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We are at Disney World now. I have found 3 problems. 1-Disney id not equipted to handle double strollers from the car too the ferry. There should be a means to carry strollers without killing yourself loading it. 2-The park was invested with nats. 3-The park was dirty. The bathrooms smelled badly. Other than that we are having a good time. The kids are anyway..

My girlfriend has been getting a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique make over for years now and I called to make an appointed and am now being told it is only for children under 12.This has never been a policy before and when I called to make the appointment I was treated rudely by the employee who answered the phone.Disney is losing its touch .My girlfriend and I are very upset with the new policy and are also upset that after all these years of visiting Disney we were treated so rudely.I was only given an e_mail to address my angrier over the problem no one seem to care about how angry I am.This not how people are suppose to be treated from the Disney company.

Long time disney lover and have visted over 50 times so I know you couldnt know anything about this.When you go to Disney Animal Kingdom lodge images and scroll the pictures , about 20 or 30 into it is a lady in the bathtub nude,with the caption ''Travel Slut''. My 11 year old brought this to my attention and worries me.The Animal Lodge is SUPPOSED to be our next stop. Did you know about this??????? Thanks , Chris Hudspeth

i dont think most people are aware that disney corporation purchased playdom for millions of dollars.. and one of there games is mobsters on myspace.. this game is the most corrupt game on the internet full of cheaters hackers and scammers extremely full of violence.. and when you contact playdom you get no responce.. why would disney ruin there reputaation of owning or being anyway involved in this type of actions.. i thought disney was supposed to be family orientated and setting good examples for kids just goes to show you that this company is not giveing the image that it wants you to believe... we where going to disney world for a vacation and we changed our mind ... just to let the world know disney may be as corupt as the game mobsters..

I was so sad to see Disney stoop to Manga. I was also horrified to hear the language on Lady and the Tramp. Why are you so quick to alter Disney's trademark products in such a way. Poor Walt would be rolling in his grave. This has put me off buying any Disney products. You people need to re-think this "modernization" of your old, well-loved movies. Please don't ruin Disney!

I want to know why Disney ignors the generation that made Disney? The Disney channel shows nothing from the days when they had quality programming or stuff from the Wonderful World of Disney! I loved the Moochie episodes and alot of other Disney programming from the 50's and 60's they had great nature episodes, so much good TV and look what they give us now! The people Disney needs to find the magic again maybe they should start airing some of the old shows and make it manditory that thier staff watch, because what I see on the Disney Channel these days probably has Walt Disney roling in his grave!!!!!!

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my name is yolanda flowers i live in chicago illinois and my phone number is 77340860644 and i would love to be on disney channels shake it up i live at 4913 west addams st thank you from yolanda.

I too have had a Rough Time with online calling!!!!! So Unprofessional. First I put in my Order on Nov 19th, 2011. Called several times to no avail! Ignorance and Untrained people never submitted my order! Got the same "SORRY" have a Magical day. It took me till Dec.3 for someone to tell me everything was Out Of Stock, Sorry........No Way will I recommend Disney online or the Disney Store ever again. Was given a Phone # Of 1-800-328-0476........Guess What? No one has Called, because it's Automated!!!! So was all my emails....... Really upset they are so Callous!!!!!!! Never mind the Customer!!!!! Won't be bothering to Purchase another thing there. So Beware all you Disney Lovers out there. The bottom line is THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER!!!!!!

I purchased online, a gift card for my grandsons to use when they went to the theme park in FL two weeks before they left. 3 days prior, the card had not been received by them. I constantly called customer service and was constantly told it would be there in time. It never showed. I was given the excuse constantly that it was a problem with the vendor. You can't get a gift card mailed in two weeks? Disney customer service is extremely poor and to allow a vendor to ruin two little boys experience is inexcusable. Your call center people only know how to read a script that says "sorry" and "have a magical day" but Disney is no longer magical, it is greedy. We are boycotting all things Disney. Walt would be ashamed at what you have become. Sad.

