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great service at Harlingen,texas

i think i have bad altornater

I will have them check the batter first . then the alternator, an I will let you know latter.

need better customer service

Poor customer service ! If a customer has to ask at least twice where a product is located, there is a serious problem if they have to ask for a third time. Let's do better.

rude and ignorant

I really can not stand when people are unhelpful yet maintain a horrible attitude!

Terrible service and return policy

I purchased a part that I did not need. So I tried to return it and they told I couldn't. So I talk to customer service and they were rude and no help.

Equal pay

After almost 3 yrs with the company I only make .26 cents more than when I started.Keep asking for a raise to at least make what new hires make I never get a answer. We don't have a DM at this time and All I want is a raise to at least what new hires make. I always find something in the store to do when all they ever do is sit around when there are no deliveries or help when there are lots of customers in the store.

Rented a tool for 107.00 and paid cash. When I went to return it the next morning the rude worker told me try back later that they did not have any cash available.

Bad Customer service

Terrible customer service yesterday at advance auto parts store in Charlottesville and that was one of my to go to store when I needed something might be changing if employees don't change their attitude.

Against veterans

My husband is a disabled veteran and here in Oklahoma has a tax exempt card. Steve the cashier asked if we had the hour it would take him to register my husbands information. I thought he was joking because in most stores it only takes a few minutes. I replied we didn't have the hour. Not only did my husband not receive the tax exempt status he's allowed my law, he didn't receive his military discount. If this company thinks so little about veterans they won't be needing our business.


They expect a auto mechanic for minimum wage. Don,'t make your goal 3 months then you will need to find a new employer

Lawn maintenance

I would very much like to talk with someone about doing yard maintenance on several auto parts properties for Advance please , thank you very much.

they don't accept their own gift cards

They won't accept their own gift cards as payment at the website. It doesn't explain this when you are buying the gift cards. Want to rate zero stars.

survey for gas for a year

I did not see any where on this website to enter for a survey for gas I only saw to order parts my question to you where is the survey or is it a come on to get people to the web site . cause this adavanceautoparts.com/survey only gets you to the parts ask for help that's not what I was looking for where's the survey for the gas???

New managers lmfao

I have been shopping @ advance for over 15 years. I tried returning a starter yesterday afternoon to their location on garden st. In titusville, fla & was told by a new manager that my starter didnt come from there! Really?!?!! He also didnt even look up my purchase history. I returned to the store after the idiot left i had no issue returning it!! No thanks to jeff the so call 30yr employee didnt help me and only cost me gas$$$

WMS Analyst at Advance Auto Parts

Colton Kidd, 27, was charged with third degree assault and battery, disorderly conduct, malicious mischief and reckless driving in the Sunday morning incident.

Abusive Co workers

I have been working at advance for eight months now. I feel very bad for this one employee I work with. Everyday they belittle and talk bad about her. They have talked so bad about her to customer's that she is now getting harrassed by them. She is a good worker and couldn't handle the stress so she gave her notice. They have been pushing the good workers away. I am not going to stay working in this environment much longer. Its a negative place to work and they put certain employees down way to much.

Maybe I was wrong,Maybe I wasn't

I apologize yall might not be so bad after all.


They still haven't posted the other post I wrote....Too much truth, but I bet this one makes it up!

Refund Policy

90 day return policy needs to be changed. Poor customer service.


I work for advance auto parts...& now I'm looking into equal employment of Texas.... I work and live in Houston and I'm forced to take lunch after four hours but there's. No break room or area to take lunch, no micro Wave or fride... Force to eat out!!! And spend what little pay I make here...!!!

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