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No grilled onions

So I went to the east York bww in York pa and I asked for grilled onions on my burger and management told me they could not do that and they won't do that UNBELIEVABLE How can grilling a onions be so hard to cook and take so long No if my Restaurant I would be ashamed

unprofessional managers

I love the food but that managers are so unprofesinal in Secaucus nj , i always see them doing nothing they always chatting with the waitresses, and i have a friends the works there and i seen that the stuff scheduling is so unorganized, they should be on top of the manager more , i suggest to get managers with more experience.


I work there for a week then i did not like the management too unprofessional is like 6 people in charge supervisors and managers and everything is so unorganized. So i left i wad so post to get pay to weeks ago i been trying to contact them over the phone everyday they have me on hold and hung up on me i show up they have me waiting and still no answer about my pay...

Worse service ever

I love Buffalo Wild Wings. Never have I had a problem until I visited the one in watertown ny. They have the worst costumer service ever from their waitresses to their management to the point where it makes me not want to visit this location anymore. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE.


here's a suggestion why don't you all have a Buffalo Wild Wings blazin hot wing challenge just a suggestion by the way I like your food

Man there is too many people that complain these days and probably only to get free food or just have a plain bad attitude. Here in Texas BWW is one of the regular places to go and has great variety of wings and sauce. Unlike most other wing places that only have ten at the most.


Normally we are huge BWW fans, but I will never ever eat at the one in the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, MD again. I have never seen an establishment that tells you it will be a 25 minute wait when the place is half empty.... The reason they are holding tables for people walking around the mall.. Dumbest policy ever

Terrible waitress

This waitress in Harrison, Ohio, was one of the worst waitress I ever had to deal with. Got my order, wrong never brought me a refill. Could hardly get her to stop talking to other waitresses and her friends to get our check. If this is a way Buffalo wild wings is going to run their business, especially when I want to get back to work from lunch. This girl had long black hair and her name was Nicole I think she should discharged, and get a better waitress one who cares about her job.

Hair in food

Had a salad to go when I was almost done eating the salad there were three curly black hairs in the he salad. I called the manager at the Elmwood location in Louisiana. He want me to drive back and get another salad on the house, no thanks. He should have reimbursed my money. I will never eat there again. Poor customer service.

Had the worst exsperance ever at the bww in Nashville west in Tennessee the management is awful they wouldn't even help the servers not to mention heard them talkin about some of the servers

Your food sucks. Unreal that every time I eat here my food isn't prepared how I ask. Not to mention that I can only have a few drinks before I'm told I can't have another drink. Seriously. I could understand if I was visibly drunk or slurring my words. Some people can handle their alcohol. Will never step foot in this restaurant again. Sports and alcohol and can't get a buzz. No bueno. What's the point.


We'll I had an interview at Texarkana Texas Buffalo Wild Wings the boss Bryant is a flirt n the workers up there are rude n nasty I called n called n Bryant told me he will pull my application then 4 wks passed n months still no call they are horrible n rude worst ever


I posted my resume on Monster.com. I'm currently unemployed and serious about finding a job. They contacted ME and arranged a phone pre-screen for the following day. I rearranged my schedule to be home for this call. The call never came. This speaks to the company's professionalism, or lack thereof. I'd rather be unemployed than work for this company.

Horrible follow up

After a horrible experience at BW3 in Savage 2 weeks ago I contacted their coorperate office to lodge a complaint. I left my my name and address and requested that someone get in touch with me to discuss my visit. No one called me back so I left another message to contact me 1 week ago. Still no phone call from BW3. I go there at least once a week and more often than not I go 2 times a week either with friends or my family. I will never step foot in a BW3 from this day forward.

new menu choices suck!!! go back to old way of ordering however many wings i want with a discount that is noticeable as you order more wings...

worst service and managment

My in-laws fiance and I like coming here at least 3 a month we spend most of our social time here, until this past Friday we had a horrible service starting with waiting for 45 min for a table we waited but the problem was that when the host called the name of the person in front of us weren't there instead some smart people that were barely walking in decided to say it was them which they weren't ,finally I told the host it was not them the people in front of us the host looked scared and lost he didn't know what to do so I ask to speak to a manager which made me more angrier and didn't fix the situation at all ,we all left really upset not only because people cut in front but they wouldnt give us the booth we requested , we left angry and I'm sure my in-laws and I will find a better place to socialize on weekends.

bad customer service

We go to this location almost three times a month we love coming here. But on this occation it was different we were waiting for about 45 minutes which is usually the wait time we don't mind but this time the host called a name before us people in front of us tried to cut saying it was them which it wasn't they had barely got there we told the host and he didn't do a thing ,I ask to speak with a manager thinking she was going to do something about it because we had requested a booth that the host gave to the other people and the bad lmanager on duty didn't do a thing either her name was Rene .we were very upset at this point because she wasn't trying to solve this with a good customer service manner instead she proceeded to not fix the problem we left really upset .I'm sure I will not come back to this location again. Location was west Covina cal.


Don't waste your time or money on this place unless they change management and retrain the crew in the FT. MYERS, FL. store!!!!

Experience irlo Bronson west

First time in this restaurant And wanted the tablegating sampler Allergic to jalapeƱos so asked if I could substitute another sampler Item Was told no Then asked for plates she said no plates so I asked could we get platters with paper she said had to ask manager

DO NOT GO to the Arlington Location

The Arlington, VA location has bad service. I ordered my food online and when I arrived it was not ready. When re-ordered it took forever and I had to go back to work. When I requested a refund the manager did not show up to handle my situation. Service is BAD all the way around no question. This was my first visit and it did not leave me with a good impression. Customer service at the management level needs an OVERHAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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