I have a wonderful show ideal and I wanted to know how would I need to go about pitching it to Disney

Perhaps disney is all the rage for theme parks, the movies aren't too bad, even the cartoons produced in cooperation of.........but your Disney channel shows leave alot to be desired. Most border around the same these of some idiot kids whom are handed attention, power, etc. But "Dude, what would happen" ? Could you find any lower iq people for that show ? I've seen better explanations, information or experiments by other, more serious shows. What a waste of show time. It wouldn't be an issue if you didn't seem to have a plethora of stupid kids that just want to gain thier 15 seconds (or more) of pseudo fame in doing dumb things. If we allow our kids to grow up watching the CNe and CNw channels on cable, they might be lucky enough to be retarded by the time thier young adults. Try to add a bit more creativity, originality and dump the 'dumb kids with loud mouths' as narrators and role models

This is a letter I sent to their customer relation department on July 14th; I've yet to hear from. I'm in the process of getting in touch with their General Manager Jack Feivou. To Whom It May Concern, I, my husband, sister and mother were guests at Epcot on July 4th 2011. This was our experience: We arrived, visited several rides, had lunch at the Electric Umbrella after which we visited the Ellen Energy Adventure. This is where things became very uncomfortable. I am a severe asthmatic, allergic to quite a number of things and, because of this, lead a very isolated life. I constantly have to be aware of my immediate surroundings in an effort to prevent a severe asthma attack. My nose is my lifeline and those who I travel with are my helpers. We all arrived at the Ellen Energy Adventure and were invited to be seated. My family and I choose the handicapped row because it was the last and thus enabling to keep me isolated from any persons who may have any scents (perfume, cigarette, animal and so on) on their clothing (as this has great potential to trigger a severe asthma attack). Just before the show started, one of your employees (a woman) walked over to us and commanded us to get up and move to another seat she pointed to. We apparently weren't moving fast enough for her, so she ordered us to move faster. The people in the entire room were at this point all staring at us. I was horrified! I'm being ordered to leave a safe breathing area and ordered to go to another where I have no idea as how my lungs were going to react. I quite understand that she was doing her job, however her customer service skills leave much to be desired! She should have enquired as to whether we needed to be in that area and, as there was no visible sign, as to anyone in my group being handicapped. I would have be glad to explain my lung disease to her and why I need to be careful of my environment. I need to bring this to your attention. Being handicapped does not mean that we all carry signs, walk with canes or are in wheelchairs! There are folks such as myself who have illnesses that are not easily identifiable or visible!. I have travelled on planes and never have encountered such treatment. Every courtesy has always been extended to me because of my illness. I would be inclined never to visit a Disney park again in fear that I would be treated in a degrading manner because I sat in the handicapped section! Mistreated Customer

Back in 1999 you aired a tv show called So Weird. It was on for a few years but never made on dvd. I was wondering why becasue I have been looking for it for a really long time. I was hoping ya'll would realize that the fans would want to own it. I am sure you care about a profit so this would make sense to release it. Hope to see it soon.

I have been to DisneyWorld 3 times and DisneyLand 1. As a 55 year old in 1998, I had the most wonderful time with my eldest son, who unfortunately is deceased. Two weeks prior to his death he had one wish and that was to return to DisneyWorld, which he did. I am presently trying to get information on purchasing a stepping stone with my deceased son's name on it. H wanted me to spread his ashes but I read up that it was illegal, so this is my next best alternative. Please respond to me via email at bahuston0204@stt.net or 281-481-6449 with someone to contact about this subject. I know that it would make my son happy and put my heart peace. Thanks Barbara Huston

Where is Timmy Time. It is my 2 yr. old grandson's favorite show. Also my wife's. With all the hype we at least deserve an explaination.

