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I tried to resolve issues regarding Chase bank fees....several emails and several phone calls and I am given differnt answers from everyone I talk to. I was told by an associate the computer maximizes the postings to the banks advantage. When I called today I'm given attitude....as a customer that is unacceptable, Chase solicted my business and they are more than lacking in the customer service dept. I was told today that the largest amount posts first which then sent the ACH transactions into overdraft...the ACH transactions give you until the end of business day to transfer money or to make a deposit..so they post a check that wasn't there 6 hours ago before the ACH transactions to maximize their fees. I took time dated screen shots that show items were not posted on the dates and times they show and that the order is changed. Items shoudl be posted in the order received and definitely not the wrong date and I intend to send those time stamped and dated screen shots into corporate to prove my point. This is unfair business practice to say the least. Than I request a manager and of course none available...go thru the entire thing with one "specialist" get transferred to a "senior specialist" and she was absolutely rude talking over me and raising her voice..very poor customer service. And of course as stated above no main number for corporate customer service and refused to give the address which I now have. They say they pride themselves on customer service and everyone matters as their customers. My account does not make them money yet when they solicited me the banker made the statement the little people sometimes become the big people. Call me gullible I believed them I will be closing my account and recommend to everyone and anyone that Chase is not the way to go.....that you can count on.

chase mortgage company comsumed my mortgage after I suffered losing my home in an electrical fire; from frist place bank. I was victimized in a fraudulant scheme concerning the building contractor.He was formall charged of felonious acts by a governmant agency. chase refused to relinquish my insurance claim money of 70,000.00 by claiming nonpayment to me, their mortagee. Without funds to complete my home with the second contractor, i was forced to relay on my own retirement savings to fund the home to completion to a second contractor. chase claimed nonpayment for eighteen months, a complaint to the OCC got my 70,000 returned. chase refuses to take responsibility to pay me early withdraw pentalites of 6,000.00 of my retirement pentalites. no wonder why michigan has numerious crimes of building contractors reported every year, they have chase banks and insurance companie like Allstate that condone and even support their criminal behaviors that leave people without means to rebuild their homes. A mirror reflection of what coporate banks of America has become, sadly enough.They are as heartless,malicious as the criminals are. Chase is not accredited with the Better Business bureau because they do not want to be held accountable to their customers. No wonder why Chase Bank reputation for scamming millions from their mortgages is so prevelant. I am planning to pursue my issues with governments consumer agencies and advise other to do the same, there are power in numbers and only if we all come together will changes be possible.

No matter what number your call, you will land up in Manila. There you will talk to people that really dont know what they are telling you, because you get 2 -3 different EXCUSES. After getting tired of getting the run around, I asked for the phone number to the corporate office and was told that there was NO SUCH NUMBER...from a supervisor yet! Well, I found the C.O. number and called it... and wouldn't you know it . . . I was sent to Manila...AGAIN!! I'm glad I am closing my account. CREDIT UNION HERE I COME!!!!

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I thought I had happened on a bunch of inept people in the Broadway-Camino Seco branch in Tucson, az. After reading these comments I no longer think that this was an isolated case but the Chase Corp way of doing business. I have been banking with chase for at least 15 years and have been told things in the past that were incorrect and in some cases cost me a lot of money. Shame on me for not changing banks sooner.

This company is horrible they lied about every aspect of there service to get me to open my business account and after things began happening every promise they made me was a joke.for instance they he me and my wife that if we opened two personal business accounts one for her and one for myself that within seven days we would get a gift of one hundred dollars in each account but we had to open the accounts with one hundred dollars in each account after seven days we would have two hundred from Chase.well after fourteen days we went to the bank to wee where our money was and they manager annabel the same person who told us about the money denied everything and said she told us it was six months not seven days.after I threatened to go to the news they decided to give us the money.this is just one of many horrible lies they told me.Chase bank inManteca. California is horrible filthy liars who will do anything to steal your business.watch out for wahid the personal banker he is a lying S.O.B. and Annabelle the manager lets it go on. this is James Kirk I own best prices on water heaters and plumbing. this is the first stop on my list of people to complain to and I'm going to the media people need to know who is lying and stealing from them.

