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Why does the pharmacy in my local Walmart charge 10 cents per prescription to have filled? Received print out of generic meds for $4.00 but Walmart pharmacy tacks on a dime for each one.I realize this is a very small amount but it is the principle of the thing. No where on the print out does it say anything about this extra charge. Is this considered fraud??? Can you imagine how much money they are making off this for the many, many scripts they are filling. Does this only apply to generic?? I realize that the pharmacy maybe a seperate contracted company but it reflects Walmart. Called corp yesterday for answers, have not heard anything and probably won't.

your local walmart in winnsboro sucks everytime you go there you get mistreated by the csm with the moles all over her face. Why do she frown her nose at the people.Also she treats the cashier bad.

Unfortunately going through reading everyone's comments has reminded me once again that no matter how tough times get that I would rather shovel crap if I had to in order to survive than to go back to work for a company that is so corupt and cares nothing about it's employees or their customers. Yeah you might have a few good people who work for Walmart that may treat you with respect and are willing to go out of their way to help you,I know because I used to be one of those employees and I still have many friends and family that unfortunately still have to deal with all the crap that Walmart pulls. As some of you former employees who have worked for Walmart for many years and even those who haven't worked for them long you have seen first hand that it doesn't matter how long you work for them they still treat you like crap. It's funny because I haven't worked for them in over 8 yrs. due to an injury that occurred on the job that I ended up filing a workman comp suit on and won after the fact that they fired me 3 days after returning from light duty on a trial basis to see if I could actually do my job or if I needed to stay on light duty longer. I actually just recieved another lawsuit in the mail today asking me to join in on it. It amazes me that as many class action lawsuits that have been filed against Walmart for the improper way they treat their employees that nothing seems to improve with them. Unfortunately Walmart has put so many small time businesses out of business because they can't afford to compete with a mutil-billion dollar company, Walmart has now become a monopoly in a lot of small towns and even in some of the larger cities. People will continue to complain about Walmart and all their defects, but sadly people will continue to shop with them mostly because they have no other choice. I have tried to warn family and friends that you get what you pay for as well as that they will hate working for Walmart. But in these times jobs are hard to come by so people have no other choice but to work for a company that claims they care when they really don't. When Sam Walton died so did his values and nothing has been the same with Walmart since he died. It disgusts me when I see and hear some of the things that go on with Walmart to this day. What's worse is that no matter what I say hear and no matter how many complaints are made about Walmart or even how many people praise those few individuals no one cares enough to do anything to make the changes that are so needed. Employees who deserve Kudos don't get them and even if they do they don't get anything from it other than knowing that they are doing a great job and those who should be fired over some of the ignorant things that go on still continue to work for Walmart. I have been overseas and have seen better establishments that could compete with Walmart for instance Care Four stores in UAE are almost exactly the same as a Walmart superstore and yet the quality of the items seem to be better and I know the customer service there is much better. I'm not only a former Employee of Walmart but I am also a Veteran as well and it's a crime to hear how a Walmart store in Portmouth, VA on Fredrick's which I have shopped at before I deployed overseas last year has such ignorant employees especially when it comes to how the AMERICAN FLAG a.k.a. Old Glory, Ensign and many other names that she has been given can't be given the respect that myself and many others like me have faught for. What's bad is for those who don't know it Portsmouth, VA has many military bases in and around it, you would seriously think that for a company who claims to be all American and that supposedly supports our troops would actually care about how the flag is flown, especially when it is brought to their attention that it's not being flown correctly you would think it would be fixed. Be forwarned future employees and customers of Walmart that what you pay for is what you get, so if you buy something cheap it's obviously cheaply made as well as don't be surprised when Walmart takes a big crap on you and doesn't care because that is the real true Walmart since Sam Walton died. A Former Walmart Employee and U.S. Navy Veteran

I called three Wal-mart stores in the Los Angeles are for information on buying Hearing Aids, no one seem to have iany information about them and had o idea that Wal-mart even sold them. I tried calling the Corporate Office and was unable to talk with anyone of importance except the Operator; who transfered me to Consumers- Miracle Aid this was done by me two times. How can a company as large as Wal-mart provide such horrible service. Bob. D