I am writing this because I want you to know what I went through last year when I took my daughter to her first visit to Disneyland. Last year we volunteered a day so we could receive a free ticket to Disneyland. We went, during the week of the 4th of July. We live in Las Vegas, NV. so it was a family trip, which consisted of Myself, My Girlfriend, and mine and her daughter. When we got the information on-line for the free ticket it said that you needed to provide drivers license or birth certificate. At the time we went I didn’t have my daughter’s birth certificate because my ex-wife was trying to get my daughter a passport so neither one of us had a copy because you have to provide a copy of your birth certificate in order to get a passport. So when we went to the ticket office to get our tickets I explained to the person that I had my license but I didn’t have my daughters birth certificate and that we wanted to up grade to a one day park hopper. She said hold on I need to talk to a manager. She came back and said I can give a free ticket but I can’t make it a park hopper. I assured here that this was my daughter and that if she could use my drivers’ license as my daughter’s birth certificate. My daughter looks just like me so there wasn’t any wrongdoing on my part. I asked her what the difference is how can they tell the birth certificate doesn’t come with a picture of the person who it belongs to. I was starting to get frustrated and there where other people in line so I asked how can I get her the two park hopper and she said you would have to buy it. So I spent an extra $87.00, which ruined our trip because we couldn’t do some of the things we wanted because of the extra money we spend. I very unhappy that my daughter first trip to Disneyland was a let down. She did her part and worked for the ticket she volunteered her time. I just want someone to explain how the birth certificate made any difference. I took my daughter back later that year and made it a better experience for her, which I should have had to do in the first place. I don’t have the money to be able to take my daughter twice in one year to Disneyland but I had to do it because I wanted her to enjoy what Disney is all about.

Timmy Time is NOT an annoying show. It's highly creative and funny. My 3 year old adores Timmy and she goes all arounf our house singing the Timmy Time theme. If the people who have written so many negative things about Timmy Time saw that they may change their tune. Timmy is British, from the work of the likes Wallace and Grommit and Shaun the Sheep fame. Timmy is the perfect show for toddlers and prescholers as it's short and funny and teaches good lessons about relationships and friendships. We do not need more noisy and pointless dreck with screaming cartoon characters who promote the use of violence and bad stereotyping. Timmy Time is a positive cartoon that encourages our immagination. Three cheers for Timmy!!

Timmy Time is a fantastic show that my whole family loved. Why has it been taken off of Disney Junior? Please put it back!

I don't know who runs disneyworld anymore but Walt would turn over in his grave if he saw what was happening to disneyworld now, he meant it to be a place where families could go to see the magic, it isn't magic anymore, I have been going to Disney since 1989 at least 14 times and have seen a big change I was there in 2010 and was very disappointed, the price of the tickets are more if you don't use them in 14 days, the strollers were $15.00 some families have 23 ot three little ones, that's a disgrace, the parades in the afternoon were a couple of floats and the rest were all dancers, not like the parades they use to have, and the clothing line is CHEAP, not Disney's quality from the past. I wore a beautiful Disney shirt I bought in 1991 with Minnie on the from with sequins and a woman came up to me and asked me where I got the shirt, and I told her you won't find this shirt now in any of the shops they don't make them like this anymore, it hasn't lost it's shape or color and it a quality shirt, my grandaughter wanted to buy her mother a shirt and didn't buy one because she didn't like any of the shirts. The material is cheap and I guess Disney is all about making money and spending less on quality. I am a huge Disney fan I have a Disney X-mas tree and a Disney bathroom with all the characters, but when I left the park last year I was so disappointed in so many things it changed so much I told my daughter that it was the last time I will ever come to Disney again, the magic has disappeared. My family calls itself the Katzketeers, if my family goes again it will be missing Nana. I hope this message goes to the Corporate Office at Disney, I never thought i would feel this way about Disney, it use to be my favorate place in the world, you need to put quality back into Disney as Walt would want it and meant it to be. Minniedee9@verizon.net

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