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Bad and rude customer service

Wow sony mistreat their customers

internet box

I can write more about my experience but don't want to waste more time. Just to say errible customer support. Never again Sony.


I am never purchasing a Sony product again. Worst customer service experience

Poor Customer Service Poor Products (Buy ONLY Samsung)

I bought a Smartwatch 2 on Amazon and they product was defect regarding the button would stick and no pop out to shut off the watch when not in use. I called the they have been giving me the run around transfer after transfer and no to speak to . That is Sony for you. See when they get to big and tend to forget about the customer they have worst customer service. This is what I say if you can't take of customers then we the customer "will not" buy your product. They happen to have bad reviews on Amazon and everybody is starting a coalition on Amazon to make sure to give them bad review so that be people tell about their bad experience with this company, so that their company sales will go down. I have a recommendation for Sony get out of the electronic industry since you can't help customer because Samsung is taken over the industry. So, please people don't buy Sony products they are back from people customer of taken care us. BUY SAMSUNG or AMAZON, because they love their customers

Sony all-in-one Desktop Computer

I have SONY all-in-one Descktop computer since 2010, recently its monitor is dead. Tried to get a service then figured it cost 700USD!!!!! to get it fixed. Decided to dump into the garbage, and will get rid of all SONY products from now on.

2 month old tv junk, getting screwed

I bought a new Sony 60" flat , smart tv! It quit working after two months ! I call Sony they want to send me a refurbished tv , or I send them $882 to get the next comparible model ! I said I don't want a refurbished tv I want a new tv ! Stand behind you products ! They are doing nothing but giving me the run around! Don't ever buy anything from Sony , they don't stand behind there products!!!

Classic ps2

Dear Sony PLEASE put ALL the Nba street games 1,2, and 3 and Def Jam Fight for NY on the PSN store Please do it for me


Im really not that good with computers but my son his really good with all your game systems up to 4 years ago when he just lost everything could just take one of your games an bit it no matter how hard it is an bit it in 3to5 days well now he has so many thing wrong but he keep it together by playing your games but in the last for years he has had to get read of all of it he has even had to movie in with my husband an i so when we heard that you all were doing the testing for the new Ps4 we thought maybe you all could help us an if he can't help u like i think my son can we well pay for the system he has nothing so can u help us

Terrible Service

I have been trying to extricate my Sony Vaio lap top from a so called "express repair" program I foolishly purchased with the computer. It's been over a month. No one responds, on hold-if this is express, it's hard to imagine what they view as slow. Never will by another Sony product.

My Respect For SONY

I have opened Sony.com and purchased a 32" high rated LCD. I have also disclosed the Facts about Sony's Histroy and Respect on my www.consumerprotectionorganization.com this article explains to Citizens about Cheap no Service Products to avoid. I tell them About your Intelligent Product Histroy. This was to Help Sony Eletronics, Inc please open and review this Article. 355 visitors in 48 hours world wide

Sony is the best and i love all there products, only my first ps3 had a problem and Sony Customer Services helped me out.

i bought an xperia s a week back and it dosent work ,i want my money back how do i go through this

Worst customer service

Kazuo Hirai Konnichiwa, 09/26/12 DO ANY OF YOU REALLY READ THESE? It took me a very long time to decide to write but after my latest debacle with Sony I felt I must at least try. Over the years I have purchased SO MANY products from Sony, Professional, prosumer and consumer, Broadcast cameras and tape decks, Beta and SP and digital. Computers, TV’s analog and digital, telephones, Stereos and mp3 players. The costs have been astounding for the products themselves but more so for support and upkeep. Sony WAS the brand to buy for professional equipment there was no other choice in the past. I used beta when it first came out. I also had products shipped directly to me from Japan because it was the most efficient way to get newer products. I learned that Sony was usually a BIT more expensive than other brands but it is because the quality was better even if parts to repair items were silly expensive. I once spent $27.00 for a SCREW for my betacam. ANYWAYS on to my problem, I purchased a Sony Viao laptop a few years ago and purchased it from COMPUSA which is now out of business, I paid for extended warranty and battery replacement but after they went bankrupt my laptop received none of the attention it needed to continue good performance. The battery went dead in 3 months and replacement although paid for with the plan when purchased was not covered and SONY wanted almost $200 dollars for new. I purchased aftermarket which didn’t last long either, this in turn eventually made the power supply burn out, another aftermarket purchase but the jack didn’t fit correctly which then made the input wear and not work correctly so now I tape it in. next the operating system was XP now outdated which I upgraded to Windows 7. After the upgrade components of the laptop STOPPED working i.e. DVD and Bluetooth. I went online for support and was told if I PAY more they will upgrade so things will work but the power problem they would need my laptop and A LOT more money to fix. At this point I have decided that it would be more economical to buy a new laptop BUT after the money I have spent on THIS one and the support I have received I would be better of purchasing from other companies. Panasonic make GREAT camera gear now and I like the Ikigami too and as far as computers there are many companies to choose from AND better support. I feel it is too bad Sony has not been able to offer me the continued experience I grew to expect over the years as they received hundreds of thousands of my dollars and a lot of my time dealing with normal wear and tear on products it has come time to look at all the other products out there and decide what is best for my company and myself your support has become VERY impersonal and straight to the point, PAY us and we will help you with your Sony problems even if you have paid and paid and paid. Even my PS3 is not working as well as my XBOX. I have editing to do and my VIAO is not up to the task anymore maybe time to go MAC. With much sadness I hope that SONY will try a bit harder to please their long time faithful customers and at that point I may look at them again. Sayonara, Scott Kahl CEO Jester Multimedia

