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I had Farmers for over 20 years had no claims. Had a wonderful agent and he left because he could not deal with them any longer. I had some type of water damage, called and they sent out an adjuster. He showed up with his fly open and food stains on his shirt. He took pictures and left. They were of no assistance as suggestions to the possible source of the problem, nor ideas of whom to call. I gave up and just fixed the problem myself. At that time, I realized I had a huge deductible, so I called the new agent to upgrade my policy. A year later, I had lots of damage from air conditioning, so the adjuster came, said my damage was same as the deductible. They say that I never changed my policy, the new agent left, his number is disconnected, and no one seems to know anything about my smaller deductible. I am so frustrated, and I am leaving this company. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had been with Farmers Insurance, but not at this particular office i am about to mention or its employees. I moved to Nipomo, Ca and then the trouble started with Farmers Ins. after 11 1/2 years. I lived in the Oakland area and moved here about a years ago. This office in Nipomo California is bad. When i was in there and im 67 years old, there were girls in there fighting. One of them had ripped the other off over a car. That was not my problem, i was in to pay my premium, but they made me have to listen to that. I only mention this because I never had this problem with a professional office before. I can remember one of the girls in there was named April. I can remember that name because thats my grandaughters name. I have left them because she has been rude after that when i had an accident and she rudely applied, "Not my problem". My grandaughters friend gave me this sight and she has said she has had simular problems with rudeness and the same girl. She may not work in that office anymore... BE AWARE OF APRIL AND GIRLS IN FARMERS INSURANCE OFFICE IN NIPOMO CALIFORNIA.....

I am a long time Custemer to your insurance, but I am not happy from the service they have for adjusting the car claim office please have any good person who can solve my problem eventhough I am telling my adjuster to help my problem but the answer no so please call me and I will send you my claim no. my email is sourayasawas@yahoo.com

@ Agent D...the reply u submitted don't surprise me the least bit SMH<--shaking my head! AGENT D'S statement: As for your agent in a stuper or someone not calling you back you need to report him or her to there respective district manager or home office. I am sure company does not know this and would not want him either. They are a indivdual and not company! As far as reporting this to the District Manager or Corporate Office, I have done so numerous of times via e-mail and by phone, and they 2 (The District Manager as well as the Home Office) NEVER returned my call nor replied via e-mail! we are NOT here to make jokes nor to be laughed at (as you stated) we are here stating a TRUE FACT..simply as that!!. This is WHY I regret even signing up with Farmers for the main reason (they think it is a joke) END OF STORY! For those of you that have FB, type in the search bar FBIC, and you will be schocked!

I have had Farmers ins. for all our vehicles and our home for the last 7 years. Over the last few years I have had numerous problems with their web site and billing. I have used the contact page and sent probably 10 e-mails over the past 3 years, and I have never received an e-mail or phone call back. Last week again I had a web site problem and it would not let me pay my bill and once again 4 days have passed and no call back, or e-mail. What is wrong with this company!

I have been a Farmers Client for almost 10 years, Nothing against my local agent she has always worked with me over the years, However Farmers decided to Cancle my auto policy due to the fact I had My parents listed on my home owners because the deed is in my fathers name, what does any of this have to do with my Auto Insurance? Why was my auto insurance cancled over a Fire policy for Home owners? It should not matter if I have 30 People living in my home none of that has anything to do woth my Auto policy!!!!!!! So, My bacnk account is now in the Negative because FARMERS drafed out way more than expected to pay a renewal fee for the inusrance that was cancled behind my back! This is WRONG! This is why people hate Farmers, I have faithful and loyal to this company only to get stabbed in the back! I called the 800 number my local Agent gave me only to be given the run around, when I asked ot speak to a MAnager or Supervisor I was told they wew ALL in a meeting. Unexceptable customer service! Now who will pay my overdraft fee and pay me back the Money they STOLE?

Wow !! this is terrible. what did I get myself into. I have insurance with these people and there needs to bee an investigation on there practices business is conducted here.

