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Selling products that don't exist

Our company signed a 36 month contract with Comcast for business phones, internet and TV and we were told at the time we signed up that we would get 15 Microsoft e-mail accounts. We attempted to use a couple for new employees and were told when we went on line that we had exceeded our allotment. Finally spoke to someone who asked me to send info over and when they called back we were informed that the brochure I sent over with a copy of our contract had expired in April 2014 (we signed 8/5/14). Comcast will not honor the brochure even though it was their fault for supplying the wrong info. Attempts to reach people other than tech or our local rep is a fight as nobody wants to give out other phone numbers.


service went out again for phone, ibnternet & cable on this last Sunday. Called and found it would be again for most of the day until 9:30pm and asked for credit. Wa told I would have to call back today. I have upperlevel internet, but when you check speed it is not what I am paying for and when it rains or storms my service goes out. I might as well use Direct at a lower price. In Indiana you were great but n Florida you are the pits. Even this isn't working right or maybe yoy intend for it not to so you can say system issues. Very Unhappy in Florida

HORRIBLE cust serv...

This company is a joke... VERY rude, unfriendly service. They don't care about their customers. New customer as Feb 2014 and have had nothing but problem after problem with them. The billing was wrong from the start and is still to this date. I have contacted their corporate headquarters 8 times and they are no help either. I am done with this sorry excuse of a company I am cancelling everything I have with them and reporting them to the BBB

bad customer service

tried to order cable connection from Comcast. I called back to get a few questions answered and no one could find the order I placed. Not even by the conformation number. After over an hour and a half, I gave up. Then I went to my email to see if Comcast had sent anything. Well they did. A copy of my order. My name (first and last) was misspelled and my phone number was wrong. I even spelled out my name for the lady who took my order. That is really bad service!!!

customer service and techs SUCK

I have been a customer for 20+ years I have had a temporary wire on our power line for 1 1/2 year. The weather has damaged(tornadoes, hail storm and constant rain) The last few months I have begged for it to be changed and here it is 4 technicians later and numerous charges to be told the wire needs to be changed. I have another tech coming out 8-01-14 but will not be allowed in my home. The problem is not in the home!!!!The customer service is horrible with the wait time. I have been on the phone today for third time 39.57 mins and counting. The first 2 times hung up on when they put me on hold or transfer. I am tired of Comcast and will be looking soon to change my service. Probably Universe. Congratulation Comcast another valued customer YOU LOST

Customer Service

Been with Comcast for four years. Brought a new house and had service transferred. The tranfer did not happen because Comcast technician did not want to work on the weekend the transfer was scheduled. Now I am with Direct TV. Terrible customer service experience.


Can't get into my account. Pls Stop changing my password. Also I am an investor. Where are my $$$.

Company is a joke

I am a new costomer trying to get service well after six hours of waisting my time and over 12 phone calls still no service each department transferred me to another one couldnt get anybody to answer a question for me

the worst customer service experience I have ever expereinced !!!!

I had been trying to set up service for my corporation for the past 2 weeks. the experience has been horrible from the sales rep to the unknowledgeable tech to every customer service rep including supervisors. NO ONE has been able to help us and even care about what we are going thru. My mission is to find a way OUT of our contract. as I am typing this I have been on hold for 52 minutes!!! and still holding. WOW... The worst. shame on you them.

Worst service ever i had with comcast

Comcast Sucks


is there anybody in America that I can talk to.. I am sick and tired of calling a local number and getting some place from a customer service agency in the Asia. Customer Service is the worst BRING BACK THE JOBS IN THE UNITED STATES!!!!

Worse service ever!!!! Customer service Horrible

where is an alternitive

Where is my government Why no competition These guys are a nightmare No two pay the same

Customer Service

This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


comcast dos not put their customers first. they should stop saying such.


Horrible, has Been a problem since dec and going into the end of March...still having issues. Tired being on the phone several times a week for several hours to get no where. STAY away from COMCAST.

awful costomer service

Been on the phone every 9 days with comcast since dec.2013 it is now feb.20 2014 just got off the phone after 3 hours and still no fix for the problem. After seeing that their are 414 bad reviews it makes me think comcast dose no even read their own reviews or care. As long as they get our money. If it's this bad now what will it be like if their able to buy Time Werner cable

lousy service

comcast has to be the worst cable company ever.there tech support can't even get a modem to work right.

Poor Service

The installation of Xfinity was a total farce. After 4 hrs on the phone there was no help to get new box to work. I had paid ahead and now with no service, and no refund I cancelled service. I will post a complaint on the Florida BB web site. Comcast should go out of business.

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