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Glitch in the website caused me to pay more for hotel than was stated. Customer service response--it's your fault! Can't refund difference because they had already contracted with hotel. Called sales office and was promised refund and a email with confirmation information. No email. No refund. Won't deal with Orbitz again.

We purchased flight tickets for Jamaica in March. We check the itenary the day before we were to leave to see if there any changes with the departure time and discovered that our reservation had been cancelled in April. We never received e-mail they claimed to have sent us. They blamed us for the cancellation stating that we called Air Jamaica and cancelled it on our own. To add to that we just received an e-mail a week ago stating are you ready for your trip. The husband was on the phone with them for over an hour. I had to call Air Jamaica and get us adding back on the flight. Orbitz claimed that they had to speak with Air Jamaic before they would do anything about the problem. Orbitz customer service sucks and we will never use them again.

Communication is very poor and system is broken. I had a schedule change to 2:00 pm from a 6:30am flight. I was not notified, so I showed up at 5:30 to find no one attending the counter. I phoned the 1-800# to the airline and was informed that the flight had been changed back in April. I checked my itiniary two days before my flight and it still stated departing at 6:30 am.I was going to a family reunion and had planned to be there for family photos and dinner. I arrived in Vancouver at 10:00pm, missing all of the days events. I realize that airlines change flight times all the time, but not notifying me is totally unacceptable. Orbitz seem to think that I should be happy with $50.00. I am not.

Useless phone number - it dumps you into a general mailbox (probably full) that does you no good. Left multiple messages that have NEVER been returned by anyone.

Yeah, we are having problems too. We had to use their agents on the phone due to Website issues and they reviewed with us the details and travel plans. Told us the flight times, etc. we wanted and that we had booked the flights and car rentals. Then we get the email and expect it to be the same as the agent told us it would be. We look again in two weeks and it is not even what we asked for a return trip. NOW they said it is OUR fault the agent messed up because we waited over 24 hours to complain. I am very upset and will NEVER do business with them again. I am starting to hear from others complaints too! Hello Travelocity!!! Good riddance Orbitz after seven years of using your company!

I've had a refund issue with ORBITZ, and it's been over two weeks since they ARE INVESTIGATING IT! Come on, people, you simply don't want to give me my money back. I won't ever deal with ORBITZ again.

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