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The costumer services that you'll provide is HORRIBLE no one cares that a costumer hurt her self in the store they dont call even when day say they are gonna take care of the case..... is we have to call and call and when someone takes care of the call they give you actitude sooo im sorry but i have never have this type if problems ... i try to do this the right way with out having lawyers but now im really contacting my lawyer and we will seatle this in court!!!!!! is insulting that a costumer that goes and spends her money there has this type of services!!!

As an employee with a disability, who is jumping through their hoops, Twice now I have been screamed at and talked down to by the store manager. Despite the 3 basic beliefs #1 being RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL!, They have none, they could care less because they are all high and mighty in their position as a manager. Well I'm not a dog despite what Walmart thinks and I will not tolerate being disrespected because the fact is they are not God and they never will be and no matter what if you cant respect your employees then you don't deserve a job! Some people just let things go to their head. I'm doing the best job I can and getting paid $7 whopping bucks and hour plus a quarter! While they sit back and play on computers all day and occasionally walk around and earn lots of money! Well good for them! I still deserve respect! I'm doing $7.25 worth of work per hour, exactly what I'm being paid is exactly how much work they get! PERIOD! If Sam Walton was still living Walmart would not only NOT be this way but these cocky managers would be out on their butt and out of a job!

Hello, Walmart has been having a problem with their credit card machine, and everytime they do we have to get cash, but is it free to get cash no it is not I was charged this last time 3 dollars 2 by the bank in walmart and 1 by my own bank for using a foreign bank what is someone suppose to do leave their groceries and look for their own bank. When this happens Walmart needs to give customers a gift card of the amount they had to spend in order to get cash and buy their groceries or what ever they are trying to purchase from walmart. And it is not just one walmart it is all of them. Thank you From Oklahoma

store # 2247 cary NC very poor service and information. Bonnie did page a CS person but no one responded. chapel hill rd store morrisville NC excellent service from Brianna who assisted me and replaced the batteries in my 3 watches and for other customers as well. I am a Wmart stock holder and Brianna is a true asset. You need individuals with her personality and skills training workers as to how to greet and treat customers. ltravers@nc.rr.com

I would have to say the Montrose, co store is nice and clean and most employees are always trying to help. They do have some bad seeds. My problem is with customer service! I bought a bike for my daughter and 3 days after i bought it the back brakes locked up on her while she was riding and she crashed. I tried to take the bike back and they wouldn't do it no matter what so i just bought her a new back rim. I bought a sony 52" tv and paid an extra $200.00 for the warranty. $1700.00 total. So now i have the one year manufacturer's warranty and an extended 2 year warranty threw wal-mart. Well my Tv took a dump so we called wal-mart and they had repair man out 4 days after. He showed up and said this tv is going to cost more to fix it then it would to replace it. So he recommended to wal-mart to replace it. That was over a month ago. I can't get a hold of anyone to find out where i stand. All i get is the run around. I guess i'll just have to get a lawyer.

I have a HUGE problem with Walmart selling Betta fish! These poor fish are kept in a TINY cup, unable to move, for who knows how long,(and I'm sure the employees don't feed them twice a day, like they should!) then if they survive until someone buys them, that uneducated person takes them home and puts them in another small container! It's just not right! There are plenty of other fish. PLEASE STOP SELLING BETTA FISH!!!!

I read where you are going to have stores that will help you compete with General Dollar Stores. You have enough stores in place now, you just need to lower the prices. If General Dollar stores can sell the items you handle at a lower price, you should be able to lower the prices in the stores that are opened now. I have gone to the General Dollar store only because of price. Every one I see in the store tells me they have quit buying at Walmart, because of the prices. You need to check out the prices of General Dollar, on the same items you sell at a higher price.

