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The movie Secretariat is outstanding but I was disappointed that the credits did not publish the horse owners' names or the names of the horses themselves. Being thoroughbred owners ourselves, that would have been interesting information. Maybe that would be good subject matter to add to the DVD when it is released.

I can not say enough about your theme parks (I was at Disney World in April 1072 and at the opening of Epcot, our family is an avid patron of Mr. Disney's dreams that came true)and of your movies. I was raised on the original Mickey Mouse Club and rushed home from school to watch Spin and Marty and everything that Disney offered back then. The only thing that I have a problem with is some of the most recent shows that produced less then honorable females once they left Disney. Can you name me one Disney star from the original Mickey Mouse Club that showed such blatent disregard for the themselves and the young children who watch these shows. They earn such outrageous salaries from a clean cut American icon and then they turn around and act in such a demeaning way. Where are their parents and aren't there any clauses in contracts about future endeavors. Our family has gone to Walt Disney World in Orlando on an average of at least once a year for over 35 years. Thank you for your ideas and the way you run these beautiful theme parks. Sincerely and with Respect, Helen Emma

I'm would like to get word to the Disney Channel that the am cartoon Timmy Time is not up the Disney standards we are used to viewing. Timmy Time does not speak English (or any other language for that matter), the show & it's characters do not help kids learn numbers, shapes, colors, etc., like all the other morning Disney shows do. Please remove Timmy Time from Disney Channel, it's terribly annoying.

Called the corporate office and was hung up on by Anne Sweeney's secretary for asking questions, apparently the average everyday consumer isn't allowed to do that. Must be Disney has made so much money that 1 families opinion or the loss of their business doesn't matter anymore. P.S. to the person who answers the phone you should probably know who Anne Sweeney is, the rest of the world does !

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