Seriously folks... we need to ban together!! Start posting how horrible Farmer's Insurance is ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, all of the above!! Tell your family, your friends, your co-worker's to do the same.... they truely NEED TO BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

These agents are idiots who want to steal your money!!!!! I had a great agent who need up leaving because he couldn't even handle the twisted ways of the company. Several times they "forgot" to apply my payment to y account letting it laps & bet your ass they made me pay reinstatement fees and what if I had been in a wreck during that time?!! They would have said sorry you were not insured. So to avoid anymore confusion I went into the office with 2 months left on my liability policy and said "I would like to switch my policy to full coverage starting today and pay for 6 months in full" after about an hr there and my agent calling the help desk about 5 times he finally gave me a total of $1134.82 which I wrote a check for. A few days later I get a bill saying I owe $358.82..wtf?! Due sep 3 or my policy exp?? I called and they said this was late fees that had racked up from not paying my bill..however I read of ro them exact dates and amounts I had paid them for every month..they then said it was because my insurance went up..are u kidding me?'these ppl are idiots!! Like someone previouse said I might as well have been talking to myself. After doing my own investigating I found they charged me for 6 months starting at the end of my current coverage cycle and are now wanting the two months left on my liability policy..in other words they want me to pay 8 months or they are canceling my policy...when I contacted them about this they don't seem to understand I ony wanted to pay six months and to apply my current 6 month payment to these next months . They told me they could not do that and I had ro pay these next two up front!! And if I cancel the policy they are taking the $358.83 out of the $1134.60 I paid them .this company has a bunch of idiots who work for them and have fucked my bill up more than once and refuse to take responsibility! Do not have them as ur insurance company! Run the other way

First , let me START BY SAYING A 1 star rating is not what I would rate the company,if there was an option for zero stars that would be my selection! im located In houston and recently was involved in a car acc. With a young man who is covered with FARMERS INSURANCE, claim adjusters and supervisiors over the claim Is..KIMBERLY LITHMAN, JOE FLORES, SHANNON JONES.. HAVE given me excuse's after excuse's and NUMEROUS lies about the claim, it seem's as if im putting more work in to proving my case then they are.. On the police report it states that the DRIVER who hit me admit to running the red light, for some reason the FARMERS fell like there only 85% reliable for the accident and im 15% resp

I live in mystic ct, my garage burnt in a fire, town inspector wrote warning to have tourn Down in twelve hrs so I call agent they said tear it down we will bring a check in two days and pay the company for doing it, the bill is 9,800.00 dollars adjuster said sorry we will only pay 4000 so that means The company is putting lean on my house adgent is a piece of, no good, rob a guy of his money And only pay for half the garage

I was getting cancelation notices after my payment check was cashed. I called my local office in Greeley. Mike Ainsley answered the phone. I was upset as each time a cancellation notices goes out it shows I am in violation of my lease. Ainsley told me to take my business elsewhere. That MY timing was off. And, he hung up on me.

Claim # 1021409742-1 On May 18, 2012 my car was struck in the back end on highway 84 in Portland Oregon while my oldest son was driving home. The driver of the other vehicle sped away from the scene of the collision to try to hide his identity. The license plate from the front of his vehicle came off during the collision and was found on the road. Also 2 witnesses identified the vehicle from the remaining rear license plate. I contacted the Portland Police and determined the vehicle in question was not stolen, and found out from my insurance company that the vehicle was insured by Farmers Insurance Group. I contacted Farmers Insurance Group to file a claim. The person at Farmers handling the claim to start with was Wendy Morris. Wendy Morris told me that the driver would have to be positively identified before the claim could be settled, and that they would try to contact him by telephone and by mail, but that he would have to come forward and admit to the hit and run collision before they would settle the claim. I contacted the Oregon State Insurance Commission, and was told that by law insurance went with the vehicle, and that there was no need to investigate further. I again contacted Wendy Morris, with great difficulty, since she takes days and sometimes a full week to return calls. I and told her what the Oregon State Insurance Commission told me, but she continued to insist that an investigation had to be done to determine who was driving and that the matter would be settled soon. I asked about a rental car in the mean time, since my vehicle could not be driven due to damages, Wendy Morris said she would make the arrangements. When I went to pick up the rental car, I was told I would need to supply a credit card and pay for it myself, and the Insurance company would reimburse me. I called Wendy Morris several times until she finally returned my call several days later, and told her what had happened, and she said it was always done that way, and she had never heard of it being done any different. I told her that was not the case that I knew better, and she said she would arrange a rental car for me. I called the rental car company and found out nothing had changed. In the meantime an adjuster came out to look at my car, and pronounced it a total loss. I was then turned over to a total loss adjuster, Jennifer Johnson who is just as difficult to reach by phone or email as Wendy Morris. See email below. jennifer.4.johnson@hpcs.com Jul 11 (4 days ago) to me I will be out of the office starting 07/10/2012 and will not return until 07/16/2012. I will respond to your message when I return. If you need to send any documents in please send them to claimsdocuments@farmersinsurance.com OR fax 877-217-1389. Please put your claim number on any correspondence. When I was finally able to reach her she said my car was only worth $1850 plus $160 Title Fees and $67 License fees, Total $2077 I told her that this was much less than I could have sold the car for before the collision and that the value was closer to $2500. Jennifer Johnson said that $2077 was all that they were going to pay because the car had a branded title. I asked her about the loss of use of the vehicle, and mentioned the fact that it was due to her office being so slow that I was did not have the use of a car for what had been almost 2 months. After several minutes of discussion she said her boss Jason agreed to reimburse me for a rental car for 27 days at $613.98, even thought it had been 51 days I was with out a vehicle. I told her I would consider the offer if she would send me an email listing the total amount to be payed, so that I had a written statement. After several days and no e-mail I called Jason several times, left messages and never received a return call. I was able to get in contact with some other agent in the office, and was sent an incomplete quote that did not include the Title fees or the Rental Car Reimbursement. I finally got Jason to answer his phone on Friday July 13, 2012 at 1:50 PM and told him about the errors on the quote for my claim and he acted like he had never heard of it and said he was only liable for 7 days car rental. After another lengthy discussion he said he would send me a corrected quote, but might not be able to do it that day, as they were getting ready to shut down for the day. This was at 2:00 PM. Needless to say I did not receive an email last Friday. So the people in this office are hardly ever in the office and when they are they don't do anything. I would fire people like that if they worked for me, and I have never worked for anyone who would accept that kind of poor job performance. If I have to take this matter to small claims court, I will be asking for a higher price on the car, full rental car cost up to the time of settlement, and storage charges for the wrecked car sitting in my driveway. This matter could have been settled for much less of a cost to your company, if it would have been settled 6 weeks ago. But due to the incompetence of the employees in the Vancouver WA Claims office at 11112 NE 51st Circle, it will end up costing your company much more. And I don't think Farmers Insurance Group as a company can afford to continue to have their reputation damage in this way. Sincerely, Mark Peterson

