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I've blocked a lady twice now for harassing me she still finds a way to continues


Facebook security allowed my account to be hacked then, only sent emails saying please go to our help center and perform a password reset


Scammers are using facebook & I've reported this issue multiple times and security is doing nothing about it, which makes using facebook very unsafe.

Locked out

They want government-issued photo ID! Homeland Security or phish!8125


I love facebook.. just wish it was easier to get ahold of real people in areal way.. :)

My account is locked up

Am being told. my account is being check on i submitted my names profile picture and its taking forever

facebook account

I think they don't want to help us and they just want to sit back and do nothing about this and for that I give them a one.

what we need to do is if Facebook keeps doing what they are doing not helping with all these problems we all should get togrther and get a lawyer and let them deal with these people.

cant get on facebook

ive been trying to get ahold of some one for 3 days now and still cant access my acct on FB

Signing on to Facebook AGAIN

Cannot get back on to Facebook. I have been off for some time.


I have been being harassed and bullied constantly by one person and I am trying to figure out with all the times I have reported the harassment that it stays up and my bully is still on facebook, Nice to know that Facebook does not honor their own Terms of Use policy.

Loves to let bullies use facebook

Facebook is a joke, when a company says that harassment and bullying are against their terms of service but let it continue constantly, they are a joke.

Can you please help me because every time I log in they ask me for my id which I don't understand.


I have been locked out of my account because I was accused of being fake or not a real person. I have sent in numerous documents to prove that I am real and that is my legal name yet facebook will not unlock my account. I want to file an official complaint immediately.

Please do not tell that my name is not cheetah gray which it is and to lock me out of my account is over the line did someone tell you my name is t correct?


local postings oft truth and whole clothing i li stated already

Legal Male

Facebook needs to let me erase a post I made when I request them to do so, instead of "FBAPIError Domain error 100."


a family member used my comuter to access FB: now his name etc is always showing up on my IP ... I do not use FB nor want to WHY does this happen (he logged out properly when he was done)


ive had all of my accounts hacked..gmail...gooogle...wifi....facebook..my phone i need help and it seems no one can. ive reported it to cops and they do nothing

colsed account

they keep closing my accounts I will get a lawyer if they do it again

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