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Contacting Disney and ABC

Trying to contact your corp is like a hoop snake, it goes around in circles and never gets to where you need to be!


Please start throwback Thursday's for Disney channel because my friends and I miss the old show

girl meets world dolls

it would be nice if they made girl meets world dolls.

Interested in being a Supplier

I called customer Service and asked to be connected with the proper Dept. to speak with someone concerning myself in becoming a Supplier with my Merchandise. I was told we don't do that without you having a name to be connected to and that we tell people you have to search the web to try to figure it out on who you need to speak too yourself. Really !

I think Disney should reach out to other states besides los Angeles, sign actors from all over the world. There's many talented actors from Detroit.

I want to know why the Disney Channel took the Soap Opera channel off the air. When i have to go to the Dr,s Appt,s i have to miss Days of our lives. And other people who does not have a DVR OR A VCR to record the TV show. I always watch the Disney TV station,Hallmark channel. Please bring it back please,Thank you very much.

Magic Kingdom

Very disappointed in the customer service.

The Making Of A Black Belt Karate Champion

This book tells about a 41 year old counselor who trained with boys twenty years younger at the St. Louis Job Corps in karate and counseled them to complete the trade and get their GEDS. The name of the book is called The Making Of A Black Belt Karate Champion and the other one is The Autobiography of Charles Henry Pointer His Life His legacy and both of them are selling on Amazon for review. Your company might want to make a movie out of both books which are very inspirational.

The Lone Ranger

It like I was a kid again watching a fabulous movie. I would like to see another Lone Ranger movie. My friend took his grand kids to the movie and they enjoyed very much. You need to have people dressed up in front of the show as Lone Ranger and Tonto. I can dress as the Lone Ranger. Silver stole the show. And all I can say is HI YO Silver - Awaaaaaay?


Shake it up, I love the show because I am a dance an love watching and learning new dances, but after awhile the steps look the same. I would love it if you shake it up and add new steps. Although everyone loves a good hip hop dance I would love to see different styles of dance. Thankyou

World wild

I think Disney should expand their company to more states in America, because there are many talented people in this world and not just in California.

Disappointed once again

Loved Good Luck Charlie for my young boys and felt it was a wholesome show, what are you doing? I have caught the slight comments on Austin and Ally too, Sneaky Disney! You are taking any innocence left in the world and forcing parents to have discussions WAY TO EARLY about things they do not need to know about yet. One more show bites the dust in our household. I am not ignorant, I am a Godly women trying my hardest to raise men that will stand up to your company too! It's disgusting how you constantly fold to make a buck. Walt must be rolling over in his grave!

how good is disney

Honestly i think Disney is a good channel for kids . even the younger kids like Disney Juinor . I feel Disney Channel grows with you.It helps you FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS .thats why i wrote this review


Too bad such a big company can't give sick leave or fair pay to it's employees in Florida. What a crummy company this is!

What happened to citizenship in the community?

Needed to do a school project on HRD. I was informed by the operator that Walt Disney company does not participate in school projects. C'mon guys, children and parents are your primary customers and you won't help the students with projects by providing a little information? What kind of citizenship is that?

seeking information only

Is there a way one can present a new idea regarding a Christmas movie to Disney studios for consideration? A way we can both be protected? Thanks for your help, looking forward to your reply...


Well I had a dream of being a voice actor for some movies but by reading all these reviews, I'm moving on! Okay maybe not.... I want to be disocvered by you guys at Disney! Please PLEASE read this!


when people forgot there pass words you guys should have something like did you want to change your password. I for got my email address that I use for that so. I am stressed out every time I try to go on to get points. you guys are a big company you guys should do something about this. I love you movies and always will and my kids will when I have some.

Gift Boxes

I went to the store located in Boston MA at the Branitree Mall to purshase two gift for my granddaughter's. I spend over a $150.00 and asked for a gift box. I was told by one of the clerk that the Disney store no longer provides gift box that if I like I was more than welcome to purshase a gift bag of $3.50. How can this be possible for a big corporation to trreat coustmers like this. I think is wronge and coporate should take another look and see how can they make there coustmer happy again..

No discounts for kids at LA Children's Hospital

Many hotels in LA offer a discount for families of kids who are surgery patients at LA Children's Hospital coming in from out of town and require accommodations. It would be nice to offer something to these families who could bring their child for a day of fun at Disneyland before undergoing major surgery. Seems like something Walt Disney would have done.

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