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Facebook overstepping bounds

Occasionally I'll get a message saying," hi friend, etc. etc. etc. when I click on the photo. Facebook says, this conversation is no longer available, because it was deemed abusive, or spam. Who are you to determine whether something is abusive toward me or not. I would like all communications directed towards my Facebook account to go through. This way I can make my own decisions is. The problem is you never sent it to spam to give me the choice.


You must get rid of messenger app and not force American people to download this which breaches all privacy and is not very secure do to criminal activity! If this is not changed within a 2 week period I will hire attorneys for this matter and take it to court even if I have to spend millions to take Facebook messenger down! Please consider my request otherwise further action will be taken! Thank you George

i really need help

i need help loging in my account done the rest password nothing someone keeps hacking in my account you guys need to fix this or im contacting my lawyer

I have been blocked because I posted a public document on my timeline that did not violate any of Facebook rules or policies. The individual that I posted information to my "friends" the information was factual and true and their were no threats made against anyone involved in my post. Instead of facebook asking me for my reply to the false compliant filed against me facebook automatically removed my post and blocked me for 24 hours. This is wrong a public official is open to comments that are filed in the legal system as a public record and this is not harassment or violation of a persons right's to privacy. I want my page restore and my account reactivated.


Facebook, This is to inform you that I have shared information into your insane messenger app that violates so many of our fundamental rights that it borders on criminal activity, with all my friends and family. This app must be removed at once. If you think that you can play spy for our corrupt Govn. any longer with out back lash you are mistaken.


A fake profile has been made and using pictures of my daughter, niece and nephew. I along with many family and friends have reported the issue and has not been shut down.

I cant get into my facebook account

I change my password an now I cant get into my account. please help me

News Feeds

Dear whose may concert If looking into the Facebook news feeds have setup to be delete after finish read from your feed. lot their look at.

Security is a joke

This site has allowed my daughter to be tormented by an individual that keeps hacking her facebook and pretending to be her. He messengers friends and family pretending to be her among many other things. We have deactivated her accounts and reported this issue multiple times. We have put every security option in place and nothing has stopped this. When we try to call to have this problem fixed the message says they do not provide customer support or security support.

Ammonium nitrate

Facebook headquarters wil be blown off the map and destroyed soon..........the time Has come to Strike back at censorship many will die but necessary.

I have been trying to reset my password and its not letting me...

I have been hacked also and If you need to contact Facebook go to 1601 Willow Road (that is their FB page) and let them know. Or go to hem this way... https://www.facebook.com/pages/1601-Willow-Road/303612996406842

logins & changing password

I am thoroughly disgusted with Facebook and their officials who own them. I have no clue where and how they got the stupid information that I log into my account from white pine TN. This is bull. If they dont get their hacked into system corrected I am deleting my Facebook account. This is stupid can't log into your own account and change the password so many times only to be told that's not the one you put in.

wow really yall can't talk on the phone about a problem

Worst company in the world myspace is much better then yall at kest its easy to change up a password. Yall made it so dame hard just to change a simple lil password.....

I for got my password and can't get back in. Plz I need help to get back in the profile picture is a girl In a red shirt plz help me get back in. Thanks I cqn try to call yall tammrow and get it settled out plz and thanks

I got locked out of profile. .. I tryed so many times to change my password but there is no way... I need help getting in ..

No help at all

my account got hacked .. So its not that secure after all.. then there isnt any tech support you can talk to..


many thanks to facebook team and connecting me back with friends and family member. I want to bring facebook to my country. how can I go about this task? I need help Am planning facebook clubs

Put to tears as a deaf person and asked to leave

The deaf are not welcome at Talbots and are turned away. The phones in the stores are not equipped for the deaf and if one has to strain to hear and talks to loudly, one is asked to leave the store. It is so cruel and hateful

I can't get in too my facebook acc. you'll say it was Hacked into & got a new plone # can't get on it too ???? i'm 65 yr.'s old not that good on the comuper but i'm getting better tell you'll people too stop blocking me pleaces

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