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Chicken pot pie

Today I went to the drive thru with a craving for Pot pie. I ordered it, took it home and noticed that the top was sunken. Not a good sign. I begin to eat and realized that there was almost no filling inside. I was very angry, my lunch was ruined. Please work on this subject. Such a thing is surely causing you to loose money. Thank you

I stopped and got some chicken at your savoy ill place it was dry /could not even tell if you even put your spices on it .but that's my fault I knew better than to stop there it wasn't my first bad experience there. but it will be my last you people just don't care anymore.too many good chicken place in savoy/champaign area to fool with you guys too bad you use have good food

KFC chicken pot pie

Today, I ordered chicken pot pie and the pie did not have any chicken. I took the pie, turned in upside down and took it back to the counter. Please note that I was given another pie which did have chicken in it. The pie was concave on the top instead of being filled with the top looking full.


KFC in Sebring Fl has made a lot of improvements been going their for 10 years . Has been poorly managed off and on, now it has some consistency in all areas.


WE tried your new boneless chicken and thought it was awful tasteless and to hard , We were very disappointed and would never buy it again. Linda Moody

Grease on Car Seats

I purchased chicken for takeout which they put in a box. There was so much grease on chicken, it leaked out onto my car seats! Store #C24001 in Cypress, TX, Ticket #4427. Don't know the cost yet to get grease out of the seats. We buy from this store once a week with no complaints until now. They should have put in a plastic sack or styrofoam container!


Dissatisfied customer! I went by the drive-up yesterday while running errands, and got the normal 3 piece meal with cole slaw, and mashed potatoes. After making two more stops, I got home, took off my shoes & bra, and got my food out to eat, and there was no cole slaw! I paid for cole slaw, but didn't receive it. It was too late to take it back, because I wasn't getting dressed again to go jump on the employees. I wouldn't even be complaining, except that this isn't the first time this has happened to me, but I just didn't report it the last time. My store # was D333019...My ticket # was 1012, and I won't go back again, or not for a long time anyway.

Centralia IL KFC

Absolutely disgusting..dirty tabletops, dirty floor, had to beg for chicken to be put out on the Buffet. The FDA should do a surprise visit there. The problem, as we see it, is the teenagers they have "working" there. All they do is talk among themselves.

Terrible experience

I went into KFC a couple days ago and spent $16 on my wife and I and they have certainly went downhill. The chicken was old the potatoes and gravy were cold. I wasn't given a biscuit. It was greasy and must have been sitting under a light for days.

Rubber tasting food

Just returned from eating at KFC 158-05 Union Tpke. Queens NY. If you want to taste rubber boneless chicken, go there. It was like eating food that sat under a light for a month. One of my WORST EXPERIENCES EVER.

Rudy's Comment

Hey Rudy they are not ARABS you idiot get your races straight!!!


I Love your new KFC commercials where the men think they "Ate The Bones!" This is very entertaining and makes you want to buy the chicken because it's so good they obviously couldn't stop eating it.

about my visit

The food was good ,but the music was just to loud I asked if thay could lower the music,but nothing happened. The store I was in was #0002094. Eveny the man next to my husben&myself commended on how loud it was.


I took a coupon that I rec'd in the mail to purchase the 12 PC Extra Crispy Strips meal for $19.99 to KFC. I asked what the regular price was and was told $19.99. I find it deceitful that they send out coupons to make customers think it's a special when actually the coupons provide no savings at all. I will not go back to KFC!

false advertising

The kfc in Bellingham Wa is staffed by non smiling employees, serves mediocre food and gets orders wrong continually. What a waste of 20.00.

Getting Screwed

I went to the store in Royse City, Texas for a carry out. Got home and to my surprise the chicken strips were half the size about 2 inches long and order corn on the cob and was charged full price for a regular ear though it was only 2 3/4" long. I understand an Arab owns the franchise which proves a point, they will screw mother and you to make 5 cents. There was no value for the meal and it will be my last purchase at KFC.

bad news

we visited the kfc in Blue Springs, Mo. Had to wait for our order about half hour, when we recieved it the biscuts were not done and the chicken was so greasy we could not eat it. My husband had a 2 piece meal and I had the 1 breast meal. As a reslt we will not visit this KFC again.


I purchase a 20pc hot wing from Kfc today, only to get home see that the chicken wasn't fresh at all. The chicken seems as though it was refried, (fried early and dropped back in the grease to make it seem as if it was fresh). I was very disappointed. This will be the last time I buy Kfc.

worst kfc Hastings Victoria

Went into kfc Hastings Victoria and bought a family feast,chicken greasy chips not cooked,and the coldslaw was to be used by the 6th jan and i went in on the 5th jan2013 never again will i buy kfc from there.

What is up with the chicken lately? Monroe , Mi store s don't know service or different between breasts and thighs, wings and legs come on, really! you order legs you get wings? next time you order thighs you breasts? so you order breasts you get thighs, about the only thing the packers know is legs! come on train your people in Monroe or put a KFC in Dundee, Mi, Because if you drive 12 to 15 miles just for your chicken one way and have to bring your order back it gets very expensive, Just build one in Dundee, Mi Please!

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