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ZGallerie doesn't even rate one star. After my negative experienct I now refer to the chain as "Zed" - a total failure in every way. It is required by law to display signage stating a retailer's non return policy at each cash register. At the time of purchase, there was no signage at their register nor mention of a non return policy, even though my decorator told the sales rep the item may be too big. No one wants to feel ripped off or taken advantage of; and that's exactly how the Store Manager made us feel when we tried to return it requesting store credit. She was hostile, unprofessional, totally inflexible and we were cut off and asked to leave. So customers be forewarned. If you plan to purchase anything from "Zed" expect "Zilch" customer service.... actually "Z" is a perfect acronym for " A Company That Doesn't Care." This will not serve them well over time. Stick to HomeGoods or TJMax who treat customers like gold.

There return policy has forced me to end my 12 yr relationship with this horrible company there over priced crap and return policy is to much see u at your bankruptcy liquidation sale Z Galleries

The worse company ever.................. 0 customer service 0 quality furniture The manager, Yomichalina or whatever her name is, she is a lier and extremly rude and makes you feel you are the one at fault.Please........ Do not shop from Z Gallerie. I regret buying furniture from them. They either need to go out of business or they need to make some serious changes.

I will NEVER go in there again. My friend referred me to that store to furnish my new apartment. My husband gave me a good budget so I was excited to shop! I looked online all night and this morning, I was really excited at one piece and I wanted to see it in person. We walked in not one person spoke to us, this one woman watched us and never said a word. She walked by us numerous times as well and said nothing, not even excuse me when she was passing by us. Finally I approached her I was very upset, she had been sizing us up the from the moment we walked into the store. She was very rude and frankly I have no desire to ever go in there again.

Terrible quality and extremely bad customer service. NEVER buy any furniture from Z Gallerie.

This is the worse customer service place and the most secretive retails store in US, These stores would not last the way they are going and with this kind of poor customer service. Time will come when customers sue them and they will go bankrupt in no time. Do not shop at these stores be warn.

On July 2, 2010, I purchased a dinning set and 8 chairs at Z Gallerie, located at 64 309 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432. In order to process the purchase, they required that we paid the total amount of the sales price in full, as stated in their policy. That was $2,110.05. Ms. Jacky the sales associate, promised me that the delivery date for the furniture would be on July 16, 2010. After numerous calls, the furniture arrived on August 27, 2010. To my dissapointment, the furniture was not the set we paid for. They chairs looked damaged, with spots in it,and poorly finished.. I inmediately called Z Gallerie to place a complaint. They told me that I had to take pictures of the furniture and submit them to the company, for approval. After making numerous calls, Z Gallerie finally agreed to accept the complaint. We requested an exchange for a set of better quality. They told us that we had to pay the difference of $ 436.76 in order to process the order again. We did, trusting that this time they would do business right. But to my dismay, the same story repeated and my frustration was beyond words. So far, it has been a total of $ 2,546.81 paid and a total of 4 months and 15 days waiting for the chairs (to be replaced). I seriously think that Z Gallerie scams customers

Please do yourself a favor and NEVER shop at Z Gallerie. I ordered a $1,200.00 chair from the Schaumburg, Illinois store and problem #1 - we were going to pick it up at the warehouse and were told the wrong location. So, they sent it to the Schaumburg store. When we brought it home and unwrapped it there were scratches all over the leather. They sent out a tech to look at the chair and a week later (I of course had to call) they told me the chair was in "Prestine" condition and that I could not return the chair. I had 3 options, keep the chair as is, get a store credit or I could return the chair with a 25% restocking fee. After calling 7 times and leaving voicemails for a Yomikalan I finally got her on the phone. She told me that I could drop the chair off at the Schaumburg location and would receive a store credit. Today 11/14/10 I tried to bring the chair back and to my suprise there is nothing in the system about this. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with Yomikalan and am not sure how she even has a job at this point. She has the WORST customer service skills I have ever dealt with. To top it off, every single time I call Customer Service I am told that she is the only manager on the floor which is pretty pathetic for a company of their size. I can assure you if she stays as the supervisor at Z Gallerie they will be out of business VERY SOON. Please do not waste your time or money with this store because I can assure you that you will be disappointed. I have been dealing with this situation since the beginning of October and now it is mid-November and nothing has been resolved. Overall I have left at least 20-30 messages and nothing has come of it yet. BEWARE.

I ordered a lamp 11/01/10 at the Sunset Place Gallerie in Miami,Florida by phone,I was told it would be in the following Tuesday and they would call me when it arrived. It is Thursday 11/11/10 and no one has called. I was checking out my AMEX and saw that I was already charged the full amount of the lamp. I saw that the Friends and Family event was going on. I called to see if my lamp was in and spoke with Gaby she stated the reason no one called is because it was overlooked. I asked her if she could give me the 20% off on the lamp and she said since I had already purchased it on 11/01/10 that she could not give me the discount. My take on this is as follows; They charged me without my knowledge,I should NOT have been charged until I picked it up -The lamp is not yet in my possession,they have it in their possession and they would not give me the discount so I said cancel the order and refund my money,Emilio Lopez the manager got on the phone and stated since I had already purchased it I could not get the discount and would rather refund my money $375.00 worth...what kind of business is this, I will never shop there again!!!

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