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Orbitz employees r liers they ripped me off of $1514 and said that they faxed my sons medical records to Delta nd never did. They r nast and I would never use them again.

no one will call me

I am very upset in how your company ORBITZ conducts their business ripping off honest hardworking people. I got married on june 9 and was planning my honeymoon with you guys, worst decision ever to use your product and my brother booked a hotel in your website pay me in cash and use my card. Not even 30mins later we cancelled. When i called to find out when i would receive my money they said in 5 days this was on june 10, 2012 five days later i called because i havent received my refund and I was told that after 40 mins talking to 3 different people even a supervisor that the only person that can approve a refund is a manager and was in vacation. Wow! well organized company that lets its only manager go in vacation and leaving customer having to wait for a week in the limbo. I hope he didnt use Orbitz because he probably got ripped off. I called a week later they said the manager manager wouldnt come in until 1:00 PM Bravo Orbitz you guys sure know how to do business i guess the manager got a week and half a day of vacation another 40 mins wasted. I called because i didnt want to interrupt his vacation until he got there was put in hold for 20 minutes then was inform that the manager of the hotel was off that day so i had to wait another day. I guess Orbitz and its partners dont give a crap about customers they never have managers on duty. I was told that i would receive a call didnt receive it til the next day and i was at work i couldnt pick it up. I called the next day now June 29 with my fingers cross hoping the manager was there and not in a vacation and was told that the manager of the hotel was not in til 5:00PM central time. DEJA VU no managers. I called back 6:00 PM central time cuz you know your managers work so hard and was told that i would not receive a refund. When you policies says you will if i cancelled through orbitz.com i guess your hotels didnt get the memo. you guys messed up and the hotel charges and i get the bill but i got my email confirmation and a copy of your policies for proof ( I wonder where your managers are at?) So after 20 days over 3 hours of holding in the phone you guys decided not to give me my hard earn money USD 77.36. How can you people live with yourself ripping people off like that and the best part i never even talk to the manager the whole time sad and funny at the same time. i work with an airline stayed and booked in many sites never had one problem until i used Orbitz. I would tell and answer to every customer i see not to use orbitz unless you want to get ripped off. beleive i will tell everybody. Wut you guys did. But at least i know what you guys will do with my money and the other peoples money you rip off and is to pay a managers vacation. when you should hire one.

My boyfriend made reservations plus a car using his debit card, and paid upfront with no problems. He is going from Arizona to Atlanta. He left today and went to get the car, after he arrived,and then they denied him, even though he paid upfront with his card(visa). They did reimburse him,but what the hell! and he is still at the airport as I am typing this. Thanks for the inconvenience, plus now he has to spend 3 times the amount more and get another car. If your going to be a travel agency, then maybe you should figure out how to keep customers and not lose them, better yet, tell people not to pay upfront or they might get screwed!

I received an email from Orbitz for a great deal. Once I clicked the link it was not active. I called the offices to book the tickets and the reps had me on hold scrambling for an hour. Once I finally got a manager on the line he said that is not the price and they are not honoring the email they sent to me!

The wrost experience ever. I'm on my vacation about to check into the hotel well come to find out they don't have my name reserving my room. I had to call four times the process took about 3 hours of my life I'll never get back all to experience the wrost service ever. I made the reservation on the 6th well supposedly there system went down that day. Okay now please tell me how "your" system went down couldn't process my reservation for 15th through the 17th but u had no problem taking the money from my account on the7th the day after I put the reservation. And when I go talk to a supervisor "Lauren" she wants to say sorry and hang up. I have to say that's unexceptable service form a supervisor. She tells me she's going to give me a forthy dollar valchure and when I say no I feel I deserve more seeing the facts are they were wrong to access my account and without making my reservation. Guess what this lady has the nerve to do? She lowers it down from 40 to 30. Was rude u could hear frustration from her. Well I'm sorry but if anyone should be mad it most defiantly should not be her. After all she didn't spend almost 3 hours of here 2 day vacation dealing with people who had very little knowledge of the what was going on. She has some nerve! I asked to speak to her manager apparently she was the only one there. I asked for her bosses number I really hope she sends it. Her professionalism makes me say this orbitz need to desperately invest in customer service. This was my first and last time using your services I mean why come back maybe if u cared about my satisfaction and in quality of service but I got the vibe that you could careless about my services so I will gladly and greatfully choose another source other then orbitz for future reference. Please I assured you the hassle wasn't wroth it my advice to future readers possible clients you deserve to be treated kindly and with accuracy especially when the payment is takin In advance. Personal experience look else where orbitz was horrible I would actually prefer to give them no stars but that wasn't an option

Booked a hotel in Dallas - come to find out they have no non smoking rooms so i called orbitz we confrence called the hotel and it was agreed that i would be refunded. So i went and stayed at a completly different hotel- they never refunded me!! I called they said that they have the recording where i was to be refunded but it is out of their hands????? I tryed disputing the charge with my bank and orbitz yet again denied my request. So even tho I was told on a recorded line i would be refunded and i didnt even stay in the hotel - I got the shaft! I think these people need a nice big law suit maybe then they can get there act together!!

