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I ordered the Vapor Sectional on 5/23 and was told that it would be delivered by the end of June beginning of July. Today 7/12 I called to check the status of my delivery and they told me that the ETA will now be the end of July beginning of August, WHAT???? It took them minutes to take $1500. plus their stupid $310. delivery charge out of my checking acct but I have to wait almost 10 weeks for my couch???? Totally unacceptable, their customer service supervisor "Mitiya" also was so unknowlegable. I asked her to please give me the telephone number to her Corporate Office and she told me that she couldn't do that because it was "PRIVATE" information, is she kidding me???? She should NOT be a supervisor if she doesn't know anything about the company where she works. OK, so I just called back and spoke to another customer service rep by the name of "NIKIE" and WOW!!! what a difference, she went waaaaay beyond her call of duty and drew me back in!!! She was patient, heard me out and really listen and took the matters into her own hands and the buck stopped with her!!!! She asked me if it was ok to put me on hold so that she could called the delivery company and confirmed that they will call me today and even asked me if I wanted her to conference me in with them for delivery time, all this just so that I wouldn't cancel my order!!! Guess what???? I'm getting my in two days!!!!! YIPPEE!!!! THANK YOU NIKIE!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!

I ordered the Montecito dining table on 5/28/2012 (order number 0528289LQIO) at the Corona, CA location. The table was delivered on 6-8-2012. Before the delivery guys left, I asked them to extend both leaves on either side of the table. One side of the leaf was hanging, and would not stay up on one side. The delivery guy looked under the table and told me that two screws were loose. He said he had tightened them, and the table was now ok. The leaf was now able to stay up where it was hanging before. I noted this on my delivery slip and they left my home. After they left, I had tried to put the leaf down and extend it back up again. It would not stay in place, and again was hanging on one side. When my husband and I inspected the table, we noticed that there were two big bolts completely missing from under the that side of the table leaf. It was after hours for customer service, and since it was a Friday, I waited til Monday to contact customer service. On 6-11-2012, I contacted customer service and spoke with someone named Orion Hinton. She advised me she would be sending me an email, and I needed to reply to the email with an attached picture of the hanging leaf and describe what was wrong with the table. I did this, and she replied via e mail on 6-14-2012 stating that she processed a replacement for the table, and I should allow 1-2 WEEKS for delivery of the new table.On 6-20-2012 I received a call from someone saying they were calling to schedule a time for a technician to come and try and FIX the table. I was confused since a replacement was already ordered. The technician said he would contact customer service and confirm. Another customer service rep then called me right after saying that instead of the replacing the table, they were now going to try and fix it. I scheduled the technician to come out on 6-21-2012. The technician showed up with the wrong bolts! None of the bolts he brought fit my table. I was furious, so I then attempted to contact the original customer service rep Orion Hinton by email after the technician left, so I would have documentation. She never replied to my email, so I then called customer service and spoke with a manager who told me she was now going to follow through with sending a whole new table. The new table arrived on 7-6-2012. Again, after assembly, I asked the deliver guy to extend the leave on both sides. AGAIN, one side of the table was in poor condition. It was uneven in the middle and looked as if the middle of the leaf was warped or uneven, causing it to dip in the middle and not lay even with the end of the table. The delivery guy tried and tried to fix it, but nothing worked. He told me I would have to contact customer service again. I made a note on the deliver slip, and he left. I immediately called customer service and asked to go directly to a manager. I was directed to "Chantel" who was very apologetic and aske me how I would like this situation resolved and what I expected z gallery to do. I told her, I just wanted the table in good condition and I wanted to stop this ridiculous process once and for all. She said I could get my money back for the table, have ANOTHER (third) table ordered, or pick something else from the store of equal value. I chose ANOTHER table to be brought. She said she was going to order the table and have it on the next delivery truck and someone would call me this week asap.She also said that because I have had such a terrible experience, that when and if I ever got a satisfactory table, she was going to make sure I got "compensated". She didn't exactly say what that meant. She said if the third table was to my satisfaction, I needed to call customer service again, and she would write in the notes for them to compensate me. It is now Wednesday 6-11-2012 and no phone call for the THIRD delivery, and no calls from customer service. I am livid over this situation. I have never ordered from Z gallerie before, and I will NEVER order again, unless Z Gallerie makes this situation right. I have been more than patient and have not once gotten upset or been rude to any of the deliver people or cusotmer service support. At this point, I feel like I am not being treated fairly considering the many problems I have encountered with this purchase. From the deliver service not assembling the table correctly the first time, from the confusion with the table being fixed or replaced, to the technician not knowing what bolts to bring for that table, to the customer service just pacifing me. Enough is enough, and I expect resolution and a formal apology.


DO NOT ORDER FROM ZGALLERIE, YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT! Is there a star less than one because if there was I would assign it to ZGallerie and their customer service department. I ordered the Brussels dining table in September of 2011 and I am still having problems getting a quality dining table from ZGallerie. I have wasted countless hours on the phone with them and waiting around for deliveries and technicians to fix my damaged table. I sensed the customer service department was getting irritated with a customer wanting a quality piece of furniture and started speaking to me as if I was the problem. I will NEVER buy anything from ZGallerie again not because they sent me a horrible Brussels table but because they never fixed the problem or tried to compensate me for all the many inconveniences.

