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Your Vile Commercial

Revolting is just one word to describe your hideous commercial. What idiot came up with this inhumane ad and what other idiots thought it was a good idea? Never ever never would I use godaddy!

Your company is ridiculous and heartless!!!

How heartless for your company to put a commercial for Superbowl concerning abusing animals!!!! I will spread the word to family coworkers and all friends not to ever use your website for anything.

disgusting superbowl ad

I find your ad disgusting. will NOT ever use your company again!

Terrible Products

GoDaddy sells products (web site building, etc.) that they know are defective and not equal to their competition and the best their tech support can say is "we're working to make the product better" - all the time knowing that the products are no where ready for release to the public. They sure are happy getting your money before the product is usable!

Complete Crooks & Amateur business

I cancelled my entire order within 24 hours (within the full refund guaranteed time) and they kept my money. They sent me an email telling me they cancelled my service as I requested. They did not refund my $207.30. The customer service rep was condescending and patronizing, like a brat just out of high school. They must be hard up to have to keep people's money -- steal it, and lie to them.

Best co to the worst in 2 yrs

My company has been a customer since they opened in the 90's. We always got great service and a value for our hard spent dollars. Since it was sold it has gone downhill fast. The only thing better about the company is the main website is easier to navigate. The customer service is now non existent and if you have a problem they talk calm and do nothing. Products cancel without warning and products that work just fine are put out to pasture leaving you with a product that barely functions. The new ones have some extra bling but you lose more functionality. WE ARE LEAVING 40+ domains, 2 website builders, 3 SSL, e-mail..... 20 yr customer. Had it. Customer service did not want to retain us.


No complaints procedure Take advantage of people with disabilities. They make mistakes then charge you for the privilege. DO NOT USE.


The WORST web hosting company EVER with the worst "customer service" ever encountered by any type of company. They lost all of our files 2 years into hosting our website and now coming and saying they didnt lose it we must have "accidentally" been hsting with another website. Just totally ridiculous! Find another web hosting company if at all possible. Godaddy is a complete waste of time and money.


ceo ... bob parsons should be ashamed of himself ... going to africa to kill animals ... disgusting .. i will never support your site or its products and will advise my friends and family to do the same ... the photo of him standing over a DEAD elephant made me sick .. i will make sure it gets hundreds of hits on facebook ...


Guy last Monday sold me a web to make my site more visible, was on vacation and the hotel had internet problems. He said he would call me back today - to help me with it- I tried - had problems- called today- long wait time- entered phone number to call back- call back- after a min got a drop call - person from go daddy never called back I called back- said wait time 5 minutes - computer called back- put me on hold- it isn't suppose to put you on hold nor is the person calling you to ignore a drop call. Typical of the godaddy support

Horrible Service

Still waiting after 2.5 for word press to be installed. No one calls back, everybody keeps asking what MY problem when GoDaddy people have admitted the issue is with their bank of servers. I've had to constantly "REPEAT" the same freaking thing over and over and over again in the past 10 phone calls, 36 hours later no resolve. Don't these people have chronological screens to look at so they can read the history of the phone calls? NEVER AGAIN ! Oh and by the way, finally got a supervisor and he told me he didn't want to walk across the room because it was 4:30 in the morning. His name is Jacob.


All of a sudden my fax thru email quit working, nobody can get a fax send to complete(except godaddy tech support). I am a contractor and need to get faxes on my iPhone on the jobsite .After four long conversations with them they still have not fixed the problem. And suggested I cancel (trouble maker). They did debit my card again the same day. I give up and will just get faxes in the office. Phoenix will be 118 this afternoon, I hope their car breaks down in a traffic jam.

It doesn't get much worse

I have been disappointed by companies before, but Go Daddy now top my list for the worst customer service for a product that is useless in the UK. Apart from being misinformed, the customer services representatives even have false industry information which they try to pass on as fact. I have had to cancel my order with them after 6 weeks of trying to get it to work, and then they have the longest refund process I have come across in a long time. This company does not understand what service is required to keep customers satisfied. I will never use them again, and would recommend that everyone avoids them.

I'm quite pleased

Phone answered within a minute or two. Courteous representative, does not rush me through the issue at hand. Rarely does it take a second call or having to bring someone else on the phone to get things resolved. I've been a GoDaddy customer for about 8 years now and have every intention of staying with them. I have recommended them to others, and I have received good stories back from them as well.


I was a loyal Godaddy customer for 6 years without any issues. Finally, I got an issues and after 2 weeks they didn't resolve it. They just kept telling me to wait 72 more hours. Meanwhile, my domain name is on freeze by them which means hosting can't be attached to it, I can't move it, and my online business has missed its launch deadline that had been promised to investors. And yet they still said wait another 72 hours. Took 3 weeks for a resolution. I will be moving every single account I have with them somewhere else.

Customer Service

This company has a terrible customer support structure. You literally have to wait from 5-15 minutes each an every time you call support. Then you have to go through a series of questions before you get to tell someone why you called. When you do finally get a person on the other end of the line, generally it is someone who lack sufficient knowledge to deal with anything but the simplest of problems. So, then you are once again put on hold while they go to another department to try and get a solution from a real techie type. You can never get to a management person. I have asked on numerous occasion for a supervisor, but have never found one!

Class action lawsuite

GoDaddy claims that forcing a customer to have a payment type on file is legal. I beg to differ... If you are or know of a lawyer. I am in for building a case and class action law suit against them. Isn’t this what you would consider being forced into a service? And should you cancel or close your domain your information is still retained for years after that? Come on folks!!! I'm not a lawyer but doesn’t anyone see that this screams a lawsuit win???

NO to GoDaddy

Do NOT use Go Daddy for anything. They retain your credit card (Payment) information on file even when you are not renewing with them until you cancel all accounts out. A domain name that expires in 2014 entitles them to keep your payment information of file until the domain name expires. If you cancel it early to remove your payment information they WILL NOT refund you any money. Any one else with these issues or have had these issues let me know I am filing a class action suit.

Warning, steer clear. Worse company ever!

Good to Worse

GoDaddy customer service has always been helpful to me, however, trying to remove a protected/private domain registration has now taken more than six months and they are still charging me for a domain I never used! They continue to ask me to scan and send numerous documents to prove who I am, who my company was - the company has been OUT OF BUSINESS since 2009. Still, GoDaddy insists that I prove my identity over and over and they still don't take care of it. Meanwhile they automatically charge my credit card umpteen times. I'm starting to hate GoDaddy and am considering removing all sites/domains in the near future.

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