I had mobile home insurance for 15+years with this company never any claims then last year a storm knocked out my heat pump the repair man gave me a price of 3800.00 dollars to replace it i sent them the papers and they sent me a check for 1200.00 and would not return any phone calls after so i was paying them 720.00 dollars per year my new policy cost me 440.00 per year for better coverage (This is the worst insurance co i know of so please don't insure anything with them. thanking you for listening. Robert

I am a agent for Farmers over 20 years and 2nd gen on top of that. Reading thru some of these complaints and it is laughable. You just write first thing on your mind and never dig into your problem. Sorry for being blunt but that is truth. As for rates. This company and every other insurance company are having to pay huge claims!!!Counrty wide there is no insurance company making profit on homes (really). Most are spending 2$ for every dollar they take in premium. Call your state insurance dept and ask!Your insurance company no matter who is a private business and yes they do try to make a profit what business does not?? We are having alot more catastrophic claims. EX. East coast wind, Joplin wipe out!, Dallas tennis ball hail,Calif wild fire, you get picture. It gets worse every year.It is nothing you done but what your region is suffering.Farmers rates among the best in these disasters getting customers paid and back to normal. As for your agent in a stuper or someone not calling you back you need to report him or her to there respective district manager or home office. I am sure company does not know this and would not want him either. They are a indivdual and not company! I get ammused when I see Tv advertising such as Flo and people actually beleive this stuff. We could save you up to 30%. Notice the fine wording!!!!I could actually say that too but I don't. The majority of people aren't going to save that much and it applies to Flo's advertising too.My point in all this is it may look greener over the hill but it is always best to do your homework first. I think you will find out the company you are with is not so bad and would probably be one of the better companies to be with. Yes we have problems but they try to work thru them.

Zero stars. I cancelled my auto insurance in VA early before the 6 months renewal because I moved to TX. They still charged me in auto pay and the bill was higher. When I called they mentioned they would give me a full refund but they only gave me a partial. I called again asking about it and they told me it was because the state of VA require for me to have a SR22 form. I told them that TX doesn't require one and I wasn't even using Farmers so they should refund me that too. They said I need to contact the state about it and would e-mail me a contact number. never did. Even after I e-mailed them about it several times.