I cannot believe that Walmart puts its name behind straight talk. I have two phones under this service and each time that i have an issue and need to deal with Customer Service it is a problem. Walmart has outsourced its CS dept. to the Phillipines. I find this to be more than insulting considering the US is in a recession. For starters they say their hours are until midnight est...however they close at 11:45pm. I lost my first phone and upgraded to the slide a was told I couldn't keep my same number because one phone is through Verizon and the other through ATT. It is like pulling teeth to add minutes via credit card and each time you speak with a rep it is extremely difficult to understand a word they say. I am very disappointed that Walmart is so cheap that they cannot even properly train these reps. Their website has been "under construction" for months (straighttalk.com) you cannot sign in and see your usage nor can you request copies. Boost has these people beat by miles. I dealt with Boost for several years prior to moving out here in the middle of nowhere, and was almost always more than satisfied. WALMART REALLY STINKS....SERIOUSLY...

I believe Walmart needs to rethink their idea about these Big Box Stores they have and go back to the smaller, friendlier stores they once had. The smaller stores they once had were each unique in their own way. I used to go to our local store a few times a week just to walk around and see what new items they had. If you could not find a certain item or color in one store, you most likely could find it in another store. Now whether I go to the one in Orland Hills, Il. or the one in Minocqua Wisconsin its like walking into a clone of one another. In the past you could go to the one in Wisconsin and find items that had a Northwoods flavor. Not anymore! Its just like the one back home. Its a real shame! The older stores had a more friendly atmosphere. Now I only go once a month to get the basics and thats it.

I'll be straight and to the point. Your Hampton, Va store is very dirty and unsanitized; I would never buy perishable items from this store. More important the associates, managers are not friendly at all.

Calling the McHenry,Illinois Wal-Mart I made a simple inquiry about transfering me to the pharmacy department to check on a prescription. A previous call to this store made a direct transfer. This time one of there associates made it a point to rudely tell me not once but several times it was not that stores policy to do such a transfer, and to call the direct line, which she repeated about 4 times not allowing me to speak. I then requested to speak to the store manager. She was also not at all helpful and had the attitude please don't waste my time. I now doing my prescription refills thru Walgreens, and would not recommend this store as long as policy stands as is. Corporate should reevaluate how business is done at this particular Wal-Mart and address this manager and associates attitudes towards it's customers.

I was won over as a Walmart customer, even though all my friends were telling me to boycot buying there. The wonderful savings I found, and the extensive inventory won me over since in these hard times, the bottom line is how much money you can save. HOWEVER, all that has changed. My local Walmart store, in Napa, CA has undergone much more than a re-arrangement of floor plan. They have completely re-thought what they stock, and have eliminated many of the various items I shopped for. In addition, they have significantly raised the prices on many of the things I would go there to buy. In the future, I will revert to my old shopping venues, regular drug stores and such, and feel I'll do just as well looking for sales and specials elsewhere. The "Walmart experience" is not what it once was, a place I could find significant savings and the discovery of many an impromptu buy. I know Walmart will never miss me, just one person, but I was loyal and spent a significant amount of my shopping allotment there. Just wanted you to know, all the money you have put into your "renovation" of the Napa (Lincoln) store has failed, at least for me.

I worked for the Ellicott City, Maryland store, I was a hard worker..that doesn't matter ...they have rules and regulations but they only apply to concern people... as a cashier, the longer your are there the quicker you should become not the case..the longer the cashiers are there they become slower and work oh so hard on not working..so what does Wal-Mart do they hire more cashiers, who watch they other cashier and how they work and they do the same...recently an Afro American made himself store cards($1,200.00)and they did nothing to him, of coarse they let him go but no charges were filed and he had been doing this for a while...why was he charged? The cashier LaTrayce has been missing lots of time, she should have been written up, but CSM Ms. Tiffany has covered for her...when reviews are done, well lets say Ms. Tiffany has helped her keep her job and she get that raise that's not deserved...If you cause a loss to Wal-Mart they want you to pay it back, but not cashier Nuzrat when she was caught selling cigs to a minor and the store was fined $250.00.. she got her job, never lost at status or paid Wal-Mart for the fine,maybe it was the people she knew in HR and Loss Prevention

