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Mariano's, Park Ridge

I like the store. I was not happy with my experience checking out. My husband, son, daughter and myself were in the process of getting our items checked out. The cashier said to me, "excuse me. Your daughter has to use the bathroom. It is bad for children to hold it in." First of all, it is not a twenty something's place to lecture a mother. I am 44 years old, have been a mom for many years and take very good care of my kids. Secondly, my daughter had let me know and we made a beeline for the bathroom as soon as we paid and were bagged up. I felt embarrassed as there was a customer after us and the bagger was there. In the washroom I saw a worker and asked if she was a manager. I told her I was unhappy with my check out experience. She brought back a young man and the cashier for me to discuss what was wrong with the cashier standing there. This was not a group meeting. I wanted to direct my complaints to and with the manager. Will not return if this is the way moms are treated. Very disappointed.

Good Place To Work

Since I've been retired from the factory which was a hostile environment. P.N.S. is practically like heaven. Most of the people are gems. In comparison with the factory, there were people who could make Jack The Ripper look like a gentleman & a scholar. Glad I found a good place to shop & work.

Mariano stores

I have to rate the Mariano grocery stores at a 5. Marianos is new to Chicago and I have not heard 1 complaint with the Mariano's fresh stores. The produce is fresh, the bakery goods look wonderful and the customer service is above and beyond. Mr Bob Mariano I work for you when you were president of Dominick's. I actually worked in the customer service department. What you requested out of us as we were employees is what Mariano employees are giving us. Mr Mariano you were truly missed in Chicago! Welcome back.

Store in Manitowoc (Copps)

Today I was in the store to pick up a 8pc. chicken at 1:00pm and once again there was none. My brother-in-law had just pasted away this morning and thought this would be a quick meal. But no there was none. I asked how long it would be till there would be some the girl said 20 to 30 min. I could not wait so once again no chicken. They told me previously call ahead and they would make some. I don't want my chicken standing in a bag how do I know when it was made. You advertise but never have. I wasn't the only one leaving disappointed.

Feedback Survey

I have no serious problems with Rainbow Foods (own by Roundy's). However, currently the receipts are asking for a survey at a site that is not recognize. If it was possible to complete the survey a validation code is given. This is entered for a chance to win $100 gift card for groceries. Since the site cannot be found, Roundy's will not have to worry about rewarding customers.

Three of the mariano's store in the chicagoland area all have listed on their shelves Iams canned dog food but never have any there. I'm wondering what other items are stated but never show upon the shelf. i never seem to get a ansewer at the front des

Roundy's boxed chocolates

Guys...don't take a good thing (YOUR ORIGINAL CHOCOLATE/CARMEL WITH SALT IN A CLEAR PLASTIC BOX). You guys now have dummied it down with more soy, a bag as container, little cups and YUCK!!! You guys had the best moderately priced chocolate in town. Now you go and change the ingredients, cut out one ounce, put it in a bad and it ain't good no more! It was terrific...I'd buy 4 to 6 at a time and freeze them, give them away...but now you're in Nestles Crunch league... Suggestion: code our ages into our Roundy's cards so that you can use that for ID when buying liquor...just an idea. I do appreciate the Roundy's brand, that's why I take the time to write. Living in Milwaukee

scammed on july 4th by roundy's

I went to roundy's in WSP, MN on July 4th 2013, with coupons in hand - that I had recieved in the mail from their flier on July 3rd. I picked up what I needed fort the BBQ we were having. I went to the self checkout, and the bill came to $50.00 I waved the attendant over to check off my coupons - who stated they weren't any good until the 5th, and she would do nothing about it. Why would I have my BBQ on friday - when the 4th is on Thurs? I believe roundy's scammed me. Why send out a flier the day before the holiday - when you're not going to honor it until the day after the holiday? The store manager stated that aot ofpeople are upset about this - I threw the coupons in the garbage and walked out - I won't be back - I will go to cub. I am filing an official complaint with corporate as well.

Too Big To Fail???

