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I bought a 2014 fussion in may it had 98 miles on it now it has 1,500 miles on it. The service engine soon light came on three week ago the ford dealer I bought it from has had it for 3 weeks tell me that the part is on back order, when are they going to get the part? I am tird of paying for a car that I can't drive.

Local service

Bought a new f350 for allot of money. Had an issue with the regen process that needed to be looked at since it caused truck to shake and loose power. Called dealership where purchased and was treated very poorly. It was Ramsey ford in rising sun md. Truck has 9,000 miles only on it. Took it to another dealership an hour away and what a difference. Treated great, even though I had never been there before, would never buy a ford again, had I not found a good dealership for service. Ramsey needs to take classes on customer relations,


We are a Ford Focus family. I bought a Focus in 2002 with no problems. 200,000 miles later I bought another one in 2007. I drove that to 120,000 miles and gave it to my son for a college car. My middle son bought a 2011 Focus, so far no problems at 40,000. My oldest son bought a 2011 Ford, so far no problems at about 50,000. However, I bought another Focus in 2011 and at 112,000 miles my transmission gave out. Brought it to a Ford dealer and they replaced the slave cylinder for $1,000. Now it won't shift into 2nd gear without grinding. They won't fix it without paying another $1,500. It is my understanding that Ford placed a hydraulic clutch in the 2011 models and replaced some parts in the slave cylinder with PLASTIC parts that wear out. Not covered under warranty since 12,000 miles over warranty mileage. I think I will have my two sons replace the clutch and transmission at 90,000 miles. I lost my confidence in Ford and debating to switch to someone else.

2006 F250 disel

Service department is terrible Can't seem to find the problem to fix this truck. Process of a elimination has cost us alot of money for them to play this game and make money off of us. They don't make trucks like they use too.

Front seats

I just bought a Ford Fiesta last month. The seats are so uncomfortable that my hip stays sore, from sitting any length of time.(syatic nerve, had to go to chiropractor. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

refuse to fix car

I do not appreciate Ford Motor Co. posting their advertisement on my facebook, since they refused to fix my 2006 Ford Tarus which has a rust problem in the wheel well on the drivers side in the back. According to the internet this rust problem with Ford cars is ongoing. I have seen other Ford Taruses with this rust problem.


I bought a new 2012 Focus in May of 2012 from Walker Ford 17556 u.s. rt. 19 n Clearwater, Fl.. 33764. The sales staff was wonderful as was the finance dept. The service dept. is terrible. Twice I have had to have new tires, I do have tire ins. The 1st time it took 2 wks. I called many times and was always promised a call back which I never did get . After getting so angry, it had just came in on the truck 10 minutes ago. Same story on 2nd tire only 11 days. Same exact words. Also I have syn with gps built in, could never get it to work so was told by ser. dept. to buy my own, these don't work that well!!!! Hey I paid for this. Had to have one so did buy my own. For got, warning lt had been for wks, called many times, was told to look for any nails etc. and to put air in them. My neighbor did all this still lt. on. I m sure you know I will never buy another Ford [since parts are so hard to get, or syn doesn't work].....Why is it impossible to read 2nd. word

Super duty

Called about my super duty having the death wobble where steering wheel starts shaking violently. They give you the run around can't or would help. May be take law suits over deaths caused by this to open their eye's. Think Cevy's looking better


I would like to promote Ford.. My friend flew out to Arizona to promote ford fiesta all paid. How do u get involved in this type of busness thanks.

American Car

American Car.....Well this is the reason why we bought a Ford Fiesta but now its to late because the Dawn car makes a rattling noise and Ford says it's NORMAL well maybe if they stop getting part for Mxico. I hate it now we are stock paying $350 for a car that makes noise.

2003 ford focus airbag

i had the passenger side airbag deploy out of the seat injuring my sons arm. the airbag deployed for no reason. ford tells me i got to wait 15 days before they can let me know what they are going to do about this. its been past the fifteen days and i haven,t heard anything . do i need to contact my attorney? help

warranty problems

i have a 2012 explorer due to bad wheather in my area. my claim has been denied by ford. what can i do. kevin #63157, rebecca 61513 in corporate office denied it. local branch in salem va jay vance and jim denied it. Our executive helper Davonya who sounds lovely also denied it. she did offer to reduce the cost of my warrantied item, how nice of her. wow this company sucks

tappet sound or VCT sound

Ford dealer in Bahrain use 10w30 oil instead of 5w20 in my escape 2.5 L4 2012. Due to this, i have tappet sound or VCT sound when the engine is cold after 12 hours for 2 minutes . they said , it is a normal sound and the oil needs time to circulate. moreover, the sound appear after first oil change and the sound is louder during this winter . therefore , I need Ford engineers opinion in this matter of issue


My husband just got a ford f150 ecoboost and at 21000 miles it's making a funny noise. Also gas mileage sucks. Ford can't find the problem. After this I found alot of complaints about the ecoboost. I would just like to get something else.

2010 ford fusion

Gas tank rusting out I bought this car brand new I live in Alabama so we don' have salt put down in winter because it rartely snows, gas tank leaks gas when its near full or on a hill I took it to Ronny watkins ford in Gadsden Al they said its passed the 36000 mile warranty I said it could have been leaking the whole time I just now caught it and they just didn't care the way they acted it could have been a toyota. But they don' know who their messing with so if you see a fusion at R Watkins ford with LEMON wrote on it it be me just don't smoke around it. Dissatisfied Life long Ford Customer.


3 month old 2014 F250 platinum...def tank heater stopped working, loss of power and horrific odor in the cockpit. NO PARTS AVAILABLE....Ford solution to me....sorry,..Moral of this story, spend 78k on a truck it breaks and you are left hung out to dry...sorry doesn't help the situation Ford....


i have a 2006 mustang,. clutch went out at 30,197. hauled to pergues-hurst motor in longview, texas. they said it would cost $1400.00 dollars to fix.it. the car was under warranty and they knew. 900 miles later, the clutch went out again and they said they were not replacing a clutch. it was the same clutch that they claimed was new! so i did what any other red blood american. SUE< SUE SUE

Bad Tires

I bought an F250 Lariat and at 15,000 miles i had to replace two tires an now at 20,000 miles the other two will need replacing. they are Mitchelin LTX A/T - LT275/65R20 not under the current recall. I want some one from ford to contact me. I bought the vehicle at Folsom Lake Ford and do i have a story to tell.

2013 Explorer

I got 2013 ford Explorer for my wife five months ago I was told I would get a navigation card install when the card gets in, The owner of the shop promised he will get it done. The service department are not working with us, I just need my SD card and ill be happy. I'm tired of the run around and closest to dealer is 95 miles one way.

F150 2013 maxtow package

I have had a shimmy in this truck since day one had it back to the dealer 4 times it is a max tow package able to tow 11,300 lbs list price $55,500 Ford rep just called to tell me that is the way it is going to be .I bought it to tow a 9,500 ib rv trailer but now i'am afraid to buy the trailer because it will shake even worst will now go to my us congressmen and us senators to try to get ford to fix problem .Who knows what will happen down the road.

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