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they don't accept their own gift cards

They won't accept their own gift cards as payment at the website. It doesn't explain this when you are buying the gift cards. Want to rate zero stars.

survey for gas for a year

I did not see any where on this website to enter for a survey for gas I only saw to order parts my question to you where is the survey or is it a come on to get people to the web site . cause this adavanceautoparts.com/survey only gets you to the parts ask for help that's not what I was looking for where's the survey for the gas???

New managers lmfao

I have been shopping @ advance for over 15 years. I tried returning a starter yesterday afternoon to their location on garden st. In titusville, fla & was told by a new manager that my starter didnt come from there! Really?!?!! He also didnt even look up my purchase history. I returned to the store after the idiot left i had no issue returning it!! No thanks to jeff the so call 30yr employee didnt help me and only cost me gas$$$

WMS Analyst at Advance Auto Parts

Colton Kidd, 27, was charged with third degree assault and battery, disorderly conduct, malicious mischief and reckless driving in the Sunday morning incident.

Abusive Co workers

I have been working at advance for eight months now. I feel very bad for this one employee I work with. Everyday they belittle and talk bad about her. They have talked so bad about her to customer's that she is now getting harrassed by them. She is a good worker and couldn't handle the stress so she gave her notice. They have been pushing the good workers away. I am not going to stay working in this environment much longer. Its a negative place to work and they put certain employees down way to much.

Maybe I was wrong,Maybe I wasn't

I apologize yall might not be so bad after all.


They still haven't posted the other post I wrote....Too much truth, but I bet this one makes it up!

Refund Policy

90 day return policy needs to be changed. Poor customer service.


I work for advance auto parts...& now I'm looking into equal employment of Texas.... I work and live in Houston and I'm forced to take lunch after four hours but there's. No break room or area to take lunch, no micro Wave or fride... Force to eat out!!! And spend what little pay I make here...!!!

Very unhappy

Very unhappy!! Just went to my local Advance Auto(Mexico,ME) and told the guy i needed a gift card to order parts online so i could get the discount. First i asked if i could get the discount in store and he said no only online So i said ok then can i get a gift card to order my stuff online. He said ok. When i got home to order i found out u cant order stuff online using gift card.

Not happy

Second time they were waiting on me and then walked off with another customer to wait on them. First time I was standing at the counter. Terrible customer service. I'll not go back, even though they are closest parts store to where I live. Never!

Very Frustrated!!!!!

Having issues with a local store contact managment to complain about an employee and deliveries and get no where ......cant run a business with these issues!!!! hope someone can HELP!!!

Job Application Problems

Have been trying to apply for jobs in my area, zip 31316. Your application system will not let me take the assessment test past the first question. Contacted your corporate HR, said they would get back to me in 2-3 days. That was over a week ago. Have not heard a word from them. Need to know if my applications were accepting and being considered

What a crap

Folks if you want to get screwed, go to ADVANCE AUTO PARTS


your web site is a scam, I wasted one hour of my time signing up for an account to get big savings. your site would not allow me to buy at the oil price special price. shame on you

online survey

love advanced auto but really thinking that the online survey is a scam which is starting to make me think about the store can not get to the web site for the survey it says not a secured site so is the whole store a scam

Advance Auto application issues

Advance Auto ask you to give your date of birth on their online application. This is along with your SSN and driver's license number. The DOB is not legal under current law for pre employment. The SSN and DLN are not necessary for pre employment and leave the candidate in a dangerous position should their database be hacked.

employees need training

Purchased a battery which part of their service is to install the new battery. Two days after my car remote or keys wou, d not start the car. Ended up having to pay another 125.00 to have it towed to dealer only to find out that the battery wasn't installed properly. The positive side wasn't tighten. Being a female that doesn't know anything about cars - this really ticked me off as this battery ended up costing me 250.00 and the time and stress? Ladies be sure you double check the cables if you have them install your battery or a least have a friend check it out.

Outstanding Customer Service

Hi, I would like to commend John Impellizzieri from your Inverness Florida Store. He and his people are friendly and always go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. I actually drive two cities away to go to his store. Which I plan to continue doing as long as they continue treating me like a special customer I will be loyal and faithful to him.

haharassment / age discrimination

started at Advance 2 yrs ago ,age 74, after 6 mos new manager came after 1 week i could tell he wanted me gone , i did my job as well as the others but they were younger, he then hired a younger guy to do the same job, delivery i was paid $7.41 he was over $8.00. I was harassed and belittled time after time.I had a small accident with a company vehicle i was fired yet there are three people still working there that had far worse accidents and still working.

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