I would have given no stars but it wasn't an option-I am an interior designer and would NEVER use Z Gallerie for any of my clients. I deal with vendors on a daily basis and I can easily say this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Even the manager's are incompetent with follow through-unbelievable-I cant believe they are still in business! I am so fed up and cannot get my issue resolved!!!!!!!

I bought a candelabra on Saturday totaling $190. I decided to return it because it was a little too large for the area I wanted it for. Because I paid cash for it, I expected to get cash back. NOPE. "I can give you $50 and the rest will be sent to you with a corporate check." REALLY?! I'm sorry, let me get this straight: so I can give you $190 in cash but you can't have the decency to return my money when I return your product the exact way I received it - unused and in perfect condition? Every person I've told about it is in shock as well because NO ONE has ever heard of such a thing! Let's see how long this takes to receive my stupid corporate check. SO annoyed.

All I can say is that I have NEVER had such a bad experience with a company who delivers a damaged product and then makes it worse with HORRIFIC customer service. How are they in business? Below was my email to them after multiple calls to customer service. THEY NEVER RESPONDED! Dear ZGallery, This was my first purchase with ZGallery. I am very surprised and disappointed in your company as a whole, from the in-store experience to your 800 customer service. I purchased a mirror which was and is in stock at my nearby ZGallery: The Shops at Sunset Place 5701 Sunset Dr. # A-03 South Miami, FL 33143 (305) 667-4877 The mirror is oversized so I opted for Zgallery to make the delivery. This took 3 weeks since now the shipment was to arrive from California rather than 7.8 miles from my home. I decided to be patient and use your services. Today, the mirror arrived damaged. My choices are: 1. Wait until the end of Feb (4 weeks) for your delivery service to re-contact me and make a re-delivery as if the order had just been placed today. 2. Pick it up at the store myself. I've worked very hard for ZGallery today. Harder than you have in order to save this sale. I found a delivery service to pick up the mirror. I reasonably asked for a discount on the mirror. I paid 95.00 for you to deliver the mirror and the independent contractor is charging 120.00. The in-store cannot give me a discount. I've done everything to try to help you give me proper service. If I waited for an item, and it's delivered damaged and there's the same mirror 7.8 miles away, is it reasonable to expect me to wait 3-4 additional weeks for delivery?

I recently spent $85 on a couple of accessories. I paid cash. The items didn't work (I was assured I could return them). So I did return them within 5 days only to be told that ALL REFUNDS ARE ISSUED IN THE FORM OF A CORPORATE CHECK - WHICH TAKES 10 DAYS!!!! I have never heard of a policy like this before. I could understand if I had paid by check. BUT PAYING IN CASH SHOULD MEAN YOU RECEIVE A REFUND IN CASH!! There is no mention of this policy on their website, although the very inadequate store manager explained to me it was printed on the receipt.... in very very small print. I like their stuff but as many people have pointed out, their customer service is non-existant. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN.

I bought bedroom furniture a year ago im on my 3rd dresser with a 4th dresser in the works.Also paying intrest for broken product and time spent out of my day from work family there have been 5 peolpe at my house. Dresser drawers that dont close and impossible to get clothes in and out of.This company dose not care about my time and frustation but only my money.The only thing they have offered over a year is a gift card for store can not be used on credit card and they will not even send it to me or tell me how much it is for.Also 50% off on my broken furniture as is and not fixing it if I want to keep it or have the 4th one sent with another year of intrest.I spent $1000 on a dresser why would I want to pay $500 on a broken POS when I could go to rooms2go and get a hole bedroom set with a TV for the same price as dresser not including other peices.Bottom line they dont care and there furniture has style but poor poor craftmanship, I will never shop there agine!!!!!!!I hope I do not get stuck with broken furniture and paying more intrest then planed. today 1-18-12

I ordered a chaise lounge on 9/11 (order0911152LDRH). Still have not rec’d the chair. Spoke with Steve Roseborough, Manager of Customer Relations, several times including on 11/22/11 when he told me that I would have the chaise in two weeks. He never called me back to update the status on the chaise. The last time I spoke with Steve on 12/15/11 he said he would refund my money in its entirety, with no restocking fee. Called Steve on 12/20/11 as my money still had not been refunded. He never returned my call. It is now 12/28/11, over three months since you charged my credit card $869.83. I have neither my chaise nor my money back. Please refund the $869.83 immediately.

The worst customer service ever. My sister spent over $1,000 and lost her receipt. she wanted to return 2 lamps a week later and they told her "No" because she did not have her receipt. They wouldn't even give her a gift card. They told her she would have to keep the lamps. Tried calling customer service and after holding for 14 minutes, they disconnected me. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen.

