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store closed

I'm just wondering why your Salem, Ohio store is closed. The cashier forgot to lock the out door so I went in . I called out and the cashier said sorry my manager told me to close the store and apologized. Maybe she should put a sign on the door???? Hope nothing serious.

Never walk into a family dollar store where they won't to be rude and rude to you're 11 year old son because you ask for help from asst.manger and cashier


You need to be closed on Christmas Day.You start opening on Christmas Day and other stores will follow.I will not shop at any stores during the year that are open on Christmas.


If you are going to be open on Christmas Day,I will not be shopping there again ever.

ripping people off

the sign in the store says 25% off all toys if you spend 50 dollars or more I spent 120.00 and only saved 20.00 dollars that's not 25% check your receipts people there ripping us off false advertisement store #10061 in Monroe mi

Store closed before listed closing

This evening I arrived at store #2109 at 9:54p to find the door locked with no personnel in sight. If you post a closing time of 10:00p the store should be open for any possible customers until that specified time!!

rude cashier

the cashier at the store #04843. said to me that i can't bring my own shopping cart which i bought it from there. she said it would leave marks on the floor. she should be fired. she is the one that wears a wrist brace

Please stop harassing slander been doing Facebook Twitter iTunes

Staff has been slandering and harassing and helping belk employees at avenues mall by writing Facebook Twitter in the store! Telling other staff hate in store about Anne! Please stop violence in store in old st Augustine rd at town center at San Jose too! Please replace staff immediately


The family dollar District MGR. Should be fired for her trying to get inocent people fired because she does not have any idea only hear say to what she say's. She is very bad a her job and should not be in any kind of customer service nor should she hae the right to hire and fire anyone when she can not even do her job correct.

Mean cashier

store06278 the lady at cashier was very mean to my son for no reason she ask were is your parents?He said out side in his car. she roll her eyes and said get what u going to get an get out. My son was upset couldn't belive that happen.Wont go back.Be going to dollar tree!!!

No Deposites?

I have a problem when I purchase a product from family dollar that has a deposit and I can't return it for my deposit because they don't take deposits. How do you sell them but don't take them back?


Today my daughter and I were shopping at Store 00909- while we were there I witnessed a situation that really disturbed me. The manager was yelling at and degrading an older employee. We were two aisles over and heard the entire conversation. Then while we were in line the manager came up front to do a price check for another customer. So other people would not have to wait she screamed rudely at the same employee to "Get up here and get the line down". The employee almost ran to do as she was ordered. She looked very upset. I have been a manager for 15 years now. I understand we have bad days- but it is NEVER ok to humiliate your employees. I will no longer shop at this location- Dollar General is in the same shopping strip- I will go there for a while. I hope this does not go unheard. Good employees are hard to find. I hope this manager realizes that respect given is respect earned.

Getting worse & worse

I don't shop my local Family Dollar in Trinidad, CO anymore. Last visit waited in line 25 min. while cashier kept ringing bell for help. People lined up down the aisles. After no responce I walked to the back of the store and then eventually outside where the Manager & 2nd employee were smoking. I told them the cashier needed help and was then chastised for letting other customers know they were still standing in line cuz the others were busy smoking. In fact, I ended up walking out. Will go back to Walmart or Dollar General in Walsenburg.

Hire white staff

Inverson street temple hills md every time rude staff dirty store long lines please close be a service to the neighborhood

need store in memphis texas

please check into putting a store in Memphis texas . we need something here besides a dollar general. dollar general store is here is dirty can not keep enough help because dollar general sucks. you can not threw the store know they have cut store hours because can not keep help. there is a building here that would be perfect that use to be a furniture store that is empty. so please. please check into putting a store here so we can have a place to shop at that is decent place. thank you

expired products on shelves

I went to Family Dollar on 1231 W. Pratt St in Mount Clare Junction and found expired items on the shelves. One cashier I believe is a manager just looked at it, didn't apologize but asked did I want another one or my money back. I opted to get my money back. These places do not realize we are paying their salary and they need better customer service skills. I always look at the dates on products.

family dollar isn't good

Family dollar isn't good anymore, the aisles are too narrow, there's no help when you needed.

Closing the wrong store .

I just want to say you are closing the wrong store here in sanford ,fla . The store close to me 4243 u.s. 1792 is alot more cleaner then the store in down town sanford , fla . You need to send some one down . and just walk through the nasty dirty store . I feel you need to keep the store close to me open . And get rid of the store in down town sanford, fla . Thank you .

Sorely disappointed

Was eager to visit the newly opened (last wk), store in my town. Not impressive. The only thing impressive was the outrageous heat in the store. Asked about it and was told thermostat was controlled by He. Too hot for Louisiana Temps. I'll stick to the Dollar General a couple blocks down the hwy. Very disappointing.. First and last trip to your store.

no noneat work on time not evan a manganger

I do like family dollar but my problem is 1725 dundalk ave. in Baltimore they are never opening on time I feel the manager is running the store into the ground only hires one race for a week straight people have been waiting for someone to get there I also know this is not the only complaint that this woman has had its getting old and no one at corporate wants to handle calls they just transfer u to a phone that just rings!

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