The lack of products - the apathetic attitudes of the employees - the unorganized stores. It's Kmart, Wards, Sears, Penneys and Woolworths all over again. Shoddy pricing - incorrect pricing - coupons in the paper a week before they're any good. What a Zoo. Sendiks, Woodmans, Sentry and soon to be Maiers. P & S is a dinosaur waiting for a meteor to happen. Example: A full-line grocery store which does not carry the 3 oz. cream cheese - forcing you to buy the 8 oz. size. WHY? I could go on forever but WHY?


The baggers at Mukwonago Pick and Save need to be taught how to bag, which I know to be part of the training process. My bread had cans throw in w/them as well as a large refill bottle of Dial soap unbagged and on top of my buns, needless to say the buns were smashed,

pick n save Marshfield

Pick n Save in Marshfield were store to ever work for... all they do is cut hours their managers sit around and do nothing our store director sits upstairs and eats all day with our som ... there needs to be something done we're not following rules things don't get done the right way nothing ever gets accomplished store always goes negative on a budget

Profits over all else

First of all I am a current employee. I have watched this company go downhill and then some. Its sad to see that all that matters to the higher-ups is profit. 'Cut hours' should be our new motto. Full time employees are losing their insurance benefits because it is too expensive. The customers pay, because we have only two cashiers working during our busiest times. Meanwhile, our store director sits in his office, refusing to be bothered. Im sorry to all who shop at picknsave, copps ect. Just remember when things go wrong and you're rightfully angry, its upper management who is to blame: Store directors, SOM's and corporate fat cats.

Tired of having to clip coupons AND produce my P&S card to get a sale price on items. Tired of going to the Oconomowoc Hwy 16 P&S only to find that they have no rotisserie chickens in the deli even though they post a guarantee to have them from 4-7:00 pm. Tired of no one working the deli! Tired of looking at the Roundy's "prison" building on County DR in Oconoomowoc/Summit. I'm done! Going elsewhere from now on. Bring back Sentry PLEASE!

Today was my last day shopping at Copp's in Antigo!! Almost every week I am getting overcharged and today had to jump through hoops to get my refund back!! Last week over $7.00,the week before over $10.00. People check your receipts!!!

I went in to the PNS on 76th & coldspring to spend over $100 on soda, the manager said he could only okay 2 specials on there sale. He had to reserve some for other customers. The sale ended in two and one half hours! I walked out not spending a dime and wont go back. The store on Miller park way bent over backwards to help me. I know which is the better customer service oriented store.

stay away

I shopped for years at pnsave on holt in milw.....will not be returning til they get rid of the poor excuse of a manager there named keith....this guy is something else and treats his customers sooooo rude...could only imagine how he treats the employees....stay away from here taking my thousands a yr to piggly or woodmans were they treat u with respect

i was very annoyed when shopping there certain items that were on sale did'nt ring up correctly when using the register. the employer and manager on duty were rude and need to learn more customer skills.


Yesterday I was in the Madison Copps on Whitney Way and there were no prices on Radishes and bunch onions, I had ask someone what the price was. Why no labels? With HyVee building across the street this does not look good if you are trying to hold on to your business at this location. John


I suggest anyone looking to work find somewhere else to apply. There was little flexibility within the store and now that it's tax time and we're supposed to have our w2's by the end of January, I STILL have not received mine. I went to the store to get the corporate number for Roundy's and got a number that could either give me directions to the home office or a vague directory that can only hook me up to a person's mail box if I have their name. Well if I don't even know who I'm supposed to talk to, how can I know who I need?! And yes, the quality and availability of product is sorely lacking as well. P.S. If you're in Wisconsin, Woodman's is SO much better. Better selection, better prices, just all around a better place to shop!

lack of products

I recently shopped at the Monroe with store and I do have to say the lack of products on the shelf and in the cases sucked! Never have I been so dissatisfied with pick n save than I was on this shopping trip. This isn't the first time I've been dissatisfied with the store. Usually its after a holiday when there is a lack of products and that is a valid reason(sometimes). No excuses!

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