in Morgantown To buy a Sissy bar and pad for it also head light and running light and turn signal visors and the motor covers on the left and right. They were pretty busy with other people ., So I looked around for a few mins finally one of the sales people came and ask how they could help me. I told him what I was looking for and the year of my bike. He was telling me I had to buy the rings for my lights for the visors to work. At that time I told him that I have them already on my bike. He said if I didn't they would not work. Again I told him I had them and I would pull my bike to the front door if he would take a look and tell me what I needed. He look at what time it was and said we close in ten mins and walked the H _ _ _ off. What kind of store is this ????? I found out his name before I left the store its Vic. I know we all have bad days but come on !!! I know the stuff I was going to buy that day was not as much as a new Harley but come on . OOOoooh well thanks for taking the time to Read. Joe Watson

2012 Road glide

I need help from Harley Davidson : It has the 103 motor( a mutt) I would say so far..When you try to rev it up it like it takes forever due to the electronic wiring to the EFI they tell me at the HD shop..The older bikes( 2007 and before ) have a cable and they rev up..They told me at the HD shop it has been a problem for like 4 years and Harley has NOT figured it yet.. Really.. My old 2003 Fat boy could out run this mutt.. Can any one tell me how to fix this.??????.It can't be rocket science can it or is it the stupid computer?Please put cables back on.. At least they work..

i took my trike 2012 in for back breaks only 4000miles pads bad rotors need to be replaced then i get service letter that ststes 2009 to 02/2013 trikes rotors need to be replaced if customer not happy or hears sound i did hear sound but service person rode my bike said no problem with my bike i paid a lot of money for this bike and have breakes go out at 4000miles i wish i had not gotten this trike


i purchased a new v-rod muscle about a 8 months ago.and i had some things go wrong with it.the rims were pitting.i talked with south side harley in indianapolis and the manager told me he wasnt eating anymore rims.that just tells me that mines not the only one.he told me i would have to see the a guy thats comes in every once in awhile.this has been going on 4 months.every time i call they tell me the same thing.ill call ya when hes here.they never do.im very disappointed in the way they treat customers.i got 3 year warranty for nothing.ill never buy another harley davidson..

Bad Brakes

Ive taken my 2012 Fatboy to Landers Harley in Hot Springs Ar three times for rear brake caliper sticking,but im being told by the service manager this is normal,the disc gets so hot that it will melt the soles off my boots, i cant even ride five miles they get so dam hot. If this is the service im gonna get from Harley my next bike will be a Honda

American Made Clothes

I love my motorcycle love Harley Davidson stuff. I have a problem with the caps and shirts they are not made in America. We should be for American Made stuff.

poor quality

I bought my bike from Destination HD in Fife,Wa in april 2013.i have yet to recieve my HOG info/number on the paid membership for the year.i have also ordered and recieved a back rest and passenger seat for matching the stock tuck and roll seat.back rest detachable sissy bar pad was so thick it pushed the passenger so far forward she was practicaly in my seat.the actual seat has no padding.the images shown portray it as very thick.but its the plastic inside.both are now at the custom upholsters recieving a makeover.i will now be using after market parts and accessories.

Carson city dealer is terrible

Do not go to Carson city hd for anything! They add unauthorized repairs to your bill, steal custom parts off your bike, and break your kickstand. Then they try to intimidate you out of action. Long story short, do no go there. Feel free to contact me for details.

Harley GPS

I've been an avid harley rider for quite a number of years but there's an issue that has been bugging me for a while. I purchased a new 2012 Ultra Limited for almost 26K and then purchased an extremely overpriced Garmin 665 gps that was supposedly ready to interface with the Harley stereo. According to Harley the limited was suppose to have the ability to interface items to its stereo. Well as with most things from Harley, there's almost always just one more item you have to buy to get something to work right and of course this was no different. After spending that kind of money on an item, why can't Harley include all cables to be able to make something work together. The only way the gps would work with the radio was to run a jumper cable outside the fairing and plug it in the aux input on the stereo, ORRR spend another $150 for the interface cable to make it work with the stereo speakers without the jumper wire running outside the fairing. What the heck is up with that Harley.....I've spent enough buying the bike and the gps only to have to keep spending more to make them work together!!!!!!! If you guys want people to keep buying your products you need to quit only thinking about how much more money you can make and think about saving the customer a little money by including EVERYTHING to properly make things work together....I'm just about $150 dollered out!!!!

Not standing behind their products

I bought the bike of a lifetime for me that is a 2013 tri glide in 10-1012 drove it straight home and cleaned it up and covered it there were some spots on rims and I thought that spring I would just polish them out. I find out they are pitted I got this from the dealer this way so I contacted your CSR and they told me to bad its not covered, so I now own a bike that had bad rims put on it with what I had to pay for my now crappy wheeled TG. I went from a show bike to a hide bike in less then 4 months and 150 miles, I would at this point sell it back and buy a bike the company wouldnt shaft me on and use QUAILTY products instead of seconds to make their money. I can no longer be proud I am a HOG.... Your customer service and products have went below a standard level. Make me happy again and PLEASE fix what you sent out. If not I will be sure to keep posting on all the sites about my experince with HD.

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