We were die hard Sony customers for a long time, My husband and I are seniors, that tells you how long we preferred and purchase Sony! Sony gave us their; I guest it can be said, their big (A) to kiss. After a 3 1/2 year old 46" Bravia completely went out in mid august it is still out in mid Sept., with an extented warranty. The run around has been hell. Their customer service is the worse I have ever,ever witness! Don't bother contacting them, you will only go around and around in the same circle pasted off to the rep. after rep. in the same building. So the hell with Sony to many other brand for this shit! Seniors get tried of bullshit too!

From personal exeicpanre I would recommend agaisnt Dell or HP. My HP laptop did the thing we all joke about, break the day after the waaenty ran out *which was just after christmas) and all 3 of my freinds with Dells have come to me asking about problems. 1 of them has had his screen fall off and another has no keyboard!Anyway, I would say Sony are the best, they can be expensive but they are well worth the extra money if you want to use it alot. If you have got the money (and dont mind the compatability issues) Id go for a Apple Mac, although I understand they can be inpractical and expensive, they are extremmly good.Hope this helps

I was in the market for looking for a new laptop since I've had mine for over eight years. I had a dell and decided to see what else was on the market in comparasion. So in the end I had it down between the MAC Book Pro and the Sony S-Series. Well I never had a Mac and didnt want to go through the learning cruve. And besides for what I wanted Sony had a great deal. So what did I do I called them and asked questions and the person I talked to said it would be best to come in the store even though I know what I wanted. Well I live about a 100 miles away from the store so I made the trip (in the back my head I was asking why) When I got there I was told they didnt have what I wanted and that I couldve ordered it on line. Why a wasted trip. So I got the next best thing and went with a hard drive instead of the SSD. It had everything else I needed. So get this I get home and the thing didnt even work in fact the speaker was busted. I called tech support and after an hour on the phone the guy told me "you know what Sir the speaker is busted" No S--T!!! he said I could send it in and get a refurbushed one and I only had the thing for 5 days. I told him I was going to take it back and get a new one. So back in my car and another 100 miles one way. so we are talking 400 miles totoal now. I go ther and get another one. The sale associate never really looked me in the eyes and half the time was texting someone on the phone. When I got back to the office I looked on line and low-and-behold the thing was $100 bucks cheaper and in also gave you a $100 gift card. I called them right away and asked why did I not get it cheaper since I did a return. The guy on the phone Kyle said you shouldve. So I asked to talk to the manager Scott and he would not get on the phone. I could hear him in the back "I dont want to talk to him, tell him Ill call him back I at lunch". OMG!!!! In the end Kyle asked me if I could come back into the store (from Sacramento to Santa Clara)to get the exchange the way it shouldve been done. I told him it would almost cost me that much to in gas to get there. So I guess I am out of luck people. I would not reccommend this to anyone (well maybe my worst enemy) I wish I could put a less than poor score. So sony if you want to make this write here is my email: tmcgradyj@yahoo.com and hopefully it doesnt go to spam. Or you can call your employee if they are not texting and get my info I left my name and number (tyrone 916-216-....) I expected so much more out of you as a world leader in technology and customer service. You really let me down this time. If I have one more problem I am going to return it and never look back. But then again from what I have read it sounds like you dont care you have my money.

