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Awful customer service ever...

Questioning the ability of Carol Schave

It has been a nightmare with Farmers Claims adjuster Carol Schave. And no one wants to tell us how to contact someone above her for a investigation.

Bad coverage

Took 3 weeks to locate person who hit me then would not cover my small back injury and had to use my Allstate PIP. Police report showed fault and they agreed to fix vehicle on there dime but left me covering my doctors visits.

The Truth Hurts

Farmers would never let these reviews to be posted. The Truth hurts and I hope anyone such as I read them before getting bent over and rammed up the ol' poot shoot after dealing with them. They did me a favor when they canceled me because I didn't meet their strick requirements for coverage

not happy

Worse claim handling ive ever seen my car come back 2 different colors and they tell me there is nothing they can do about it and the shop wont either so I now have a srt8 challenger show car that has won first place in show that is 2 different colors. ....very pissed im hunting attorneys and im going after whats just


You have the WORST rates in history. prices sucks

claim and premiums

My claim was handeled so poorly. After reading some of the reviews I believe that this type of business practice is wide spread throught the country. I would never ever recomed FARMERS INS. to anyone. I am filing a formal complaint with the Dept. of Ins. of Michigan, lets see what they have to say about how farmers treats it's customers. I don't know how this is not illeagle

every 6 moths I have to request from my local agent a copy of my policy and ID cards,, You guys are quick to send a bill, but where is the itemization or my id cards????


You suck. I am on now dialing my seventh person to find out why I am being billed $183.56 when I pre-paid my policy through February 8. No one can tell me why! LOSERS!!!! Excellent job on having people get lost in voice-mail hell though. Very effective.

trying to get a setlement

I have Ben trying g to get a fair settlement for my diminished value clam sence my accident back in march 2013 so far havent Ben abale to get any results I wrote a letter to the CEO of farmers and I haven't even got a response to it as and insurance company will not recommend it and I will be posting on my Facebook and you tube do others can no how bad and insurance company this is they rather you take there insured to court and get you money from them rather then meeting there obligations not happy as a consumer with this company and I will pass it on to others bad Costomer service and response from the head office they just don't care

Grave technology

I believe a lot of time an effort could be saved by taking burned human remains an combining them with a cement epoxy to form a grave/headstone. This would prevent diseases. An protect the poor. An allow for a lasting memorial. The bone fragments could be dye colored to enhance the splendor or the remains. An even a picture an poem plate could be etched using bronzing an computer technology. The shapes an sizes could reflect the persons beliefs or personalities. This would allow for all religions an pictographic thoughts.

not settled

waiting on a payment from farmers now going on three years for my injuries in a car accident back in 2009, yes i said 2009. its bad when people have these fraudulent claims that get paid everyday but somebody that has true injuries they're jerked around. Wow, what an insurance company right?

Landlord insurance

I have had Farmer's landlord insurance on 2 duplexes for over 30 years and they have treated me fairly in all cases. My present problem is that I personally no longer live in California where my agent is localed and I travel a great deal, often not in the country. So I asked that they arrange to take the money from my bank account in their city for annual payments. They claim this is not allowed, only monthly payments with a fee for doing so. If they do not change, then I will be forced to get another company. Why does the headquarters for Farmers not change this policy or make exceptions? I will contact them by phone next week and hope to get help with this matter. I have had the same agent for many years, his son now owns the agency I use in Bakersfield, CA.

received bill after cancelled policy

The Rep. I spoke with was very polite and willing to help. I had previously received very little information and those were lies from my local Farmers agency. After speaking to the Rep. at the corporate office, i was satisfied. I appreciated her taking time to here my complaint and her willingness to find me answers to my questions.

No Customer Service

I called my Farmer's Agent to assist me in confirming receipt of an insurance payment from my mortgage company and my agent was unwilling to help in any way. I called Farmer's directly and explained that I was due to close on a refinance on my home on the 12th and needed verification from Farmer's that the check had been received. I reiterated that time was of the essence. I have a tracking number which shows that the check was delivered and signed for at 9:41am on 7-9-13. However, the associate could not verify the receipt of this check on the 10th and said it could be another 24 hours (if then) before it would be applied to my account. I have gotten such poor service from Farmer's on this issue that I am pursuing moving my insurance to another company.


I had trouble with the agent who had my insurance not doing what he said he would. I called the home office and they were helpful and very nice.

just be fair and dont LIE to me!!!!!!

I was lied to six times. And when they were exposed (as a liar) I was given a new adjuster and him a new supervisor. But the lies continue . Farmers you used to be such a good place. You lost me and my family!!!!!

HR Department

I spoke with Margaret G in HR, officed in Chicago. This lady deserves a gold star for her ability to communicate with an old retiree, such as myself. Please see that she is aware of my complete satisfaction with her in the discussion we had regarding drug coverage for the retiree program. Bob McGeary

bad service

home owners policy they suck bad attitudes and poor customer service go somehwere else save yourself a lot of head aches

ins fraud

why dont farmers ins. seek out some justification for the people who patsey ritchey in la vernia texas got ripped off n lied too she stold money n false ins claims dont trust farmers u never know who is for real

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