Do not use Orbitz. My flight was changed due to airline changes but I was never notified by Orbitz. I purchased a round trip ticket but was only given a partial flight plus had to stay overnight and Orbitz said they will not reimburse me - poor poor customer service they not listen nor do they try to help -

I will NEVER book with Orbitz again! After going thru all the steps and inputting my credit card number I got a message that said Error..try again later. I then booked with the airline directly. I didnt get any message from Orbitz that my reservation had been ticketed. I found out I had two reservations after calling the airline directly and they said I had a second reservation for the same flight. When I called Orbitz and spoke to customer service, both Percy and Malisa were rude and abrupt and pretty much said, you have ticket numbers and you cant cancel. I tried explaining that there was an error message and to me, that meant it didnt go through. Again, neither was helpful. I am going to dispute it with my credit card company and advise ALL my friends that this site is a joke and customer service is even more of a joke and NOT ever use them.

The only reason I gave a fair review is because of past usage. This trip to Hawaii was a nightmare. I understand the merging of United/Continental was a difficult one but Orbitz did nothing to help. NO proper notification of flight OR airline status. In fact Orbitz eliminated the status of our first two flights going to Hawaii and picked up our flight from LA only to notify me of that status. If we hadn't called Contnental to check our seat assignments we would have not known that our original flights were changed and we were not on the list! They did let me know that my flights were on time coming home - after I got home!! Never again will I use Orbitz.

What a terrible experience. The Orbitz website is a joke if you are doing it yourself. Every time you need to back up a page, you have to refill the prior data back in each time. By the time I got to the commit screen and hit return to finally submit my flight, it would just sit there and finally indicate some type of error. So going back a few pages to enter a new date meant refilling the pages out all over again. So, why not contact customer service and get their help? Surely, they can get this resolved for me quickly......or so I thought. If you ever saw the commercial where a person is trying to get their points redeemed on their credit credit and you end up talking to a guy named "Peggy" that gave you the run around, then that is exactly what happened to me. I went through three people, the last one being Sebastion, who said he was some manager of sorts, all could only speak a broken English, confused spellings of names, etc and when it came to confirming the reservation, they hit return, and then silence. "Sir, something happened, your card will not be charged. Would you like to try again?" After almost 3 hours of going through 3 different people, each one unable to help, but each one trying to submit my reservation and ensuring that I would not be charged, I finally just told them that I was done and humg up. An hour later, I logged directly onto Spirit Airlines website, got my flights, hotel, and car, and was also able to choose my own seats without a hitch and was done in 15 minutes. But, back to the credit card charges..... yep, each one of them were applied.... they racked about $5000 bogus charges on me and I had at least the forsight to contact Chase early as I saw the charges pending but not yet applied. It took literally weeks for Chase to back these charges out and I never did get a $75.00 gift card that Sebastion at Orbitz promised me for wasting my time...... Shame on you Orbits for such a shoddy practice!

I purchase an airline ticket thru Orbitz and selected an airfare with LAN CHILE. After completing my reservationI did not received my confirmation, so I called Orbitz and the rep that I spoke to could not find my reservation. I asked him since he could not find my reservation if I could make another reservation and he stated yes. So the following day I process the purchase of my ticket with Orbitz and everything went well. But a few days later I received and Alert from my bank that I had a zero balance. Came to find that Orbitz charge my ticket twice. Orbitz and Lan Chile are refusing to refund my money. According to them I made 2 purchases for me twice for the same day and the same person, which is me. Hello!!! do you think that I'm going to be so dumb to purchase 2 tickets for myself. I need for CNN to report this inhuman and unfair treatment for the american public. This companies are billionaires and they cannot refund my money!!!!!! Please contact me so that this abuse is know in the entire world. Orbitz needs to refund my $1210.10. the last email that i received from ortibz is stated that Aeromexico is refusing to reimbursed and that my ticket has no value. the airlines is LAN CHILE. They don't even have their facts straight to top it off.

Booked hotel thru Orbitz, had to change the date by one day and at this point I have had no luck. Hours on the phone with Orbizt and hotel and no one can do anytyhing about. I am not asking for my money back I just wanted to change the date. Not possible. I will never use Orbitz again!!!!!

Booked 2 international tickets for my kids last week, called back today to book 3 more tickets for my wife and my 2 younger kids and spent about 45 minutes after I was transfer several times from department to department finally someone to help me she was very rude and not willing to help all she kept saying was go to the website like she did not wanted to do nothing at all, kept saying go to the website and look for the same flight and book it yourself all I wanted was the same itinerary as my older kids for my wife and younger ones, really bad customer service I will NOT use orbitz again and on top of it now the tickets are twice as I paid for the first ones. DO NOT USE ORBITZ.

