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You need to stop that ridiculous Peter Pan commercial. The little brat is so disrespectful. It is bad PR.

Run from this company

They're great at taking your money. File a claim and it's a nightmare of a co. to deal with.

Worst Customer Service Ever

CS states that no matter what promises were made, even if it's recorded for review, they will not stand by any remarks or promises from their certified customer clerks. I'm sure they are certified, but we're talking insurance here! I rate this as the second worst customer service ever, at least they are not in India!

Not a good place to deal with

You should note that the corporate offices hasen't paid their phone bill, the number has been shut off!

Worst company ever!

I got into an accident where I was hit and the other driver took off and later lied to the police twice but after three months they decided to charge both of us 1/2 the responsibility. What representation from geico!!! Looking for new insurer as I write this review. Stay away!!!!!


I simplify want to tell you that your "Free Range Chicken" TV Add is the the best you have ever had.

Settling Claims

Geico not only sucks but their employees need to find more creative ways of lying. They are superb at the ones they practice now!

Roadside service

Do not come out for road side services.Also said that roadside services are limited which was not stated on policy.Terrible Road Side Service. Might change company 5 year comstomer never ask for help but this one time and this is how I'm treated . Sad Sad Sad

Find another company

We had Geico for over 10 years without putting a claim in. Now had a vehicle hit my husband and after two weeks of back and forth to try and get our loan paid off and the money for our vehicle, we are still getting the run around. This company has a lot of excuses and no answers, unless they want your money!!!

What a company this is...

I completely agree with all the complaints geico has gotten and will get in the future. I'm still dealing with my claim after this lady totaled my car by being on the damn phone. GEICO has done a terrible job trying to get this thing rectified and it's absolutely ridiculous. I CANNOT wait until this is all done so I can get a new insurance company.......This company shouldn't be in business @ all, good luck to you guys.

Thieves and lyres

I was quoted a price of 488.40 for insurance on my 2014 Ford Escape, followed by a confirmation email with the same amount. Two weeks later I get a bill from Geico with a premium of 561.30 for 6 months. I called to find out why, they said it would cost more to fix my car if I had gotten into an accident, which I had not. $80 more in just two weeks, REALLY… They can’t even come up with a good lie. They did the same thing Six months before. They should not be able to sell insurance in Florida…

Geico sucks

Geico lies , they say life time warranty . The don't do anything the shop that fixes your car with the crapy parts is the one held accountable. They are made to put junk yard parts that are older and worse condition on your car.radiators that they can't prove are oem . So the lies are there cheap insurance,, get what you pay for . Geico got to be number one by short paying the hard working people that repair your car . The employes at geico are the worst I don't know how theses people sleep at night . Change insurance companies quick before you become a victim .

Adjuster J. Fisher

This adjuster just called me a liar and suggested I start telling him the truth or he would disconnect the call. In what universe is an employee allowed to speak to customer in such a manner. I am appalled.

I don't understand your commercial insurance group.

I think some people need to be trained in the underwriting department. Because they do not understand the Tour bus industry.

Geico works when you are paying but not when it has to pay you

I was involved with an accidental fire from the vehichle parked next to mine in a apartment complex, The vehichle was issured with Geico at the time of the incidence at 1:00 a.m.. The only call was one I placed with Ryan Sanders of the Lakeland office. He stated there was no time limit or reason to settle as the investigation was ongoing. The incidence occurred June 4, 2014 and it is now July21, 2014. If you ask any questions as to when this will be concluded the phone cuts off, and he calls right back stating it was the cell phone, even if the reception was as clear as day. I can't believe this happens as I have been isured with Geico myself for 6 consecutive years without any use of the insurance.

No one calls back on status of claim

Was rear ended on Saturday March 22 by a geico driver. Today is March 27th and no word from the claims investigator Ahudi de la Rosa who is a newbie in training. I do not have a car and losing wages because I don't know if my car is repairable or will be scrap metal. I left several messages and no call back and I get a bill from storage company. Someone please call me

Customer Service? What Customer Service?

I was damaged by a Geico Insured. The claims Adjuster that I was assigned was about as worthless as they come. No contact, no return calls not anything! It's been almost a year now and I guess they are waiting for a "statute" of time to run out! Pray you don't ever get involved with this company any way, shape, form or fashion!

Geico's Customer Service Representitives Suck

Been on hold for an hour just trying to pay my bill.

P[redudice against Non Ferderal Workers

Why give Federal Workers a break?..The get paid better than most average Non Federal Workers with way more benefits..,so that make it unfair for us..

Stay away

I was charged double with auto pay causing my account to overdraft. It took Geico a week to put the amount in error back into my account. They still have not reimbursed the overdraft fees. It has been two weeks now and I have spent more time on the phone getting the run around, I will just have to call it a loss. I too feel that I am being held hostage by this company.

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