I applied to the walmart in Ocala FLon SR 200, I was offered a job past my drug test past my 3 interviews and was waiting for my background to come back, I told them up frontI had a felony for driving on a suspended lic. I did not get the job because of a 1994 incident, 26 years ago.....I can not beleive that walmart would turn down a truely dedicated to be employee for something I already paid for and am not doing now 26 years later....Being in the stores I know how hard it is to find good help that care.... ZI am ready to loose everything and my mother because of a mishap 26 years ago I would figure any company would want people that truely care what they do working for them. It hurts so bad that walmart pertays it self as a comapny that cares I don't see that and then to not be able to talk to anyone in corperate is crazy the store manager told me there is nothing he can do at the store it is a corperate decission but he had no number for me to call and dicuss this with.......... if anyone from corperate reads this and can help that would be great because you are missing out on a dam good employee....It,s just not fair 352-484-8885

I worked for walmart several times. The last time I was a Tire Technician/Lower bay tech.(changed oil.). I do believe that Walmart is getting to big for their britches. During my time there, I witnessed many things that should not go on in a retail store such as this. Drugs, sexual encounters, etc.(none occuring to/with/by me). A good heads up to all future employees of walmart- just b careful.

MIDDLE ISLAND, NEW YORK I give Walmart -0 Rating. The only reason I go to Walmart is because it is the only store within 20 miles of my home. Approximately 2 years ago I witnessted a young man, mentally challenged being BEAT by the security guard and 5 other Walmart workers for stealing a breakfast bar. He was being punched in the head and back, once he fell to the ground the 5 men proceeded to kick him in his back, abdomen and head. I could not believe my eyes....for a breakfast bar! I started yelling and going between them, "you are going to kill him, stop, stop it"!! I called 911 to report the incident and waited for the police to arrive and explained the situation, such brutality was not necessary. One month ago I experienced similar situation, a woman was being beat, choke hold, punched for a similar situation by the same security guard and 7 other Walmart employees. These Walmart employees are going too far, who do they think they are....how dare they...If they EVER lay one finger on me...ha...WALMART WILL BE IN COURT FASTER THAN I CAN SNAP MY FINGER!! Such Brutality is not necessary!!!!!!!!!

Walmart are straight up crooks. They purposely avoid customer contact because they enjoy tying your situation up for days simply to make .02 cents interest on your money. As long as you continue to foolishly do business with them, this practice will continue. People have power. If you simply buy your stuff somewhere else these crooks can no longer maintain, no longer abuse the poor. It's up to you. If you continue to do business with them, you've no legitimate complaint; you are a SUCKER, plain and simple.

I wish I could give 0 stars.. I went to the Walmart in Norristown on Trooper Rd in PA a week or so ago and my daughter used Parent's choice Advantage. Parent's choice is WALMARTS GENERIC BRAND of formula. She has been on this since birth, I never had a problem with it. Until now, the shelf was completely empty, but at first I figured okay maybe theyre out, I still had a little bit of formula left so I said I would come back. Came back.. Stil shelf empty, angered but still patient. I came back the next day. STILL NO FORMULA. Your employees aren't doing anything, because they only have 2 registers opened with 500 customers so they surely arent running registers and they aren't stocking.. I went to customer service - the lady said she would leave a note for the NIGHT person. But I needed it now, why couldn't she have someone get me some? Oh right, lazy and rude. Okay, I get it. I sent a complaint in - Jeff called me and told me 'Oh someone put it in the wrong spot.' I KNOW THEY DIDN'T BECAUSE I SPENT 15 minutes in the aisle searching one to see if it was hidden and two to compare and see what I could give her. He made excuses for his employees laziness.. I figured that this would be the end of my problem, so I went back, purchased a couple of cans. Now, this week 7/19 - 7-25 I went to Walmart to get more formula because my last can was pretty low.... ONE CAN WAS LEFT! I flipped, sent another complaint in and they wrote me back saying to contact parent's choice... Why would I CONTACT THEM? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STOCK YOUR SHELVES!? I HAD TO BUY MY DAUGHTER DIFFERENT, MORE EXPENSIVE FORMULA that did make her stomach hurt. BECAUSE YOU'RE COMPANY AND EMPLOYEES ARE AWFUL. I SEE SO MANY PEOPLE WALKING, TALKING, AND COMING OUT OF THE BACKROOM WITH NOTHING IN THEIR HANDS. STOCK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. WHY IS THAT SO HARD. It's not like it's body wash that i could live without, its my daughter source of nutrition... THANKS FOR SCREWING EVERYTHING UP. I know I'll never get this resolved and I'll have to figure something out because these employees are rude and lazy, consistently.