Truly terrible customer service. I've had my couch for 2 weeks and wish to return it due to it being incredibly uncomfortable and not fitting in the room I wanted it in. They tell me I can return it for 50% of the cost plus delivery charges. That is over $1200 for a couch that sat in my house for just 2 weeks! I think this is incredibly unreasonable. Z Gallerie truly doesn't care if their customers are happy with their purchases. All they want is to make the sale and who cares what happens later?! This is a HUGE company, I can't imagine that they can't lower the restock fee at ALL. You know they are going to take the couch and just give it to the next poor schmuck. Not to mention you apparently have 3 days to make a return - but I didn't receive the purchase until well after those 3 days, so basically I couldn't have made a (charge free) return even if I wanted to. Then they tell me the return policy is stated on the receipt - well I made the order over the phone with my local store, so I didn't SEE any receipt until weeks later when it was mailed to me. Nobody told me this was final sale. Nobody told me I only had 3 days to change my mind. Unbelievable crappy company. Go to a small, non-chain store and buy good quality furniture from people who care about their customers, OK?

OMG the worst customer service I have ever received. Not only were the managers in their stores not any help, but when I tried to call the cooperate office to get some help, that was a joke as well. I was put on hold for almost a hour and when I tried calling back, they would not even answer their phone. Buyers Beware!!! Do not order anything from them or shop in their stores. If you have already bought something and are having problems, just have your credit card take off the purchase and then you won't be out any money. Save yourself the stress and fight it that way because you will not get resolution from this company. I give them a -100 on ratings

ZGallerie will NEVER get another dime out of me. I have spent thousands of dollars with them and every time , it's the same thing. Their customer service is the worst by far. No one will ever call you in regards to your purchases and always give you fake delivery dates. Every time I received a status update, it was because I initiated the phone call. Then they act like your getting on their nerves when you call. If I've payed good money for something that I've ordered over 6 months ago and still hadn't received nor a phone call, I have a right to know what's going on. It always takes a lifetime to receive anything from them and will never call you updates. STAY AWAY FROM ZGALLERIE !!!!!! They will gladly take your money and leave you empty handed , without being apologetic !!!!!! They don't deserve any stars ! I wish I had an extra set of hands so that I could give them 4 THUMBS DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went a few times to the store in Oakbrook Illinois, and it is an African american Manager, the store has 50 % off, so today I was making a line following an African American customer, the manager was telling her secrets, and miss charging her for some items, incredible she also gave her an extra 15 % off in some items, talking about stealing, I asked for another manager, but the other manager it was too busy, and this was happening in her own face.... I will call corporate and tell them, see if they play any attention..... but to me this store is closing due to a lack of customer service professionalism.....


I purchased the Planter's Buffet from Z Gallerie (Fashion Valley Store in San Diego) on Dec. 27, 2010 and am still waiting for shipment. When first purchased I was promised delivery in mid-February. Well mid-February came and went and no call from Z Gallery re my order. I contacted them on 2/20/2011 and was told it would be mid-March and rep would call and let me know when shipment had arrived. She called me on 3/8/2011 to let me know he buffet was in and that I should be expecting a call from delivery. (That was GREAT Customer Service after what I've had since.) Well, I waited 2 weeks so called back on 3/22/2011 and was told there was a problem with the buffet and shipment was refused! They directed me to call the Customer Service line for shipping info. I was told it had been reordered and should expect shipment by mid-April. Well, today is the 18th of April and I called Customer Service and was now told it won't be in until mid-May!!!! (I think at this point I'll be lucky to get it before July if at all!) I hold Z Gallery responsible for not contacting me when there was a problem!!! If I could get a refund, I would today. Now, I just have to wait. How frustrating...one more lost customer!!!

I ordered a table in December of 2009. I am still dealing with getting it resolved. First table I received did not fit together. Customer Service claimed it was the distribution center's fault. I had them get another one for me and drove 2 hours to the distribution center to swap it out, still did not fit together. I was told to wait for another one. Since then, we have moved twice. I am fed up to the point that I just want a refund. I called 3 days ago...no call back. I called today and i've been promised a call back on monday or tuesday. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I RECOMMEND NO ONE BUYS ANYTHING FROM ZGALLERIE. STAY AWAY.

At least I don't feel alone regarding the extreme lack in customer care. I have spent a LOT of money at several ZG stores; I truly like the merchandise and prices on most items are great (excluding furniture). I have to drive a minimum of 40 miles to get to the nearest ZG so visits are destinations. After my last destination visit and being treated extremely poorly, I don't know if I can step foot into a ZG store again. I took time to write to the corporate office regarding the serious decline in customer care and included examples of my poor treatment during my last in-store visit. It was disheartening to not hear a peep back from corporate regarding my letter. That is very sad customer care. All in all, I feel really letdown. A store needs more than great merchandise to get my hard-earned money.

EVERYTHING I READ ABOVE IS 100% ACCURATE --JAY AND LUIS SAY IT SHORT AND RIGHT ON !! We have been doing business with them for over 10 years and we will NEVER buy another thing from them no matter what the savings might be ....I cant belive that they are not out of business yet. their customer service should be a main skit on Saturday Night Live. STAY AWAY !!

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