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This company is so poor and your right, Customer Service is terrible, they are rude and disrepectful... I submitted a bbb compliant and will filing a official compliant with the Attorney General regarding there practices, which is blackmailing customers; Our hosting account expired with Go Daddy, while my boss was in the hospital she told them exactly where she was and that when she gets out could she get her files. She was released from the hospital on May 2nd. On May 2nd (today) She called go daddy and spoke with Drew who informed her that she would need to pay 150 to get her files for her site back, she said so you mean to tell me you canceled my site without notification after speaking with a supervisor the beginning of April and was never told this. She requested a supervisor, Chris (a floor supervisor) picked up the phone and said that theres nothing he can do and they don't have to tell a customer the date they will be canceling the site and that there is a restoration fee of 150 if that is done. This business is suppose to be accredited by the better business bureau, now if this is the practice of what the better business bureau accredation looks like, the story of them on the news didn't do anything at all about the way they accredit these businesses and the attorney general will also be cc'd for this reason. So they can cancel a business site without further notification bc of the fact they do not disclose the $150 fee they are going to charge them to retrieve said site. So an accredited business from BBB is able to hold someone's site hostage with out any consequences.... The only resolution is to give us our files back for our site so we can transfer it to another hosting company. We would really apprecaiate BBB being honest with the public and doing the RIGHT thing....

With all the Domain Registers out there Is this how it works now.. screamingreviews.com is run now by Go daddys who now runs Wildwest domain. Is this right?

Is this right.... screamingreviews.com is now run by go daddys who also now took over wildwest domains? can someone say? Why are so many domains so secretive to get in touch with?

They suck....site has been down with publishing problems for 10 days and they keep telling me its fixed. Fuckin idiots.

Go Daddy sucks! Just got off the phone with GOD, whose real name is Chris "F" who informed me that as a "supervisor" in tech support that he was the only person necessary for me to speak with and that no one in a manager, director or VP role would ever talk to me. I was speaking to God after all. I spoke to two different tech support people, the second one's name was Lauren (male), and they told me two different things. After waiting and waiting to speak to a MANAGER, God, the supervisor got on the phone and was clueless. What he told me was different than what his two employees told me. And by the way, my email still isn't working. When I spoke to Lauren, I told him I thought he was being condasending and he proceeded to tell my why being condasending to me was necessary istead of agreeing to treat me with more respect. If you have an option, go elsewhere. These folks' service sucks big time. And if you try to complain or escalate an issue, GOD the gate keeper will keep you from being able to do so. Yuck! And that's all I have to say about that.

this is a very good media story, your president does not exist or ever take telephone calls, your warehouse at maxsource states they have no affiliation with our company. I am however connected to the media & your presidents office does not know whom your pr person is or your media contact. Perhaps Mr. Parsons you should take some lessons from Mr. Nordstrom and never not care about a customer for thst will give you more negative publicity than you can imagine. I have spent half the afternoon on a wild goose chase with your organization I can see why people are "fed up" and renewing elsewhere. You are not the only game in town and rudeness and I am a victim of it personally will not be tolerated. You may want to inform Gary H in your presidents office he does not speak on behalf of your entire company when a person identifies themselves with the media. His remarks leave a lot to be desired and do not need to reiterate in an email all of the codes provided to your representatives. Thank You,

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