There are two Walmart stores about equal distance from me, but the store at 3600 W Mcfadden Ave Santa Ana, CA 92704 is the one I usually shop. I had gone there a couple of times during the “remodeling” but there was so much confusion about where everything was and all the empty shelves during the process, plus I am 66 years old and disabled and all that walking is very hard for me, I stopped shopping there for a while. What I especially liked was that the Site-to-Store was in the back of the store and you could park in the back in the handicapped parking there and go in thru the auto service area and the site-to-store was right there. Wednesday July 21st, 2010, I went into the Walmart store at to pick up an order I had purchased online and had it sent “Site to Store”. I parked in the back as usual and went in and didn’t see the site-to-store sign. When I asked the attendant at the desk for the auto express desk, I was told it was in the front at the customer service desk. I didn’t think, at the time, of getting back in my car and driving back to the front of the store because the handicapped parking is often full. Of course there were no shopping carts or riding carts at that entrance. So I decided I’d take my time and walk, it couldn’t be but so far. Wrong!! Finally, I got to the front of the store and couldn’t find a Customer Service. After walking around the front of the store a little while I went to the jewelry dept. and asked where it was. The lady there pointed it out to me. There was no sign so I would have never found it myself. Then I went where she sent me and there was a line so I got into it. I guess we (humans) are trained to do that. The sign over the counter said Money (something - express I thing), the other side of the room was a lot of machine that were for photos. Again, there was no sign saying site-to-store. I knew I didn’t want photo so I thought this must be the line I should be in. By this time I am in severe pain from the walking so far. I started talking to a lady in line behind me, and she was telling me about how a shelf had fallen on her in that store recently and how she was treated. Her arm and a horrible looking injury and she said when it happened; the store personnel quickly took pictures of the fallen shelf but none of her injury although she was bleeding at the time. The reason I mention this is because this lady called up to the desk for me and asked if this was where you pick up site-to-store and they told her no, it was the photo area. This was after I had stood in this line for 20 minutes and the whole time there had been no one at the photo area! I must mention at this time my back and hip pain is increasing by the minute!! So I go over to the photo area and the girl there waits on me in about 4 minutes and I’m done! I was so angry and hurting when I didn’t have to be had there been a few signs that I requested to speak to a store manager. The girl said the store manager wasn’t there but she would call an assistant manager. She made the call. No one came. A few minutes later she called again, again no one came. Then one of the other workers there called, still no one came. My pain was increasing and so was my anger! Finally and assistant manager showed up. His name was Alvin. I told him that if there had been a sign at the back door saying site-to-store was now at the front of the store, I could have gotten back in my car and went to the front since I wouldn’t already be in the store. Next, if there had been a sign on customer service, I wouldn’t have had to waste time and energy walking up and down the front of the store looking for it, when walking is a major problem for me. And thirdly, if there had been a sign site-to-store somewhere in the photo dept. I would not have had to stand in the wrong line for 20 minutes but could have gotten my shipment and been out of there in 5 minutes. Since I was saying a lot, once I stopped to catch my breath and he started to say something and when we spoke together, he stopped and said “go on”. He very politely listened intently to all I had to say. Then he apologized and told me that he hadn’t been there when the site-to-store was in the back and didn’t know it had been back there, but during the remodeling it was in the jewelry dept. for a while, then moved where it is now. He said he under stood exactly what I was saying and had mention the matter of signs to the manager, to which the manager told him, the signs could wait because he didn’t want to put up handmade signs and make the store look ghetto! I feel this remark is racist in the first place! This makes me wonder what frame of mind the manager is coming from. Alvin is African American and I am white, and I would put money on the fact that the manager would not have made that statement to me but felt it was proper to make it to Alvin. If he had said something like that to me I would have put him in his place immediately!! The assistant manager, Alvin, who talked to me was very polite and calmed me down and did his job well, and I would not under any circumstances want to hear his “manager” not liking him doing his job well! Might I mention, Alvin was not the only assistant manager on duty because on my walk back to my car I saw another one in the back of the store just “standing around”, and it seems that one didn’t have time for customers because as I passed, another customer asked him a question and he told them as he pointed a finger “over there”. A few handwritten signs would NOT look ghetto! It would actually show concern for his handicapped customers during remodeling. I feel this is a discrimination against handicapped if not by intention, by simply not taking us into consideration while planning. Why would you have handicapped parking at the rear of the store “Drive-thru” auto service? That doesn’t make sense. It was obviously was put there so we (the handicapped) could get to site-to-store more easily. If the handicapped parking spaces were put there for shoppers, common sense tells you that there would be riding carts at that entrance or at least some kind of carts! I have enough problems with finding someone to speak with in this store who actually speaks good English, I don’t speak Spanish or even Spanish accent in most cases, but I have to accept this because this is Santa Ana. But, for the manager of this store, to worry about a handwritten sign looking ghetto, he must think he is above the people who shop that store! I have good credit and among my credit cards is a Walmart Discover Card. If this is the kind of store Walmart really is behind its façade then maybe I will be rethinking whether I want to keep that Discover card or shop somewhere else. I like Walmarts merchandise but there are other stores that compete. Thank you for hearing me out. As you can see, I am long winded but I am also that angry. Alvin, the assistant manager I spoke with calmed me at the moment, and did his job well. I left the store feeling better and thinking something would be done about this problem. But after getting home I had doubts so I’m still writing this complaint because I firmly don’t believe the store manager will change his mind because a customer complained. I get the feeling his priority is a pretty store, not a store with happy customers. I talked to someone at Corporate Office this morning. We will see if they follow up.

