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you defraud elderly, disable citizens

Netzero abuses and discriminate elderly and disable citizens for no reason. It is truly sad!


If you want good service in a timely manor, do not use this company. The costumer service is out sourced. they hardly understand you and you can't get what you want through to them. Please stay away and save yourself time and frustration.


I can not believe this company I tried to purchse a hotspot to take with me on vacation I ordered it a month before I was supposed to leave and until 2days before my leaving the next month I was NEVER able to use this service. I have put in at least 20 calls and 10 emails trying to get my refund and to top it all off I had sent them back their faulty device at my own expense and as of today I am still arguing to get my money back. This should be a class action suit!

I don't recommend any one to take Net Zero. It's not a good provider of internet service. Recently, people of the Net Zero took the,money from my bank account and they don't want to refund me my money. They pretend they shipped the devices to my address however i didn't receive anything.

I need my money back i didn't receive your devices am just a single mother who's working hard,to feed myself. Stop taking money from innocent people to replenish your Bank account and become millionaire through poor people

net zeros stay away

I has net zero two days I work went to dinner and in 2 days had used the entire plan all the data what so I paid again bought more date in 15 hours it was gone the data... ok no way I was told you have to turn the hot spot off or it just sucks up data yeah I canceled net zero still trying to stop them from billing me... nightmare company


You stole about 700 dollars from I want my money


I used this product for about 8 minutes with someone on the phone from netzero this is a rally bad product. i was charged for something I used for less than 10 minutes. What a ripoff. I will be telling everybody I know on facebook and twitter.

Pathetic is a kind word.

netzero refuses to answer their telephone

Netzero refuses to answer the telephone - try to cancel, call the number and see how long you are willing to stay on hold - so far it has been 25 minutes. That's hardly customer service.


Been with zero 3 moons done with them change my checking account people stay away they call me today the person I talk with i talk to once before this person said I never talk to said it was somebody else I know it was her the part is I have the ticket number so when I tell you this company LIES its the truth so I will be calling the virgin state commission board and if you don't know netzero is now own by sprint so buyer beware stay away

They worst

I've been with Netzero for sometime and I just got Hughes Net, trying to cancel there service is like being with AOL, The FCC needs to investigate this company like they did with AOL, you can be signed up in 2 seconds, but to quick them it's 2 hours and your never get removed, I call my credit card company and ask them not to let any more charges to Netzero.

Most worthless

This service was and is the most worthless one I have every had in my life. Canceled the service three time and still got billed repeatedly. Now seeking court.

disappointed... at least!!

I was very HAPPY when I got the service!! My problem is with customer service. Due to something beyond my control I had to cancel my service. When I called to ask to switch to another plan, they told me I absolutely had to pay the early termination fee ($150)!! I wanted to keep them as my provider, but they would not even work with me!! very disappointing and will not refer to anyone!!

Can't be worse

Purchased 4G Stick based on assurance that it would work where I live. It doesn't. Called customer service. Told that problem was because I was in my home but that it should work outside. Since I don't want to sit outside in the rain (etc) when on the Internet, I said I wanted to cancel the service. I was told I couldn't. I talked to a supervisor who said the same thing and hung up on me. This is funny enough (if it weren't so bad) to deserve significant exposure.

U S A please

It would b nice to deal with people with people skills and scripts. I understand its a business but when I say cancel the service that does not mean I want it back a few months down the road so you can bill me again for the crappy service I'm trying to cancel. I don't need you $12 email account. Hotmail is free with plenty of space for my important documents. I hate outsourcers and their greed

NZ is falling apart

i contacted NZ because YEARS of emails, for some reason all of a sudden had the SAME TIME AND DATE and were in random order, not chronological as they had been for many years. After going back and forth with tech support (worthless) and trying their suggenstions, i repeatedly asked for a phone number since who ever was reading my emails didn't understand the issue. I never received any phone number so that i could talk to a real person, and continued to get 'canned' responses. I cancelled my service ($9.95 a month for over 10 years) and now I get DAILY emails on my iphone about getting some stupid ap so I can access my now 'free' email service..I have asked them to STOP sending these stupid emails over and over again, but to no avail. I just called a customer service number, got someone who barely spoke english, tried to get this fixed, she wanted me to go to some site...forget it, this is the worst run operation there is, they are ignorant with regards to customer service. Do yourself a BIG favor, do not even consider doing business with this operation, there is no way they can survive with the business model they have.

this service and ceo mark goldstein aare lairs, for less than one month service , your comany is into for over 100.oo usd

Net Zero Sucks

The Former Reveiws were Correct I failed to listen and found out the hard way... The customer service is from overseas and barely speak English. Have no customer skills, Told me I could downgrade after a month when i calle dback changed the option... refussed to let me talk to supervisor, I had to pull the corporate card while I was waiting researched contact info and then told rep the #'s and names now she wanted to be reasonable ... SO SO Dissapointed in this company I used them when they first started way back in the day ... wont use them again everyone beware dont wate your time...... Please

netzero hotspot

I bought netzero hotspot for$49 dollars then you pay $10 dollars a month only. That what they told me. But when I cam home from bible study I turned on my Coby tablet guess what showed up! Need to upgrade service. I told them I paid $10 month. But they told me that only for so many megbites, so to get back online I had to pay $6.99 2megbites that is only 2 hours of internet time. I think if you buy the hotspot you should only have to pay $.50 cent a. Month for your hook up. What do other think. Please let me know.

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