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Moving Services

I have been posting ads successfully for 7 years now Now competitors are allowed to have flagging software to get rid of everyone on the page. Craigslist needs to get rid of the flag button Problem solved!!!!!!!!

Someone hacked craigslist and I can't post ads and now I am going to sue craigslist for it because I can't buy food or beer or a hotel and went home with a guy and woke up to myself punching him in the face because he was in my bed etc. If I could post on craigslist I could have had money and it wouldn't have happened.

i guess this is what is all about BS welcome to the new 3 world county USA its the only place that you can do that have a phone # that get you no where

CL is the pits

Need to talk to someone regarding flagging noone is available to answer. Need to talk about money and someone is there willing to help you like yesterday. It obvious that money is the only motivator for CL everyone else can such an egg according to CL. It's a shame.......

Been blocked from craigslist

I have not used craigslist other than looking for a home or tires for my car. However I do have a evil ex boyfriend that stole my identity and caused my life a lot of grief. I would like to keep using your site to hopefully find a place to live. So if you could restore my IP address that would be great. Thank you and I am sorry for the issues that this has caused.


So it does not make any sense to create a phone number that no one is going to pick up. I take it Craigslist is operated by invisible people. I work for a company that I trying to give people jobs. However our ad is getting flagged. How can this be stopped. Oh wait I forgot......I can't there is no one working behind this line to help me!!! Mind you some were paid for. So do we get a refund??? Hello anyone there??? Guess not!

Flagged for Reposting an expired post

I reposted an expired post and get flagged by Craigslist (it never appears on the site). What is up with this? I can post it to any other US city but not where I live? What gives?

phone service

Don't try to reach this site by phone. They just refer you back to the website , which doesn't help either...

flagging my posting

i try to post my iphone for sale in my city, it gets flagged right after 2 mins when i post it. i am doing everything based on the terms of craigslist but still cant post anything i am selling. i been using craigslist for years, but now i have to give up and look for a different website.

Someone has posted personal info and my name on craigslist help me

Craigslist has refused to help me someone has posted personal info and my name on craigslist.i need it gone

Free Pets

Irresponsible and uncaring organization that continues to provide a medium for predators to obtain free and low cost pets. They have not discontinued though there have been tragic cases of pets being tortured and killed through these listings. People that want to unload their free and low cost dogs/cats are just as guilty as well.


I would like to know how the heck you can deleet your acc,?If you don;t want it anymore you should be able to get rid of it ,but they don;t let you.

CL is dangerous and a TRAGIC waste of time

The title says it. CL should be monitored (EVEN A LITTLE WOULD HELP) but, it's not. As it is CL is the WORST!!!!!!!!!!! It's a BAD joke.


Do something about the flagging abuse this site is worthless now

go to XpressPage.com

Craigs list is full of bad people and Scams because it does NOT filter people. www.XpressPage.com is the new best method, it is way way better that the others. XpressPage.com Try it


I am contemplating a lawsuit against craigs. A while back someone posted an ad with my name, address and phone number for a bunch of free stuff. I was not home. I lost many possessions. Craigs will not tell me who posted the ad, and either they will not tell the police or the police are too lazy. Regardless, I lost thousands of $$$ that day I was not home.If I cannot have the idiot charged or taken to small claims court, then my only recourse is to go after Craigs.

Class Action YES

If some attorney or someone would like to start this I would be happy to support a class action suite. Unfortunately Craigslist has become the De-facto standard sort of like MS Office is for computers and there is no real competition. This actually effects people monetarily. If they can't post an ad because some unauthorized user keeps on flagging them, they can suffer a financial loss because they are being singled out. Along with this monopolistic privileged there is a certain responsibility. Craigslist is not stepping up to this responsibility to the public and needs to be held accountable


I have contacted the FBI and the Attorney General in Las Vegas and after a year long investigation CL will be taken in front of a Federal Judge and possibly shut down for failure of policing their own website and failure to report Illegal activities such as giving away FREE animals to thugs that throw them into a dog fighting cage to be killed. CL is a nuisance to society and should be stopped and that day will come soon!

Format Change....Why?

I noticed that CL has changed its Format when searching for a specific item, they now include other JUNK info that I'm not interested in. Why does CL do this? Also, when I click on to an AD it does not change color so you can see where you are if looking at multiple ads. Why does CL do this? I liked the Original Format much better, please put it back, otherwise, I will be using CL a lot LESS as it's to DIFFICULT to use in its current condition. If, I had to give CL a grade, it would be a D-.!! I hope who ever is in charge of FORMAT design at CL, that they listen and give the CL customer, like me, what we want, the ORIGINAL FORMAT back. Thank you. JD:0


I would like to know why in all these years that I have used CRAIGSLIST, that on rare occasions I get an answer from someone's ad. And that's when there is a phone number in their ad. I have applied for many female vocalist jobs all over New England and the east coast to no avail. I think I'm a very good even GREAT singer but maybe there is some prejudist???

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