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No one calls back on status of claim

Was rear ended on Saturday March 22 by a geico driver. Today is March 27th and no word from the claims investigator Ahudi de la Rosa who is a newbie in training. I do not have a car and losing wages because I don't know if my car is repairable or will be scrap metal. I left several messages and no call back and I get a bill from storage company. Someone please call me

Customer Service? What Customer Service?

I was damaged by a Geico Insured. The claims Adjuster that I was assigned was about as worthless as they come. No contact, no return calls not anything! It's been almost a year now and I guess they are waiting for a "statute" of time to run out! Pray you don't ever get involved with this company any way, shape, form or fashion!

Geico's Customer Service Representitives Suck

Been on hold for an hour just trying to pay my bill.

P[redudice against Non Ferderal Workers

Why give Federal Workers a break?..The get paid better than most average Non Federal Workers with way more benefits..,so that make it unfair for us..

Stay away

I was charged double with auto pay causing my account to overdraft. It took Geico a week to put the amount in error back into my account. They still have not reimbursed the overdraft fees. It has been two weeks now and I have spent more time on the phone getting the run around, I will just have to call it a loss. I too feel that I am being held hostage by this company.


paid my bill 2 months in advance then cancelled and they couldnt refund me until 15 to 20 days. They exected me to make my payments on a timely manner, and yet the fail to re-emburse me in a timely manner. Very upset that this couldnt be delt with in a faster manner. I used a debit card and they cant even credit me back. it has to be sent via mail. Very inconvienient. Worst company to go through overall.

Worst company ever. Rude supervisors. Please don't be enticed by the money. Geico is terrible! My car accident has been nothing but a nightmare since it's happened, and the accident was the least of it. Dealing with this insurance company has been an awful experience!


Anyone looking for automobile and or home owner's insurance stay away from Geico/Travelers. I had both and not until I got a letter from a collection agency in East Hartford, CT. did I realize that Travelers [Geico's affiliate] had been billing me for long after I was done with them. One would think that the policy ends when one stops paying. Not so! They just keep billing to their hearts content. Of course any contact I made with Geico via E-mail & phone was useless. So, choose Allstate, USAA or anyone else.

Rotten Customer Service

My motorcycle was hit by one of Geico's insured. Only 48 hours after the incident, they declared it a total loss. Geico then claimed my motorcycle and removed it from the repair shop without my authorization or consent, only to ask for my signature for release after the fact. They want to settle my claim for pennies on the dollar, which is an insult. They refuse to fairly compensate me for my total loss.

Ignorant Management

Anyone who enters into a Insurance Contract with Geico deserves what they get. The criticisms I have read here are true. My own experience with their "Customer Abuse" included ignorance, arrogance, lying and theft. My ex-husband's claim was very poorly handled from the beginning causing his car to be in the shop over a year. All of this was over a fender bender which was not his fault. He has paid over $2000, out of pocket, to correct the damage done. None of our family or our friends would ever do business with geico again.

They must spend all their money on their ads

My shop was hit by one of their insured in September. The Durango took out the front of the building, and I've not been able to keep my business open since. After supplying the two repair bids as requested, and repeated calls and emails, I still have received no money to repair my business. The best part is when I first called about the claim, the person stated that she wanted to make my experience such a good one that I'd become a Geico customer...

Geico insurance adjuster stated to me that if the insured did not get back to them in 30 days t hat they would go ahead with my claim. The insured waited 33 days to get back with the adjustet and now he refuses to pay the claim. My daughter was in the accident with me...the adjuster said that her statement of the accident wasnt reliable because family lies.

Worse company ever

Geico insurance adjuster stated to me that if the insured did not get back to them in 30 days t hat they would go ahead with my claim. The insured waited 33 days to get back with the adjustet and now he refuses to pay the claim. My daughter was in the accident with me...the adjuster said that her statement of the accident wasnt reliable because family lies.

Worst People Ever!!!!!!

I am so upset with Geico. In a nutshell, they will not reinstate my policy because i had an accident, which was NOT my fault, for which i did NOT get a ticket for. Basically because they covered my medical bills after the accident (which the driver at fault's insurance reimburses), i do not meet the minimum requirements for a policy with them. Isn't this the reason why buy insurance in the first place, and good luck asking them for a corporate number or somebody above them. i am sooooooooooooooo frustrated right now.

Worst Customer Service of any insurance compay

Have been a customer with GEICO for the last 3 years and this company doesn't follow thru on any promises they provide and fail to provide any type of customer service other than "I'm sorry" Doesn't cut it anymore look for another company to handle your insurance needs

Late Payment of 3 days

So I recently lost my job and I had ACH withdrawal into their account. They charged me $20.00 for a returned check and when I called and said no there was no paper check it is a automatic withdrawal. They persisted to treat me as stupid by saying a ACH withdrawal is a paper check. I explained my last Employer had direct deposit into my account which is ACH Deposit so it is not a check. Secondly I have never been late or had any problems with my account for over a year. I have been a loyal customer and this is how they treat loyal customers. What a scam and rip off I am switching Insurance Companies as I know they would be forgiving for a one time charge this company does not do that

Worst experience

I was a customer from Ameriprise and recently moved to Gieco and the customer service sucks. Worst experience honestly RUN AWAY RUN AWAY

customer service in claims

They will try to intimidate you on every part of your claim., They do not understand customer service in the Claims Department , as if the adjuster is compensated for estimating the value of your vehicle at a lower cost of actual cash value in a total loss situation. This is clearly a pattern and a possible Class Action Lawsuit.

Your Customer hit me

So backing out of a parking lot a Geico customer hit me while she was backing out as well..... She told me she did not see anything out of her "rear view Camera" which tells me she was not using here mirrors.. When i saw her backing out i was well 50% or more out of the parking spot. I saw her backing out I stopped i honked and she hit me! So now how is Geico gonna hold her responsible but yet only cover 60% of my damages and make me pay 40%?? bottom line is YOUR CUSTOMER HIT ME!!!!!!! nothing happened to her SUV! the bed of my truck is really bashed in!!! I need answers I just want my truck fixed!!! Oh and then she goes and files a claim on my insurance! Go figure!!!

being held hostage by my own insurance co.

I had an accident more than two months ago where I was the victim. some one insurred by GEICO ran the stop sign and hit my car. that person was charged for reckless driving. my damages exceed the policy limits. it took a month for GEICO to figure out who is paying and how, before they sent the car for repair. I am also insured by GEICO. now my car has been repaired and is waiting for a week for GEICO to decide how they are going to pay. I am being held hostage by may own insurance co. and I am waiting. when I call they tell me they will call back, every day. and nobody calls back. I am waiting. is this they way to run a company in America ????????????

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