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They lie and steal!

They have not refunded almost $500. Keep saying it will arrive in 5 to 10 days, it has been 3 weeks! They make it almost impossible to contact them and if you do get someone they are not help! the only time you get any help is if you are making a reservation.

Orbitz will steal your money

Orbitz did not honor my cancellation, made same day. The website gave me 24 hours to change. They charged my account via US Airways and now the credit card company won't reverse because they say orbitz is a third party and they have no recourse. Rip Off!

got lied to and ripped off

I booked my 2 ticket for 1500.00 dollars and was told i have 24hrs to cancel it and would receive a refund..I canceled the flight with- in 22hrs and re-booked with orbitz because the same flight was a 100 dollars less [ received a e-mail that it was canceled )..but to my surprise a week after that i was told I would not be getting a refund,only a credit..after several hours in the phone going from mamager to manager i got no-were.

abysmal customer service

I had a serious complaint that couldn't have been handled more poorly than it was by someone in another corner of the world. I had a problem with a car rental and he insisted that every time I book with Orbitz online that I needed to follow up with a telephone call to verify all information involved with the trip e.g., seat assignments, times of departure and arrival, flight numbers, car rental addresses and car rental companies, hotel names, addresses, room size, etc., etc., etc. Huh? I'm booking online so that I can then make a phone call to verify all information.

Terrible Company

We tried to book a flight through Orbitz. It started out with their page offering one price. But when you tried to book that, it all of a sudden raised the price on you. Then they cancelled the tickets because they had quoted a price that the airline wouldn't accept. Had to stay out of the country for another full day(extra hotel costs). Had tons of news media waiting for my arrival at home, which didn't make them happy. Terrible customer service("All we can do is have you rebook at the current +$250 price") gets you no where. Went to Travelocity and booked through them instead. I would REFUSE to EVER do business with Orbitz again!!!!!


I received a good customer service when i have a traumatic scene. The agent help me as quick as he can and giving me lower than the total cost i paid for the first reservation. Just my experience. Thanks.


Ive been a long time orbitz customer but experienced good customer service from them. As I've read most posts are negative. I realized when we customers felt bad , we exposed the negative side but when we received good customer service we never attempted to post the good deeds. We mostly complain but never appreciate for the effort. Just concerned.


Orbitz is a joke...I would never work with them again, and I would NEVER recommend them to my worst enemy. They clearly don't care to train a majority of their employees and nobody has clear answers. You literally have to go through at least (if your lucky) 10, that's right, 10 different people, only to be placed on hold for 45 minutes. They constantly "transfer" which means hang up on you. The "travel insurance" is quite deceiving..and I can't wait to clear them from my memory.

Orbitz are criminals!!!

Unbelievable criminal actions. Scam artist.. Booked a flight with insurance, had to cancel due to medical, would not refund.. Then I was told I had a year to book. When I went to book they lost my records! Yes. S I provided them with my records thank god for email and documentation. Not kidding you 11 hours lasted on the phone ! Yes 11 hours, their customer service is non existing and your dealing with criminals. I lost$650.00 dollars because of their mistake and they refuse to honor their mistake...


The call center in the Philippines was dreadful! I experienced unacceptable waits on hold and took over one hour to complete a simple hotel booking. They are horribly inefficient and I won't be patronizing Orbitz again as a result.

Never go through Orbitz even if it's cheaper

You pay the price, even though their price a slightly cheaper than other places. I booked a trip 4 months in advance, went to the airport and found out that they had cancelled my flight without notifying me. I was able to get on my flight and go through standby but it was such an unpleasant situation since I'm flying international. I sent numerous emails and received no responses. I made numerous phone calls, only to find out that Orbitz relenquish my ticket to Eva airpline and they can do whatever with it. They didn't need to receive my consent or inform me of any changes. This is a horrible company that takes no responsibility after they take your money. I say it's fraud!!!!


I found cheaper airfare by $150.00. It was the same flight leaving the same day. Called orbitz and the customer service sucks!!!!!! First Janelle tried to convince of the hows and maybes of the cheaper airfare. I told her I just wanted the price matched. She told me if I found it the same day Orbitz could match it. I wouldn't use Orbitz again if they were they were the only travel site available.


