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The Directors of kindercare, (In Particular, Granite Bay Ca.) are ridiculous and do NOT know what they are doing. Melissa is a rude, careless, idiotic director. She yells at her employees, talks about their personal life (in front of others I may add!) and honestly seems to have lost all brain cells. Being an employee of this company I expected much more than this. The director of this center should not have the opportunity at this job. She is spiteful and insensitive. One last thing.. We thought a child may have gotten a concussion.. she looked at the child and said "he does not have a scratch on his head, he does not have a concussion"... WHAT!?!?!?!? How idiotic do you have to be? Anyway.. I hope HR looks into her more and this center. I would say 98% of the employees at this center are highly unappreciated and unhappy with their job because of Melissa.


I was mistreated by a teacher in a very disrespectful matter, and I told my director that I could no longer be surrounded by that person and she didn't do anything.


Its horrible how much klc employees get paid especially since tuition is about 300$ per child per week.. I make under 10 an hour with credentials.... How's that fair...

not right

my concern they give raise to people who been their less than one month to a year. and employee that been their for years get a no raise because the manger dont like them because they are another race and they take care of their children in the classroom. It is something wrong everyone in the center of little patuxent parkwy center in columbia md get a raise accept two lady of a different race (please stop playing game with your employer )

Kindercare does not care about their employees! ! Teachers are always out of child staff ratios. What is with kindercare some of the teachers are awesome, but become very tired of not being appreciated. Seems like all kindercare director do not care...come and leave when they like are never in the building. Never there to handle issues parents and staff bring to their attention. ..and if u try to go to the district manager. ..she does not do her job either! ! She says things will be taken care of, but then never addresses the issue! !! Someone needs to watch and observe the director of kindercare! no wonder some many kindercares have already closed! Hire directors who give a damn and actually do there job & then the staff will do theirs!!!#real#talk!

I work at a kindercare in Mission vejio ca I wouldn't send my dog there. Teacher are being miss use, and the and the director has her favorite. I notice the miss treating of other children.

I work for kindercare in Westerville ohio. Kindercare is a joke. We get no pay raises no appreciation or anything. I feel like I work to be broke and under appreciated. They want to be happy about work and come to work everyday when it's do hard to enjoy your job. Smh in out of here on the first thing smoking!!!!!

no stars

Offered a job and then told that they would check my references, but that i should turn in a two week notice to the place i was working. When it came time to start new job i couldn't because the paper work wasn't done yet. After two weeks, i still couldn't start new job. I had to go back to old job because it is Dec and i cant afford to be with out a job for another two weeks or a month waiting to start new job. Missed out on almost two weeks pay. Wasn't happy about that or having to go and ask for old job back.

How many times does a child get to beat up teachers, hit, kick, scratch, bite, and shout at kids before getting kicked out? I get payed to teach not get beat up!! This place is a joke!!

Payroll is violating L&I rules

They are short employees so long hours to try to cover needs and teacher/kid required rations. Employee that I know of has been shorted 13 hours of overtime pay... so far. This employee is very dedicated and good at the job, but really does not like the inept way payroll is dealing with her long hours and overtime. Illegal!!

Horrible corporation

I have worked at two Kindercare locations and both have had horrible directors! And the reason they are still there is because the headquarters doesn't care. I know for a fact that over a dozen parents have called corporate on my director and over a handful of employees and they have never once contacted my director or said anything about it to her! How can you have so many complaints and not do anything about it??- well that would be Kindercare because they don't care! I was the 11th employees to quit In a 4 month span... But yet corporate thought my director was doing just fine. I would never send my child to any Kindercare be alas if you ever have a problem nothing will ever get fixed. And If all the staff is unhappy, like at my old center, they probably aren't doing the best job with the children.

I enrolled my daughter to Kinder Care center 2 years ago. But then we moved to different house and it was impossible for me keep her at Village Blvd Kidcare so I transfer her to another day care center. I was so busy with moving process that I forgot about to tell them that this will be our last week. However, 2 month later I wanted to apply for finance for something and I was shocked about my credit score. This people screwed up my credit history so bad that I could not get what I wanted because the report said that I owe this center $191. When I call them they told me about the registration charge $100 and $91 for week that she was absent it is crazy. I just want to be clear my daughter start the school year in September and was attending this center only one week which I paid for. I called them and they were not willing to help me.


As an employee with the Kindercare in Davis square Somerville I am telling you I would not send my own child there. Th director, who was not there when I was hired treats her employees like second class citizens. Many times I have gone 6-7 hours with out any rest break, she cuts corners on supplies. Speaks rudely to those she doesn't like and allows her "favorites" to do whatever they want. She will tell at one employee for eating in a classroom but has no problem doing it herself. When the DM comes to visit she, rather than enforcing policies at all times, she runs around trying to correct issues that should have been addressed. If she is called out on it, she blames the employees. I have been berated in front if coworkers, children and parents alike. Further I have been told that she outright talks about me to other staff members. This is by far the absolute least professional director I have ever worked for. I intend to file grievances with bit the DEEC and the attorney generals office with regards to the many violations I have witnessed. This center has lost several employees because of her as well as parents. My advice -DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN THERE-teachers, don't associate yourselves with this center!!!!

