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very frustrated W/ITT...I graduate in Sept 2011 and was going to get my bachulars degree in ISS...that will not be happening...the financial dept for the North Las Vegas campus is horrible...I have a full ride and I have had a credit on my account for about 9 months now and they can not figure what it is from...they also say that they are Military friendly...could not be futher from the truth. There website that they participate in the MyCAA program...ha ha...no way!!!been all most two years and still have been paid...I am getting a lawyor...this has got to stop...they owe my 4500.00+...RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This school is a huge fraud, they offer programs and at any moment when they dont have enough students they cancel the program. This is a huge problem because when you attempt to transfer your credits to a REAL SCHOOL, they do not trasfer. I am going to speak to an attorney in regards to a class action lawsuit, this is not the last of this and im sure im not the only one out there...

This is not the address and phone number for the Headquarters of ITT Technical Institute. This is the address and phone number for the Lexington KY campus.

I am a Graduate of this school in Maumee, Ohio in The Electronic Tech field, I graduated with honors. I was promised when I came in to view your school that job placement was available and should have no problem getting a job and was guarunteed they would find me one. NOT SO !!!!!!!!. I have 45,000.00 in loans and no job I have been out since MAy and have 2 interviews and one was for a job I found on my own. I think this school lies to get people in and dont care what happens after. Your career services dept is the worst I have ever seen or dealt with. I would never recomend this school to anyone. I also now have a loan that cannot be deferred that I was never informed of while in school. I would have never attended If I knew it was going to be like this.

This is my fifth quarter so to say the least I think I have earned a new external HD since my previous one is no longer functional. I was told it would be billed to me and I replied by saying "I would rather go buy better on at the store for less", since as most IT's know that western digital is at the bottom of the barrel. I am sitting in class right now unable to complete my lab due to the fact that I need the external HD for the lab. These so call professionals need to be replace with actual professionals. I mean I am an honor student for pete's sake and if this is any indication to the future of this school save your time and a lot of money and attend somewhere where they treat you like a customer since you are one. LA CA

ITT Tech is a complete waste of money! All any one cares about is your money. The instructors are tired of the administration as well with all the students. At first you think they are excited about your education then to come and find out they are excited about the money you bring in. I am about to graduate, a quarter late only because they couldn't figure out I needed a pre req. prior to taking a class I need to graduate. You have no control over your schedule. If you don't like your schedule that is just too bad. I was told that a class was only offered 1 day in one time slot. If you can't make it then you are going to have to wait till the next quarter to see if it is on a different day. **************************** ***** PLEASE BE WARNED ***** **************************** DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!! JUST FOR AN ASSOCIATES DEGREE YOU NEED 94 CREDITS TO GRADUATE. IN A TRADITIONAL CAMPUS YOU ONLY NEED 60. FOR A BACHELORS YOU NEED 188, IN A TRADITIONAL CAMPUS YOU NEED 120. TO TOP IT OFF THEY ARE 18% HIGHER IN COST THAN MOST UNIVERSITIES.

I understand were you guys are coming from. One of my problems is that they told ALL MY CREDITS WOULD TRANSFER ANYWHERE!! Which as we all know is the biggest lie ever. I cant even get the community college to take them. Then I transferred from the Dayton campus to the Swartz Creek campus and none of my funds followed and the Dayton campus put me down as graduating this past November and now i'm not a full time student. Even though I'm here when I'm suppose to be and my schedule is set up as a full time student. This school is pathetic and the worst decision I made in my life. I wish I could file a lawsuit against them and get my money back and go somewhere else but as of now I'm just out of all that money. I hate ITT and wish I never came here. i just hope people look at this site before they decide to go this school. All they want is your money and you get a half-ass education. I wish cooperate would read this and respond and give me back my momey and ALL MY TIME spent in this hell whole.

Mr. John Harris, I feel your pain!! I attend the computer drafting and design program at the Madison, Alabama campus. It is very frustrating to try to learn a trade when the instructors are not familiar with the programs they are taeching!! And to top it off the program Chair is clueless also. I have been taking the Civil 3D class this quarter and we use the AutoCAD Civil 3D program. The text books are outdated. For example the Textbooks are for The AutoCAD Civil 2008 program and the programs we use are Civil 3D 2011. Needles to say they are very incompatable. The labs we do are step by step instructions and there has never been a lab that can be completed because of the incompatability of book and program. When you ask the instructor to help, they cant because the are not familiar with the program.but want to penalize you for not doing the labs. This Institute offered all kinds of things to get people to enroll and once you do enroll you will not receive anything. They told us at the end of the first quarter, everyone that had perfect attendance, there name would be entered for a drawing for a new laptop computer. This is my sixth quarter and no body has seen the so-called laptop, even though a lot of us still have perfect attendance. Everyone with perfect attendance was to receive a Flash Drive which they never held up their end of the deal on that either. My rep. told me that they would schedule my classes to my convience. They did the first quarter, but after that it was take what we offer or go some where else or take your courses on line and be a part-time student. I do not recommend this institute to any one. The staff is a bunch of money hungry LIARS!!!! This Campus will be lucky if nobody ever files a law suite against them. I have been considering it myself. I will consult an attorney if I fail these courses because of not having the proper material or competent Instructors.