PLEASE, PLEASE! Do not bank or consider any kind of transactions with so called Peoples Bank, it a very deceiving Institution, starting with Corporate in New York, and it starts here,. and If it starts here with corruptoion,it trickles down to all branches, deceiving Customers it is their # one priority, I am having an extriming hard time for them to re_issue a $37,000 cashiers check to buy a home, they "Preached" to me nonsense, they said I have to wait 3 MONTHS to get my money, so what this meaans, I will not be able to buy my dream home; they told me that I may cash the Cashiers that were put on "STOP" later on a differenft. naame which means I am a thief! B.S. please bank with a Real Bank, you do not need headackes like these, the names of these West Covina Branch on Hacienda Blvd. Are; Rosa Crus, Jeannet, would not give last name, and Vice President, Johathan, would give last name, (HIDING and Cindy Carlos. CANGHE! (NoulicPublc

Chase Bank customer service is the world's worse. I bank with chase and I have been on the phone every day for 7 days to get a payout figure on a property that is trying to close. You would think they would want to get their money, wouldn't you? I have talked to at least 20 different people, I have been given the run around by E_V_E_R_Y_O_N_E of them. They are either lazy, stupid, ignorant or a combination of all three. What irritates me is that there are so many people who are unemployed, who want to work, who are motivated and can't get a job. On day 10th I finally got call from this manager Redmond WA Dale Brown, he was very races, rude, bad customer service and look like his never happy him self as childhood. I just need to clear may casher check to buy property to close, this bank and Opus bank totally screw me over by one issue me casher check the other didn't deposit on my account within time firm which they personally guarantee me on the Redmond WA branch by Angela & Dale Brown. How hard is it to get a DEPOSIT CUSTOMER CASHER CHECK???????????????????????????? Absolutely unbelievable. So it is day 15 and I still don't have the figure I need. If you hear the name Chase & Opus, run as far away as you can do bank with them.

I have an autoloan through Chase and they repeatedly process my payments incorrectly, even though I use the exact same information every single time. They have charged me a 25 dollar fee due to a "returned" check- even though a use their website to submit my payments to be drafted from my account. I double and triple check the account numbers, and some how there are errors when it is being processed. My theory is fraudulent activity as I am paying my loan off early and they are losing my interest funds. I was insulted by their customer service Supervisor during an hour long conversation while she repeated the same information over and over and over despite my issue. If you bank with chase, or are considering using chase for any services, do yourself a huge favor and don't!

Chase Bank customer service is the world's worse. I work for an attorney and I have been on the phone every day for 14 days to get a payout figure on a property that is trying to close. You would think they would want to get their money, wouldn't you? I have talked to at least 15 different people, I have been given the run around by E_V_E_R_Y_O_N_E of them. They are either lazy, stupid, ignorant or a combination of all three. What irritates me is that there are so many people who are unemployed, who want to work, who are motivated and can't get a job. On day 14 I finally got a fax, and it was for the amount to get the loan back in good standing! NOT what was asked for . How hard is it to get a PAYOUT AMOUNT?????????????????? Absolutely unbelievable. So it is day 15 and I still don't have the figure I need. If you hear the name Chase, run as far away as you can.

Thought I would add this since a lot of these postings are in the last couple of months. I stopped using Chase for a couple of reasons but the main one is because as a military family, they are now using "100k Vets to Hire" Program. What people dont know is that Chase was forced to do something for our vets after scamming millions from their mortgages and putting them in foreclosure during deployment which is against federal law. Yeah they got busted and are kissing butt now.

within the legal guidlines of the banking industry said bank ( J.P.Morgan Chase ) has always been good to myself and my family members that bank there, i opened accounts with Chase for my children and myself after the takeover of washington mutual / my complaints have always benn resolved equitably and quickly