Do not punish biters!

My son has been bitten 8 times in less than 7 months. They moved my son to a younger class and did not punish the biter! Absolutely amazing what a joke! Why is my son being punished for being bitten? State should probably take a look at their facility in Norman, OK. Hope they will finally do something about it..... DOUBT IT!

Severna Park, MD Kindercare

I just recently left KinderCare, You think your child is safe with a 1-16(2's and 3's) ratio or even a 1-12 in 4-5 age group(preschool)? The law its 1-6 for the twos, 1-3 tods, 1-10 for the threes, 1-10 for preschool. There are some children that require more attention and when you are having to give all your attention to that child, what do you do with the other 10 kids? It's complete chaos and unsafe! All they care about is your money! The more money the director and save the director gets! The KinderCare "teachers" are underpaid and underappreciated! Take your money elsewhere!

Awful School

The reason we enrolled our daughter into Kindercare (her first day was 2/1/13) was not only because it was highly recommended by a co-worker, who's grandson and granddaughter attend, but because I was told during my tour of the school, how incredibly wonderful the two (very different school teachers) would be.. how "clean" the facility is... and just how "wonderful" the school is. From day one, one teacher expressed to me how awful her previous job was (at The Goddard). Week two, my husband walked in to pick up our daughter.. And there he found two students (toddlers) standing on the table (where the children eat) while the teachers.. were struggling to keep the other children entertained... Week 3, I was signing a form stating my 16 month old daughter had fell and hit her head (causing a bruise). Week 5 I witnessed (while watching the video monitor in the front room, which nobody is ever there at the front desk) throw my daughters breakfast to her from about 5 ft away) onto her plate..! Then began to (what looked like.. There's no audio) yell and point at another child. Today 4/8/2013, my husband picked our daughter up and had to sign yet another form that he acknowledges our daughter tripped and hit her head again leaving a huge bump on the right side of her head. I've yet to hear from the director of my obvious concern to having her breakfast thrown at her.. I am absolutely horrified what has gone on in this classroom. This is only what we've witnessed. I cannot even imagine what's happening while we're not there! Or watching the live video.. This is our daughters last week at Kindercare and I will never refer this school to anyone I know. I do know that the two children that attend this school, their parents are going to be looking elsewhere. Your school is nothing but a daycare/babysitting job and you should be ashamed of yourselves to allow this type of behavior from your employees. I work in a very large bank and I will certainly be expressing my concerns to my fellow employees whom are looking for child care. Your establishment is a disgrace. Should you choose to contact me, my information is below. I will not be sharing this letter until this Friday as I'm worried sick they will treat my daughter badly. I'm still very frustrated and upset that I've heard nothing in regards to my concerns. It may be inconsequential to you, but this is MY daughter! It is unacceptable that I have YET to have my concerns even acknowledged!!!! Unhappy parent

Kindercare is a joke, working there is awful. I am a spouse of one of the workers and she comes home every day almost in tears because she needs the job but with this new director they all have been in hell. The director at the kindercare in tigard, her name is traci. She makes everyone's life there a living hell that works there, everyone is looking for new jobs. I am going to to report the stuff that is going on to osha if things don't change soon. Workers don't always get there full breaks, she is clocking out for them sometimes and over enrolled for as many staff they have. you call out you get scolded. Makes workers come in to work even if sick and cant even use the bathroom without getting disciplined. I wouldn't even give it one star.

not following state

Im am a teacher and mother currently working for kinder care. I have been told when im over ratio to not question my center director, I have the assistants dragging children into my room (discovery preschool) threatening if they dont stop acting like babies theyd leave them in my room, I get mocked for needing to use the restroom, and ive seen three times now my own child being put in time out. Today my center director put my 2 yr old in an infant crib because he was disrupting the class. and when i bring these issues up im told by my center director and her two assistance to not question and to say yes. when i bring these up to my district manager, my center director immediately comes to me and scolds me about how i embarrassed her and how i should be representing her center more. I am a single mother with no help afraid of loosing her job over this.

School Age Teacher/ Bus Driver

To be honest, I wouldn't even give KinderCare one star. This place is a joke. I worked for KinderCare, in RLH, IL for just under a year, I couldn't take such a negative atmoshpere. Within the 11 months I was there, I had two different directors and asst. directors. Nobody had nothing nice to say about anyone. It literality felt as if I was back in high school with all the "gossip" esp if you go into the director's office for a PRIVATE talk, and within mins everyone new your bussiness. I have seen many negative things and action take palce here. What i've seen makes me never want to bring my children into day care. That's pretty pathetic.I just started my new job, fingers crossed it's absolutely nothing like KinderCare.

Director, who is that?

Hmmm... My child has been there less than a year and there have been 3 directors, at least 5 teachers in her room, and I find her each day by doing a room to room sweep of the facility as she is never in her assigned classroom.

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