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where is an alternitive

Where is my government Why no competition These guys are a nightmare No two pay the same

Customer Service

This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


comcast dos not put their customers first. they should stop saying such.


Horrible, has Been a problem since dec and going into the end of March...still having issues. Tired being on the phone several times a week for several hours to get no where. STAY away from COMCAST.

awful costomer service

Been on the phone every 9 days with comcast since dec.2013 it is now feb.20 2014 just got off the phone after 3 hours and still no fix for the problem. After seeing that their are 414 bad reviews it makes me think comcast dose no even read their own reviews or care. As long as they get our money. If it's this bad now what will it be like if their able to buy Time Werner cable

lousy service

comcast has to be the worst cable company ever.there tech support can't even get a modem to work right.

Poor Service

The installation of Xfinity was a total farce. After 4 hrs on the phone there was no help to get new box to work. I had paid ahead and now with no service, and no refund I cancelled service. I will post a complaint on the Florida BB web site. Comcast should go out of business.

never had more trouble getting anything done. They installed system had to call 3 to 4 times a day to try and get things working correctly was always switched from one dept. to another supervisor after supervisor most times left on hold for up to 30 min before line disconnected then had to start over. Called corporate office no answer. While writing this I am on the phone on hold and on my third call and being shifted to another dept. and NO ONE wants to do anything to compensate me or help. Would not recommend you start with Comcast.

Stat far away from this company

Worst customer service ever and if you can believe it the tech service is even worse..


I have been trying to get my services upgrade and have had no luck. I had a technician come out and after two hours he left with nothing done. After trying to get someone at comcast 6 hours later and never did. Called againg the next day and they made another appt to come out and the date they gave me later found out that they changed it withoot letting me know. This has been the wrost exprince of my life. I have all of my services with you. I have tried tor reach someone in the united states and have had luck. Not a happy coustomer!!!!!


I'd rather not have cabel or internet than to ever have to deal with Comcast's substandard service and incompetent, wannabe Customer Service Representative. I hope Comcast goes bankrupt. If there was such a thing as a neagtive star, that's how I'd rate them. Just switched to Verizon.

Die Comcast - Please

The worst customer service ever. Been a customer for over 25 years. Am moving on the pathetic Verizon because I just can't stad to give anymore money to Comcast. And they are building a state of the art building in Philly that we saps are paying for!

poor poor company

I am a former employee there in the Fishers, IN office and they are as bad to work for as they are to deal with as a customer. And for those of us who actually DO want to help the customer and make it a pleasurable experience, WE get reprimanded and told that we have to follow company protocol. And that is...when you call to lower your bill...we are supposed to try to SELL you another product and increase your bill!! I hope comcast burns to the ground! !

Billing Error/Never fixed

I have called comcast several times trying to fix billing error for two modems that i have not had for 2 yrs. Comcast csr promised to have someone call me and they have not called. Bill still shows $14 for two modems that i personally purchased on ebay not comcast property. I will be writting corporate complaint. They owe me about $400 by now.

Last chance

This is the last chance I am giving Comcast to fix the problem or I am discontinued the services. Been having the same problem since I moved to my new house, I keep getting the run around and nothing is being done. Either I have someone contact me soon or I will go even further than this.


I recently posted about customer service and techs at comcast. The tech was a no show for second day in a row. I went to the office, They are completely innocent of any wrong doing. I personally saw their reaction they were honestly concerned. And went to the tech supervisor he was wonderful in dealing with the problem. They took care of the whole thing, so next time don 't take it out on them try to be patient. Keep in mind that could be your daughter,wife,mother. Speak to them kindly, and remember they are only in the middle........

The worst service provider ever

Never deal with Comcast. They are now trying to rip you off another way by limiting your internet service and charging for usage over your limit that they assign to you.

Poor poor poor service, they tell you it is free and turn around and tell you, you have to pay for it now. That is just wrong

Awful Customer Service

I called because my internet has not worked properly for over a month. After waiting on the phone for 45 minutes, a person of spanish decent got on the phone and I basically could not understand one word she said. Whats wrong with this picture! My internet is still not working. I am 60 years old and I've never in my entire life seen a company with as worst customer service as Comcast !!!!. If someone in your company had any guts, they would reach out to me, but I'm so positive they don't. Your president's message is the customer is priority #1, who is he kidding.

Horrible Customer Srv Mgr

Spoke with Comcast in Miami last night for 45 minutes (305-comcast) Supervisor refused to help or escalate up the chain for resolution. Claimed there was no one above him in rank - name was Daniel and refused to provide his last name because it was "personal". When asked if the call was being recorded said "why are you recording it?" What a disgraceful customer service supervisor .

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