Sony sucks, worst customer service ever

A year ago today I spent $1800 on a Sony Vaio Laptop. To this day it is still in mint condition, for some time now the left mouse clicker has not been working on the touchpad which was no big deal because I usually used a USB mouse anyways but I figured, what the hell, it still under warranty so I called to get it fixed. They sent a tech to my house to fix it, Jonathan from FDL. I was preparing for him to come into my home; the disc to backup my data had just finished formatting when the door bell rang. I informed him I was just about to do a backup on my computer, he insisted it wasn't necessary since he would only be fixing the touchpad. Since he is a tech I trusted his word on that...when he left, my computer wouldn't even turn on. So now we go from fixing a touchpad to the motherboard completely crashing. WTF?! I get on the phone with Sony, boy I spoke with circles with them, they transferred me three different times so I had to continue to repeat my story to them. In the end, no results. All they could say was "we stand behind our product, ma'am" F*ck that! Now they want me to send it to their tech's in another state...they won't do a backup for me (even though I feel it is safe to say they should since THEIR tech told me NOT to do one in the first place) and they can't, they won't even compensate me for the $200 I had to spend to get my stuff backed up! So now that all of this has happened I'm concerned my computer will not come back in working condition so I tried to get an extended warranty. These people transferred me NINE times, and not to a different location either, those MF's kept transferring me between the EXACT same prompts; now I'm REALLY steamed, finally someone spoke to me. Same shit, different story; "we stand behind our product, ma'am" Unfortunately we cannot allow you to get an extended warranty. They transferred me to customer relations....I've spoken with these people before, they care less than the average CSR; again, got nowhere....So now I have to trust my computer to go out of state for AT LEAST two weeks (so no laptop this whole time) to have Sony tech's look at it to see what is wrong with it. Boy they better pray that my computer comes back in mint condition with everyting working and all my files on there or there WILL be hell to pay! I used to stand behind Sony's product but I tell you what, this is the last straw, NEVER again and I hope everyone else starts to realize it and quits buying their product. I'm going to try to write a letter to the CEO, we'll see if he even has the gutts to respond, F*cking cowards, every single one of them!

Hi, I bought a Sony TV (46") from Sonystyle store in Valley Fair, 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, California in November 2009 with extended warranty for 5 years. Here are details: Sony TV Model: KDL-46XBR9 Serial Number: 8108963 Software version upgraded to :aa0195fn Claim Number: 3867066 Last week on Thursday June 28, 2012, I was having problem with Netflix streaming on my Sony TV which is directly connected to my DSL router with the Ethernet cable. Beside Netflix, my cable TV was working fine. I called the Sony tech support (Lyn (C3Z9)) regarding this Netflix problem. The techsupport person told me I am running the older version of firmware on my TV, and she was not able to upgrade it using the Menu. She told me I will have to set the TV to factory default and then upload the new firmware. With her guidance on the phone I was able to upgrade the TV. Once after the upgrade the the Netflix was still not streaming, and the Power on/off standyby led became red and blinking after few minutes. Then I tried to connect the cable. The picture started and after less than 90 seconds the TV switched on, with red LED blinking continuously. I was so frustrated with the tech support. She did not not know what she was doing, and screwed my TV, and it was unusable anymore. In the beginning I was only having problem with my Netflix streaming, now my cable TV was also not working. Then she asked me if I had Extended Warranty Service, and told me to contact them. I called the Extended Service Warranty team and explained what had just happened to my TV. The person from the Service team will be in my house on Monday morning Junly 2, 2012. My whole family was upset as there would no TV for the next 3 days, and they were complaining what's the use of Extended Warranty Service when they can fix the problem when it happens. I paid for the service so that we have peace of mind for next 5 years, and the problem will be fixed quickly when it happened. On Monday morning someone from the Extended Warranty Service called, they are waiting for the part without coming to the house and diagnosing the problem. They had identified the problem based on what I had explained them. They said once they have the part they will call me, so I am at their mercy for my TV to be fixed, and when they feel like. I am shocked at the service I am receiving from your company. I was big fan of Sony products, now I am not sure if I would buy any of your product. I have Sony Blue Ray player also I had bought. I am not going to recommend your Extended Warranty service, as it's a waste of time and money, and the crappy service you receive from your team. They really don't give a damn how long it takes. they don't have any time frame when they will receive the part and when it will be fixed. Here we are almost a week without TV. I have to deal with my angry family members every day. They just want to buy another one, no more Sony stuff, after this experience. Hope this reaches to the right person in the Sony Service department, and take prompt action. There should be a time limit when someone complains about the product in the Extended Warranty Service, the action taken from the first call and within time frame the product should be fixed. Then your Extended Warranty Service has some value. I would never buy a Extended Warranty Service if it's not from the manufacturer. I don't want to deal with third party companies, which most companies sell their Extended warranty service to other companies. Look forward to hear from you soon. I will post my experience in the social media regarding this. This was not expected from such a big brand name company and who have great products. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at satda70@gmail.com

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