To ALL Corporate!!! My wife came into the Walmart in Yreka, California on July 20, 2010 to retrieve money off of our walmart moneycard account. When she tried to, it took 3 minutes for it to compute. Then, the screen said, Transaction cannot be completed. We had sufficient money in there for it to be completed. She then tried to retrieve, several times, $100.00. But the machine then said, insuffiecent funds. We called the ATM company to report it, they said that there was an error. All they could do was fix the machine, but for us to call Walmart and let them know. Since then, we have called the walmart moneycard to rectify this problem. We have been hungup on several times, lied to by these people and told that we have to wait for days for them to even start the reversal. Did I mention that these people don't even sound like they are from the USA!!! The money was our rent!!! I have called Walmart corporate, nothing. The ATM company told us that we should file a EFT dispute with walmart, and since then, we have received fake tracking numbers and were told that the previous information that was given was wrong. If you have had this problem, please feel free to email us @ flacoandgiggles@yahoo.com. Maybe walmart will listen and right their wrongs after an action has been filed.

I live one mile from store Number 2667. I have lived here 31 years. It is at I-30 and Buckner Blvd. in Dallas Texas. It is the most inept store ever created. Today 7/22/10, I went to this store to pick-up ice cream and milk. As this is a super center, it has over 30 registers. I left my house after 9:00 P.M. and was in the checkout line at 9:30 P.M. behind at least 20 baskets. There were only 5 Registers open with at least 20 baskets in each line. I was checked out at 10:10 P.M. This is how it has been since the opening of this store. Changing Managers does not fix the problem. The problem is the quality of employees. Walmart corporate officials need to get involved with this one. They need to offer incentive pay of at least $2.00 an hour to pull checkers from other locations such as Mesquite or Garland. You can go to the Walmark at Belt Line and I20 or I30 and get checked out promptly. You have the authority to fix this problem.

To Whom This May Concern: I thought I would try this, since I didn't get a response from the store in Front Royal, VA 22630. Meaning I tryed earlier today to rectify this situation by calling and was hung up on several times. I wanted to talk to a manager or assistant manager, because I think this is important. So here I am e-mailing to see if anyone will respond to this e-mail. I have in the past not gone to Walmart, because of the bad experiences that I have been subjected to at this store. The bad experiences are with the cashier's at this store. The first one was about a year ago when a cashier that was admiring my daughter decided to put her finger in her mouth to see if she had any teeth growing. The second was today when a cashier decided to run her hands through my baby's hair. I have worked in retail and I know that we were taught not to touch babies or children, especially when one handles money. I have come to the conclusion that I will not go to shop here again, and spend my hard earned money here anymore. I spent over $200.00 today, also I am never greeted by the cashiers they all look very unhappy doing their jobs. The store manager also looks as if he is mad at the world. A VERY UNSATIFIED CUSTOMER!