I think Mr. Krueger above erred in the 5-star rating he gave Orbitz - his narrative indicates he wasn't happy at all. I can understand his frustration. I was advised early today by Ametican Airlines that my wife was being rerouted thtough Dallas-Fort Worth instead of Chicago due to landing conditions at O'Hare. They even gave me the new flight numbers, times, and seat assignments. Several hours later, with my wife already in the air to Dallas Fort Worth, the Orbitz automated call system began calling me every 20 minutes advising me of ongoing delays and gate changes at O'Hare. So I called Orbitz and waded through an automated system that did not want to take "operator" as a response to ask that they get the Orbitz computers corrolated with those of American Airlines. Finaly I got an agent who promised to transfer me to another department so that we could take care of the problem. The transfer was outsourced to a call center in India where the representative tried to tell me nothing could be done. I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on! Next I called back again, got a domestic Orbitz call center and the superrvisor there finally checked the flight status, confirmed my information, and arranged to silence the O'Hare calls. It probably helped that another automated call arrived even as we were talking and I patched it in for her to hear!

If I could give a ZERO rating I would. This corporate number is a joke, and not a funny one at that. I paid the $200 penalty fee for changing my airline ticket... and was suppose to receive a refund for half of my ticket. I was told it would come maximum 45 days. Well it has now been over sixty. I have called several times to customer service. On hold for at least and hour each time. The last time I called they said it would be another 45 days! This is insane. I will never buy from Orbitz again! And the fact that they have no one to even answer your call at corporate is so unprofessional!!! I have left at least seven voicemails and no one has returned my call! Iw ill tell everyone I know about how awful this company is, Twitter here I come!

My recent experience booking a family vacation to Cancun with Orbitz has been a nightmare. Call's to customer service involve lengthy periods of being placed on hold(if you ever get through)and a guarantee that you are never connected to the same representative. Two weeks ago, an incident report (#110726-005319) had been created for my issue, It was explained to me by "Frankie" the customer service supervisor that it may take 7 to 10 days for Orbitz to retrieve the recording of my conversation with the booking representative (located in India). Two weeks later and I have not been contacted back. No call, e:mail, nothing. I'll never use Orbitz again and will spread the word to friends and neighbors to choose other options for their travel plans. Orbitz if you are reading this, Please call me back.

I have a situation that involves somebodies life being at stake and customer service is worthless and really could give a crap....

Yep, computer error is why I'm out $500.00 I am so sorry that I book my trip through Orbitz I have been having trouble with them for weeks. They charged me three times for my trip, deducted the $4000 out of my checking account three time left me negative in my account and had the hardest time getting a refund of the 12,000$ So the idiot that I am, I am still booked with them for a vacation. Good Luck to me and all the other morons that book through Orbitz.

The Ramada Limited Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, MD isn't suitable enough or fit for a dog, it’s for a homeless person, and its derelict building has been abandoned by people with dignity. The Ramada is filled with prostitution, alcoholics and crack cocaine users. While I checked-in, I noticed prostitutes being driven right up to the front entrance by their pimps, as some strange man walked up close next to me as I gave my personal information to the female attendance at the front desk. When she saw my reservation in the computer she asked for my I.D. then the man’s eyes started watching my purse so I asked him if he could please walk away; until I finish at that point, I noticed the owner in the lobby sitting on the coach looking on worthily at everything. As the man tried defending himself then he walked away so I ignore it as I took my key cards to room 271. It was west of the lobby, on the second floor up the stairs facing south where the last room ended. As I tried walking up the stairs I had to climb over two heavy set ladies with my baggage’s they were sitting on the steps drinking what looked like two bottles of forty-five malt liquors. Finally, I make it to the room and opened the door the first thing I noticed was an awful musky odor which was covered in a strawberry air freshener. That is when I discovered a door inside my room I opened it and that musky odor stitch nearly knocked me down, my eyes became irritated, and my throat got dry. I turned the knob to that other door; it was locked so I closed the door back and locked it. As I pulled my luggage into the open sink area where I found a place next’s to it to hang up my clothes. where the scent was the strongest and my head started to bound that’s when I realized, I was smelling crack cocaine, I’d the worse headache, it hurt so bad I ran with the intention of getting out of there. I made my departure back to the clerk attendance and checked out, as I described to her the room had been filled with smoke from crack cocaine and it had penetrated through the walls. I deserve my money back because it was part of blind packages from Obitz Travel Deals. I didn’t fly all the way from Arizona for the Hotel from Hell, which shocked the life out of me, during my travels so I paid for a descend hotel room and had enjoyed my trip. Sincerely true, Margaret Anne Hudson

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