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November 4 2013, I set up a payment plan with Kohl's of $25.00 a month but the customer service agent didn't set up the agreement and now I have been told that there was not such agreement made. I will never buy anything from Kohl's again and I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau of their credit pratices. Word of mouth about the bad things spreads like wildfire so I intend on letting all my family and friends know that Kohl's goes back on what is set up with customers.

Packages never ship

I have ordered something twice now and both times the package "went missing" and no one wants to try and find the package in the warehouse, the answer we will refund. Please do and I will find a store that really knows how to ship! Love the average rating of 2 stars and most reviews are 1 star and Kohl's is satisfied with that!? Wow sad. Well off to or ender from a store that can ship a package.

Credit Card, MVC

Your Customer Service is absolutely the worst! In fact, your whole company stinks! I have always paid my bill on time and in full resulting in a MVC. So you don't record my change of address which I submitted MANY times resulting in my not receiving my last bill. Next thing I know is my card is declined in the store and I now have a serious delinquency on my credit and can't get anymore credit. I have called THREE times with no results. I have torn up my Kohl's credit card and I am more than finished with your store!

Credit Card issue

Never received last bill from June 2013. Found out about it when card was declined making purchases. I was never contacted and now I have a serious delinquency reported on my credit so I can't get anymore credit. And this is how they treat an MVC!

todays wall st. journal 11-15-13

good news to see kohl's 3rd quarter earnings fell 18%

total Failure

Please let the folks at the 800# learn English first, and then have them trained to do the job properly. So far this isn't going well.

rude store manager

Had a concern regarding a purchase. I introduced myself to store manager--he didn't even acknowledge I was there. had no smile on his face. He spoke to associate and she helped me. He left without even a thank you or a smile. I couldn't believe it how he could have been so rude and never said a word to me.

new credit card

called as to why a new card. I was told it was because it was brighter and colorful. I detected an accent and asked the person to whom I was speaking with --what state or country was she answering my call from??? She said Gautamola(sp?). I was shocked. Thanks for taking jobs away from U.S. citizens. I like Kohl's but I am really surprised for two reasons. 1. The cost of the new card 2. Verification of card not in USA

available positions

I really wish Kohls would stop using Snagajob has a way for people to apply for positions. I feel that there are hidden bia's incorporated into the questions being asked. For example a person date of birth.

I am very disappointed in Kohls now for many years. I am disabled and your store does nothing to accomodate those who are like myself. I cannot participate in your sales because I walk with crutches and leg braces and the lines to pay for merchandise are so long and I cannot stand that long. Customer service is all the way in the back of the store, as are the bathrooms. Isn't it time that such a modern store make these accomodations and advertise such? It would be a great help to the disabled community.

St.Joseph Missouri store

I have been shopping at this store since it opened, I was a very nice clean store. I sad was. The last year it has really been a mess. Clothes in the fitting rooms, clothes on the bottom of racks, Clothes over the racks and on the floor. I have asked to talked to a manager a couple times. They dont seem to care about what I have to say. The man I talked to said he was the store manager and he was very unconcerned what what I have to say. I'm truly disappointed in the change of this store.

a unhappy associate , not trained well , not even notice when you do a good job. the same people notice, but people that are late , don't know English are notice. why hire people that cant even talk the language to help customers I think corporate need to come to the store and visit more often and really talk to assoiciates on the floor

I am very very upset with kohl's target, walmart and penny's for taking all of Paula Deen's things off your shelves. I will NEVER shop at your stores again and many of my Friends feel the same way It's a sin what you have done to a wonderful hard working person

Not what I thought. Dissapointed

Your distribution center in Desoto, Tx on Pleasant Run Rd has no Integrity or Morals when it has to do with the women that work there. I used to work there n had to quit cause these womem smell the men, try to hook up with the men, and even have gone tothe point where there clothes looks like they should be on a xowntown corner street. Sorry but this warehouse is not what Khols stands for, I hope someone can do something about this shameful behavior with these women. Thank You.

Kohl advertise a lot of no hassle returns but it not true i have tried to return, or exchange an item and I would actually be paying more and they say it would to confusing, I can tell you how much more I would pay, I would be paying still more than 50 dollars actually 2 dollars on the item that I was returning and they want to take the the ten dollars coupon they gave, it really stupid.

i been working for kohls in nj for 2 years now and their so unfair about floor help . they nevet have enough people doing each dept like hello fathers day is comming and you have 1 person doing a mens dept? make no sence my managers are so unhelpful and demanding

I have been dealing with the Mt Vernon, IL store since Feb 14 over a lost ring I purchased. I have dealt with many employees and managers, including the awesome Gaylen Brichacek. I can't say enough about their excellent customer service and dedication to Kohls. Bravo!!!!

This is a bad site

Thought this info went to Kohls. Finally noticed that it not affiliated with Kohls. Don't complain or praise here. Go to Kohl's site.

A Sponsor of Rush Limbaugh...Yuck!

I have always enjoyed shopping at Kohls and have purchase many items from them. Recently I found out that they are a national Rush Limbaugh sponsor. That is disgusting! I am so disappointed! I will definitely rethink how and where I spend my money in the future!

Complaint against loss prevention officer

I would like to file a complaint regarding an inappropriate and incorrect accusation of shoplifting at the Kohls store in Eagan, MN. This has not been resolved to our satisfaction.

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