ANGRY CUSTOMER: I hope someone loses their job for this, because I am looking for a job and could do far better at deciding what "truth in advertising" is than the person who allowed this product to be sold and marketed as "chopped" olives. Let me remind you that the purpose of buying a can of "chopped" olives (or sliced for that matter) is for convenience. I needed to have chopped olives and purchased the "chopped" olives wholly on the picture of the label. I am sure I needn't remind you that there is a "serving suggestion" photo on the label, indicating to me, a customer, that this was indeed what I wanted. The pictures shows small pieces of olives on a tooth pick. But when I opened the can what I found shocked and angered me. Shock because it was “ground” olives. Anger because I had to go back to the store (and mind you it wasn’t Walmart after a trick like this). I am not complaining about the quality of the product, I am sure it was made of olives. However, the fact that Walmart has lied to me just to make a “buck” has really angered me. The picture appears to be using a life size toothpick, loaded with small bits and pieces of olives. If that is what you are advertising then that is what should be inside the can, or even something that slightly resembles it. This product had the consistence of cat food! There was no way a person could put this ground mass through a toothpick. I know you have a return policy that you will most likely encourage me to take advantage of. Unfortunately it doesn’t compensate me for the fact that I was lied to, had to go out of my way to go to another store to get what I wanted, and wasted my valuable time, just because someone couldn’t live up to “truth in advertising” or never bothered to actually open up a can and inspect what they were actually selling to the public. I hope things will change, but I will never know because I will most likely never buy “Great Value” products again. Certainly I will never buy “chopped olives” for convenience sake at Walmart again. I will be sending a copy of this to corporate since theit in't my local stores fault for the trickery involved in this complaint. Signed, Michael Larsen

i am very disapointed in your stores any more. I will go to other places like town and country or kmart. The parking lot at 6 and willow creek in portage in is like walking in a land fill and the carts are all over. the other walmart that i was at in marrillville in july 13 2010 was dirty and i had 3 bags and a 12 pack of beer and i was stoped going out the door i felt like i was being discrimated becouse i am white the feelings for this is other people of color had baskests filed to the top and were they stoped NO so from now on i will go else were j stucky

Walmart just wears you out by never getting someone on the phone to take your concern. I needed help and the operators were more than rude. I wish I knew a word to decribe them.

I live in Missoula Montana where we have a super walmart and a walmart. they are located on the opposit sides of town--- my question is---- why is it that prices are not the same at both locations???? I have bought an item at the smaller walmart for one price and then I went to the super walmart to see if they had more of the same item, which they did ..but the price was higher by $2.00 I don't feel that walmart is being true to the customers by charging different prices for the same item. Thank You

I was in the Neenah WI Wal Mart to purchase a pre-paid Visa card for my son is being deployed. While I was there I happened to have my Wisconsin Energy bill with me because I was going to make a payment over the phone that day. The clerk behind the counter stated that they are an authorized payment facility and that the payment could be accepted there easier. I was very happy, and thanked him for doing that! Well to my surprise I logged into my Wisconsin Energy account and there is no such payment posted. I contacted them and they stated I would have to return to Wal Mart. I did so, and after almost two complete hours of standing at the customer service deskl-they came out and said they have NO IDEA where my $300.00 is and NO IDEA how to track it at this time. So, long story shourt I am in the forever waiting game and no clue as to how or where my money is!

I had been an employee of walmart store 553 in Slidell, La. for 18 years. I developed Epilesy and started to have seizures. I used 2 Leave of Absences while I was having test and put on several different medication that only made me in a drug like state. I went back to work and had to take off again for the doctor to change my medication. I missed 25 days and I was fired. I found out the same day that there was a program that would have saved me if the personnell person would have told me about it. I was not even told to use my short term disability or nothing. At the time I was on so much medication I wasn't thinking straight. There were several other long term employees that were fired for attendance. The funny thing was certain employees were excused with a code that the co-managers or assistants put in the computer. Not one time did anyone I ask agree to put in a code for me. This is definitely discrimanation because of a disability. Should I contact a lawyer. I would like my Job back without discrimanation but I doubt that would happen. I don't want to sue but I will if I have to.

To Whom It May Concern, My daughter and I were in Pasco, Washington for a State softball tournament this weekend. Before heading for home I noticed one of my tires was extremely bad and cords showing. I headed strait to Wal-Mart on 4820 North Road 68 Pasco, WA. We arrived at the store at 7:35pm and we were told the tire department closed at 7:00pm. Already checked out of our motel, no other tire store open and limited money left I was stressed. The store manager, Jesse, was there and asked if everything was alright and if he could help. I explained our situation but they were closed. Jesse said lets go take a look at your tire. He said " Oh boy, you can't drive anywhere on that". He then asked an employee if he would mind helping us ladies out and to make it reasonable for us. Moose, the employee, was outstanding! He didn't even hesitate to help us and did it fast and in my price range. I can't believe how lucky we are to have your manager do this for us along with Moose the employee. With the 100 plus degree weather that day we would have been on the side of the road with a blown tire for sure. We seen seven others cars between Tri-Cities and Connell alone with flats. Thank you & God Bless, Danielle L.

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