I am a retired senior citizen, 68 years old. I recently got a PC and Im trying to learn it. I shop regularly at the Asheboro, NC store which has just been remodeled,I like the wider aisles but that is all. The merchandise has been scrambled, gets moved at least weekly, and many of the brands have been dropped. My main complaint is about your scam of offering chances to win 1,000 dollar Walmart shopping cards. I should have known better. Stupid me clicked on the ID number and now I am getting emails from inumerable companies offering all kinds of stuff that I wouldnt take as gifts. This is a small town and I feel we are held hostage by Wal-mart since it is 25 miles to a Target, Kohls, or K-mart. The two towns nearest us are Siler City and Randleman, guess what? They both only have Wal- marts too, no other discount stores. The people who work at this store are very nice, they must be patient too because they hear this from a lot of people.

my wife has a wal mart credit card and had one for me also. I only use mine for gas at any was mart i happen to be at. The card is getting old and will no longer work at most of the pumps. I called the number on the card today and told the person that answered i needed a new card. They confirmened our phone number and i read the number of the card to the person . She then said she wanted to talk to the primary holder of the card. I said I am the one that pays the bills and do all the paperwork at my house. this idiot at the other end kept insisting she needed to talk to my wife. I sounded like some rag head on the other end and i told her, i am sending your dam card to the main office and cancelling any buisness my company has with them. you lost a big slice of money wal mart.

in 2009 i was issued a walmart credit card, i used it paid it off and had no need to use it for a year. two weeks ago i purchased a computer (oh forgot to mention creditline was either 41 or 4400.00) the computer did not meet my needs so i took it back, no problem. the computer cost 651.00. now 2 weeks later i go to purchase a television for my daughter and im told my credit limit is now 124.00. i called to find out why and was told it was because i did not use it for a year which i find to be b.s. i want to know why just 2 weeks before when i brought the computer my credit was still high. i feel this is not fair . its seems funny the day after i returned the computer my credit limit dropped to 124.00 WHY DIDNT THIS SHOW UP WHEN I BROUGHT THE COMPUTER. I think the walmart corporation should look for a new credit card company to represent them. i have had 4 credit cards for 20 years and never once has my limit dropped because i did not use it for a year. lesson here stick with the credit company that has been loyal to you over the years. remember walmart credit card company the economy is bad out there and karma has a way of working its only a matter of time before the masses catch on to you . 4400 one week and 124.00 the next you should be ashamed of yourself i personally think this is spite work because i returned the computer.

I went into Wal-Mart store in Birmingham, Alabama a month ago and have filed two complaints with their customer department and have been reassured on both incidents that someone would contact me. This has never happened and I don't know who to speak with. It appears as though people want your money, but don't want to have any communications with you. Wal-Mart has really lost its' intregity and dedication to the customers and the employees they hire in some of their stores, I wouldn't want my dog to be served by them. I truly hope that they will soon realize that the people are the reason's they have come thus far, since they speak of their tiny store when they started, people went because they trusted them, as the good says; 'trust no man" and now we all know! When people mistreat the people they depend on this is thevery. what do you think?

There are two Wal-Mart stores close to my home in Roanoke, Texas. I have always found the personnel at both stores very helpfull and the stores are always very clean. We love shopping there and the prices are always lower than the surrounding chain supermarkets. I would certainly rate them a a 5 plus.

On this day of 9/11 rememberences I am amazed and appaled to find that the Walmart Store on Tyrone Blvd. in St Pete, FL did not observe a moment of silence or even have the United States Flag flying. I was told this direction has to come from the Corporate Office and that had not happened. Shame on you Local Manager and Corporate Office. It's bad enough that most products in the store come from China, but to not overtly recognize this day says that Walmart may not be the Great supporter of the United States of America. I for one will remember this in future shopping.

The Wal-Mart in Lexington, NC let me go after 2 weeks working there. They said I couldn't do the requirements of the job. They do not care about their customers. One time I needed a CSM to come and answer a customer's question. It took the CSM about 10 minutes to come and see what the problem was. The customer was very unhappy to wait that long. They also discriminate against employees with disabilities. If Sam Walton was still alive, Wal-Mart wouldn't be like it is now.

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