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Worst Bank Ever!!!!

Chase Credit Card has the worst customer service ever!!! I would never recommend anyone to use them. Amazon does so don't sign up for their card or you will be most displeased.


You have NO customer service for se niors in the state of Illinois

my son did everything that was asked of him to avoid foreclosure and your for a short sale and there were 2 offers and the bank would not accept the and decided to buy the house at even more loss. What is wrong with you ? Your banks in Milwaukee don't relay care shame on your people .


You need to open a branch in Pensacola, FL!!!


this bank has the worst customer service of any establishment I have ever dealt with, they do not return calls, and could care less about your concerns.

this banks is not a good bank. i share an account with my husband and yet i still cant get info on the account without him present.


since home saving bank....what a change in a negative way! after many, many years we have closed our accounts-as of today!

Amazing Bank

I have never been more happy with a bank as much as I have with Chase I do not believe I will ever leave they work with you and aren't against you when something goes wrong I am so happy with all the staff and Corporate for having a bank that I can trust


This company is one of the worst banks EVER...our account was compromised and they have been investigating the issue for 3 months now with no updated info, then today they go and do a charge back off the same acct that they had us closed when the acct was compromised, they went into our new acct to bring out money and put it into the closed acct for the same transaction that we told them was not us in the 1st place....they suck and I have told everyone i know to leave this bank the hell alone

A Bank?

My kid opened an account at Chase. The first time I attempted to make a deposit in the student account I was informed that they could not accept cash as I do not have an account with them. I could use a personal check or money order. Who is the brain that decided cash can not be deposited in one of their accounts. Is Chase A Bank? My money will not go there

Wire Transfer

Chase is one of the worst banks to provide customer service. We had a wire transfer done, the acct # was amended, Chase received the amendment and the money is still sitting in limbo. My husband has spent two days on the phone speaking with every person that he gets transferred too. Today we are told that they have until 5:00 to determine if they will depoist our check or send it back. They have had the check since the 10th. Meanwhile we will have check bouncing, something that has never happened to us. Poorest customer service I have ever had to deal with. We have our morgage, car loan, 2 cking acct. We will be closing the acct,, looking to morgage our place through another bank and our car loan.

Back off, please!

It really creeps me out to go into a Chase Bank. The employees are lovely and friendly, but they are TOO friendly. I don't like them asking me personal questions - What are you doing today? What big plans do you have for the weekend? - This is none of their business. They are not my friend. They are pleasant and polite, and I am pleasant and polite back. I know they are trained to ask questions like that, but I don't like it. I just want them to do their job.

Previous Customer

I moved to Amador County and had to close my acct because there are no Chase Banks in the Jackson, CA area where I can go into a bank. We have atms but can not make deposits. I'm old fashion and like the personal service. My sons have accts with Chase and will be closing accts. I'm asking for Chase to open a bank in the Jackson CA area if not have ATM s where you can make cash/check deposits then I can come back to Chase.

Refi Nightmare

HORRIBLE!!! After the appraisal we decided to go with a different lender because of interest rate and type of loan. THEY WOULD NOT TRANSFER the appraisal or refund my money! They stopped returning calls and e mails - horrible - I will be moving my checking and savings too!

not good

i was in chase bank on dunde road in northbrook il and the service sucks i asked if she could fill out a deposit slip for me and she said thay dont do that this happened two times at that branch really i have been banken at chase for a long time and i have never all other chase branches does tow times

Short Sale

totally disappointed in the Short sale processing. Our packet has been passed off to at least eight different people,they have lost our paperwork numerous times, and no one returns calls. Absolutely a horrible mortgage company. Poor customer service. DO NOT do a short sale with this company!!!


This credit card is the worst I have ever experienced. From other responses I see that I should have checked first before I let myself be talked into getting this card. You think you have gone to a third world country, where you probably get treated much better. Each month I need a new password because mine does no longer work. Then the security questions I answer as best as I can and they are always wrong, as if I did not know where I have worked. they know but I somehow forgot this whole thing. Surprising how stupid I must have gotten. I will cancel the card because no human should have to go through this ever in his/her life. Shame on you, Chase, for treating people so terribly. When do you see that this is unacceptable? When are you making changes?????

what a joke

Dont ever go through chase bank for a loan. Their underwriters have no clue at all. Instead of going through the whole application once and sending it back with ALL THE CONDITIONS that need to be met. They stop as soon as they see something and send it back. When you meet that condition then send it back to them AGAIN . Soon as they see something that they don't like they send it back AGAIN . and so on and so on. Very unprofessional. Lousy customer service. Absolutely terrible.


After banking with Chase for a little over a year and building a great relationship with my business bankers I was disappointed with the fact that I not only almost lost my business but am now in all kinds of other debt due to a bank error. Now I am getting collection letters and was said nothing could be done unless it was 100% bank error, which indeed it was. Thanks Chase! Let's hope you can make this right!

Automatic Deposit Chase visa debit Card

I dont ever recommend getting this card, I have had 2 occasions now using an ATM machine at the drive through at a Chase bank,withdrawing all my money and being denied on the transaction not getting my money because of a technical problem but still the money is taken out of my account and then having to wait 10 days for them to investigate and then issue me back my money. only to find out that the drivethrough ATM isnt even owned by Chase its an outside company, beware of using these machines chase is not responsable per the manager of the bank! The same applies to these debit card which clearly have their name on them Chase debit , they also are another company not chase!

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