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Unable to make a purchase. Checked with my bank, my cards my are fine. Spoke to customer services(15 minute overseas call). My customer account number is not recognised, my pin number is not recognised and my card supposedly is invalid. Go Daddy, get your act together.

Worst company in buisness

Theese people are pathetic !!!! This is hands down the bigest rip off company their is in the states !!!! Do not do buisness with theese crooks !!!!!


Been a customer for years was authorized on the account . Things changed could NOT get any help from them I OWN the domain ... NEVER MORE they are morons rude discusting people


Tacky commercials on the Super Bowl this is not having fun it's called trash we have children watching these programs. In most all your commercials there is sexual overtones. I will never promote your products until you clean it up. I am sickened by your lack of sensitivy to our young and adult people where are your morals?

Disgusting Super Bowl commercial

That was a disgusting display of what? The objective or purpose of the ad was lost on me and as a customer it was downright disgusting and embarrassing. I don't want to do business with a company whose strategy lacks common sense and/or dignity.


Don't use their "dream design team." One week actually means three weeks, phone calls and email are returned late, and expect at least ten minutes before they answer the phone. Absolutely pathetic.


It's all about the sales for these morons... and forget about the needs of their customers. I just had some twit tell me that I needed to upgrade the space on my account in order to insure that an upload I was doing wouldn't stop in the middle due to space limitations. Of course he neglected to tell me that the upgrade would stop the upload. It cost me a major client and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Avoid this company at all costs

Worst service ever! Their server goes down periodically. I am planning to move all my websites to other hosting servers. Godaddy should attend to their customer complaints. Their tech support team used this line several times: "Presently, I am unable to duplicate this issue as your site loads with no issue." Tech support, please personalize your reply sometimes, okay? No copy pasting.

They oversell the unsuspecting client with a bunch of services they don;t need, and then of course refuse to refund when I try to fix it.

some arrogant twit called and stated he was from godaddy and insisted to speak to someone so i told him where he could put it.

Absolutely horrible customer service. They wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor for at least a half hour. Extremely rude. Treated me as though I was inferior. STAY AWAY

i have the same issues as everyone else! the customer service is terrible!!!! i asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there isnt one on duty. i was on the phone for over an hour before i could get a "leader" on the phone. ive had godaddy/website tonight for 2 years and just started having tech issues. i checked better business and godaddy had many complaints about customer service. i will be taking my business elsewhere "ONLY" because i was treated poorly by godaddy employees. i highly suggest taking business to another company. BEWARE!!!!

I just got off the phone with a supervisor at 9 PM this evening...I wish I had read all of these negative comments prior to my renewing several domaines....the same arrogant attitude" that sorry fella, .we can't rectify any error or misunderstanding".... with their term "consolidating".....there is nothing in place to correct an honest mistake or misunderstanding of their poorly worded consolidation check here system....I had an extra $77.00(and it was not the money that I was arguing about) added on to my billing over and above the 2 or 3 year renewal which should not start until June of this year....The customer oriented supervisor said that I renewed some domaines for 2 years and 5 months....which seems senseless to me versus 2 year or 3 year renewals from expiration dates of June, 2012...someone in corporate should certainly be appraised of these efforts or lack of effort to rectify problems that were brought to attention of Go-Daddy within three hours of on-line renewing.....and as the supervisor said, sometimes it is not good to use the internet for renewals.....if I could get to the President's office with this, I would be there tomorrow....I would love to leave my email..if I knew that I would hear from the corporate headquarters....

I would give them 0 if the option was available. I've been they're customer fot at least 8 years, payed them thousands of dollars on services, but now that I have a problem with the service there's just no one to give you support, they're rude and lazy and I recommend anyone starting on the internet development business to go for a different provider.

I received a HORRIBLE and RUDE call from Mitch from the Billing Department indicating that my hosting/domain account was due and because I did not have a credit card on file, I must renew my account today or be subject to lose our domain and hosting. When I indicated that the account was not due until December 1, 2011--he became EXTREMELY RUDE. I asked to speak with a Supervisor or Manager and he Refused. I asked if the conversation was recorded and he refused to answer my question or transfer me to someone I could report him to. It is apparent that GODADDY doesn't want to hear any feedback of how their employees are treating their customers, or maybe you don't need customers. I am extremely upset about this and request a return call: 817-542-7570

This atricle went ahead and made my day.

Bought a domain from Godaddy auction and they fined me $50 dollars for placing my email addy in the comment box. They lost a huge customer from 2006 and on. I spent 5k with them the last week plus the 1.1k for my domain. Why fine a good paying customer. They did not notify me or anything. They put my auction purchase on hold until I paid that fine. I called finally because I was wondering what was taking so long and then they told me. In the paypal invoice it mentions nothing about a fine nor anything in my godaddy past payments. It shows up as administration fees. They are covering something up and I know it. All I wanted was to talk with the domain seller to make sure everything was legit because it was a lot of money ya know. I was pissed with them. They are losing a VERY BIG customer and I will never be back. Going to NameCheap.com because they are better in support and everything else. STAY AWAY FROM GODADDY!

Bob Parsons made an excellent decision when he signed on Mario, Michael and Marco Andretti to represent Go Daddy. They are a very close, competive family and will create a lot of software sales for his co. Go Bob!

Customer "service" is more like customer DISservice. I've been a customer longer than most of the employee's have even worked there and up until today have always been treated great. However today I was nothing more than dirt under their feet. They care nothing about keeping their customers, nothing about solving problems only about what they can sell you. And to top it all off, if you complain on their FB page, they will kick you off and block you!

Nothing but Shady, Conniving, Scheming, Con-Artists for sales people with a congested web site of their own that needs to be revamped. Website Tonight is also a "piece" to try and work with.

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