I recently refinanced my home to Chase and the person (loan officer )that handle our loan will never call us when we have question ? Sometimes she will contact us 3 to 4 days later. When we are ready to finalized and sign the loan she was not present. The lady pull out the documents and the amount is incorrect , we tried to contact her severals times and she never return our calls, We had email her and leave messages her voicemail to make sure she have the correct amount and she never call us back to verified the amount. We cannot postponed it per spouse have to leave overseas for work and will not be back in US for 2 monts. We when ahead and sign it ..we just have to come up with the difference our own pocket to paid off our existing loan We are so upset that we wondering how could Chase employed someone like her so unorganized and incampetent.I wonder if Chase have lots of law suit because of employee like her? You think it was over? Oh no! our insurance and tax will not be started till 03/2012 so we are paying double for six months they taking insurance and property tax in out mortgage payment monthly and we are paying it in our pocket because according to them we did not have existing escrow from our previous loan so we have billed a somekind of roll over for next year. Keep in mind this not on the document ..it show that Chase will pay property tax and insurance starting next month. We did not know this because when we read the documents it stated Chase will pay and dollar amount for six months the remainder of 2011.. if we had known it , we gone ahead and stick to paying the insurance and mortgage tax ourselve, why would we want to pay double ? We refinance to save money instead Chase put us in finnancial bind. You think you sign the documents and it estate that Chase is paying the property tax and insurance for six months we close on 06/2011 They saying that's how Esrow work. Is this legal? anybody experience this thru Chase? Chase is gotten so big and they out of control,Now I know what the meaning of Chase ...They literaly Chase you and clean you out financialy...I will defenitely advised to all of you out there to check out your credit union and you will get good ,honest ,quality service. And this is a fact the bigger the bank you get less quality service and employee's in branch will lie to you to get your business because most of them are on commision and have to meet their goals and quota every month if not they will be terminated. And to James A Denton please find another bank to refinance your home trust me that the sign how unorganized this bank is.

I made an erroneous transfer of $20K from my Chase account to another vendor account who happened to also be with Chase and about $17K in the hole. The money was suppose to go to my other account. I saw the error and called chase the next day and they said their system showed it pending, but before they could clear it, the transfer went thru, and Chase swiped $17K. I have not been able to get Chase to return my money...any help?

I wish there was a "no stars" rating I could select. In the past several months I have deposited over $12,000 (in El Paso, TX) to my brother-in-law's (B-I-L)account . Never had a problem with Chase accepting the deposits. When I tried to cash a check my B-I-L had written to me for $41.00, however, they tried to charge me a $6.00 fee to cash it because I don't have an account with Chase. Intereting - I can deposit thousands, but cannot withdraw (without fee) $41.00 from the same account. I tore the check up and threw it on the manager's desk. Feeling it necessary to respond, I am reminded of the Quaker's curse which goes like this, "I am not allowed to swear at thee, nor call thee bad names, but when thee returneth home this night I hope thy mother runs from beneath the porch and bites thee on the leg."

FYI-CHASE CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Dear Mr. Emerson: LIVERMORE, CA. CHASE BRANCH OFFICE Yesterday my wife and I closed on our Refinance Program with Chase. We started our search for a lender six months ago in a market that is extremely competitive, highly aggressive, and lacking in the personal relationship building aspects of a bank and the client. Michelle Elliot and her banking team have separated themselves from the rest of the pack with their personal touch, attention to detail, compassion and willingness to listen. We are so pleased to have worked with Michelle, her outstanding performance and professionalism should be recognized in handling the most important financial transaction in our lives, our home. Sincerely, Cliff Hinck Cliff Hinck E-mail: cliffhinck@earthlink.net Tel: 925-449-5017 Cell: 415-238-7016

On May 29, 2007, I made Wamu Bank, know Chase Bank aware that the client's idenity was being stolen. The clients files were left unlocked on the desk of mortgage professionals. I thought when I contacted Regina Terry, a human resource professional regarding this issue, they would be grateful, instead they fired me, ruin my livilhood, caused me to become ill and they called me crazy, even though I had a really good relationship with all of my clients. A great portion of stolen idenities happen at this level, in this case cleaning people were stealing sensitive information and using it to secure credit. If your idenity is stolen, start at the financial organization.

I called their branch office in Surprise AZ to speak with a manager and i was told there isnt one that the assistant is on the phone and she will call me back, its over an hr and still no call back, they dont care about their customers at all. I have a store taken a second paymenmt out that is already paid and they are allowing it. Chase works with other companies and tells them to double bill and they will let it go through, yes Chase does steal from their customers, If you call and say something they always say we have to let it go through and pay it then we can fight it but when they do they seem to always find that sorry we cant give you back your money, Chase is not for their customers.

TO: Stephan Hutson 10/27/10 RE: 18 Months going through a loan modification... Hello Stephan, I may be able to give you some insight and suggestions based on my experience with the M. F.'ing C. S.'ers at Chase's loan modification dept. Contact me at my email: jamesacarpenter1@gmail.com


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