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There are so many negative reviews and based on my very recent personal experience I have decided to only say "believe" the reviews.

Will not return Money-Poor Customer Service

I bought two boxes of bubble wrap, $20 each. I returned it and as usual the manager, who is the only employee at the Los Alamos, NM office, is NEVER there. I left at the door with other equipment that was returned by other customers. The manager will not return my calls and has not returned my $40.

U haul lost my credit card info

When I got the storage U-Haul told me I needed a credit card on file to charge every month I call to pay my storage and done it many's times before for the last year and a half now I call and they don't have none of my credit card information they lost it they can explain or tell me why or anything were it went they're very unreliable disrespectful and rude I was also told there was not a 24 hour access now they're telling me for additional charge I could have 24 hour access on their Gate to the storage the storage units it says if you would like a key fobs come to the office I've done multiple times and they told me they don't know what I'm talking about and I said to them it's on your sign outside go look

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever dealt with

They overcharged my credit card and when I called to find out why, I was met with rudeness, treated condescendingly, refused a supervisor, hung up on four times and the half wit representative refused to give me his name or employee number. I will use someone else for my moving needs even if I have to pay twice as much.

car tow

you have a new manager at your Erie Blvd store in Syrasuse N Y his name is Dustin. We had a problem with the dolly, he resolved the problem without reservation, he certainly made our unpleasant rental A better one. Dustin is a true asitt to your Erie Blvd. Location. Thank you for the fine service from him, Sue. In Syracuse N Y

car dolly

new manager at your erie Blvd. Location. His name is Dustin a true asitt to your store. Helped without reservation Thanks again Dustin nice job

Will never use uhaul again

I made a reservation online for a 24 hour rental at 9am. The rep from the substore called me 30 minutes before pickup time and told me the truck I reserved would only be available for 6 hours. I could deal with that. I get there at 9 and they then tell me my reservation has been transferred! In the 30 minutes?? Really? So I got to the new uhaul 20 minutes away. And they tell me the truck will not be ready untill noon now. And the "50 dollar gaurantee" isn't true. They told me it was because it was only a "preferred" time and loction? When I gave no other options. The reps were very rude and told me to deal with it. I will never use uhaul services again.

Customer service

The customer service that I received from Shadron out of Denver was horrible. Not only was she rude by cutting me off and telling me that I was just unhappy because I wasnt getting what I wanted, she said that I wasnt able to get any compensation for having to downgrade to a much smaller truck 15 hours before I was to pick the vehicle up. She acted very entitled and plain rude. I will never do business with this company, Uhaul, again unless I get a call back from the company with some sort of formal apology or compensation for having to make two trips with a small truck. Thank you. Dr. Amy Denicke

I called the U Haul at 74th and York in Denver, Co 3 different days trying to schedule a pick up of my U-Box and they never returned my call. I finally had to go to the location and schedule the pick up because they require 24 hours notice. When I went into the store they really had no excuse for not calling me back..but there were people sitting around with nothing to do. NOT a happy customer!

Didn't honor $50 guarentee

I recently rented a trailer. The web site said that there was a $50 guarantee if they don't give you the equipment, location and time on a confirmed reservation. Well they changed my location by 15 miles (30 minutes in city one way). So they added 2 hours on my whole job. When I asked about the Guarentee at the location, they said no it doesn't say that, it says we will try and accomidate you... What the heck?? Anyway I called the national Uhaul line, and then talked with a person there, after complaining about the $50 liquidated damages they give on the guarantee. She sends me a coupon code for $50 off my next rental... I don't need to rent another uhaul... The offer says "$50" Which means 50 Dollars.... Funny how a large company like Uhaul can commit a large wide spread fraud like this!!

attacked by uhaul rep

Rented a van for one day told them needed it fot 8 hours but when I returned the van in less than 8 hours they told me I was suppose to have it back in 7 hours so they were charging me for a extra day when I disputed I was verbally and physically attacked by two reps the police were contacted and corporate the next day I was contacted and they told the best they could do was that 50 dollars back that was two Weeks ago and still no refund