Quite disappointed with quality of service I attempted to purchase a ticket for 164.70 from Boston to Palm Springs CA for April 20th when I clicked purchase ticket the price went up to 187.00 I attempted to purchase that ticket and it went up to 214.00 it finally let me purchase it for that price so out of curiosity I checked the fares today and the airline is selling the same route ticket for 160.00 I called customer service to see if they would honor the price and give it to me for the 160.00 they said sorry we don't do that, that was it I couldn't believe it. So I guess if you find a good farewith orbitz you try to purchase that fare it will go higher within seconds just to charge u more! Then don't stand behind quality of service :(

Never told of a vacation package cancellation fee of 25.00. Would never book with this company again.l No rep in the US, wasted an entire Sat. trying to resolve issue.

The Most Unethical Company Ever

After cancelling my tickets due to family emergency (with the letter from the doctor), and cancelling the reservation 5 days prior to the planned trip (at least 24-hour cancellation is required), Orbitz refused to refund the money.

WORST Cutstomer service EVER

I actually work for a hotel. Won't say which one but I called to try to clear up a rate discrepancy (all of our 3rd party rates go through one extranet and theirs was the only one that was wrong)... they were SO INCREDIBLY rude to me, transfered me around about 12 times until they led me back to the first person. At this point, he wad beyond disrespectful... he told me I should already have the information to contact the account manager, and when I let him know we deal through a different source he continued saying "well you should have it"... I can not begin to describe how infuriating that was for someone who provides them with business every day... I hope enough people have these experiences so noone books through Orbitz ever again...

I purchased tickets from Cheap Tickets on January 30, 2012 for a flight to Coppenhagen on Aug. 26. I purchased the travel insurance from their recommended company, Allianz Travel. On Feb. 26 I became ill and later had to cancel the trip. Allianz Insurance has done everything they possibly can to avoid paying this legitimate claim even though they have received doctor docuementation and much more. I had also purchased a cruise and bought travel insurance through CSA and after they received the doctor report they refunded my money in 2 weeks. I would suggest that you be careful in buying insurance through Cheap tickets from Allianz as they like to collect the money, but do everything in their power to stall and find any reason to not pay legitimate claims.

I booked a round trip package deal from Orbitz to Turks and Caicos on August 25th, 2012 only to find out that the Airlines (AA) said I hadn't been ticketed for the flight home which was taking off in an hour. How can a screwup like this happend!? Doesn't round trip mean their and back? I had to pay $500 for my flight home...from Turks and Caicos to Miami then from Miami to LA. When I got home I called Oritz and told them what happend they said the best they could do was a partial voucher for $270. Good for, from the day I booked it...April 2012 till April 2013 Not even good for a year. Never again will I go thru Orbitz.!!!...negitive 1 star is what they get from me!!!

I bought a ticket through Orbitz for our daughter that lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado to come to Louisville, Kentucky for her sisters wedding or that is what we thought we were getting. On the form that we filled out it ask us if we wanted a one-way or round trip and we wanted a round trip ticket. Well when we got the flight itinerary it had our daughter coming to Louisville just fine with a layover in Denver, Colorado. On the flight back to Colorado Springs she also had a layover in Denver but that is where she wound up. I know that NO ticket that you get has a 1 way in and only a 1/2 trip back. We have called and asked customer service at Orbitz and they said that was what we had paid for. I know that if you are flying your child somewhere you would get them a ticket back to where they came from and not just half the way. I had to buy another ticket from Denver to Colorado Springs to get her home. I will never do business with Orbitz again

NEVER use Orbitz. I was traveling overseas, and had troubles with my flights. Orbitz did NOTHING to help. The original flight was cancelled and re-booked, but Orbitz never told me of the change. Subsequently, I missed my flight (as I didn't know it was different) and Orbitz told me that there was nothing they could do. After speaking to a representative and he acknowledged that it was their fault, they still refused to do anything to help. This missed flight actually caused the last leg of my trip to be cancelled, as well, leaving me stranded "across the pond" with no flight home.

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