I have had the misfortune of trying to deal with Farmers for the last two years. After being a victim of a hit and run accident put upon me by a farmers insurance insuree, I have spent two nightmarish years in the court system at the brutal and deceptive hands of farmers insurance. To be quite blunt Mr. Hohl of help point corporate misled me, lied to me outright, and completely ignored all rules, regulations and laws of California by simply refusing to pay the policy of a Ms. Judith A. Arata of Moorpark, California, who was convicted of a hit and run in an alcohol related accident in which I was severely injured and have received life changing injuries which to this date I have not received one penny for my vehicle damage and personal medical which is now over $300.000.00 -- NOW I FIND OUT that JUDGE BARBARA LANE of the VENTURA COURT IN VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA HAS DECLARED YESTERDAY IN HER MINUTE ORDER THAT FARMERS INSURANCE IS NO LONGER A VIABLE INSURANCE COMPANY IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA AND THEREFORE THIS MEANS FARMERS HAS NO LEGAL OBLIGATION TO ANY STOCKHOLDER, INSUREE, OR ANY OTHER PERSON IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. simply put, IF YOU ARE PAYING A FARMERS POLICY YOU WILLNOT BE ABLE TO COLLECT ON THAT POLICY, BECAUSE IN CALIFORNIA FARMERS IS NO MORE, AND THEIR FACADE IS NO MORE THAN WINDOW DRESSING TO CONFUSE AND TO MISLEAD ALL OF YOU. THE NAME "FARMERS INSURANCE" IS NOW NOTHING MORE THAN A LABEL AND HAS NO LEGAL NOR FINANCIAL STANDING IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA WHICH MEANS THEY CANNOT BE SUED. I SUGGEST ALL CALIFORNIA INSUREES DROP FARMERS IMMEDIATELY -- IF THERE ARE ANY KIND OF INCIDENTS, THERE WILL BE NO AVENUE OF RECOURSE! THIS CAN BE VERIFIED BY LOOKING UP THE CASE OF GALUSHA V. ARATA CASE #56-2011-00396299-CU-PO-SIM AND FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME ABOUT A FUTURE CLASS ACTION FEDERAL SUIT, AS THIS IS NO DOUBT GOING TO AFFECT THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES IN TIME.

I thought Farmers in Toledo, OH., was a good company. Boy was I VERY VERY VERY WRONG. The customer service is the worst I ever seen. Called Headquarters to handle my ordeal. Wow the same people work there also. My old agent....Aaron Mars left myself and numerous others for dead. Yes for dead like road kill. I transferred to another company. After multple calls to my agent to cancel my policy because the rates kept going up. Unfortunately nothing was done. For NOBODY AARON MARS HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And these idiots I have talked to. I should have looked in the mirror and talked to myself. Because NOTHING has changed. 1st of all why do or should I do ANY PAPERWORK to cancel a policy that should have already been cancelled. I'm getting bills on top of bills when I'm with a REAL INSURANCE COMPANY NOW!!!!!!! I wouldn't reccomend Farmers to a dead person. Sad but very true.From the headquarters to the middle and last little man. I have never seen a company with some much BULLS#I%....Then do not keep trying to keep a very very unhappy of the unhappiest customer to save your life. Ok???? Food for thought. If an agent leaves a pike of feces again just try to make the client happy. What happened to the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT??? Remember had not been for the customers you guys would not have a check???? I really don't think that quote refers to Farmers. Horrible cervice reps, agents and let's not forget the smart mouth people behind the 1-800 desk. If I could reach out and touch through the phone they would have a help wanted sign posted... FARMERS SHOULD BE PLOWING BTHE FILDS NOT INSURING IT IS THE WORST BEYOND WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALED WITHNIN MY LIFE. WITH THAT TRYING TO BE FAST TALKER SHIT. YES I SAID IT, AND GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE I'D LIKE TO SAY. REST IN PEACE FARMERS BECAUSE THIS COMPANY IS PREHISTORICALLY DEAD TO ME!!!!!!!!! AND IT IS NOT A THOUGHT OF A STAR TO ME. SO IF ONE IS POSTED I DID NOT GIVE THEM ANY.

Fuck this ragedy ass insurance playgroung company. A star is not even a notion..... Like an abortion you flat out don't want it...This company is why people go fucking postal!!!!

I was happy with the auto insurance I had with them, but when my husband got hired on to his company and his paychecks got changed from weekly to biweekly I called to see if they could change my EFT date by 5days, THEY SAID NO!!! I couldnt believe it, most place will work with you so that they wont lose your business but they diffenetly dont care about life situations. We had never been late on any payments and they claimed they couldnt because that is the date we started with. So they advised me to terminate the insurance and then reopen on the 13th but that the payment would be different because we wouldnt have the same discount anymore and that it would be higher!!! I am so upset that instead of 125.16 it would go up drastically. I have been looking into other companys and have found a couple that will give me a similar LOW monthly bill.

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