Terrible customer service

My apartment complex caught on fire so I had a limited amount of days to get my belongings out. I made a reservation to pick up a uhaul pod Friday afternoon. Come Saturday at 7am I get an email stating that my reservation could not be fulfilled. I was planning on leaving Philadelphia to drive down to DC where my Apt. was at 8am. As soon as I received the email, I got on the phone with uhaul to try and find a solution. After 2 1/2 hours of incompetence and being hung up on 4 times, I decided to call it quits. Somehow I find it extremely hard to believe that no pods, trucks, or trailers were available in the Philadelphia or DC area. I will never use uhaul again and already sold all of my shares of stock that were invested in them.

Terrible Customer Service

A Day before my move out of state I was told by Uhual that my suv was unable to pull a trailer that I reserved almost 2 months before. I had a hitch installed by Uhual and was never told that I couldnt pull the trailer. The day before my move I was on the phone with uhual for 4 hours, spoke with 11 different people and no one was willing to assist me. I ended up getting a truck from Penske and the trip cost me over $1800 more. I would never use or recommend Uhual to anyone.

Rip Off

The U-haul program that restricts you from moving , on your own, your personal items in the plywood box that you pay for up front in bogus and a rip off.

Ilegal withdrawal for pymt!

Citrus Heights Location on Auburn Blvd. Removed funds fom acct. without approval! Acct. was past due less than 30 days and removed pymt. without authorization! A call was made to the office. The reason stated on this action is wrong and ilegal! Manager told us the acct. was past due and they had made calls to contact us with no response. ( Managers words) This is how they get your attention! By taking payment from card on the acct. The manager and no one else for that matter has the right to do this! That is a personal choice on there part! His name is not U-Haul it is not his money nor does it come out his paycheck! Corporations need to think twice about hiring people like this! I will not ever use this Company again for anything and I will be passing on my opinion and info. to everyone I know and anyone who plans to use them for any of there business!

Horrible Customer Service

Placed my order with a U Haul representative well over a month in advance. Two days before needing the transporter I receive an email, not even a call (how impersonal can U Haul get!), stating I will have to drive more then 100 miles out of my way to pu the transporter. Not to mention the location has very limited hours, and that day happens to be the day before my wedding so one can only imagine how inconvenient this was. At no time was I told that I would have to travel outside of my local area to receive the transporter. Considering there are 4 locations within my local community I do not see the sense in having to drive to a different city to get it. The customer representative that I spoke with was extremely rude and did not offer to assist the situation in any way. Long story short, we canceled the order and will NEVER use U Haul again.


Is it me or what? The web site leads you to rent a trailer and add boxes and pads. It never mentions if boxes and pads are rented or owned. Who rents boxes? And how can you tell if the pads are throw always or not. Well, you find out later that their pads were woven by the same elves that wove the golden fleece. I called eight times to resolve this, and got eight different answers. Bottom line they don't know and care less. Still waiting to hear back. When I left off the trailer, they acted like a few missing pads haven't happened since Taft was in the White House. Call after call it's a different answer. The we'd site, where you rent, adds pads like boxes,no disclosure. But if your missing a pad, they are shocked you didn't realize these pads were woven by santas elves in the off season. They have no idea of their value, you'll just have to trust them on this. Can you return them later? Maybe if you were good. But I can't wait till Santa checks his list. Anyone want to buy pads worth more than blankets?

Deceptive billing and abusive customer service

I wish there was a lower rating than 1 star. Customer service people should not YELL at callers. Counter reps should not talk down to customers. And when you bill a customer's credit card, how about emailing them the receipt so they know what you just over-charged them for. I believe that is illegal. This is the LAST time I ever do business with this company. Hopefully you all do the same!

Very Poor ....On my way to get a truck that was promised to me today .4/21/2013. was told had to go to Raleigh NC. on my way again. what else will I find here In Raleigh . They got my money . So far I have Nonthing . ......to be continued.

Continued. just got the truck ., So It will be another two hours before we can load. @ 10.00 dollars a hour. Started this morning at ten oclock.. Thats five hours pay for waiting. The men won't wait for free..... to be continued.

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