Dear ITT, I want to begin with thank you for waisting my time; 5 quarters worth! Never in all my years in college have I ever been treated as poorly as I was at the Everett, WA campus. I filled out student survey after survey and even spoke with the the INSTRUCTORS (THEY ARE WHAT I WOULD CALL A TEACHER) and received no positive feedback from them about their actions. I spoke with the Chair person of the Electronics department and he did a whole lot of nothing to rectify the problem. There are three istructors that you should investigate at the Everett, WA location: Arthur Jackson, Brian Blackmoore and Chuck Eckhart. You know spending thousands of dollars for a degree means that you are allow to ask questions and even the same question over and over because that is what the money is going toward, a flipping degree. Instead, I receive the smug remark of "You should of learned that last quarter." And my all time favorite thing that was said to the entire class by your instructor Arthur Jackson "This is the worst class he has ever had." Bravo...Bravo If your institution is going to bleed my pockets dry, I would at least think I would be able to ask a question or two. Personally, I think the chair should be written up and the instructors be FIRED! But if no one else speaks up, you will do exactly what STEPHEN VAUGHN (THE CHAIR FOR ELECTRONICS) and sweep it under the carpet by moving the instructors to a different program. Oh! And before I forget this, to top it off the Director of Financial Services sends me an email shortly after I spoken with her to dropped stating if I don't pay what I owe that I will be sent to collections. This is unacceptable! It is not like am going to not pay back what I owe. The unprofessional behavior that I faced no one should have to experience. Thank you for waisting a year of my life and taking hard earn money from my pocket, it is like getting a divorce, you spend all this time and money and in the end get a kick in the ass in return.

This current quarter is my first quarter at ITT tech. I find the instructors knowledgeable, professional, and very helpful! My previous educational experience includes a Bachelor of Science degree,in Sociology, in the late 90's and continued education units in my Certified field of expertise. I am well acquainted with the process and discipline of acquiring an education. So far, ITT tech appears to be a positive educational choice for me. My only concern is that ITT Tech has not provided an Master's degree for Information Technology students. My goal is to enter the field of Information System Security. I would like to go as far as I can with the field, to include a professional degree. In the eyes of the world, a Master's degree means that one has 'mastered' the material and completed extensive course work including a thesis project. Considering the exponential growth in the field of Technology, I would wonder at ITT's reluctance to include a Master's in Technology!! I researched Univ of Phoenix and discovered that they offer a Masters in Information Systems Security. That information indicates that their are demographics that support the career goal of MS in Information Systems Security. This interests me. I would offer that ITT tech could offer the same program, either on line, on campus, or both, and make money off the project as well as send out individuals with professional degrees into the Technology and Teaching fields. In order to keep money at ITT, students retention is of utmost importance. Offering an Masters of Science in Information System Security demonstrates ITT Tech's commitment to excellence by providing students with the possibility of becoming Masters in their field of study. For myself, I intend to gather more information about the program at Univ of Phoenix. I want to become a Master in my field, a recognized professional. Please, run the numbers, there must be a way to offer an MS in Info Sys Security. Maybe a pilot program at the Rancho Cordova, California campus!?! It could be great! Also: Regional Accreditation: Earned units from ITT do not transfer to Public Colleges. Students who attend ITT tech are dedicated, determined, and focused! Receiving a degree from ITT tech is only part of the reward students receive for hundreds of hours of classroom and lab work. Graduating from a Regionally Accredited College provides students with the opportunity to continue their education at a higher level. Regional Accreditation provides Students with Public recognition of the hard work, time, and sacrifice that was put forth to complete their chosen extensive and comprehensive program at ITT tech. Whatever it takes, I implore ITT Tech to seek Regional Accreditation! I believe that attention to expanding the Master's program to include a Master's in Information System Security and seeking Regional Accreditation will open the doors to more students. More students equates to more profits for ITT tech. I would like to see ITT Tech viewed as a progressive, competitive institution! Get rid of one of the largest reasons students do not attend ITT tech! Obtain Regional Accreditation! There must be a way!!

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